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PTE TrainingThe Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an academic English language proficiency test, administered via computer, that aims to assess the language skills of non-native speakers. Its purpose is to evaluate the linguistic abilities of individuals seeking to study or work in countries that speak English. Accepted globally, the PTE is widely recognized by universities, colleges, and governments as proof of English language proficiency. To succeed in the PTE exam, you must know the format, structure, and syllabus like the back of your hand. Familiarizing yourself with this essential information is key to meeting the exam requirements and acing the test. The PTE examination comprises three primary sections, specifically Speaking and Writing, Reading, Listening, and Writing, each of which scrutinizes a unique facet of the candidate's English language proficiency, encompassing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension. Given its exacting evaluation of these fundamental language competencies, the PTE represents a demanding and formidable examination, necessitating a comprehensive preparation regimen and a concentrated effort to excel with distinction. If you're looking to get ready for the PTE exam, consider taking PTE training courses from Anigdha for studying comprehensive materials covering the exam syllabus. PTE training can get you comfortable with the test format, help you learn crucial test-taking strategies, and allow you to hone your skills with sample test questions. In the following discussion, we will delve into the details of the PTE syllabus, encompassing the exam's layout, organization, and question formats for each section. Moreover, we will furnish valuable insights and materials to facilitate your preparation for the test and attain your targeted PTE score.

Importance of PTE Examination

The PTE Academic exam is a computerized assessment that gauges one's proficiency in the English language. It has gained immense popularity among international students and professionals due to its worldwide acceptance and recognition. Let's delve into the significance of this test by exploring some of its key benefits:

  • PTE scores are recognized globally: PTE scores are globally recognized due to the test's objective evaluation and standardized practices. Many universities, colleges, and governments acknowledge PTE as a benchmark for English proficiency. The widespread acceptance of PTE offers candidates international career and educational opportunities.

  • PTE test scores for higher education: Many universities and colleges require applicants to provide proof of English language proficiency. PTE scores are widely accepted by academic institutions in countries such as Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada.

  • PTE exam scores for visa applications: Many countries require visa applicants to demonstrate their English language proficiency. PTE scores are accepted by various visa authorities, including the UK Visa and Immigration and the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

  • Global employers accept PTE exam scores: PTE scores are recognized by many multinational companies and employers around the world. A good PTE score can enhance your chances of getting hired or promoted in a global job market.

PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria

The PTE exam has no educational prerequisites for registration and participation. However, a valid form of national identification, like a passport or national photo ID, is mandatory for test takers. IDs must be presented on the exam day for verification, failure to comply may result in disqualification. Additionally, applicants must have an international credit or debit card for payment through an online payment gateway. There are no maximum or minimum age limits for taking the PTE exam, which means that anyone can apply and take the test, regardless of their age.

What is the PTE Examination Fee?

It's essential to take into account the examination fees when contemplating taking the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic. Since these fees are subject to change, staying updated on any fluctuations is crucial. To obtain the most recent information on examination fees, it's advisable for potential test-takers to refer to the official PTE website.

As of March 2023, the standard fee for the PTE Academic exam is set at ?14,700. Be advised, however, that this figure is not necessarily all-encompassing, and additional fees may be incurred in relation to rescheduling and score-checking. Should you reserve your test within 48 hours of the scheduled examination, a late fee may also be applicable. It is therefore of paramount importance that you plan and secure your test booking in a judicious and timely manner to mitigate the risk of incurring unwarranted and potentially costly additional fees.

Section 1 - PTE Speaking & Writing

One of the most challenging aspects of the PTE exam is the writing section. To excel in this section, it is essential to have a good understanding of the writing format, tone, and structure required for different types of writing tasks.

The Speaking & Writing Section consists of 28-36 questions, depending on the combination of tasks given. The duration of this section is 54-67 minutes, also depending on the number and type of tasks.  For this section, you should learn how to approach different writing tasks and understand the requirements of each task. Following are the various types of writing tasks that are commonly found in the PTE exam:

  • Personal Introduction: The PTE exam's Personal Introduction assignment is the first speaking exercise. You will have 25 seconds to introduce yourself to the examiner throughout this activity. Your name, country of origin, and any further private information you choose to disclose will be requested.

