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IELTS TrainingLand your top scores in IELTS with our training! Are you planning for your IELTS exam? Struggling to get scores in IELTS? Nothing can beat the right guidance and training to avail your scores that will help land the university of your dreams and pursue your higher education.

Score 7+ bands with our online and offline IELTS Classes.

IELTS- International English Language Testing System, the language proficiency exam conducted by the British Council. Initially, the IDP was responsible for conducting the IELTS examination; the British Council took over recently. The IELTS exam is designed to help students to work, study, and live in countries where English is the primary language. Therefore, if you want to pursue your higher studies or work in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and more, you need to take the IELTS examination. The test judges candidates' ability to write, listen, read, and speak English. Students who want to study and work abroad are required to take IELTS to prove their English proficiency. There are different test dates available every month for computer and paper-based tests. So, students can take the IELTS exam throughout the year.

We at Anigdha offer IELTS training to help you prepare for the exam. Let's find complete details of the IELTS examination.

Type of Exam IELTS- International English Language Testing System
No. of Sections 4- listening, reading, writing, and speaking
Cost/Exam Fee INR 15,500
Score system 9 band
Mode of Exam Computer based and Paper Based
Conducting Body British Council

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What is IELTS?

A popular English testing system is known as International English Language Testing System(IELTS). For individuals looking to move to another country for higher education, work, or live, the English proficiency exam is necessary. IELTS tests an individual on 4 criteria:

  • Listening : To test your listening skills, you are given 40 questions based on the recording. Students listen to recordings and solve questions simultaneously.

  • Reading : To test your reading and comprehension skills, you are given 40 questions based on 4 to 5 passages.

  • Writing : To test English writing skills, writing tasks are provided based on the type of IELTS you choose.

  • Speaking : To test their speaking skills, Students are supposed to give a face-to-face interview where they are questioned about basics related to everyday life.

Why Take the IELTS Exam?

The International English Language Testing System can be taken for different reasons. The proficiency test is beneficial in many ways, we are shortlisting some for you:

  • Globally Recognized: One of the key reasons that make IELTS the best English proficiency exam is global recognition. More than 10000 organisations from 135+ countries accept the IELTS exam for immigration, work, and study purposes.

  • Accept American and British English: Those who understand English know there are differences between English and American English. The best part about IELTS is that they recognize both. You can use British or American English in your exam without any worries.

  • Higher accuracy of results: IELTS offers better accuracy in results. The examiners who take the IELTS exam have strict criteria to assess students based on their English skills in different sections of the exam. The exams are conducted fairly across the globe.

  • Accessible in different countries: IELTS exam is taken by the British Council, and they have branches in different countries across the globe. This allows exam takers to register in the branch, online to give exams in their test centres.

  • Consistency in exam scores: Despite having no fail or approve the policy on exam scores, they have a consistent 9-band system across the globe. Candidates are assessed based on different criteria to give scores out of 9. 6 or 7 are considered good scores to apply abroad.


To take admission to international universities in countries like Germany, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, etc., an English proficiency exam is mandatory. You can take a computer or paper-based test as per your requirements. To give your exam candidates must have a passport.


The Exam takes place in two different parts, three sections- Writing, Reading, and Listening take place at once while Speaking is reserved for another day. Here is the procedure of taking IELTS exam:

Section Time Taken
Reading 60 Minutes
Writing 60 Minutes
Listening 30+ 10 Minutes ( 30 minutes for listening and 10 minutes for transferring answers on sheet.)
Speaking 11 to 15 Minutes

Types of IELTS exam

There are two types of IELTS exams- Academic and General Training. Both these exams have 4 sections i.e. listening, reading, writing, and speaking. While listening and speaking are the same, reading and writing vary depending on the type of exam. Both tests are taken depending on different requirements of study and work abroad.

  • Academic Test: As the name suggests, academic tests are suitable for those who want to take admission to universities or professional courses abroad.

  • General Training: General training exam is taken by those who are applying for a work visa. In addition, those who want to migrate to English-speaking nations for secondary education can also take the general training exam.


The IELTS examination can be conducted in two formats, students can register for either of the formats for their test. The format can depend on your practice and how you want to give your exam. IELTS exams have the same sections, only the way we give our exams can change. Here are two main formats to give your IELTS exam:

  • Computer-based exam format: Under the computer-based exam format candidates have to give their writing, reading, and listening sections on the computer. All the questions and answer booklets are available online mode and you have to use a computer to complete your test. The test centre will have computers set up with tests that candidates can start as per instructions. However, the speaking section takes place via video call where the examiner will talk face-to-face through a screen.

  • Paper-based exam format: As the name suggests, under paper-based format, candidates are provided with questions and answer booklets in paper format. For the speaking section, the examiner takes the test in person.


IELTS have simple and easy eligibility criteria, most candidates are able to fulfil. If you are planning to take IELTS for study or work purposes, here are a few things that you must fulfil:

  • Anyone can give IELTS irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, or nationality. Whether you are 17 or 27, you are eligible to give IELTS, as the British Council has not set an age limit. However, candidates below 16 are not recommended to apply.

