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Study in France for Indian Students

Study in FranceStudy in France as it stands out as a top choice for you. France provides the best higher education for students from around the globe. They have various specializations with plentiful facilities and courses available. You can pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate studies in France, helping to build the best career. Taking your courses from France will help you to have more opportunities. If you are considering advancing your higher education in France, it will be a great option for you. International students look forward to taking their higher education in France due to the exceptional living facilities and the low tuition fees. France provides the best opportunity for international students with their courses and lifestyles. It becomes very easy for international students to live and complete their education in France with their exceptional facilities. The courses are provided with the best technology, and the students receive the best form of education. Taking courses in France will help you have many opportunities. The courses offered in France are extremely versatile. France has a diverse environment and rich culture that attracts international students to visit and study there. All your courses will be in English, making it easy for international students to take their higher education program in France.

Education System

The French education system has been primarily divided into three stages and consists of two more. Most of France's elementary and secondary schools are public institutions that the central administration governs. A large number of universities in the country are also under the governance of the local government.

The primary details of the educational system in France are:

  • Primary Education: Formal schooling in France starts at a very early age, when the child is three years old. It is when the child has to attend kindergarten. They can attend daycare centers from 2 years old.

  • Secondary Education: Once initial schooling is complete, students progress to secondary Education, broken into two segments. The initial segments plan from age 11 to 15. It is similar to the middle school of the United States educational system. The second stage is the final three years of the secondary education system, with the students having to take a qualification exam and requiring preparatory study. It is equal to the high school diploma of the United States educational system.

  • Higher Education: The higher education is divided into two diploma courses where the student might take the vocational or an academic diploma.

    1. Vocational Diploma: The vocational diploma is a two-year technology-oriented degree. The students get different certificates and a DUT and BTS after their education.

    2. Academic Diploma: Three options are available for pursuing a diploma at the academic level - universities, private institutions, or specialized schools. It is the undergraduate degree of the student.

  • LMD Framework: It is a three-year course of an undergraduate degree equivalent to a bachelors degree. It is a license in France, and the students can complete a masters degree after getting the license framework.

  • Diploma: After completing the undergraduate programs, the students can take a masters or doctoral degree, known as a Ph.D.

Why Study in France?

If you're an international student, France is a superb choice. Why? Well, there's special treatment and facilities waiting for you. Aiming for higher education? A French University is spot on. The top reasons for you to take your course at a University in France are:

  • Low Tuition Fees: A primary reason the course is extremely attractive is the low tuition rates. So it is not very expensive for an international student to take their education from France. It makes it easy for an international student to study in a foreign country.

  • Great Opportunities: If you take your course at a top university in France, you will get the best career opportunities for yourself because of the outstanding facilities of the university. It will help you to have a successful career development opportunity.

  • Rich Culture: France is one of the top countries in the world that attracts great attention, especially international attention. The culture and diversity of France are exceptional for a student and make the student's life very easy. The country's attractive culture is why it is a great choice for study.

  • English Courses: Worried about language? No need. All bachelors and masters programs there are taught in English. This makes studying in France really simple. It doesn't matter whether you know French or not, the courses are in English.

  • Scholarships: Foreign students with strong academic performance may struggle financially to study abroad. French educational institutions have scholarships to help. These grants assist global learners to smoothly finish their courses in a new place and pave the way for a victorious career.

  • Low Living Expenses: The cost of living in France is very affordable for a student because the basic amenities are available at a low expense. The hostel fees and food requirements are very low, making it easy for an international student to afford France.

Facts and Figures about Studying in France

You would like to know certain interesting details about the educational system in France. If you wish to pursue higher education in France, knowing these details is essential. These are:

Name of the Country


Number of International Students


Percentage of International Students


Countries With the Most International Students in France


41,729 students


31,196 students


28,436 students


14,692 students


13,025 students


12,475 students

Most In-Demand Subjects in France

Computer Science

Film Studies





International Students Pursuing Ph.D. in France (2022)


