Study Abroad in Low Fees


Study Abroad in Low Fee

Study Abroad in Low FeesStudying abroad is a dream for many. Unfortunately, many students have the impression that the cost of studying abroad is outrageously high, despite the fact that studying abroad is widely regarded as an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and familiarize oneself with a variety of unique cultures. Thankfully, there are a plethora of high-quality study abroad programs that are both affordable and accessible. These programs boast not just a low fee, but also state-of-the-art facilities, a wealth of resources, and a myriad of specializations to choose from. So whether you wish to become an engineer or architect, there’s something for everyone in these affordable universities.

But in order to be able to avail of free study abroad, there are various aspects that come into play. One should be aware of the many benefits, the procedures, the best countries offering affordable or free education, and the many ways you can pursue this amazing opportunity. Added to this, you should also be aware of the important role that study-abroad consultants play in helping you get free study in a foreign county!

In this section, we'll find out the necessary details about low-cost study-abroad programs, and we'll also explore some of the other important aspects of the same.

Benefits of Low Fee Study Abroad Programs

Here are the top benefits that students can enjoy while studying abroad for low fees:

  • Affordable Study Abroad: Low-fee study abroad programs provide an affordable option for students wishing to pursue their studies overseas. By avoiding expensive tuition fees, students are able to focus on their studies and gain international experience without breaking the bank.

  • Variety of Courses: Low-fee study abroad programs offer flexibility when it comes to learning. Students can choose from a wide range of courses, allowing them to get their education according to their specific interests and goals.

  • Cultural Immersion: Low-fee study abroad programs allow students to get an up-close and personal experience in the culture of their chosen destination country. This can enable students to develop a more nuanced understanding of the local language, customs, and ways of life that would not be possible in their home country.

  • Career Advancement: Participating in low-fee study abroad programs can be beneficial for future job prospects by increasing cultural awareness and giving students an edge in the global marketplace. Furthermore, many employers now value international experience as part of the job application process.

  • Personal Growth: Lastly, low-fee study abroad programs can provide students with the opportunity to develop their independence and self-confidence in a totally unfamiliar environment. This can be hugely beneficial for personal growth and future success.

The Best Countries to Study Abroad at Low Fee

Are you dreaming of studying abroad but worried about the high costs? Well, look no further! In this section, we have compiled a list of the best countries to study at low fees. Not only will you get an excellent education, but you will also experience new cultures and make unforgettable memories without breaking the bank.

Here’s a detailed account of the best countries to study abroad at an affordable price:

  • Sweden: Sweden stands tall when it comes to education in the field of technology, humanities, computer science, mathematics, architecture, etc. The average living cost per year in Sweden is 3.33 lakhs. Studying MS in this country will cost you around 11 lakhs while a bachelors degree will require 9 lakhs.

  • Germany: Germany is popular for studying bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in specializations like industrial engineering, psychology, mathematics, philosophy, economics, business, etc. The average living cost in Germany is 3.77 lakhs, while the educational costs include 13 lakhs for MBA, 79 thousand for MS, and 1 lakh for bachelors. It is important to note that there is no tuition fee for students in public universities in Germany.

  • Netherlands: This country is famous for degrees in agriculture, sports management, sciences, liberal arts, philosophy, fashion, etc. The average cost of living in Netherlands is 4.39 lakhs, while educational costs include 23 lakhs for MBA, 14 lakhs for MS, and 9 lakhs for Bachelors.

  • Ireland: The best courses that study abroad aspirants can take up in Ireland are in fashion, arts, creative writing, and healthcare specializations. You will need about 10-13 lakhs for studying any course in this country, be it MBA, MS, or BA.

  • Singapore: If you wish to study abroad for lower costs, Singapore, with a living cost of around 3 to 4 lakhs, is a great option. Some of the best specializations you can pursue are management, animation and design, fashion design, mass communication, engineering, business, etc.

  • Italy: Italy is another popular name when it comes to getting an affordable education abroad. Among the most sought-after educational degrees in Italy include engineering, software, science, mathematics, etc. The average living cost in Italy is about 8 lakhs. Studying in Italy is an experience that students willing to study abroad should definitely consider.

  • France: With an average living cost of about 3.77 lakhs, France has also emerged as one of the best possible study-abroad destinations when it comes to affordable education. The universities in France are top-notch, and hence students can expect an all-round education. You will need to put in around 6 to 8 lakh INR for studying masters and bachelors courses, while MBA will require you to spend about 21 lakhs.

  • Canada: Canada is known for a wide variety of students coming in from various countries across the globe. These students get access to the best faculty and hence the best opportunities after completing their professional degrees. The average cost of living in Canada is 6 lakhs. Furthermore, if you wish to study BE, BTech, or MBA, you will need around 20-23 lakhs.

  • New Zealand: New Zealand is not just the epitome of beauty, but it also hosts a vast number of colleges offering affordable education to foreign students. The cost of living averages 5 lakhs in New Zealand, and the cost of studying may range anywhere between 6 to 20 lakhs. If you are looking for the most affordable education in the world, you should definitely consider New Zealand as one of the options.

  • Australia: Studying in Australia is another amazing experience that many students aim to achieve. This country is not just known for its affordable yet high-quality education, but also for the various opportunities it offers to graduates in terms of employment and salaries. The average cost of living in Australia is 6.5 lakhs and the cost of education is reasonable as well.