  • Read Aloud: In the Read Aloud task, you will be given a short text to read aloud. You will have 30-40 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to read the text aloud. The text may be taken from academic or general sources and may include a variety of accents and pronunciation patterns.

  • Describe Images: The Describe Image task is designed to assess your ability to describe and interpret visual information. In this task, you will be shown an image such as a graph, chart, or diagram, and you will have 25 seconds to study it before describing it for 40 seconds.

  • Repeat Sentence: The Repeat Sentence task is designed to test your ability to listen and repeat sentences accurately. In this task, you will hear a sentence spoken aloud and you will have to repeat it exactly as you hear it.

  • Answer Short Questions: This task is intended to assess your proficiency in responding to straightforward questions in English. You will hear a brief question read aloud in this activity, and you will be required to respond with a single word or phrase.

  • Re-Tell Lecture: The purpose of this task is to assess your ability to listen carefully and summarize information from a lecture. You'll listen to a short talk about an academic or general topic, and then you'll have 10 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to summarize the main points of the talk.

  • Summarize Written Text: This task entails reading a brief passage and producing a concise and accurate summary using one's own words. With a time limit of 10 minutes, this task demands not only comprehension and interpretation abilities but also efficient articulation skills. Candidates are assessed based on the efficacy of their summarization in terms of conveying the main points of the given text with brevity and precision.

  • Letter (Formal, Semi-Formal, Informal): Letter writing assesses communication skills, including language usage, tone, and organization. Candidates must tailor messages for various audiences and purposes, showcasing their proficiency in linguistic and stylistic features. Mastery of these skills is indispensable for achieving a high score in this section of the exam.

  • Opinion Essay, Discussion Essay, Direct Question Essay: In these tasks, you will be required to write an essay expressing your opinion, discussing a given topic, or answering a direct question. You should learn how to structure your essay, develop arguments, and use appropriate language and vocabulary.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages Essay, Problem and Solution Essay: In these tasks, you will be required to write an essay highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of a given topic or providing solutions to a given problem.

Section 2 - PTE Reading Section

The Reading Section of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) serves as a crucial evaluator of an examinee's aptitude in comprehending written discourse and executing a plethora of reading exercises. The Reading Section evaluates various aspects of an individual's reading abilities, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. It encompasses a range of tasks, typically consisting of 13-18 questions, depending on the specific combination of tasks given. Students are allotted 29-30 minutes to complete this section, requiring efficient and effective reading skills to answer all questions within the given time frame. The section includes a diverse range of question types, including but not limited to:

  • MCQ, Choose Single Answer: This task presents a passage or text followed by a question with four answer options. The candidate needs to select the correct answer that best answers the question.

  • MCQ, Choose Multiple Answers: This task presents a passage or text followed by a question with several answer options. The candidate needs to select all the correct answers that best answer the question.

  • Re-Order Paragraphs: This task presents a jumbled-up set of paragraphs. The candidate needs to rearrange them in the correct order to form a cohesive and logical text.

  • Fill in the Blanks: This question requires the candidate to fill in the blanks in a text with the appropriate words. The text contains several gaps that need to be filled, and it is the candidate's responsibility to ensure the correct words are inputted in the designated spaces.

  • Flow Charts: In this question, the candidate must demonstrate their ability to accurately complete a flow chart based on auditory information. Paying close attention to the sequential order of events and their interrelationships is vital for achieving proficiency in this task.

  • Tables: The task demands the candidate to accurately summarize auditory information in a table, necessitating a keen eye for detail, including numbers, dates, and names. Precise attention to these particulars is critical for success.

  • Sentence Completion: This question mandates the candidate to competently finish a sentence that comprehensively encapsulates the information expounded in an auditory medium. It is vital to acutely heed the contextual nuances and the tenor of the speaker.