Famous Ph.D. Specializations in France





Human Resource Management

Best Cities to Study

- Paris

- Lyon

- Bordeaux

- Toulouse

- Grenoble

- Strasbourg

Best Universities

- Sorbonne Universite

- Universite de Paris

- Aix-Marseille Universite

- Universite Paris Saclay

- Universite Grenoble Alpes

- Universite de Strasbourg

Number of Universities




National Language


Other Languages

- Alsatian

- Catalan

- Breton

- English

- Corsican

Academic Year

September to August (1 Year two Semesters)

Top Courses and Programs

Any university in France provides a top opportunity for international students. They provide both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Do you want to select a particular specialization? It will be available at your favorite universities in France. A range of specializations and courses are available in France's universities. It makes it easy for international students to pursue higher education at a top university. The details are:


In France, the cut-off for applying to undergraduate and postgraduate studies is the same. Students must stick to this deadline when applying to the courses. You must also submit all the documentation requirements within the deadline to be eligible to take your program from France. There are two application intake deadlines in France. It is the Fall and Spring Intake. The Fall intake starts in September and is considered to be the most common application deadline in France. The spring intake is in January. It is followed by very few universities in France.

Top Universities for Studying in France

The universities in France are famous across the entire globe. Do you want to take higher education from a top university in France? Then, check the list of universities in France that provide the courses. Then, check the list of universities in France that provide the courses. Depending upon your preference and requirements, you can select the University that is perfect for you. The details are:

Universities for Engineering in France

Engineering courses are the top option for international students studying at French universities. The Universities in France for engineering programs are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Sorbonne University, Paris Public Paris 59 28%
Sciences Po, Valence Public Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes 261 10%
Ecole Polytechnique Valence Public Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes 61 12%

Universities for Law in France

Taking your law program from France is also a very attractive option for you. There are many famous universities in France that provide law courses. These are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Sorbonne University Public Paris 59 28%
Jean Moulin University Lyon Public Lyon 1100 20%
University of Strasbourg Public Strasbourg 421 15%

Universities of Economics in France

Economics is also very attractive for international students, and the faculty for economics in France is very effective. Taking your course in Economics from the French University will be a perfect choice. The details are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
INSEAD Business School Private Fontainebleau 24 31%
Hautes Etudes Commercials Paris Public Paris 144 8%
Paris School of Economics Public Paris 184 20%

Universities of Business in France

Business studies are very effective for the students to study. The top universities in France providing the business courses are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
INSEAD Business School Private Fontainebleau 24 31%
HEC Paris Private Paris 6 8%
EMLYON Business School Private Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes 56 54.04%

Universities for Computer Science in France

Computer Science is a highly attractive course worldwide. Many famous Universities in France provide Computer Science courses to international students. These are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
University of PSL Public St.Lucie 38 20%
Institute of Polytechnique in Paris Public Paris 46 10%
Sorbonne University Public Paris 59 28%

Universities for Medicine in France

Many international students want to take their medicine course from a foreign university.. French universities provide the best medicine programs. These are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
University of Paris Public Paris 30 11%
Sorbonne University Public Paris 59 28%
Universite Paris Saclay Public St. Aubin 69 15%

Universities for MBA in France

The masters in Business administration program is an attractive choice for international students. Many famous French universities provide MBA courses at a decent rate. These are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
HEC Paris Private Paris 6 8%
INSEAD Business School Private Fontainebleau 24 31%
ESSEC Business School Private Paris 29 14%

Cost of Education in France

The educational expenses in France are reasonable. Do you want to take an affordable higher education at a foreign university? Then selecting the French University will be a perfect option for you. There are many successful opportunities that you will get after your courses. The details of the fees are:

Level Fees in EUR/ Year
Bachelors 1550 to 27500
Masters 1550 to 100,000

Cost of Living

The living expenses for international students in France are quite cheap. It becomes very easy for international students to live and complete their higher education in France. Living costs are quite low, with affordable housing and meals. Studying in France is budget-friendly for an international student. The details of the living cost in France are:

Basis Expenses in EUR
Hostel and Food 4800 Per Year
Fees, Books and Stationery  4000 Per Year 
Insurance and Health  3500 Per Year 
Other Expenses  2000 Per Year

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to study at a University in France, either for an undergraduate or a postgraduate program, then, you have to fulfill specific eligibility criteria. All the universities will follow the same criteria given by the governing body of the French administration. The criteria for the undergraduate or postgraduate courses are not the same. The details are:

Bachelors: If you’re considering an undergraduate degree in France, there are certain requirements you must fulfill. These are:

  • To join a top French University, finish your 12th standard from a recognized School. You should have a minimum of 75% marks.