Ways to Study Abroad at Low Fee

There are many approaches you can consider if you wish to reduce the cost associated with studying abroad. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Take Part in an Exchange Program: Many universities, organizations, and countries offer exchange programs that are heavily discounted or sometimes even free of cost for eligible participants. This allows you to gain valuable skills and experience while studying abroad without having to pay the full price. Examples of countries with extensive student exchange programs include Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.

  • Apply for Scholarships: Scholarships aimed specifically at international students are offered by a wide variety of institutions, both private and public. You can research online scholarship databases for that country with the assistance of your educational advisor to find out more about these.

  • Look Into Non-Profit Organizations: There are many non-profit organizations in one's home country that provide funding and scholarships to students interested in attending a university in another country. Obtain more information about these organizations by conducting an online search and by contacting them directly.

  • Search Online for Affordable Programs: There are a number of websites that list affordable study abroad programs around the world.

  • Consider Working Abroad: Another way to study abroad at a low cost is to find a part-time job in the country you're visiting. Many countries have special visas for international students, which allow them to work up to a certain number of hours each week. Some of the best countries for working during studying include Australia and New Zealand.

  • Go for a Cheaper Progam: Another wonderful way to save on your abroad study journey is to choose an affordable program in the first place. Some examples of such programs include Equine Summer Program (Edinburgh, Scotland), and Lorenzo de’ Medici (Florence, Italy). The former has programs starting from $4,895, while the latter has ones starting from $5,500. FuBIS, Berlin, Germany ($2,000) and Hutong School, Various Cities, China ($881) are some other popular ones.

  • Consider Fundraising: This is probably the most unconventional method, but it works incredibly. You can fundraise for a part of your abroad education by fundraising. You can do it with the help of friends and family. You can also choose to use various fundraising platforms for the same.

  • Opt for Loans: Taking out a loan is not the same thing as studying abroad for free, but it can provide you with more options in the short term, which could be a big help in achieving your goal of studying abroad for free. Some of the most popular loans include General Student Loans, Federal Student Loans like Stafford Loans and Perkins Loans, along with some Private Loans from different banks.

  • Study Virtually: Of course, this does not match the standards of living in a foreign country and experiencing its culture first-hand, the quality of the education you will get while studying virtually will be the same as when you are studying in a physical classroom environment.

  • Choose Countries with Low Cost of Living: It is not always necessary to go ahead and put in heaps of money in order to study abroad. You can also opt for some affordable countries that boast the lowest cost of living, like Argentina ($550-$750), Brazil ($550-$850), or China ($800-$1700). These affordable study-abroad countries offer the best education and can be a great help to you!

How Can Anigdha Overseas Education Consultant Guide You?

When you want to study abroad, that too at a low fee, there are many things that come into play. And having the right educational consultants at your disposal is a great help when it comes to navigating through the seemingly complex procedures that vary from country to country.

Here are some ways in which Anigdha Overseas Education Consultant can help you:

  • Shortlisting Universities: Not all universities are the same. Hence, it is important that students focus only on universities that offer affordable education if they are willing to study free or at a lower cost. This shortlisting can be made a lot easier with the help of an expert consultant from our team who will sit with you and understand your preferences and goals.

  • Setting a Budget: Students and parents are often concerned about expenses when it comes to studying abroad. That is why, one of our specialists will sit with you to explain to you the various expenses involved so that you can set a realistic budget. This way, shortlisting will also be made easier.

  • Consulting for Country: Our consultants are well-versed in the knowledge regarding the lifestyle and culture of different countries and they will understand your preferences well before suggesting a list of the best countries in which you can comfortably pursue your education. We also have a wealth of resources that can be instrumental when you wish to zero in a country, including the demographics, the food, the accommodation options, etc.

  • Fees Structure: We will also work hard to make a database of the fee structure of the universities of your choice across various countries. This will also include a detailed list of other living expenses. Hence, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision when it comes to studying abroad at a low fee or no fee.

  • Scholarships and Admissions: The experts at Anigdha will also give you ample information about the scholarships available in different regions of the world and make you empowered to apply to these with ease. Lastly, we will also help with the admission process, visa applications, etc., to ensure that the entire process of studying abroad is safe for you!

These are the many ways how Anigdha can help you achieve your dream of studying abroad!


Which is the cheapest country in the world for higher studies?


Malaysia is the cheapest county with respect to the cost of living. However, when it comes to fees, Norway is the top pick.

What types of courses can I take if I am studying abroad at low fees?


The types of courses that you can take while studying abroad greatly depend on the specific school and country you choose to study in. Generally speaking, most universities will offer a range of subject options such as engineering, business and finance, humanities, and social sciences at bachelors, masters, and research levels.

Which is the best scholarship in the world for higher education?


Fulbright is the best scholarship for higher studies abroad in the US and is available for students at the masters and doctorate levels.

Can I study abroad if I have 5 lakhs?


Yes, it is very much possible to pursue a degree at a good university abroad with 5 lakhs in hand.

Can Indian students get free study in abroad universities?


Yes. Indian students or other international students can get to study free abroad. Some of the most popular universities for this are Finland (Swedish or Finnish language courses), Germany, and Norway.

What are some good scholarships by the Indian government for studying in a foreign country?


The most popular Indian scholarships are Fulbright-Nehru Masters Fellowships, The JN Tata Endowment – Higher Education of Indians, and the Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, among many others.

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