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TOEFL Training

TOEFL TrainingScore your best with Anigdha to get into the university that you dream of. We at Anigdha have everything you might need to begin your TOEFL training. From trainers to study material our TOEFL course has features and benefits to help you score the result that you desire. TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language is one of the common English proficiency tests that candidates take to enrol into university and college. TOEFL is a standardised test that assesses non-native English speakers based on different factors. It is designed to evaluate candidates for their ability to read, write, listen, and speak English. There are more than 11,000 colleges/universities accepting the TOEFL exam as proof of English proficiency.

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Every month a lot of students use TOEFL as a medium to prove their proficiency to study abroad. TOEFL is conducted by ETS(Educational Testing Services) with proficiency in different sections. They conduct TOEFL 50 times a year which means you have many chances and options to give your exam. If you are planning to take the TOEFL exam, our TOEFL training is for you. Check out complete details about TOEFL and how we can help you. We have a complete team to provide you with top-notch TOEFL training, registration, and study abroad process. Let’s know more:

Exam TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language
Conducting Body ETS- Educational Testing Services
Mode of Exam Internet, Home, Paper-based
Score Range 0-120
Exam Fee $190 (USD)
No. of Sections 4- listening, reading, writing, and speaking

Why take the TOEFL exam?

If you are contemplating or are not sure why the TOEFL exam can be helpful, we are shortlisting some of the reasons for you to make your decision:

  • Widely accepted in universities: If you are planning to study abroad, English proficiency proof is critical. TOEFL is one of the best exams to help you. More than 11,000 from 150 countries in the world accept the TOEFL exam. It can be helpful for your visa application.

  • Working possibility: Many recruiters across the globe look for candidates who are proficient in English. Providing proof of TOEFL in your resume states that you are a good speaker and can be helpful in their company.

  • Offer good marking scheme: TOEFL score ranges from 0-120, it is common for all sections which are easy for candidates to understand. The marking scheme is unified across all countries accepting the TOEFL exam as English proficiency proof.

  • Accessibility of top programs in the World: Students can get access to study some of the top programs using TOEFL. Valid and good TOEFL can help you apply to top universities and colleges in the world. There are some of the top universities in the world offering the best courses for higher education. TOEFL scores can give you access or a chance to apply to these programs.

Types of TOEFL Exam

The TOEFL exam is designed for students to take admission to universities and colleges abroad. Candidates are allowed to take exams in different formats at their convenience. Exam formats might be different but the syllabus and pattern are the same. Here are different TOEFL exams that you can opt for:

  • TOEFL IBT- Internet Based Test: As the name suggests, IBT is a computer-based test for which candidates need a stable and strong internet connection. Tests for all sections take place at once for a total of 3.3 hours. It costs USD 190 and can be taken on specific dates as listed on the website.

  • TOEFL PBT- Paper Based Test: Candidates take exams at centres in an offline manner. They are provided with different question papers to take tests for all sections. It cost USD 180. Under this, three sections Reading, writing, and listening take place at once and Speaking takes place online at home by a human proctor.

  • TOEFL IBT home edition: As the name suggests, TOEFL IBT is an internet-based test that is taken at home in an online environment.


TOEFL is divided into 4 parts and 3 sections are taken at once and speaking in another schedule if you are opting for TOEFL PBT. In the case of IBT, TOEFL has procedure:

Section Time
Reading 80 Minutes
Writing 50 Minutes
Listening 50 Minutes
Break 10 Minutes
Speaking 20 Minutes

Avail top TOEFL training at affordable rates only at Anigdha.

Eligibility and Registration

TOEFL does not have any strict eligibility criteria for taking the exam. Any non-native speaker who wants to work or study in English-speaking countries can take up the TOEFL exam. There are students who want to know and understand eligibility criteria, here is a list of things that you need to know:

  • There is no set age limit to take the TOEFL exam. Any non-native who wants to study or work abroad can take TOEFL for English proficiency. However, it is recommended that students below 16 should not take TOEFL.

  • The TOEFL exam is designed at the university level, so students after completion of 10+2 should take up the exam.

  • There are no specific criteria for work experience, anyone without any work experience can apply for TOEFL.

  • You must have valid Identity Proof such as a passport, and the government to register and give the TOEFL exam.

