MBA in USAAn MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is one of the most popular programs students around the world choose. Those interested in business and finance find great scope in pursuing an MBA degree. An MBA program will teach you about finance, marketing, economics, and many other disciplines. Most Multinational Companies look for experienced managers.  The USA is a coveted country for pursuing an MBA degree. The country provides excellent facilities and in-depth knowledge about the course and the subject. An MBA degree from an American business school is recognized and accredited globally. It focuses on training students in the principles of business management.

Medium of Instruction English
Duration of Course 1 to 3 years
Intakes There are two session intakes in January and some programs in August.
Fee Range Approx $55,000
Work Experience Required. At least 1-2 years of work experience is mandatory
GMAT/GRE GMAT entrance is required for admission. Some universities, however, take in students without a GMAT.
English Proficiency Test Minimum qualifying marks in TOEFL and IELTS is required
Work After Study After completing their MBA degree; students have tremendous scope for jobs in the USA.

Top Business Schools in USA For MBA

There are several business schools and universities in the USA that guarantee comprehensive learning in the MBA program. Some of the popular names are –

  • Stanford Graduate Business School of Business, Stanford University

  • Harvard Business School, Harvard University

  • Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • Yale School of Management, Yale University

  • Columbia Business School, Columbia University

  • Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

  • NYU Stern School of Business, New York University

Why Study MBA in USA

If you are wondering why you should choose the USA as your MBA choice, here is a list of reasons –

  • Approximately 50 business schools in the country rank among the top business schools abroad as per the FT and QS rankings.

  • The USA is one of the countries that offer exceptional salary packages after completing an MBA from an American business school.

  • Most international students choose the USA as their ideal destination. According to a survey, there are over 750,000 students currently studying in the USA.

  • Business schools in the USA aim at imparting the finest quality of education, focusing on practical and theoretical knowledge.

  • The MBA degree offered by American universities is recognized and accredited globally. It holds importance wherever you go for a job in the future.

  • The USA is a friendly country with people coming in from all races and cultures. Therefore, the studying environment is quite amiable and multicultural.


American business schools are known for their great education and other facilities. Some of the major highlights in the country are –

  • The American universities provide an MBA course in Supply Chain Management due to the increasing demand for jobs in this sector.

  • Students successfully get a global perspective by studying in America.

  • The fee structure of an MBA in the USA isn't very expensive; therefore, students can easily think of pursuing an MBA in the country.

  • Several entrance exams like GMAT or GRE are required for admission into the MBA course.

  • The lessons are conducted in the English language for easy comprehension of students.

MBA Specialization In The USA

America provides a range of MBA specialization courses. Some of them include –

  • MBA in Accounting

  • MBA in Economics

  • MBA in Finance

  • MBA in Marketing

  • MBA in Statistics

  • Business Administration

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Marketing

  • Non-Profit Organization

Eligibility For MBA In The USA

Students who wish to secure a successful admission at any American university must fulfill the following criteria –

  • Students are required to complete a four-year bachelor's degree from a renowned or reputed institute.

  • A carefully filled-in resume is essential

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Students are expected to clear their GMAT exam with a minimum score of 600

  • Candidates must pass the English proficiency test with a minimum passing percentage.

  • Candidates are expected to have a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience depending upon the specialization of the course they choose.

Documents Required

At the time of application or admission, candidates are required to present the following documents –

  • Mark sheets and certificates of classes 10, 12, and a bachelor’s degree.

  • Completely and carefully filled in the application form.

  • Certificate of English language proficiency test.

  • GMAT scorecard

  • Medical Certificate

  • 4 passport size photographs


American business schools take two intakes every year. These are –

  • One session begins in Spring which is January

  • Another session begins in the Fall season, which is somewhat in August

Course Duration

The course duration in different universities varies. The duration for the specific university is given below –

Stanford University 1-2 years
Harvard University 1-2 years
Chicago University 1-2 years
UPenn University 1-2 years
Columbia University 2-3 years (part-time)
University of Florida 2 years
New York University 1-2 years

Admission Procedure

If you wish to secure admissions at American universities successfully, here are some steps that will help you do so. The application is covered in three steps –

  • Before applying to the university comes the necessary tests and collection of documents.

  • Next step involves uploading admission documents for the university to verify.

  • Students will then need to pay the application fees.

  • Passing the English proficiency test with a minimum score is mandatory for all students willing to apply for an MBA in the USA.

  • Once your application is accepted, the university will send an invitation or offer letter.

  • Upon receiving that, you can apply for the visa.


It is no longer the case that application decisions for business schools in the USA are solely based on GMAT scores. Today, many colleges in the USA that offer MBA degrees are evaluating candidates based on additional criteria. The following list contains six MBA programs that do not require the GMAT.

Sawyer Business School Executive MBA
Hult International Business School 1 year
Alfred Learner College of Business and Economics MBA
Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA
Marshall School of Business Executive MBA
College of Business at Florida International University MBA

Cost Of Studying MBA In USA

The studying cost of an MBA in the USA isn't very expensive. Especially if you study in state universities, the cost becomes cheaper. The average tuition fee for the MBA program for a year can come up to $55,000. The tuition fee is added up with additional costs like accommodation, medical insurance, and more for international students. However, on average, studying in the USA isn't very costly.

Tuition Fees In The USA

The tuition fees in the USA for an MBA program aren't very expensive. Here are some universities along with their fee structure –

Chicago Booth 3 $144,000
Yale School of Management 4 $149,400
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University 6 $174,692
Darden School of Business, University of Virginia 11 155,040
NYU Stern School of Business, New York University 13 157,400
University of Florida 40 122,520
Rice University 32 127,000
University of Washington 28 107,202
University of North Carolina 26 137,680
University of Southern California 24 127,100
University of Michigan 21 142,800
Duke University 9 140,000


Students willing to study MBA in the USA must procure a student visa for the said purpose. Once students receive the invitation letter from the respective university, they can easily apply for the visa process and apply for a student visa.


