Study Engineering in Romania: Fees & Admission


Study Engineering in Romania: Fees & Admission

Study Engineering in RomaniaStudy engineering in Romania, a course that will bring you the best experience. Romania is one of the best International countries to provide you with an engineering program. You can take both your Bachelors and Masters in engineering courses from any university in Romania. The international students taking their course from Romania get the best career opportunities. Studying the courses under the best teachers and their guidance helps them succeed. Romania will be an ideal destination for international students to complete their higher education. Romania's living expenses and tuition fees are extremely affordable, making it a top choice for students. The students will enjoy a very effective lifestyle in Romania due to the culture and environment. The regular needs of the students are also available at a low price, making it a top-notch choice for the students. All engineering degrees in Romania are easily available, making them a very effective choice for international students.

Why Study Engineering in Romania?

Romania is the perfect International destination for you to complete your engineering course. They have the best university of the perfect choice for all international students to complete their higher education in engineering. The courses are available at a very decent price, making it a great choice for the students. The primary reasons that will help you choose the Romania Universities for your engineering courses are:

  • Low Tuition Fees: Studying your engineering program in Romania will not empty your pocket. It is comparatively cheaper than many other European Nations and Universities in the United States. The low cost of the course makes it an attractive choice for international students.

  • New and Modern Facilities: Most of the universities in Romania provide the best engineering programs with exclusive infrastructure and new technology facilities that allow the students to complete the course easily. The latest technology and newly equipped laboratories are the primary attractions of the students who visit Romania for their courses.

  • Great Education Standards: The academic standards in any of the universities in Romania are perfect and allow international students to take engineering courses from Romania. The graduates from these universities get the best opportunities after their courses and are recognized internationally.

  • Affordable Living: The cost of living in Romania is extremely affordable for students, allowing them to have the best opportunities for themselves. Affordable living helps international students reduce expenses and easily complete their higher education in Romania.

  • Scholarships: International students also get various scholarships for engineering programs at foreign universities in Romania. The students who have performed well in their previous exams but, due to an unstable financial background, cannot study at a foreign university. In that case, the students can get scholarships from most of the Universities in Romania and different government bodies.

  • Environment in Romania: The environment in Romania is an exceptional choice for international students because of the people living there and its culture. Romania is a very perfect place for all international students. It becomes very comfortable for students to study their higher education effectively in Romania.

Top Engineering Courses in Romania

There are many famous engineering course options for international students in Romania. The students can take the course for their Bachelors and Masters degrees according to their requirements. The choice of specialization is available only for the Bachelors Degree as there cannot be any swaps during the masters course.

The range of courses and specializations that are available for the engineering program in Romania are:

  • Civil Engineer

  • Computer Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Engineering in Computer Science

  • Electrical Engineering 

  • IT

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Energy Engineering

  • Engineering of Materials

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Forest Engineering

  • Urban Planning

Fees Structure

The tuition fees to take the engineering course from any university in Romania are very affordable. It becomes very easy for international students to live and complete their higher education in Romania. The details of the tuition fees at the universities of Romania for the engineering program are:

University Fees
Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj EUR 4950
Polytechnic University of Timisoara EUR 6890
The Polytechnic University of Bucharest EUR 2230
The Technical University of Cluj Napoca EUR 920
Bucharest University EUR 920
University of Craiova EUR 2500
University of Oradea EUR 4950
Transilvania University of Brasov EUR 3500
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu EUR 24000
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University EUR 4590
Technical University Gherorghe Asachi Lasi EUR 2430 to EUR 3150

Top Technical Universities

Many famous universities in Poland provide the top engineering courses for international students, and you will find it perfectly suitable to select these universities. These universities are globally recognized, have the best teachers, and provide the top education to the students. The top Universities that will be a perfect option for you to select are:

University Engineering Rank City
Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj 487 Cluj-Napoca
Polytechnic University of Timisoara 640 Timisoara
The Polytechnic University of Bucharest  689 Bucharest
Technical University of Cluj Napoca 751 Cluj-Napoca
Bucharest University 810 Bucharest
University of Craiova 1400+ Craiova
University of Oradea 1200+ Oradea
Transilvania University of Brasov 1200 to 1400 Brasov
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu 1200 to 1400 Sibiu
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University  1200 to 1400 Lasi
Technical University Gherorghe Asachi Lasi 1200 to 1400 Lasi


The application for both the Bachelors and Masters programs in engineering happens online. The application intake period for engineering in Romania generally starts in mid-April and continues till the end of June. The students must submit all the applications by June. The application checking generally starts in the first week of July. It ends in mid-July. The registration of the students starts in mid-September and continues till the end. The classes for both the Bachelors and Masters in engineering programs from any university in Romania will start from the first week of October.

Course Duration

You must follow the duration of the course and complete it accordingly. The details are:

  • Bachelors: Four Years (Eight Semesters)

  • Masters: Two Years (Four Semesters)

Language of Instruction

The primary language of instruction for all the Bachelors and Masters programs in engineering in Romania is English. The students must understand English properly and take the course according to their capability. It becomes extremely comfortable for international students to take their engineering course from a foreign university in English. Moreover, they are also not required to provide any results of the English proficiency test, and the students are eligible to take the English courses without their results. In addition, you might have to take an interview to prove your capability in the English language. The students should properly study English as it will be essential to clear the visa application interview as well.

Eligibility Criteria


To take a bachelor program in engineering from a particular University in Romania, you have to meet specific eligibility criteria, and these are:

  1. The students have to complete their education for 12th standard from any recognized board or institution. 

  2. The students should also understand top-notch English to follow the program at a foreign University in Romania.

  3. The students must be 17 years old before the first date of application. 

  4. International students taking the Bachelors in Engineering should provide a proper Passport and Visa to be eligible for the course. 

