Study MS in France


Study MS in France

Masters in FranceThe French education system is similar to the one in other European countries. There are three levels of higher education in France: bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and doctoral studies, commonly known as PhDs. The country has adopted the Bologna Process, which is a framework for the European higher education system. The process aims to create a single European Higher Education Area, where education systems are standardized and degree-granting institutions are homogenized. Therefore, a Master's in France is often a popular choice among students. Studying in France opens up several opportunities, including immense career growth and globally valued degrees.

IELTS or TOEFL Required
Oldest University Successors to the University of Paris
No. of Universities for Masters 294
Duration 1-2 years
Average tuition fee €300 for EU/EEA students €3,770 for non-EU/EEA students
Intake September to June

Why Study Masters in France?

Students usually do not require convincing when going to a country like France and studying there. However, if you are looking for reasons, we will enlist a few for you –

  • You will not pay more than 800 EUR per academic year if you are from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). This applies to all degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D.). Non-EU/EEA students sometimes benefit from the same benefits as EU/EEA students, but they also pay higher tuition in some cases. The cost of studying in France is still lower than in other countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc.

  • Universities in France have increased their English-taught study programs in order to attract more international students. English language courses number over 1,500, and the number is growing every year.

  • It's important to note that French remains one of the most important international languages, even though English remains the primary language in many sectors. In more than 30 countries worldwide, it is the official language and the third most common business language.

  • Several universities are recognized and among some of the top universities in the world. Therefore, you will get a chance to study post graduation from a recognized university.

  • Research facilities and staff are invested heavily by French higher education institutions. A career in France could involve working long hours in laboratories, experimenting, and working on humanity's next breakthrough.

Master's Courses in France

France is home to popular courses and programs for students studying for a Master's in the country. Some of them include –

  • M.Sc in Digital Marketing French universities have begun offering Master's degrees in digital business, which will allow students to specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain. The new programs will also help students prepare for the rapidly changing digital landscape, which is expected to have a $3.2 trillion impact on the global.

  • Master in Business Administration French universities, known for their world-class education, are a highly sought-after destination for international students. Offering a wide range of MBA programs, French universities provide students with the fundamentals and advanced knowledge required for leadership roles in business and administration. Some of the country's most prestigious schools, such as the Sorbonne in Paris and the Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon, are among the best in the world. France is also a popular place for French nationals to pursue higher studies.

  • Master of Advanced Research in Marketing The Master of Advanced Research in Marketing degree program at French universities is designed to provide advanced training in research techniques and methods, as well as in-depth theoretical knowledge in marketing. These programs provide graduates with the skills and knowledge to excel in various marketing roles and careers. The ones that will benefit most from the program are those with a background in marketing but who want to expand their knowledge and research capabilities or those who want to become a researcher. The program will also be valuable to those who want to pursue a marketing research career but don't have the background or experience required to get hired.

  • Master in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering The ECAM Engineering program is an innovative Double Degree course taught entirely in English. Designed to meet international and European requirements in terms of Master's level awards, the ECAM Engineering program is accredited by the French Accreditation Board for Engineering Degrees (CTI). It is one of the most prestigious engineering degrees offered in France. The ECAM Engineering program was designed to provide students with a deep understanding of their field, enabling them to pursue a career in engineering or a related field like business, management, or science.

French universities offer several other Master's programs. These are among the most commonly chosen ones.


The session in French universities usually starts from September to June.

  • However, for the fall session, universities start accepting applications in September.

  • For the spring session, universities start accepting applications in January.

Eligibility Criteria

Every university has a set of criteria that needs to be fulfilled by students based on the subject and course they choose. In general, if you wish to study at French universities successfully, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria –

  • Students have to complete their admission tests. For an MBA, you must complete GRE/GMAT exams with minimum qualifying scores.

  • Students must have a Bachelor's in their respective fields and 10+2 scores.

  • Students must show academic transcripts.

  • Most French universities conduct interviews for admission. Therefore, you must be able to crack those if you wish to get selected.

Documents Required

At the time of admission, students have to show and upload the following documents –

  • Academic transcripts

  • Passport photocopy

  • Updated CV

  • Work experience

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Entrance exam scorecard

  • SOP

  • Evidence of funding or Scholarships

Application Procedure

If you wish to apply to universities in France successfully, you can follow the steps given below –

  • Choose your desired university and fill up the application form online

  • Upload the required documents and pay the application fees

  • Upload proof of scholarship or funding as received

  • Wait for the confirmation from the university

  • Once your application is accepted, you will receive an invitation letter or offer letter.