  • Having a good grasp of English is essential since teaching will be in English.

  • The student has to submit transcript records with the results and pass certificate of 12th degree. The requirements will be according to the university to which you are applying.

  • You will have to take exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge University Test. The minimum scores required are:

    1. IELTS: 6.5

    2. TOEFL: 68

    3. Cambridge University Test: 45

  • Depending on your specialization and university choice, you have to take entrance exams if required.

  • You have to provide proper medical and financial certificates to the university to be eligible to take your course.

  • If you receive any scholarship from the university or any other institution, you must provide a copy to your University.

Masters: Your bachelors and masters eligibility criteria are slightly different if you take them from French universities. These are:

  • You need to complete your 12th education from a recognized institution.

  • Students should also have a proper bachelors degree to be eligible for the course.

  • You should provide the transcript records with the results and pass certificates of 12th education and bachelors degree.

  • You should have excellent proficiency in the English language and a proper understanding of it to take the course.

  • You need to take tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge University Test. It'll prove your English proficiency. The minimum score needed is, IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL: 68, and Cambridge University Test: 45.

  • Depending on the specialization and your course, you might have to take an entrance exam if required.

  • The students need to provide a proper financial and medical certificate to the university.

  • If you have received a particular scholarship from the university or any other institution in the country, then provide an official copy of the document to the university.

Documents Required

As a prospective student of a French University, you must submit some essential documents. This is vital for course admission. The details are:

Bachelors: If you are looking to get a bachelors degree in France, Here's the documents you need:

  • Application Form

  • Birth Certificate

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificate and Result of 12th Standard

  • Medical Certificate given by doctors

  • Financial Certificate with Bank details

  • Recommendation Letter (Self-written)

  • Insurance and Health Records

  • English Proficiency Tests (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge University Test)

  • Recently Taken Passport Size Photo (Minimum 6)

  • Entrance Test Results (If Required)

  • Official Copy of Scholarship (If Applicable)

  • Declaration Certificate from Guardian (If Applicable)

  • Visa and Passport (Mandatory for International Students)

Masters: If you want to take your masters course from any particular University in France, then there is a set of documents you must submit. These are:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Application Form

  • Letter of Recommendation (Self-written)

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificate and Result of 12th Degree

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificate and Result of Bachelors Degree

  • Medical Certificates written by doctors

  • Health Records and Insurance

  • Financial Certificate with Bank Details

  • Passport and Visa (Compulsory for International Students)

  • English Proficiency Tests (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge University Test)

  • Entrance Test Results (If Needed)

  • Official Copy of Scholarship (If Required)

  • Recently Taken Picture Minimum 6 (Passport Size)

  • Declaration Certificate (From Guardian) If Required

Admission Procedure

If you want to take a graduate or undergraduate course from the University of France, follow a particular admission procedure. Following the process will help you secure a seat at your favorite university. The details are:

  • Connect with Anigdha: Contact us during your admission to the University in France to get the best help and facilities. We will provide effective guidance on taking your course from your favorite University in France. Our team will guide you through the entire procedure and help you get selected for the university.

  • Select the University: Choosing a university is a difficult process. You need to research the university properly and then select the perfect option for you. It is a challenging job for you. So, we will research properly and help you select the university. We will do the research and then select the one perfect for you to choose and study.

  • Documents: Submitting a set of documents is essential for your university selection. These documents are very vital and will help you take your course. Are you facing any issues regarding the documentation process? Then contact us, and we will help you get your documents effectively.

  • Entrance and Proficiency Test: Your chosen course and field may need you to take an entrance exam.  France's medicine and engineering program generally requires you to take a proper entrance exam to be eligible for the course.  All universities in France require an English proficiency test. It's important to show your English skills by taking a needed test. Options include IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge University Test.

  • Apply: After you complete the selection of your university, then you should complete the application process. You should submit the application form by filling it out minutely. Don't forget to pay the application fee and submit the proof with your application. 

