Study Masters/MS in France in Top Universities: Fees, Admission


Masters/MS Degree in France: Universities, Fees, Admission

Study MS in FranceStudy in France as it is an ideal destination for higher education for all international students. France provides excellent opportunities for students after completing their Masters degree, and if you take your Masters degree from France, you will get many opportunities for yourself. Many courses and specializations are available for you in France, and it is a perfect opportunity to study in a foreign country. France is perfectly suitable for international students because of the exceptional facilities that the university provides. The culture and environment of France are very attractive for international students because the people love to meet new people and make the environment comfortable for international students. The extreme diversity in France is one of the major reasons it has become the primary hub for international students to take their higher education. If you wish to take your Masters degree from a foreign country, then a perfect option is to choose France for your course. There are globally famous universities in France that attract international students and help them get the best career opportunities after their courses.

Why Study MS in France?

Taking your Masters program in France is extremely beneficial for certain reasons. One of the major reasons is the exceptional facilities that your universities will provide, and the other is regarding the facilities the country will provide to international students. The top reasons that make France a perfect destination for your Masters degree are:

  • Soothing Environment Perfect for International Students: France's culture and soothing environment perfectly fit international students. There is a presence of diversity in France. The suitable and soothing environment makes it easy for international students to live here and complete their Masters degree easily in France.

  • Affordable and Low Educational Fees: The tuition fees for taking your Masters degree in France are extremely affordable, making it easy for international students to get higher education in a foreign country. The low tuition fees are very important for backward-class scholars to study in foreign countries. They can easily complete their masters degree in France.

  • Low Expenses and Easy Living: The cost of living in France is also very affordable, making it comfortable for an international student to take a Masters degree from a foreign country. The day-to-day expenses in France are also very low. There is affordable living, which means that hostel facilities and amenities are easily available for the students.

  • Top-notch Career Opportunities with High Employment Rate: International students who wish to take their Masters degree in France must know they will get the best career opportunities after completing their course in France. The employment rate in France is high, so students can get jobs here and firms worldwide. The international recognition of the universities makes it a perfect option for students.

  • Government Grants and Financial Aids: The university also offers students who cannot pay the fees for courses in a foreign country, specific grants and aids in the form of scholarships. It will help the students complete their dream of studying in a foreign country, especially those with good grades in their Bachelors Degree but unstable financial backgrounds.

  • Best Education with Great Quality: The University provides top-quality knowledge and education to students at the international level with top-notch facilities. The students get the best opportunities after their Masters degree.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are applying for a Masters degree in France, you must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. The details are:

  • The students need to complete the 12th education from a recognized University. 

  • The students must complete their Bachelors Degree from a recognized Institute to take a further Masters course.

  • The students must provide transcript records with the result and pass certificates for both Bachelors and 12th. The minimum required percentage is 62% for the bachelors degree.

  • According to the specialization and course that you select, you might have to take a university entrance exam to be eligible for the course.

  • You must provide proper English proficiency test results from the university, such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University Test. The university also provides the minimum required marks. These are a minimum of 6.5 bands in IELTS, a Minimum of 68 in TOEFL, and a minimum score of 45 in the Cambridge University exam.

  • Students must also submit proper financial and medical certificates to the university to be eligible for the course.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction that is used for all Masters degrees in France is English. If you want to take your Masters course in France, you need to have exceptional knowledge of the English language and take the course effectively. You need to prove your English proficiency, for which you are required to take a proper English proficiency test. You might have to take the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University Test.


The students must follow a particular application intake deadline to be admitted for a masters degree in France. The intake deadline is divided into two parts which are the Fall intake and Spring Intake. The fall intake deadline starts from the month of September and is the most common application deadline in France. The spring intake starts in the month of January and is a lesser-known application deadline followed in a few universities.

Course Duration

The duration of all Masters programs in France is similar to all the Masters courses worldwide. The courses will be for two years, divided into four semesters. There are two semesters every year. The students are required to take exams after every semester. You must follow the duration required and complete the course within that.

Popular Masters Programs in France

There are various popular Masters programs available in France, and you might choose according to the perfectly suitable specialisation. The range of programs available are:

  • Science & Technology

  • Luxury Brand Management 

  • Master of Business Administration 

  • Accountancy 

  • Engineering

  • Finance and Accounting 

  • Management 

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management 

  • Arts

Documents Required

The Masters course in France will require you to submit documents that make you eligible to take the course. The details are:

  • Application Form

  • Birth Certificate

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificate and Result of 12th Standard

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificate and Result of Bachelors Degree 

  • Migration Certificate

  • Medical Certificates

  • Financial Records

  • Passport and Visa

  • Passport Size Pictures (Recently Taken)

  • English Proficiency Test

  • Entrance Test (If Required)

  • Declaration Certificate (If Required)

