Study MBA in Bulgaria


Study MBA in Bulgaria

Study MBA in BulgariaMBA in Bulgaria is one of the world's most lucrative and popular higher education courses. If you want to take an MBA abroad, Bulgaria, Europe, is one of the finest and most affordable places to pursue higher education. In the past few years, Bulgaria has developed an extremely effective infrastructure for higher education, especially for international students. It is one of the places where education has been very effective. The Master's in Business Administration course will teach the students how to manage limited resources, earn profits, and help the business grow effectively. Many famous universities in Bulgaria provide the best MBA programs in the world, and the courses will allow you to learn properly. After completing your MBA course in Bulgaria, you will get many opportunities to start your own business. It does not involve high expenses, and Bulgaria is extremely affordable. If you decide to take up your MBA program from Bulgaria, it will be a great choice and will prosper your career. There are many specializations that the Bulgarian university will offer for your MBA program, and some of the most famous specializations are finance technology, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Why Study MBA in Bulgaria?

The MBA program is one of the best in Bulgaria, and it will benefit you to study the course at Bulgarian universities. The major reason to study the course from Bulgaria includes:

  • Low Tuition Fees: The education costs at Bulgarian University for an MBA are also very affordable, and students can easily complete the course at a low tuition fee. Compared with other international universities, Bulgaria's MBA study cost is the least.

  • Scholarships Available: Studying MBA at Bulgarian universities is not only a cheap option, but the students can also get opportunities for various scholarships that are provided. If you have scored good marks in your bachelor's program, you will be eligible for these scholarships and do not have to pay anything for your MBA program.

  • Great Career Opportunities: After you complete the MBA course from Bulgaria, there are many career opportunities that you will receive in Bulgaria, as well as other international companies in the world. You can also return to your country and get effective job opportunities with an MBA from Bulgaria.

  • High-standard Education: The standard of education at Bulgarian Universities is at the international level. It is the primary reason the Bulgarian university attracts many international students for MBA courses because of the quality of education they provide.

  • Courses in English Language: The Masters in Business Administration program from the Bulgarian universities is offered in English and is globally acceptable by all students. Studying the course in the English language is very easy and beneficial, which makes the course an effective option for the student.

Eligibility Criteria For MBA in Bulgaria

When you plan to pursue your MBA in Bulgaria, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you have these eligibility criteria, you can apply for various universities and MBA specializations:

  • Applicants must have completed their schooling and bachelor's degree from a recognized board or equivalent.

  • The Bachelor's Degree transcript is essential for the admission process for the MBA program in Bulgaria.

  • The minimum required percentage of marks in the bachelor's program should be between 50% to 75%.

  • The standard minimum of 250 credits should be there with the applicant.

  • Students must also provide a recommendation letter from the previous Institute from which they completed their bachelor's program.

  • For the master course in Bulgaria, the students must provide an English proficiency certificate, which should be of a B level.

  • Another primary requirement that the Bulgarian universities will have is to provide a European equivalent certificate for the bachelor's program.

  • International students must submit a valid copy of their International passport with a copy of the visa.

  • Only some universities will also want the declaration certificate from the applicant's parents.

Medium of Instruction for the MBA Course in Bulgaria

MBA programs in various specializations in Bulgaria are available in English language. So, international students can apply for these programs in the English language after providing proof of proficiency in English. Students can take any standard proficiency exam recognized by universities with minimum scores.

Application Deadline for MBA Courses from Bulgarian Universities

Bulgaria's universities follow a specific deadline for applying for the MBA programs. The deadline for applications to universities in Bulgaria for the MBA program is usually the 30th of September before the course starts, especially for the courses taught in English.

Required Documents for the MBA Course from Bulgarian Universities

The students must submit a particular list of documents to the university, allowing them to be admitted to the MBA program from Bulgaria. These documents are:

  • University Application Form.

  • The Bachelor's Degree certificate.

  • Results of the bachelor's program with a minimum of 50% to 75% marks.

  • A standard minimum credit of 240 is to be provided.

  • The English proficiency certificate with B2 level

  • The English proficiency exam is compulsory if the students applying for the MBA program still need The Bachelors Degree in English.

  • The students have to provide a European equivalent certificate for the bachelor's program.

  • Recommendation letter from the previous Institute.

  • Students must provide their updated curriculum vitae in English and a cover letter.