  • Other Process: This process involves paying the academic fees and submitting additional documents if your university requires them. If you are having any issues, then you can contact us, and we will help you efficiently in this process. 

  • Visa: International students must have a proper visa to study at a foreign university. If you are having issues getting your visa, Contact Us.

Language of Instruction

Both the postgraduate and undergraduate programs in France are in English. So, students need to have effective English language proficiency before taking the program at any university in France. Understanding the English language will make the students eligible to take the course at the University. Every course is entirely in English. This feature makes French universities accessible for international students. It's vital that students demonstrate their English fluency to enroll in any French University course.

Students need to show their English skills with tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or the exam from Cambridge University. The university you pick will give you a clear score requirement. You have to reach this mark in these tests to qualify for your course. The student must provide the proper result of these tests to the university to be eligible for the graduate or postgraduate course.

How To Choose the Best Course in France?

There are exceptional options for the specialization and courses at the universities of France. Making the perfect choice for a course might be a bit difficult for you with so many options in front of you. You need to follow a particular step to help you select the course that is great for you to study. The details are:

  • Choice of Stream in the 12th: Choosing the subject stream in the 12th standard should be very important when selecting the course for your bachelors degree. The stream you follow in your 12th standard should be the one you also continue in your bachelors degree. For example, if you had science, commerce, or arts subjects in your 12th standard, you should select your stream respectively according to that subject in your bachelors degree. This will make it easy for you to select your course at a foreign university and make you eligible for that course with your experience.

  • Select According to Your Ability: Determine the perfect stream according to your 12th standard, then select the subjects available. You have to select the course perfect for you according to your ability. You have to understand your capabilities and then select the course which will be perfect for you. Don't make any fluctuations with the stream you had in your 12th standards.

  • Choose the University: After you have finalized all your streams and specializations, you need to select the university that provides you with the best of the courses you select. Get the opportunity to study at a top university but for a slightly different course specialization. You should choose the best university because it will provide the best facilities. You should stick to the stream that you have selected, but you can make minor changes in your specialization to study at the highest level.

  • Try for Public Universities First: International students must have a priority to study at a public University that is directly under the Government of France. They will provide the best opportunities to the students. They will also provide the courses at a very low price, making it easy for international students to take them from the best universities in France.

  • Research Properly: Before finalizing the university or the course that is perfect for you to study, you must research it properly. Your entire career will be determined by the choice of specialization that you make. If you want to avoid the selection process, then it is effective for you to connect with us.

The top courses available for you in France are:

  • Engineering Degree

  • MBA Degree

  • Medicine Degree

  • Nursing Degree

You can easily choose the course that is comfortable for you according to your abilities and availability at the University in France.

Visa Requirements

If you're an overseas student aiming for high studies in France, don't forget to hand over a copy of your passport and visa to the university. It's a must-have document for you to be able to study abroad. Don't wait too long to get your France student visa- the process takes time. The requirements for a student visa to study in France are:

  • You must be 18 years old to apply for a student visa yourself.

  • Then, you have to fill out your visa application form.

  • Attach passport-size pictures with your visa (Recently Taken).

  • Ensure you give your visa office a valid passport copy. You need this for a student visa to France. 

  • You also need a copy of your University enrollment or acceptance letter for your visa. 

  • You need to provide a proper financial certificate or scholarship details to provide proof of all financial expense-bearing capabilities. With this, you must provide your bank account details, a copy of your passbook, and a canceled cheque. The visa security check covers a lot of these specializations. 

  • A proper copy of your reservation or airline ticket with a proper departure date must be provided. 

  • Getting the right medical insurance is essential. This will range from EUR 300 to EUR 715. Without it, you can't get your visa. 

  • You must provide the receipt of your tuition fee payment to the visa office. This will prove that you are studying at a particular University. 

  • Before applying for a visa, know where you’ll be living while studying. Will you stay in the University hostel? Or somewhere else? Share these details at the visa office. 

  • You have to pay a visa fee of EUR 50 to EUR 99. The student has to provide a proper copy of the payment. 

  • You need exclusive English proficiency because your visa interview will be in English, and you will be judged for your English capabilities.