  • The only requirement is a passport, you must have a valid passport. You can register and give exams only if you have a passport.

  • You must have a registered phone number and email to receive information.


The IELTS registration process is easy, you can apply in two ways- Online and at the British Council or IDP office. In addition, our team can also book the IELTS exam for you once you are ready to give it. When registering for the IELTS exam, you have to finalise your exam date from the availability as per your desired location in the given options. To register you will need a valid passport or driving licence. Here is how you can register:

  • Visit the Online British Council website or office.

  • Fill out the form, select the location of the exam, and select the date you want to give your exam.

  • You will receive confirmation and exam details in your email. It is important to have a registered email as you will receive an admit card or confirmation letter via email that you need during the exam.

  • The registration fee for the IELTS exam is INR 15,500 as of now, it is subject to change.

IELTS exam pattern and Syllabus

IELTS has a set pattern over the years for both academic and general tests.  The exam is divided into 4 sections- Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. Here is exam pattern and syllabus of IELTS:

Section No. of Questions Time Type of Questions
Writing 2 60 Minutes Essay and Writing task
Listening 40 30 + 10 Minutes 40 questions based on 4 recordings.
Reading 40 60 Minutes 4 passage
Speaking 3-4 10 - 15 Minutes Q/A, Describing a situation, and followup

Reading Section:

  • The reading section is further divided into three different parts and each section has 40 questions.

  • The questions can be Multiple Choice, Fill-ups, Match, paragraph headings, tables, etc.

  • Under this section, the candidates are assessed for their analytical, summary, clarity, understanding, and fact identification.

  • Students will have 40 minutes to complete the exam out of which 30 are to solve questions while 10 minutes are used to transfer answers on the answer sheet.

Writing Section:

  • The Writing Section is divided into two parts. There are only two questions in the Writing part. This is the key section where academic and general tests make a difference.

  • Essays in both tests are common while general tests have a letter as a second question and academics have a written description question.

  • In the essay, candidates are provided with different questions from different categories like global warming, education, industry, sports, etc. The question will ask your point of view, advantages or disadvantages and more. Candidates are assessed based on ideas, clarity, justifications, etc. You have to complete your answer in 200-250 words.

  • In Question 1, academic students are provided with graphs, diagrams, and flow charts with information that they have to explain in 150 words.

  • While general candidates have to write letters. It can be informal, formal, or semi-formal.

Listening Section:

  • During the listening section, 4 recordings are played. Based on each recording, 40 Questions are asked to candidates. These questions can be MCQs, Fill ups, Maps, Match, Table, etc.

  • Recording can be about any general situation where two or more people are having conversations. One of these recordings will have a monologue.

  • Students have 30 minutes to listen to recordings and answer questions. 10 minutes to transfer answers.

Speaking Section:

  • The speaking section will have three parts- An interview, a short description, and follow up questions.

  • In part 1 the examiner will ask general questions related to your interest, hobbies, studies, job, etc.

  • Part 2 consists of a flash card topic. Candidates are provided with a flashcard and they have to speak for about 4-5 minutes about the topic and cover all the questions asked in flash cards.

  • Part 3 consists of follow-up questions related to flashcard topics.

  • Flashcard topics can be general and basic like your memorable holiday, favourite sportsperson, etc.

IELTS Score Calculation and Results

IELTS scores are calculated from a 9-band system, candidates are evaluated on different factors. Results of the IELTS exam are provided after 13 days. After 13 days of your exam of all sections, you will receive scores in your email and phone number via SMS.

IELTS training schedule

Our training schedule includes emphasis on each section. Every section will have a class of 1 hour and time will be given to practise the test everyday. Here is the schedule follows:

Class Purpose Things to be discussed Time
Writing Practice and Strategies Types of Essays, Graphs, charts, diagrams, and letters based on your test type 1.5 Hours
Reading Practice and Strategies Different types of Questions and Passage types 1 Hour
Listening Practice and Strategies Different types of Questions and recording types 1 Hour
Speaking Practice and Strategies Interview practice, and different types of Questions 1 hour
Mock Test Every Week, mock test is conducted to prepare for actual exam 3 Hours

Why this IELTS course?


  • You have the desire to learn English.

  • You want to improve your English

  • You understand basic English.

If you have any of these, you can take up this course.

This course is suitable for:

  • Students who want to show their English proficiency

  • Teachers who want to show their English proficiency

  • Professionals who want to work abroad.

  • Anyone who wants to move abroad to study or to live.

If you’re any of these or have any of these prerequisites, Anigdha welcomes you to take up this course.

Why Choose Anigdha IELTS training?

We can help you with the best resources and facilities to ensure you score well in your IELTS. If you are still contemplating, we have shortlisted some reasons for you:

  • Availability of Resources: At Anigdha we offer the best resources to our students that will help you ensure you prepare with updated materials. Our resources are detailed and cover all topics and sections along with strategies to build your base and help you practise your exam.