Top Universities

Many famous universities in France provide the best Masters degree to all international students. The details are:

University Rank City
Sorbonne University, Paris 59 Paris
Ecole Polytechnique Valence 61 Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes
Jean Moulin University Lyon 1100 Lyon
University of Strasbourg 421 Strasbourg
Paris School of Economics 184 Paris
INSEAD Business School 24 Fontainebleau
HEC Paris 6 Paris

Fee Structure

The course fees for a Masters degree in France are extremely affordable, making it easy for international students to live and complete their higher education in France. The details are:

University Fees Per Year Acceptance Rate
Sorbonne University, Paris EUR 10,000 28%
Ecole Polytechnique Valence EUR 12,500 12%
Jean Moulin University Lyon EUR 7880 20%
University of Strasbourg EUR 26,600 15%
Paris School of Economics EUR 1700 20%
INSEAD Business School EUR 89,000 31%
HEC Paris EUR 53,200 8%

Admission Procedure

The Students must follow a particular admission procedure for taking their Masters course in France. Following the particular admission procedure will help them get admitted to a top university in France. The details are:

  • Contact Us: You should connect with us at Anigdha, as we will provide you with the top services that will help you gain admission at the best university in France for your Masters degree. We have the best team who will understand your requirements and guide you properly through your admission procedure.

  • Select the University: Choosing the university will be extremely difficult for the students because of the range of options that they will have. We will make it extremely simple for the student by doing proper research and giving them a list of universities that are perfect for them according to their abilities.

  • Documents Submission: Documentation is essential, so you must submit the required documents effectively. We will provide you with proper help in submitting documents.

  • Language Proficiency and Entrance Test: The students need to provide a proper English language proficiency test result for taking a Masters degree in France. This might be the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University Test. Depending on your specialization, you might have to take an entrance exam at your university for your Masters degree. For specializations like medicine and Engineering will require you to take the entrance exam.

  • Apply: After you select the university that is perfect for you to take the program, complete the application procedure by paying the fees and submitting the form.

  • Other Requirements: These requirements might include the payment of admission fees and any other documents the university might require. Anigdha is always there to solve all your issues, and if you have a problem with any additional requirements, contact us, and we will help you effectively.

  • Visa Details: International students must have a proper Visa to be eligible for a Masters degree in France. If you face any visa issues, we will help you adequately.

Jobs After MS in France

After completing your master's degree at a top French University, many companies will provide you with job opportunities. The Global recognition of your University will help you get the best career opportunities after your course. The details of the job and salary are:

Job Title Details
Sales Executive After completing your masters course in France you can take the career opportunity of a sales executive. The job requirement for a sales executive in France is very high, so you will get the best opportunity for yourself. The salary of a sales executive will also be very good.
Engineer If you complete your masters degree in engineering in France, then you can take the career opportunity of an engineer. Engineering jobs in France are highly reputable, and you will get the best opportunity for yourself in France. The salary of an engineer in France is also very high, helping you to have the best opportunities.
Business Developer You can work as a specialist business developer if you complete your masters in Business Administration in France. If you understand how to make a business new, you will get the best quality career opportunities in France. The salary of a business developer will also be very high, helping you fulfil your requirements.
Chemist Completing a masters degree in chemistry in France will allow you to have the best opportunities. You can work as an official chemist in France and other countries.
Scientist If you take your masters degree in a science, you can complete your PhD and work as a scientist. The job of a scientist is reputable worldwide, and you can get the job not only in France but in any corner of the world with the best salary.
Product Designer If you take your masters degree in product engineering, then you can get the job of a product designer at a top International firm. The product designers have a high reputation now and get the best salary among all designers. You have to design products for top companies.
Lawyer Completing your masters degree in law will help you to get the job of a lawyer. You can practice law in France or get proper permission and visit your home country for practice. You will have great opportunities to become a government lawyer.
Entrepreneur After your masters course in France, you can also take the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur and start your own business. For this, you need a business-related masters degree that will help you to create the best business and have the best profits.


Do I need a visa to study for my MS in France?


Yes, international students must have a proper Passport and Visa to take their Masters degree in France.

What is the Duration of an MS Degree in France?


The overall duration for a Masters degree in France is two years, which is further subdivided into four semesters. The students need to take exams after every semester.

What is the Language of Instruction for an MS Degree in France?


The official language of instruction that is used for a Masters degree in France is English.

Do I Need an English Language Proficiency Test for an MS Degree in France?


Students need effective English proficiency skills to clear any IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University Tests.

Do I Need an Entrance Exam for Masters in France?


Your course and specialization will determine whether you need an entrance exam. Courses like engineering and medicine require you to clear an entrance exam.

Will I Get A Scholarship to Study for an MS in France?


Yes, international students with an unstable financial background but exceptional marks and Bachelors Degrees are eligible for specific scholarships from the university for their study in a foreign country.

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