Top Medical Universities for Medicine (MBBS) in Romania: Fee & Admission


Study Medicine (MD) in Romania: Fees, Admission

Study Medicine in RomaniaStudy Medicine in Romania is a good choice for students as completing your medicine courses from Romania will help you have excellent career opportunities in Romania and worldwide. The degree you will receive from Romania has global recognition and will help you succeed. Romania is a beautiful country in southeast Europe famous for its hospitality and dynamic culture. The students can take any entrance exam to gain admission in Romania, and the education here is highly affordable, along with the living expenses. Suppose you wish to take your study medicine or your medicine program from Romania. In that case, it is a great choice for you to complete your course because you will get numerous work opportunities after you complete your education in Romania. Apart from the course, you will also get the opportunity to intern at a hospital in Romania to build your experience in medicine.

Things You Should Know before Applying For study medicine in Romania

Romania is the perfect place for you to study medicine. They have top universities that will help you complete your course effectively and get the best job opportunities. All these universities will provide effective facilities and help you have the best quality education for the medicine courses. Before you apply to study medicine in Romania, you should know a few things about the Universities and their programs. These are:

  • Globally Recognized Degree: The degree you will get after completing your study medicine from the University of Romania is globally recognized and highly valued. The quality of education that you will get is very high. As many famous international bodies recognize most of these universities, the degree has a great global value that will help you get career opportunities at top hospitals worldwide.

  • Range of Scholarships: Students who got very high marks in the 12th exams but do not have the proper financial background to study at an international university can easily apply for the scholarships available. If the university thinks that you meet the real requirements of the scholarship, they will directly contact you and offer to study medicine with the scholarship offer. So the dream of every student who cannot study in foreign countries will come true.

  • High Level of Competition: One of the primary things you must keep in mind is the level of competition to get selected at the Universities of Romania for your study medicine. Many students globally apply at the medical Universities of Romania, and getting selected is very difficult. You need to be selected at the university with a very high 12th and entrance exam marks. You must do a lot of hard work to be selected at a top university in the international market.

  • International Experience: Nearly all universities of Romania are part of the education hub for the medicine program in the world, so it becomes very effective for the students to gain an international experience while studying at these universities. The education you will receive will be very high and help you create the best international experience, making you a top-quality candidate to get career opportunities at the best hospitals.

  • Great Environment: The environment of Romania is extremely suitable for international students as the climate is soothing and helpful for studying. The people of Romania are also very friendly and will help you to have a very good time during your stay in Romania.

  • High FMCG Percentage: Students taking their medical course in Romania have a very high FMGE percentage after they want to take their practice career in India. The students have to appear for these exams if they want to continue that job opportunity back in India.

Recognition of Romanian Medical Universities

One of the primary qualities of Romanian universities is that many of them are recognized by famous international bodies. The recognition of these International bodies makes the university a much more famous option for students. The recognition of the Romanian medical universities are:

  • NMC: The National Medical Commission primarily recognizes the Universities of Romania and states it to be one of the top options for students to complete their higher medical education. The National Medical Commission has a direct part in creating the eligibility criteria and setting the duration of the courses in Romanian Universities. Most of these universities are also directly connected with the National Medical Commission.

  • WHO: The World Health Organisation primarily recognizes the universities worldwide that provide study medicines and medicine programs. They also recognize the University of Romania and the state as providing the best medicine programs. They rate the medical courses at the university very high.

  • IMED: International Medical Education also certifies many universities in Romania and states it can provide students with top medical training courses. IMED is one of the top medical bodies in the world and recognizes all the courses that the Universities of Romania offer.

  • FAIMER: The Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research recognizes most of the universities in Romania. They recognize the universities that are perfect for international students to study.

  • Ministry of Education in Romania: The Ministry of Education in Romania has to identify the universities that provide the best courses in the country and are perfect for the students to study.

Why Study Medicine in Romania?