  • Expertise: We have a team of experts training students for IELTS over the years. Our teachers themselves take the IELTS exam every now and then to analyse the criteria. We ensure every student at Anigdha is provided with the right guidance and expertise. Our teachers give each student equal attention and opportunity to learn.

  • Top training solutions: We offer affordable and effective training solutions. From online to offline, our training will help you ensure you are on the right track. We regularly conduct mock tests with the same criteria to prepare students for their final day.

  • Excellent Practice Content: We at Anigdha understand the importance of practice for the IELTS exam. So, we make sure our students receive updated study and practice material. We have more than 100 mock tests, reading, listening, writing, and speaking practice material that we regularly update.

  • Evaluation at every step: To improve our students' scores, we offer evaluation at every step. Right from practice sessions, tips and tricks, and mock tests, to regular classes, we evaluate students every week to understand and help them analyse where they need more practice. Our experts make sure our students are ready to score their desired bands in all modules.

  • Doubt clearance sessions: After practice sessions, we also take doubt clearance sessions every day. We understand students have queries that they need to solve to improve and work more on their progress. Our experts take one-on-one doubt clearance sessions with our students.

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Why should you sign up for Anigdha's IELTS Course?

  • Unlimited Practice session: Practise and practice till you are ready to give the exam for your desired band score. We have endless practice material, mock tests, and more to help you get a hang of the IELTS exam.

  • One-on-One Mentoring: We assign a personal trainer who will take one-on-one sessions with you. The trainer will mentor you for the IELTS exam, understand your queries, and guide you to score better.

  • Limited Batch Size: We keep our batch size smaller to ensure every student gets personal attention and focuses on IELTS preparation in the right way.

  • Regular Evaluation: We evaluate students every week to understand their progress and guide students on their way to improving scores.

Trained more than 10,000 students over the years

Anigdha is trusted by more than 10,000 students since we started our IELTS training. Thousands of students have got their desired results with our expertise and trainers.

Our trainers are experienced and themselves take IELTS exams to stay connected with the latest pattern. Our reliability and quality makes us top consultants among students preparing for IELTS.

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Planning for IELTS preaching? We train students to take the IELTS exam for a wide range of countries. Which country do you want to study abroad in? We help you gain desired bands as per country requirements. You can book your counselling session and demo class to know more.

Our student's stories

"I took the IELTS twice, but still failed to score the required bands. When I came across Anigdha, I was doubtful but still took the risk. I'm glad I took that risk, with their trainers and practice sessions, I have scored an overall 7 bands. Now, I'm going to start my application process with them. I would recommend Anigdha for the study abroad procedure from scratch." - Subhangi Mishra

"Trainers are amazing here, they clear every doubt for students and are quite patient and helpful. For students who do not have English as a second language, it's difficult to understand IELTS, but trainers are so patient with everything. I scored 6 bands with 2 months of training, I'm thankful to the trainers for such support and guidance at every step." - Gurcharan Singh

"If you are starting your IELTS preparation, I would totally suggest you join Anigdha. When my friend recommended me for their training sessions, I was not expecting much, but they exceeded my expectations. Their study material is detailed and simple to understand. Instructors help with every query and are supportive of training every module, they are also friendly so it's easy to communicate." - Anand Kashyap.

"I was not able to score in my writing module, I was good with listening and reading, but writing is my weak point. With the guidance of trainers, I'm able to score. My score has improved from 5.5 to 6.5/7 in mock tests. I'm soon going to give my IELTS exam. I'm thankful to Anigdha for helping me improve my writing skills to score better, and now I'm confident to give the exam." - Shivani Sharma

"My friend got her IELTS training here and her scores were 7.5, so I wanted to start with them only. It's been a month since my training and I'm confident that I'll get 7+ scores thanks to our trainers. The best part is their doubt session, teachers are supportive and clear all queries anytime you need. I would suggest them if you are planning for the IELTS exam." - Nimra Fathima


Which IELTS exams are taken in a single day?


Reading, Writing, and Listening are taken in 1 day while Speaking is scheduled on another day.

How many attempts are allowed in IELTS?


There is no limit to giving the IELTS exam, you can give as many exams as you want without any limit or time constraint.

Can the IELTS exam be rescheduled?


Yes! You can request a reschedule up to 5 weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Is there any validity to the IELTS result?


IELTS results are valid from 2 years of result declaration.

Is it possible to take the IELTS at home?


IELTS online gives you control to give your exam anywhere you want with a strong and stable internet connection.

What is the fee for the IELTS exam?


The cost of the IELTS exam has recently been hiked. You have to pay Rs 15, 500 to book the exam including all modules.

Can I choose the exam centre on my own for the IELTS exam?


No! You can't select an exam centre, but you can select the city where you want to give your exam. You have the option to give your exam in centres located in different parts of India.

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