Registration Process

The TOEFL registration process is simplified. You can either get training from us or register yourself. We have counsellors and an administrative team helping our clients to register for TOEFL. If you are planning to register, here are the basic details:

  • Visit the official website to register. Fill in all details and select centres.

  • TOEFL allows you to register from different exam dates available throughout the year. Every year the TOEFL exam is conducted 50 times to ensure students can take the exam whenever required.

  • You can book your exam at your nearest exam centre. Students are allowed to book and cancel with certain

TOEFL Exam Syllabus and Pattern

The TOEFL exam checks your ability in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These sections are divided into different questions that determine your English proficiency. Here is the pattern and syllabus of each section:

Section Time Number of Questions Type of Questions
Reading 80 Minutes 56 Questions 3-4 Passage
Listening 50 Minutes 51 Questions Questions based on recordings
Writing 50 Minutes 2 Questions Passage and Opinion
Speaking 20 Minutes 5 Questions Answer Prompts related to different situations

Listening Section

During the listening section, the exam tests your ability to listen and perceive the English language. You will hear 3-4 recordings, each recording will take 3 to 4 minutes with different Questions. Based on these recordings candidates are asked about 35 to 56 Questions. Candidates have to listen to the recording and answer these questions simultaneously. It would take around 40 to 50 minutes to complete your answers. The Questions are MCQs, Fill ups, etc.

Reading Section

The reading section tests your ability to understand written language, perceive information, analytical, and reading skills. During this section, there are 3 to 4 passages given in exams based on these passages questions are asked. Each passage has 10 questions and a maximum of 40 questions are asked in the reading section. Questions like MCQs, paragraph headings, fill-ups, tables, etc are there in the reading section. In addition, ETS provides 50 to 70 Minutes to complete the reading section candidates.

Writing Section

During the writing section, you are provided with two questions which include integrated and independent tasks. In this section, the examiner will judge your writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary. For the Integrated task, their question is based on listening for which you will provide your opinion in writing. Generally, you have 15 minutes to complete your task. During an Independent task, you have to write an organised essay on the given topic. A total of 50 minutes is provided to complete the writing section.

Speaking Section

The speaking section consists of four different parts that are related to our everyday scenarios. Candidates usually have questions related to situations inside or outside the classroom. Similar to the writing section, it has independent and integrated tasks. A total of 20 minutes is provided to complete a speaking task in which 3 integrated questions are based on reading, listening, and speaking sections and one independent task. Students have 30 seconds of preparation time and 30 section reaction time in integrated tasks.

TOEFL Scores and Results

TOEFL takes 6 days to declare a result for the candidate. You can check your result on their website portal or your email. You will receive your scores exactly 6 days after you give your exam. Here is the way TOEFL calculate their scores:

Section Levels Scores as per level
Reading Advanced (24–30)
  High-Intermediate (18–23)
  low-Intermediate  (4–17)
  Below-Intermediate  (0–3)
Listening Advanced (22–30)
  High-Intermediate (17–21)
  low-Intermediate  (9–16)
  Below-Intermediate  (0–8)
Speaking Advanced (25–30)
  High-Intermediate (20–24)
  low-Intermediate (16–19)
  Basic (10–15)
  Below-Basic (0–9)
Writing Advanced (24–30)
  High-Intermediate (17–23)
  low-Intermediate  (13–16)
  Basic (7–12)
  Below-Basic (0–6)

Note: All these scores are added together to give an overall score from 0-120.

Why sign up for Anigdha's TOEFL course?

  • Small batch size: We at Anigdha do not have large classes, we provide small batches for our students to ensure everyone gets attention and resolves their queries.

  • Endless Practice material: We have endless practice materials for students with updated curriculum and syllabus to ensure they can prepare enough for their desired score.

  • Personalised Mentoring: We provide personal mentors to students, so they can have one-on-one mentorship to resolve their queries, get counselling, and find their way to achieve high scores.

  • Regular Evaluation: Our team evaluates students every week to understand their progress and help them find better ways to score.

Trusted partner for more than 10,000 students

Over the years, Anigdha Overseas has been trusted by more than 10,000 students for English proficiency exam training including TOEFL. Our quality material, expertise, and industry knowledge make us the best in the business. Thousands of students invest in us for our quality and high-standard training.

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Are you planning for TOEFL training? Irrespective of the country you want to move to, and the score you want to achieve, we can help you. To know more about us in detail, book your 100% free counselling and demo class with us.