  • You should provide a criminal record certificate with your visa application. Students with criminal or suspicious Bank records will not be granted a Visa to study in France. 

  • If the student studying in France is under 18, they must provide a proper declaration certificate from their guardian during the visa interview.

Are you facing any issues regarding your visa? Then contact with Anigdha for help.


Studying in France will be very effective for you as you will get opportunities for various scholarships that will help in your education. These are:

Name of Scholarships


Features of the Scholarship

Legrand Scholarship

Government of France

- Annual Course Fee 60%

- Foreign Students

- Monthly Allowance

- Bachelors and Masters

Eiffel Scholarship

French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

-  Monthly Allowance of EUR 1,181

- Health Insurance

- Round-trip International Ticket

- Free Cultural Activities

- Foreign Students

Excellence Scholarship

French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

-  Full Tuition Fees

- Monthly Allowance

- Foreign Students with 70% Percentile

- Bachelors and Masters Degree

Erasmus Scholarship

Universities of France

- Full Tuition Fees

- EUR 1400 as Living Expenses

- All students

- Health and Safety Requirements

- Bachelors and Masters Degree

INSEAD MBA Scholarship

Universities of France

- Tuition Fees According to Eligibility

- Merit Based Selection

- Foreign Students

- Bachelors and Masters Degree in MBA

Work While Studying in France

If you do not get the opportunity to get us a scholarship, then for managing your expenses in France, it will be very good for you to take a part-time job in France. The French government allows international students to work up to 964 hours per year or 20 hours per week. During your holidays you can extend your work hours to full-time 40 hours per week. The government has also stated a minimum wage for a part-time student of EUR 11.52 per hour. All the students are guaranteed to get this salary by the law. The details of jobs are:

  • Librarian

  • Event Manager

  • Content Writer

  • Data Entry Specialist

  • Campus Ambassador

  • Translator

  • Tutor

  • Social Media Specialist

Is French Compulsory for International Students?

No, you do not need to understand the French language to take any course in France. You are education will completely be in the English language so French is not that important. Moreover, you can learn the basics of the language that will help you to live in France and communicate with the local people very easily.

Student Life in France

France is considered to be a student-friendly destination due to the quality of the Educational system. The student life in France is also very interesting and affordable. Students get the opportunity to enjoy their life in the country with the different diversities. There are many opportunities for the students to enjoy their life in France making it comfortable for them to complete their education.

Accommodation Facilities

There are a range of accommodation facilities available for international students looking forward to taking their higher education in France. These are:

  • Hostel: The best accommodation available for international students is the college hostel. It is available at a very cheap price making it comfortable for the students to manage expenses in a foreign country. 

  • Dormitories: The students can also join together and rent dormitories where a group of students can live and their state together which is also a reasonable accommodation facility. 

  • Private Apartment: Renting a private apartment can a proof to be a bit expensive for a country like France. But, a top benefit of printing a private Apartment is you can have good connections with the local people of France.

Part-time Job Opportunities Available for Students in France

Many part-time job opportunities will be available for you as a student in France. You can choose these career opportunities and have great benefits for yourself. The details are:

  • Librarian

  • Event Manager

  • Content Writer

  • Data Entry Specialist

  • Campus Ambassador

  • Translator

  • Tutor

  • Social Media Specialist

Popular Cities

Many popular cities in France provide the best universities for international students. These are among the top choices for students to take their courses from these universities. The diversity and culture in France are very effective, making it extremely comfortable for the students to take their courses from the top places in France. The details are:

  • Paris - 45 universities

  • Lyon - 30 universities

  • Strasbourg - 12 universities

  • Toulouse - 27 universities

  • Marseille - 12 universities

  • Bordeaux - 25 universities

  • Nantes - 11 universities

  • Montpellier - 15 universities

  • Lille - 9 universities

About France

About FranceFrance is a perfect option for international students to choose from because of the extreme facilities that they get while studying in the country. There are exceptional facts about the country, making it one of the top choices for international students. The facilities and infrastructure of the country make it an ideal destination for international students. The range of diversity in France is one of the top reasons why so many people are highly attracted to the educational system. The educational facilities of the country are also appropriate which makes it one of the top choices for you to take your bachelors or masters degree in France. The employment rate of the country is also very high which is the top reason for you to take your course in France. You will get the best career opportunities after completing your higher education in France at the best International companies. The courses of the country are also very flexible making it easy for you to complete your higher education. The few things which are essential for you to know about France are:

Name of Country


Capital City


Largest City


Population (approximate)


Official Language


Other Popular Languages

- Alsatian

- Breton

- Catalan

- Corsican

- English


643,801 km²




- Roman Catholic (47%)

- Eastern Orthodox (1%)

- Protestantism (2%)

- Islam (4%)

- Buddhism (2%)

- Judaism (1%)

- No Religion (33%)



Listed Institutions


Ranked Universities


International Students




How Anigdha Overseas Education Consultants Help You?

We at Anigdha look to provide the best facilities to students who wish to be admitted to their favorite universities in foreign countries. We provide effective help to students who wish to be admitted to a top university in France for their graduate or post-graduate program. The students who connect with us get the top opportunities and facilities that help them get admission to a particular university in France for their higher education. We provide exceptional facilities to the students, which help them in their entire admission procedure, making us one of the top educational consultant service providers worldwide.

The top services we offer are:

  • Selection of University: Choosing a university is the most difficult part for you when you want to study in a foreign country. Especially in a country like France, you get tremendous options to select from. The student must research all the Universities and then select the one that is perfect for them. The entire research process might be very difficult, so it is good for you to choose us. We will do all the university's research on behalf of the students by understanding their requirements and abilities. We will give a list of universities perfectly suitable for that particular student, which will reduce the pressure on the students and help them study easily in a foreign country.

  • Remind Application Dates: The students who are officially connected with us receive regular notifications and calls from our team regarding the application dates of the university that they are enquiring about. We give proper notification to the students regarding their application date and the deadline for a particular university that they have a target to study. This will positively remove any chances for the student to miss a particular application deadline.

  • Application Procedure: One of the primary services we provide to the students is helping them with the entire application procedure. The application process is the most essential part of your study abroad feature, where you get selected for your program. We give necessary suggestions to the students and help them fill out the application form with the details they should mention that will make them eligible to take the program at a particular University in France. The application process can be extremely challenging for certain students, so we provide proper guidance to help them succeed in this step.

  • Entrance and Proficiency Tests: You might be required to take entrance examinations for certain courses and the English proficiency test is compulsory to study in France. It will be very efficient for you to connect with us as we will provide you with effective help on how you can clear these tests easily.

  • Documents: After the official selection of the students, they should submit the required documents to the university. The documentation process might also be difficult for the students as they might mess up specific essential documents for them to submit. We effectively help the students gather all the required documents to upload to the University website. We help the students with all the required documents before the registration process starts.

  • Visa and Passport: International students need a valid Passport and Visa to study abroad. The students cannot take their program from any international University without these. We effectively help students get their Passports and visas so that they can easily take their programs in an international country without any further problems.

Anigdha is always there for all your solutions regarding your admission procedure at a foreign university. Suppose you are applying for a foreign university course. In that case, you should now visit our company's official website to check all the details and make your study abroad process much easier.


What is the Language of Instruction Used for Education in France?


In France, universities use English for teaching, both for bachelors and masters degrees. That's why international students find it easy to study there.

Do I Need to Know French to Study in France?


There's no requirement for you to speak French to study in France. Your courses are in English. Plus, locals understand English too. So, international students can successfully live and study in France without much hassle.

Do I Need an English Proficiency Test to Study in France?


The student must have a proper English proficiency test result to be eligible to take any degree from a French university. The students can take the exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University Test.

Is It Mandatory to Take an Entrance Exam to Study in France?


No, you don't need to take an entrance exam to study in France. The specialization and courts you select will help you determine whether you must take an entrance exam. The engineering and medicine programs generally require an entrance test.

Do I Need A Visa to Study in France?


Yes, for all international students, getting a proper student visa is compulsory before the registration procedure at the University in France. You must provide a proper copy of your visa to the university to be eligible for the course.

Can I Do A Part-time Job While Studying in France?


International students with official student visas will be eligible for part-time career opportunities in France while studying. They will be working under the norms of the French government.

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