  • Upon receiving the invitation letter, you can apply for the visa process


Since France is a member of the EU, EHEA, and Schengen Area, students from other EU countries do not need a visa to study here. However, for non-EU citizens, getting a student visa is mandatory. In most cases, students from other countries will require an extended-stay student visa and a residency permit called the VLS-TS. Students can apply for their visa via the French consulate in their home country or opt for application via Campus France's CEF Procedure Campus France is the official French portal for international students and education.

To apply for a visa, you have to submit the following documents –

  • Your passport

  • Application form and visa application form

  • Invitation or offer letter

  • Evidence of finances or a financial statement

  • Health insurance certificate

  • Funding or scholarship proof, if any

Top Universities

France is not only a destination with jaw-dropping natural beauty and home to the famous Eiffel Tower, but it is also a popular study destination. One of the reasons is that it includes an array of top universities. Here is a list –

Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris 44
Sorbonne University 72
Institut Polytechnique de Paris 49
Paris-Saclay University 86
University of Paris 261


France is not only a popular study destination because of the quality of education, impressive infrastructure, qualified faculty, and so on. It is a coveted study destination because it offers financial assistance to students who cannot afford a degree in the country. The government and universities help students who wish to acquire an international Master's degree from French universities.

However, students must perform well academically if they wish to avail themselves of the scholarship programs given by the country. Some of the popular scholarship programs are –

  • Excellence Scholarship

  • Master of Science Excellence Scholarships

  • Gateway Profile Scholarship

  • Premier Admission Session

  • Diversity Scholarship

  • The BEM International Scholarship

  • Alumni Recommendation

The scholarships programs by the government include the following –

  • École Normale Supérieure International Selection

  • Ampere Scholarships of Excellence at ENS de Lyon

  • Université de Lyon Masters Scholarships

  • Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation Scholarships

  • Emily Boutmy Scholarships at Sciences Po University

  • INSEAD MBA Scholarships

Tuition Fees

France is one of the most popular destinations to study because of its affordable fee structure. Postgraduate studies in France are among the most affordable in Europe. All domestic and EU / EEA students pay the same tuition fees for public universities set by the government. Master's degrees currently cost €243 per year in France. Starting in 2019-20, the French government will charge students from outside the EU/EEA €3,770 per year in tuition fees.Tuition fees will remain lower for European nationals. However, the private universities in the country may charge more than public universities.

INSEAD Business School France EUR 102,000
Ecole Polytechnique EUR 24,000
HEC Paris EUR 19,850
SKEMA Business School EUR 10,500
Sorbonne University EUR 134
EMYLON Business School EUR 17,500

English Proficiency Test

Every student willing to study in France requires to complete their English proficiency exams. Students studying a second language may also be required to take a language test for courses in English. Postgraduate studies require English language tests that are internationally accepted. The minimum qualifying scores for the following exams are –

  • IELTS: 6.5 to 7.0

  • TOEFL: 90-100

Jobs after Master’s in France

For students to get hired after their Masters in France, they need a legal residence permit. A few universities offer campus placements, while others offer internships after the program. Additionally, students can register with the local job portals for employment. France is a popular destination for the job market with scope for immense career growth. The most popular job sectors in the country are –

  • IT and Computer Science

  • Engineering

  • Management

  • Tourism and Hospitality

Cost of Living in France

The cost of living in France can vary greatly depending on whether you live in a big city. French prices, however, can be quite high compared to other European countries. It is generally recommended that you prepare about 700–1,200 EUR per month to cover your student living expenses. Some of the living expenses in the country include –

  • Monthly rent: 200-700 EUR

  • Utilities: 150-200 EUR monthly

  • Monthly transportation cost: 56 EUR

  • Daily groceries: 5-20 EUR

About France

About FranceWith such a rich history, France is a major tourist destination for visitors from around the world. It's also an important player on the world stage. France is a member of the European Union and NATO and plays a major role in international organizations like the United Nations and the OECD. It's the second-largest economy in the EU and the fifth-largest in the world. Paris, its capital, is a global fashion destination and is home to one of the world's greatest art collections, the Louvre. It is also a cultural powerhouse, with world-class opera and ballet and many other national and international music, dance, and theater companies. The country has also left a strong mark on philosophy, science, literature, and art and continues to do so today.

Some quick facts about the country include –

Capital Paris
Largest City Paris
Official Language French
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 643,801 km2
Total Population as per 2022 estimate 67,874,000
Currency EURO


Is studying for a Master's in France worth it?


France adheres to the standards of the Bologna Process; therefore, the quality of education is maintained.

What types of degrees are offered by French Universities?


French universities offer three levels of degrees- Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate.

Do students need to learn the French language?


Even though learning French isn’t compulsory, it is highly recommended. Learning French will help students communicate with locals easily and understand the lessons better.

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