  • International students must provide a valid copy of their passport and Visa.

  • Local Bulgarian students have to present documents for verification.

  • Six recently taken colored pictures are to be provided of passport size.

  • Specific Universities will also ask for a declaration certificate in the form of a letter from the parents or guardians of the students applying for the MBA program.

Course Duration for the MBA Program in Bulgaria

The duration of the MBA program from the Bulgarian universities is slightly different from the bachelor's program provided in Bulgaria. The course duration also varies according to the Universities that provide the MBA program in Bulgaria. The general duration of the MBA program in Bulgaria is between one and a half years to two and half years. These are divided into three to five semesters, and the students must complete the course within this time and take necessary exams after every semester.

Language Proficiency Requirements for the MBA Course in Bulgaria

The students have to provide effective proficiency in the English language and should have excellent knowledge of English to be able to take the MBA program in Bulgaria.

The university generally requires a minimum B2 level of proficiency in the English language, especially for the students who took the bachelors course in English. Here are the top acceptable English proficiency exams in Bulgaria with the required scores:

  • IELTS: A score of 6.5 or Higher

  • PTE Academic: Minimum score of 60 or Higher

  • TOEFL IBT: Minimum score of 80

  • ESOL International: Minimum score 180 to 190 or higher

  • TOEFL PBT: Minimum Score of 550

Top Universities Providing the MBA Program in Bulgaria

Many universities in Bulgaria provide the MBA program and all the specializations of the MBA course. These universities are quite famous internationally and provide the best facilities to the students. The top universities providing the MBA courses in Bulgaria are:

Varna University of Management American University in Bulgaria
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Agricultural University Plovdiv
University of National and World Economy

Fee Structure for the MBA Program in Bulgaria

The tuition fees for studying in the MBA program in Bulgaria are very reasonable. The fees, according to the universities providing the MBA program, are:

Varna University of Management EUR 5700 per year
American University in Bulgaria EUR 16700 per year
University of National and World Economy EUR 3800 to EUR 4,000 per year
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski EUR 8800 to EUR 10,200 per year
Agricultural University Plovdiv EUR 2500 per year

Scholarships Available for MBA in Bulgaria

The students can get a specific scholarship if they take the MBA program from Bulgarian universities. These scholarships are:

Kreft Heinz Scholarship Columbia Business School Scholarship
Cox Full-time MBA Scholarship Leo Murray Scholarship
Professional Distinction Scholarship Leeds University Excellence Scholarship
Professional Athlete Scholarship Exceptional Student Scholarship
Surrey MBA Scholarship Lancaster University Management Scholarship

Admission Procedure for the MBA Course in Bulgaria

Suppose you want to take the Masters in Business Administration course from the Bulgarian University. In that case, you can follow specific admission procedures that will help you gain admission to the best universities in Bulgaria. The process includes:

  • Connect with Us: If you have any queries or concerns regarding your admission process for the Bulgaria MBA program, you can contact our team. We have a team of competent individuals who will guide you through your process and help you get admission to your favorite University.

  • Select the University: After completing your bachelor's program, if you decide to do an MBA from Bulgaria, you must find the university perfectly suitable for you and your abilities.

  • Apply: After selecting the university, You need to complete the application process by submitting the application form and the fees. We will guide you in this process.

  • Passport and Visa: International Students must arrange the passport and visa required in the given period, which is essential for them to take the MBA program in Bulgaria. But don't worry, our team will assist you from passport to visa arrangements.

  • Proficiency Test results: The students have to present the proficiency test results in English, which is also a primary requirement of the universities from which they want to take the MBA program. In this case, our team helps and guides students to clear tests and interviews.

MBA Specialization in Bulgaria

The MBA program consists of a lot of specializations, and you need to make your choice of specialization while you are selecting the course from Bulgaria. The options for the specialization of the MBA program in Bulgaria are:

General Universities

MBA in Transportation Management MBA in Banking MBA in Accounting
MBA in Finance MBA in Internal Business Management MBA in Public Administration
MBA in Technology MBA in Project Management MBA in Pharmaceutical
MBA in Leadership Development MBA in Strategic Management MBA in Supply Chain Management
MBA in International Business Management MBA in Marketing Management MBA in Human Resource Management
MBA in Healthcare MBA in Information Management MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

MBA in Bulgaria Without GMAT

Many Bulgarian Universities will not take an entrance exam while taking admission to the MBA program. The students must have English proficiency skills and results of the English proficiency test. The European University does not want the GMAT score as a compulsory result, but if the university takes an entrance exam, there can also be other tests. The Bulgarian universities provide the MBA program without any compulsory GMAT exam and focus on the results of the bachelor's program. After completing your bachelor's program from any university, you should focus on your English proficiency result rather than taking any entrance exam.

