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Reach more students and increase your reach in India with us

University PromotionLeverage the power of our network and technology to reach more students and agents. We help universities to reach students across India and recruit more agents to build your network. Anigdha has tie-ups, resources, expertise, and a team to accelerate your growth. We at Anigdha connect with students through our network who are seeking to study abroad and promote your courses, university, and college among them. Our team will help them understand why your campus is their best choice. We become a mediator and strong advocate for your campus to students in India. You can partner with us for acquiring more students in your courses at your campus. By partnering with Anigdha, you can reach out to a large number of students with a strong network. Our consultants and network agents regularly organize webinars, seminars, and other ways to help you with students and conversion. All you need is to connect with our team and partner with us for taking more students to your campus via our communication channel for you.

Empower your reach with us

Do you want to recruit the best students from India to your university or college? Anigdha can be your best partner. We can help you connect with students in impressive and results-oriented ways. Check out how we help you with our process:

  • Webinars and Seminars: You can increase your reach across India with our online and offline webinars organized regularly. We have strong promotional channels to empower the webinars and reach out to students and promote your universities and colleges. Our team will work closely with you and our promotional channels to reach out to a large number of students for you.

  • Learning and connecting resources: We have strong learning and connecting resources to help students and universities to get in touch for study abroad. Universities can take advantage of our program to recruit students. While students can check out our platform for everything they need to study abroad.

  • Conversion sessions: We specially conduct conversion sessions for universities to help them with as many students as possible. By organizing webinars, seminars, and one-on-one counseling, we help universities to acquire more students for their courses. We become your advocates to convert students into your university students.

  • Recruitment partner network in India: We have a strong recruitment network of agents and consultants in India. With years of experience, we can help you with a strong network of agents across India. We act as mediators and advocates of your university to establish your promotional channel in India to acquire more students for you.

  • Pamphlets and more: We reach out to students looking to study abroad for different courses via pamphlets and other marketing channels. We utilize all digital and non-digital marketing channels to help you connect with students for your campus promotion and courses.

  • Tie-ups with institutes, influencers, and more: We have strong tie-ups with colleges and institutes in India to counsel students for studying abroad. We can help you reach more students at the right time and increase your growth overall. Our team will work closely with these institutes, and influencers to market your campus and courses.

Team that will fuel your growth with excellent features

We have a team to help you with growth and reach many students. Our team can provide features like:

  • One-on-One Assistance: We offer one-on-one mentorship for students to help them focus on courses and universities. As your advocate and mediator, we help students understand the benefits of joining courses at your college or university. We focus on more conversation sessions than just webinars.

  • Multiple Communication Channels: We at Anigdha have multiple communication channels for universities to consult with our team and network. Whether online or offline, there are many digital channels available for universities to get in touch with us and students through us.

  • Availability and Accessibility: Our partnership and network are available and accessible to use for everyone. We are available to help you anytime you need, share your requirements, queries, and whatnot with us. Our team will get back to you with the best solution for you. We understand your requirements and make our resources accessible to everyone.

  • Comprehensive study abroad solution: As a partner, you might have a question- why students will come to us? Two reasons- We have a comprehensive solution for studying abroad including consultancy and English proficiency exam preparation. We offer a complete solution. We have a network and communication channel to reach out to the audience.

  • Easy Partnership: Our collaboration process for universities is easy and simple to follow. We do not believe in too much complicated paperwork. Just like our study abroad solutions, our partnership is easy to process. All you need is to connect with our team, the rest they will follow.

Top Solutions for recruiting more students in your institute

We offer top solutions to help you recruit more students, how? Here is a glimpse of what we provide:

  • Effective and Impactful Marketing Solutions: We reach out to students who are looking to study abroad and can be a perfect fit for your university or college. Through our marketing and communication channels across the country, we can help you reach out to students and promote your university for more admissions. We have a strong network in India that makes us the best option to market your campus and acquire more students.

  • Genuine and Reliable: Yes! Not only for students, but we also think about our partners. We have tie-ups with many universities across the globe for higher education. Our international partnerships with universities and colleges for a range of courses are flourishing because of our genuine and reliable solutions. We are known, trusted, and reliable study abroad consultants who can be your mediators to students.

  • Our expertise: Anigdha does not promise fake, we say what we can provide to our partners. Our experience and expertise can tell you a lot about our work. We are passionate, driven, and have experience in handling the study abroad industry in India. So, as known consultants, we can ensure you the best solutions for your reach.

  • Industry toppers: We are known as industry toppers, and our name “ Anigdha Consultancy” is well-known in the industry. Our team works on every aspect of study abroad that is known among students and study abroad consultants. You can get the best solution from us, we understand the industry inside out, and we can help you.

  • Long-term Partnership: We at Anigdha believe in long-term partnerships with universities. We do not work for one course or session but have long-term connections with our partners. So, if you are looking to partner with us, for promoting your university, it would be for the long-term.

How does it work?

We have a streamlined approach for our process, here is how we proceed:

  • Sign Up with us for the associate program- We will ensure a successful partnership with you.
  • Our team will coordinate with our network to promote your university and courses among students.
  • We will assist students through the application process at your university or college.
  • You can establish your market in India with us.

Why Choose Anigdha for reaching out to students?

Anigdha can be your partner in many ways to bring opportunities. We are enlisting the top reasons why you should get in touch with us:

  • We are extensive, we have a strong network, and we have strong communication channels across India to help you reach out to many students for admission to various programs.

  • We have tie-ups with many universities, so we can assure you the best solutions and partnerships with us.

  • We have the expertise and a team passionate to bring results. So, work with us to recruit more students to your campus.

So, let’s get connected. Reach out to Anigdha’s Team Now!

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