  5. The students are not required to clear any English proficiency tests. Few universities might take an interview round to understand the student’s English skills.

  6. The students must have proper health to study in a foreign university and provide it in the form of medical certificates. Students with a harmful transmittable disease will not be selected to take the course in Romania.

  7. The students must also provide details of their financial certificate and stability. If the student has gotten a scholarship from the university, they must provide an official copy of the document.


A Masters in engineering course from any particular University in Romania will require you to clear certain eligibility criteria. These include:

  • You have to complete your 12th standard education from a recognized board or school.

  • You need to understand top-quality English language to take a course in Romania.

  • The student has to be 17 years old to apply for a Masters program in engineering in Romania.

  • You must also complete your Bachelors education or a similar level of education from a recognized board or institution.

  • The student has to provide the proper level of financial certificates.

  • The international students are required to provide a copy of their Visa and passport to the university, which is a primary Eligibility requirement. 

  • The students do not have to take any English proficiency test. The university might take an interview to understand the student's proficiency. 

  • The students who have received the scholarship from the university should provide an official copy of the document.

  • The student should also have a very clean medical background. They are required to provide proper medical certificates to prove their eligibility. Any student with a harmful disease will not be admitted to the University.

Documents Required

To be eligible to take an engineering course for a Bachelors and Masters from any university in Romania, the students must submit a list of documents. These documents are very effective for their selection at the University. The details are:

Bachelors: The documents to take the Bachelor in Engineering program from a University in Romania are:

Application Form of the University Financial Certificates
Certificate of Birth Eight Passport Size Coloured Pictures (Recently Taken)
Migration Certificate from any Previous Institution Medical Certificates
Transcript Records: Pass Certificates and Marksheets of the 12th exam Passport and Visa (Compulsory for International Students)

Masters: For you are Masters in engineering course from any university in Romania are:

Certificate of Birth Application Form of the University
Medical Certificates Transcript Records: Results and Pass Certificates of Bachelors and 12th
Recently Taken Coloured Passport Size Pictures (8) Bank Details and Financial Certificates
Visa and Passport (Compulsory for International Students) Migration Certificate

Admission Procedure

You must follow an admission procedure for taking your Bachelors or Masters course in engineering from a Romanian university. Following the process will help you to get selected at the top university. You will have the perfect career opportunity for yourself and can select the best specialization and University for your engineering program. These are:

  • Connect with Anigdha: If you contact us, you will get the top benefits and services. We will provide you with the admission procedure details at the top universities in Romania and help you get selected for your favorite university. If you must select the best course from the best university, then contacting us will be your perfect choice.

  • Select the University: The choice of University might be difficult for you because of the range of options you will have in Romania. Doing proper research about the university will be difficult for the student, so we will make the job easy for you. We will research and provide the details of the top universities that are perfect for you according to your capabilities.

  • Documents: The application procedure includes submitting the documents, which is important. You must submit all your documents carefully to be eligible for your engineering course from Romania. We will help you effectively collect all your documents and submit them properly.

  • Apply: After selecting the university where you want to take your engineering course, you need to complete the application process. Submit the application form and pay the required fees.

  • Other Process: There are other steps included in the process, like paying fees and submitting receipts. We will provide proper help in this case.

  • Visa: International students are required to submit a proper Visa at the University. It is a primary document required for your admission to a foreign university in Romania for your engineering course. If you face any issues regarding your visa, contact us for the best help.

Jobs After Engineering in Romania

After finishing their engineering course­ in Romania, students open doors to the fine­st job potentials. Universities here are known worldwide. The­y paves the way for students to grab top-notch care­er chances on a global scale. The details of the career opportunities for the students are:

Jobs Description
Mechanical Engineer Diverse engineering discipline and requires a lot of knowledge.
Electrical Engineer Responsibilities of electrical and electronics design engineering at top International companies.
Design Engineer Find innovative designs and structures of product, with a high salary.
Engineer Basic engineer job at a firm.
Project Engineer Work as a project engineer and designing of projects as a head of the department.
Manufacturing Engineer Manufacturing engineering is an highly reputed job regarding the manufacturing industry.
Mechanical Designer Machine designing and engineering with top multinational firms.


Pupils with top marks yet poor finances, ineligible for studying abroad, will receive a university scholarship. The scholarship helps students complete their higher education courses in Romania easily. Also, it makes it easy for them to study in a foreign country and manage their expenses. The details are:

Name of Scholarships Type
Romanian Government Scholarship Fully-Funded
University of Iasi, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Partial-Funded
Babes-Bolyai Fully-Funded
Economic Studies Bucharest University Partial-Funded


What is the Duration of the Engineering Program in Romania?


The course duration for the Bachelors program in Romania is 4 years. These are subdivided into 8 semesters, respectively.

Do I Get A Scholarship for Studying in Romania?


Yes, students with an unstable financial background are eligible to get certain scholarships from the universities of Romania to complete their courses at a foreign university.

What is the Language of Instruction for Engineering in Romania?


The language of instruction for the engineering program in Romania is English for all the courses.

Do I Need English Language Proficiency for Engineering in Romania?


No, the students are not required to take any language proficiency test for the course. They might have to take an interview from the university to prove their proficiency in the English language.

Do I Need a Visa to Study Engineering in Romania?


Yes, international students must submit a proper Passport and Visa to the university to be eligible to take a course from Romania.

What are the Fees for Engineering Courses in Romania?


The details of fees for the engineering program in Romania range from EUR 920 to EUR 24,000.

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