Romania will be the best destination for you to study medicine. The students will get many benefits after completing their course, especially in the form of career opportunities, making Romanian universities a great choice for the students. The essential reasons for you to take the medicine programs at the University of Georgia are:

  • Internship Offer: The students will get the opportunity to take up an internship program for one year at any of the top hospitals in Romania after completing the regular duration of the five-year program from the university. Taking your study medicine in Romania will help you get the best career opportunity in Romania after completing your course.

  • Highly Qualified Faculty: The teaching staff of nearly all universities in Romania are of very high quality and provide the best education to the students. The experience of the teaching staff of all the universities is very high, making all a top choice for the students regarding the education they will get from the teachers.

  • Low Tuition Fees: The tuition fees for studying at any University of Georgia are very low as the course is highly affordable. There are also many scholarship offers for students who require it for their educational purposes.

  • Low Cost of Living:: The cost of living in Romania is lower than in other European countries. Studying and living here is easy and effective.

  • High-Quality Living: Romania offers e­xcellent schools, with safety and good se­rvices for students from other place­s. Crime is rare there­, making it a safe spot for college. The­ facilities have top support for visitors studying further.

  • Global Recognition: As international medical bodies recognize most universities, the degree you will get from the universities will have global recognition. You will also have international experience in the medicine field, preparing you for international career opportunities.

Top Medical Universities in Romania

Many top universities in Romania provide the best medicine programs for students, which are highly recognized. Medicine program from any of these universities is going to be a perfect choice for your career, and the list of these universities is:

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Grigore T. Popa

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Grigore T. Popa

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1879
National Ranking 1st
No. of Indians Students 1200+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 35%
Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy

"Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1944
National Ranking 2nd
No. of Indians Students 1300+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 32%
Ovidius University of Constanta

Ovidius University of Constanta

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1990
National Ranking 9th
No. of Indians Students 900+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 28%
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1919
National Ranking 5th
No. of Indians Students 850+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 25%
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila

University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila"

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1857
National Ranking 4th
No. of Indians Students 1400+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 37%
University of Oradea

University of Oradea

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1780
National Ranking 17th
No. of Indians Students 1100+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 32%
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Arad

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Arad

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1990
National Ranking 25th
No. of Indians Students 700+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 20%
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

  • Country : Romania
  • Degree : Bachelor
  • Course : Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year of Establishment 1990
National Ranking 19th
No. of Indians Students 600+ (Existing and Passout Students)
FMGE Passing Percentage 28%

Fees Structure

The fees for studying in Romania are very low, and the entire tuition cost is highly affordable at any university in Romania. The students get the opportunity to complete their course very easily due to the lesson amount of tuition fee. The fee structure varies from university to university. However, the standard annual fee ranges between Euros 5500 to Euros 8000.

Medical Universities Fees / Year
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu Mures 7500 EURO
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu 6074 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Arad 7500 EURO
University of Oradea 4950 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Victor Babes 7500 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" 8000 EURO
University of Medicine and PharmacyCluj-Napoca 7500 EURO
“Ovidius” University of Constanta 6000 EURO
"Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy 7500 EURO
"GR. T. POPA" University Of Medicine and Pharmacy, Lasi 7500 EURO

Documents Required

To take the medicine program from any university in Romania, you must submit a few documents that will make you eligible to take the course from the university you select. Studying at an International University requires a lot of documentation, and these documents are essential, especially during the admission procedure. Without submitting all the required documents, you cannot start your course at the university. The details are:

  • Application Form of the University

  • Results and Pass Certificates of 10th and 12th exams from a Recognized Board or Institution

  • Minimum Required Percentage of 50% in Physics, Biology and Chemistry

  • Birth Certificate

  • Medical Certificate

  • Financial Statements

  • NEET Certificate

  • Passport and Visa (Compulsory for All International Students)

  • Colored Pictures Passport Size Recently Taken (8)

  • Migration Certificate

  • English Proficiency Result (if required)

  • Entrance Exam Result

  • A few Universities might also want you to provide a declaration certificate from your guardian.

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll in the medicine program in Romania, the students need to meet certain requirements. These standards make them fit to study at any such institution in Romania. These are:

  • The applicant must be at least 17 years old before 31st December of the admission year, and the age should not exceed 25 years on a similar date. 