Our student stories

I started my TOEFL course with Anigdha a month ago and I can say it's very detailed. I have progressed in my English proficiency. The teachers are good and the study material is quite helpful and easy to understand. I'm soon going to give my exam as now I'm confident that I can score my desired band. If you are looking for good TOEFL training, I would definitely recommend them for their top services. - Tanya singh

If you are planning to start your TOEFL, I would suggest you consult Anigdha, they are very good at what they do. My sister saw their website and suggested it to me, I was doubtful initially, but 10 days into the course, I know I can make it with their support. From mock tests to study material, everything is provided in abundance for practice. In fact, trainers are quite helpful to students and know their work well. - Rahul Kumar

I got my TOEFL score this month after taking Anigdha's training course. Happy to say that I got the result I was looking for thanks to their trainers and study materials. I often had doubts during my training, but they all were so patient. Nobody said anything and patiently helped me with my queries. I would definitely refer to them in my network. - Meghna Verma

After struggling with coaching centres twice, I started with them for training. Safe to say, it was the best decision I made, their study material, mock tests, and everything is up to date with the curriculum and exam pattern. So, with regular practice and evaluation, I'm able to improve. Hopefully, I'll give my TOEFL exam soon, once my trainers are satisfied with my progress. - Suvarna Chauhan

I failed my TOEFL initially, so I was very cautious with training selection, I didn't want to fail again. My long-distance friend was their student a few months ago. He suggested me with Anigdha training and their course. I spent my time seriously with them and it was worth it. I got my result this week and it was on par with my expectations. I'm thankful to them for their support and quality study. - Malti Seth

TOEFL Training Schedule

We at Anigdha offer you comprehensive TOEFL training with our experts to help you score good in TOEFL. Here we are splitting TOEFL training Schedule in sections:

Section Class Time Things you will learn
Reading 1 Hour Strategies to handle reading questions and reading practice
Writing 1.5 Hour Writing practice and learning writing skills, vocabulary, and other aspects of writing
Speaking 1 Hour Practice speaking with different activities
Listening 1 Hour Listening to records, discussing strategies to handle questions and practice
Mock Test 3.5 Hours Practice test of all sections

Why Anigdha for TOEFL training?

Students who are looking for a place or experts to give the TOEFL exam. Anigdha can end your search, we have enlisted a few reasons for you to understand how we can help you:

  • Strong expertise: We at Anigdha have a team of counsellors, teachers, and administrators helping students to start their study abroad journey in the right way. Right from guidance to obtaining good scores in TOEFL to helping through the visa process, we have the expertise to help you.

  • Experience: Our team has been offering TOEFL and IELTS training to students over the years. We help students to focus on basics and our experience with exams comes in handy for you.

  • Updated with exam pattern: We ensure our trainers take the TOEFL exam every now and then to get their hands on the exam pattern. They understand the pattern regularly and upgrade their teaching methods.

  • Teaching Approach: Our teaching approach for TOEFL focuses on the basics and maximum practice of your exam. We offer updated exam patterns, and syllabuses to our students and help them adopt effective strategies to get good scores.

  • Regular mock tests: We take a regular mock test, precisely every week to ensure our candidates have enough practice for their exam date. We create environments like exam halls to offer the best solutions to our students.


For how many years of TOEFL scores are valid?


TOEFL scores are valid for two years, so you can apply for a study abroad visa in two years.

What is considered a good TOEFL score?


There is no good score, as much as you can get will be a good score and determine your chances for universities. However, there might be universities that define minimum scores.

Is TOEFL hard?


Depending on you, it is designed at the university level and every student has their own perspective of hard and easy.

How many times can I take the TOEFL exam?


ETS conducting body has not specified any limits to the number of exams you can take in a year or any way. However, you have to make sure there is a 3-day difference between two TOEFL exam date registrations.

In which countries is the TOEFL valid?


TOEFL is valid for most English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and more.

Why is the TOEFL exam used?


The TOEFL exam is used for proving your proficiency in English. Students are evaluated on their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills in English.

What if I put the wrong information during TOEFL registration?


You can change personal information for TOEFL except for gender, date of birth, and name.

What is the registration fee for TOEFL?


It can vary depending on your location though it cost Rs. 16,035.05.

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