Work Experience Requirement for MBA Course in Bulgaria

A few universities in Bulgaria will want you to have specific prior work experience, which will allow you to take the MBA course from Bulgaria. It is not a mandatory eligibility requirement and is optional for the students, but it increases the chances of selection at the best universities in Bulgaria. The students should have prior work experience in business management and the specialization they want to take in their MBA program. It increases their selection chances and allows them to take the course effectively. After completing your bachelor's program, you can enroll in small internships serving your needs.

MBA Without Work Experience

Some universities don't need work experience for taking an MBA course in Bulgaria. It is optional for the students to have prior work experience for the MBA program. Especially if you have a bachelor's in a business administration course, the university will not want you to go for any work experience. So, if you do not have any work experience after your bachelor's program, it will not be a big concern for you, and you can still complete an MBA program in Bulgaria and get equal job opportunities.

Job Opportunities After MBA Course in Bulgaria

There are many career opportunities you will get after completing your MBA program in Bulgaria, and these jobs will be international. The job positions you will get after completing your MBA program in Bulgaria are:

Business Expert Project Manager Entrepreneur
Financial Manager Computer Systems Manager Sales Executive
Sales Manager Investment Banker Management Consultant
IT Director Industrial Manager Health Services Manager
Human Resource Manager Marketing Manager Customer Support Agent

Cost of Living in Bulgaria

The living cost in Bulgaria is very reasonable, and it will be easy for the students to live and study in Bulgaria. The details of the cost of living in Bulgaria for the students are:

Monthly Rent Expenses EUR 440
Utilities Expenses Average EUR 120
Meal EUR 900
Monthly Transportation EUR 30
Groceries EUR 150
Miscellaneous EUR 100

These are the basic expenses you must pay if you live in Bulgaria and study for the MBA program in Bulgaria.

Visa Requirements for MBA in Bulgaria

The international students must present a valid copy of their International Passport and Visa, making them eligible to study from Bulgaria. The students who leave their country and study in some other country receive an educational visa from the country they live in, making them eligible to study in the country they are visiting. The students have to present a Bulgaria long-stay visa, a D-grade visa for international students that will allow them to stay permanently in Bulgaria for a long term and live there for studying, working, or other purposes. The visa is available for one year, and you must issue a residence permit upon arriving in Bulgaria.

Part-time Jobs in Bulgaria

The students living in Bulgaria are required to do certain part-time jobs, which will allow them to complete the MBA course and have a side income. There are a variety of part-time jobs available in Bulgaria which the students can choose:

  • Customer service representative

  • Copywriter

  • Content Writer

  • Email writer

  • Payment operator

  • Delivery boy

  • Technical Support Consultant

  • Office Assistant

  • Payment Manager

  • Waiter

  • Translator


What are the Benefits of an MBA in Bulgaria?


As the MBA courses are an affordable option in Bulgaria, you should consider them as an option. The cost of living in Bulgaria is also very low, so completing a course from there will be very easy for the students.

What is the Language Used for an MBA in Bulgaria?


The language of instruction for all the courses from Bulgaria is English. The MBA in Bulgaria program also is available in the English language at Bulgarian universities.

Is a Proficiency Test Mandatory for an MBA in Bulgaria?


Yes, the students have to present the results of the English proficiency test. The universities provide a list of tests the students can take and the required score, making them eligible to apply for the MBA program.

What is the duration of an MBA in Bulgaria?


The course duration for the MBA program in Bulgaria is 1.5 years to 2.5 years. These are divided into 3 to 5 semesters.

What are the Fees for an MBA in Bulgaria?


The course fees for an MBA program in Bulgaria depend upon the university from which you are taking the course. The range of the fees is from EUR 2,500 to EUR 16,700 each year.

What is the cost of living in Bulgaria?


Living cost in Bulgaria is very reasonable and affordable, and day-to-day requirements are available at low cost. Bulgaria's overall cost of living will range between EUR 1700 to EUR 2000.

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