  • The student applying for the medicine program must clear the 10th and 12th courses from the science background at a recognized institution or board.

  • The minimum required percentage of marks in the 12th exam for the general category is 50% in physics, chemistry, and Biology, while it is 45% for the reserved category.

Admission Procedure

To get into Romania's top universities for medical schooling, there's a specific admission process that students should stick to. Following these steps helps students secure a spot in the best medicine programs. The details are:

  • Connect with Us: Reach out to Anigdha anytime. We're here to assist you with your admission process and explain the university's needs. We boast a group eager to answer any admission questions always. We'll support your journey to your ideal university.

  • Select the University: You need to select the university in Romania that will be perfect for you to take the medicine program, and determining the university is a bit difficult part of the admission procedure. We will provide you with a list of universities that are perfect for you to study, and you can choose from them.

  • Documents: We're here to help with all the documents needed for submission at the University. These are important for course eligibility.

  • Apply: Once you've picked your college, begin the enrollment process. This involves filling out a form and paying a necessary fee. We're here to help with all the documents needed for submission at the University. These are important for course eligibility.

  • Other Requirements: For any extra requirement that your University requires you to fulfill, you should contact us for help. We will assist you in the process efficiently.

  • Visa: International students must have a Visa, which will be essential for the admission procedure. You can contact us if you face any difficulties regarding the passport or visa.

Course Duration

Studying medicine at a specific Romanian university lasts a total of six years. The goal is for students to understand all aspects of the study of medicine during the course. The course includes an internship program at a top Romanian hospital. The final internship year is for students to have proper clinical experience. This can be a great help to the students.

Language of Instruction

Study medicine in Romania is in English, and no university in Romania offers the course in any other local language. It is comfortable for all international students to take and study the medicine program in the English language, for which they need to prove their efficiency by taking the English proficiency test. The proficiency exam is compulsory for all Universities, and the medicine program students must have a decent required score on these tests to qualify for the course. The English proficiency test that the students select is the IELTS or TOEFL exam. The test result will determine the student's proficiency in the English language.

Intake / Deadline

The intake application deadline to apply for the study medicine in Romania starts in the middle of August and finishes within the last week of September, so you should properly follow the admission process. There are limited seats for the study medicine in Romania for all the Universities, so you should start the application process early and start preparing the documents required for admission at least a year ahead because the documents are the most important part for you to be eligible to take the course from the Universities of Romania. The course generally starts from the last week of October, so you should wrap everything up and prepare for your passport and visa in time.

Career Scope after Studying Medicine in Romania

The students will get a range of career opportunities at the international level after they complete the medicine in Romania. As the international bodies highly recognize the university, the career opportunities you will get after your course are also at the top international level at the best hospitals in the world. The list of the career opportunities that you will get after you complete your medicine course from any university in Romania are:

  • Medical Director

  • Regional Medical Director

  • Medical Practitioner

  • Medical Director Part-time

  • Teacher or Professor

  • Medical Specialist

  • Doctor

There is also an option for you not to take a job opportunity and complete an MBA or master's degree in medicine that will get you better career opportunities in your life.

Accommodation Facilities

The university you selected in Romania will provide you with decent accommodation facilities in the form of a hostel, which will help foreign students live and study reasonably and reduce their overall living expenses. The cost of living in Romania is much lower in comparison with other European countries, and the accommodation facilities that the universities will provide will also be decent and perfect. The details of the accommodation that you can choose are:

  • Hostel: The primary accommodation facility that you will get from your university in Romania is a hostel, which is a perfectly affordable form of living in a foreign country. The fees for the hostel will also be much lower, and it will be on a sharing basis where you have to share your room with one or two more students of the same gender. If the students are from a different country, you can share your thoughts and have a good life. You will get the necessary food and requirements at the hostel as well.

  • Mess: The students can also get the opportunity to select a local mess if your University provides no hostel facility. The message also includes areas where you must stay in groups and share the expense that might be much less. Many local messes will be available in Romania, so you can choose from that. Also, search the Internet for the students' messages available in Romania.