The universities and government in the USA have come together to help students who wish to study and obtain an MBA degree from a renowned university but cannot due to the fees structure. To aid such students, there are several scholarship programs. Some of these are –

  • Harvard University scholarships

  • Civil Society Leadership Awards

  • Abbey Road Summer Scholarships.

  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program.

  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

Part-time Jobs In USA

While pursuing your dream career of MBA in the USA, you can also simultaneously work part-time. Some jobs available for students are sales and Retail, transportation and Logistics, Admin and Office, Customer Service, Restaurant and Hospitality, Manufacturing and Warehouse, Management, Restaurant, Cafes, etc.

Learning English Before MBA In USA

Well, for an MBA degree in the USA, students clearing the English Proficiency Test is mandatory. Since English is the state's official language, there isn't any need to learn an additional language. Passing the English test with the minimum qualifying score is enough.

Full-time MBA In The USA

Several universities offer full-time and part-time MBA programs in the USA. Students, as per convenience, can opt for whichever program they like. Some of the full-time MBA universities are –

  • Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA

  • Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Lebanese American University

  • Stanford University MBA

  • University of Chicago- Booth

  • Northwestern University

Part-time MBA In USA

Students who work full-time and wish to get a part-time degree from American business schools can easily go for it. Some of the universities offering part-time MBA are –

  • Northwestern University, Kellogg

  • IESE Business School

  • Hult International Business School

  • Bryant University Graduate

  • Northeastern Illinois University

  • Hodges University

Jobs After MBA In USA

The USA is one of the famous countries for an MBA degree because it offers great career opportunities. It offers great job positions and exceptional packages.

Assistant B.D Manager $99,000
Manager $144,000
Project Manager $106,000
General Manager $128,000
Business Development Manager $128,000

Some companies offering MBA jobs in the USA are –

  • McKinsey & Co.

  • EY

  • Bain & Co.

  • Amazon

  • Apple

  • Deloitte

  • KPMG

  • And more

Indian Students In The USA

The number of Indian students in the USA has been increasing steadily. There are more than 1 00,000 students in the USA based on statistics. Since the USA provides a comfortable lifestyle and incredible work and career opportunities, Indian students find it great to study there.

Cost of Living In USA

The living standard of the USA isn't a fact hidden from the world. The everyday living expense of students largely depends on their lifestyle. The cost of living in the USA, including daily necessities and amenities, include –

  • Food costs: $1000- $4000 per year

  • Hostel Fees: $500- $1000 per year

  • Living Costs: $10,000- $12,000 per year

How Do We Help You In Securing An MBA Seat in Germany

A lot of you may be dreaming of an MBA degree from a reputed university. However, you are unable to do so because of certain challenges in form filling up, looking up for colleges, visa applications, and more. Anigdha is here as your ideal solution to all complications that crop up while applying for an MBA course in the USA. Our services include –

  • Consulting: We begin our process by explaining to you and guiding you through the process. We help you with career guidance and consultation.

  • Shortlisting Schools: We understand your career goals and requirements and find a suitable business school for you accordingly.

  • Documentation: If you are confused about what documents to submit in the application process, we are here to guide you and assist you with the documents.

  • Application: We will complete the application to American business schools for you.

  • Interview Rounds: Most US universities want to have an interview round before finalizing the admission. We can help you with mock rounds so that it's easier to get through the interview round.

  • Visa Guidance: We guide you through the visa procedure and suggest the right documents for the process.

  • Connect: From form fill up to visa application and departure, we will handle everything for you.

MBA in The USA In Low Cost

There are several business schools for students who wish to choose a cheaper fee structure. These business schools are –

Warrington College of Business $61,620
Lowa State University $29,524
University of Buffalo $59,842
Lamar University $28,810

About The USA

About USAThe United States Of America is a country comprising 50 states. It is the third-largest or fourth-largest country in the world by area. With Canada to the north, Mexico to the south, and the Bahamas, Cuba, and Russia, the United States has significant land borders. The population was recorded at over 331 million population, becoming the third most populous state in the world. A bicameral legislature and three branches of government make up the United States federal republic and representative democracy. Some interesting facts about the USA –

  • The USA includes some mysterious and beautiful natural wonders.

  • The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is one of the most visited museums in the world.

  • If you have an adventurous side to your personality, you can visit New Jersey for the best roller coaster rides.

  • The USA has the fourth-largest river system in the world.

  • The USA is said to have the largest economy globally.

Capital Washington
Largest City New York
Official Language English
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 3,796,742 sq mi
Total Population 331,893,745
Currency US Dollar
Calling Code +1


Is MBA in the USA recognized and in demand?


In the USA, universities train students in management skills, tactics, and organization. The USA has offered jobs to approximately 2.4 million graduates as of now.

Are GMAT and IELTS required for MBA admissions in the USA?


Yes, IELTS is mandatory for admissions in the USA. However, for the GMAT exam, there are a few colleges that offer an exception to students with good work experience.

Is MBA tough in the United States?


To say it is tough without working for it may sound weird. You will find fruitful returns with good job packages if you invest in the program diligently.

Do Indians get a job in the USA after graduating from a business school?


There are immense job opportunities in the USA after completing MBA from several business schools. Regardless of their nationality, an MBA graduate can find a job scope here.

Is work experience mandatory for MBA in the USA?


Yes, there are a few business schools that offer MBA courses without having to see relevant work experience.

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