  • PG: There is also a slightly expensive option for you to select. You can join a paying guest at a resident's house in Romania. It might be expensive, but you will have high-quality living here with the best facilities and guidance of a resident.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Romania is very low for students, and it is very affordable to live and study in a country like Romania. The details of the living expenses are:

Basis Amount
Hostel Fees EUR 650 per month
Private Apartment EUR 150 - EUR 400 per month
Clothes EUR 500 per year
Food EUR 150 - EUR 200 per month
Medical Insurance EUR 120 per year

Medical Education in Romania V/S Medical Education in India

There are many characteristic features that differentiate the medical education provided in Romania from the medical education in India. Let us have a look at these:

Category Medical Education in Romania Medical Education in India
Tuition Fee The tuition fee charged by the educational institutions in Romania for medical courses is low. This makes quality education more accessible to students. Medical education in India entails a very high tuition fee.
Quality of Education The quality of education at medical universities in Romania is generally top-notch. The quality of medical education in India is also good, but it does not involve a global perspective.
Opportunities Worldwide opportunities will come to you after you have studied at a medical institute in Romania. Your opportunities may be restricted to the neighboring cities only when
Validity Your medical degree will usually be globally valid if you study at a reputed medical university in Romania. A medical degree from an Indian university may or may not be applicable in other countries.
Scholarships Many scholarship opportunities are available for medical students in Romania. Scholarship choices are limited when it comes to studying medicine in India.
Exposure You will also get exposure to a multicultural environment when you study medicine in Romania. Staying and studying in your home country will not provide you with the opportunity to learn new things about the cultures of different countries.

Medical Education in Romania: In Alignment with the New NMC Gazette Criteria

As per the new NMC Gazette Criteria, students from India studying in foreign countries should have pursued an equivalent or the same level of education if they wish to practice medicine in India. The best part about medical education in Romania is that they provide you with quality education with a comparable tenure of learning. After you return to India after the successful completion of your degree, you will be able to work here as per the guidelines of the FMGE.

These guidelines include:

  • 54 months of education from an accredited medical university in Romania

  • 12 months of compulsory internship from the same institute where you pursued your degree

  • The medium of instruction of your course should be English only

  • The students must clear the National Exit Test (NEXT) or any other equivalent test.

NMC Gazette Criteria Medicine in Romania
minimum 54 months course 72 months or six years course
Minimum 12 months of practice 1-year internship
Internship with the same institute International students can practice as junior doctors irrespective of the country after the course. 

Romania fulfills all the required criteria of the NMC Gazette.

Clinical Training in Romania

As long as an individual has proof of their education and a medical degree, they can work as a doctor in Romania. This is applicable to other EU countries as well.

  • You should know the official language of the country.

  • you need to have a long-term residence permit in order to pursue clinical training in Romania.

  • If you don’t have the permit, you must be married to a Romanian/EU citizen.


Will I Get An Internship Offer After a Medicine Course in Romania?


Yes, after completing the regular duration of the five-year program, you will get an opportunity to intern at the top hospitals in Romania.

What is the Cost of Living in Romania for a Student?


The overall cost of living in Romania is very low for a student, and it becomes easy for you to live and study there. The details of the expenses will range from USD 2000 to USD 4000.

Is a Language Proficiency Test Compulsory for Studying Medicine in Romania?


You must clear a language proficiency test from any university to study medicine in Romania. This test might be IELTS or TOEFL.

What is the Required Percentage of Marks for Studying Medicine in Romania?


For the general category students, you need to get 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology to be eligible to apply, while for the Reserve category, it is 45%.

What is the duration of study for Studying Medicine in Romania?


The duration to study the practical and the theoretical course of medicine in Romania is five years. At the same time, you have to intern for one year at a hospital in Romania, making it an overall six-year course.

Does My University Provide Accommodation for Medicine in Romania?


Most of the universities in Romania have accommodation facilities, and the students can opt for that. The universities that do not have hostel facilities will provide you with a mess or paying guest facility.

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