  • Note Completion: This question requires candidates to effectively complete notes that summarize the information presented in an auditory format. It is crucial to focus on the main ideas and essential details.

  • Matching Information Questions: This question requires the candidate to skillfully match information from an auditory source with provided options. It's crucial to pay close attention to the context and tone of the speaker while listening.

  • Summary Completion: This question requires the candidate to craft a brief summary that effectively captures the key information presented in an oral format. It is essential to concentrate closely on the core concepts and significant details.

Section 3 - PTE Listening Section

One of the sections in the PTE Academic exam is the Listening Section, which evaluates a candidate's capacity to comprehend spoken English in an academic environment. The section comprises a range of accents and topics, including lectures, discussions, and talks. The Listening Section consists of 12-20 questions, depending on the combination of tasks given. The duration of this section is 30-43 minutes, also depending on the number and type of tasks. It is important to manage your time wisely during this section, as you will not have the option to go back to previous questions once you have moved on. Anigdha can prepare you for all this and much more.

  • Summarize Spoken Text: In this question, you will hear a recording of a spoken passage and you will need to write a summary of it in your own words in 50-70 words. This section assesses your ability to understand spoken English and summarize information effectively.

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: In this question, you will hear a recording of a spoken passage and you will need to select all the correct options from a list of possible answers. This section assesses your ability to comprehend and analyze information presented in spoken English.

  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer: For this question, you will listen to a recorded spoken passage and choose the correct answer from a list of options provided. This section tests your ability to understand and analyze spoken English.

  • Select Missing Word: For this question, you will hear a recording of a spoken passage with a word missing. You will need to listen carefully and select the correct word from a list of possible options.

  • Highlight Incorrect Words: In this question, you will hear a recording of a spoken passage and you will need to identify the words that are incorrect. This section assesses your ability to understand spoken English and identify errors in grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation.

  • Fill in the Blanks: In this question, you will listen to a sentence being spoken, but some words will be omitted, requiring you to fill in the blanks. The goal is to evaluate your ability to understand spoken English nuances and deduce missing information using context.

  • Highlight Correct Summary: In this question, you will hear a recording of a spoken passage and you will need to select the best summary from a list of possible options. This section assesses your ability to comprehend and analyze information presented in spoken English and identify the most important points.

  • Write From Dictation: In this question, you will hear a sentence or short passage spoken aloud and you will need to write it down exactly as you heard it. This section assesses your ability to understand spoken English and accurately transcribe what you hear.

PTE Examination Band Score

The PTE Academic exam score is measured on a scale of 10 to 90. Each section of the exam is scored separately, and the scores are then added together to calculate the final band or score. As an English language proficiency test, the exam evaluates a range of factors such as grammar, fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension skills and retention skills. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong command over these areas to achieve a good score on the exam.

The PTE Academic exam is designed to assess the language proficiency of non-native English speakers who want to study or work in English-speaking countries. A good score in the PTE Academic exam is usually considered to be anything above 79. However, different universities and institutions may have different requirements, so it is important to check the specific requirements of the institution you are applying to.

Why Sign Up for PTE Training at Anigdha?

If you are looking for a reliable and effective way to prepare for the PTE exam, signing up for PTE training at Anigdha is an excellent choice. Here are some reasons why:

  • Experienced Trainer: Anigdha has a team of experienced trainers who have helped a wide number of students for a good record in the PTE. They understand everything that goes into preparing for this test and can provide you with personalized guidance so that you get to improve in your weak areas.

  • Comprehensive Course Material: Our PTE Training program offers the best and most extensive course material that will cover all the important aspects of your test preparation. These study materials have been designed by the most experienced experts in the field and they do so keeping the students in mind.

  • Mock Tests: At Anigdha, we also conduct regular mock tests that will prepare you for the actual examination. This is especially important because you will get an idea of your strong and weak areas, and will also be able to get an analysis of the time required to attempt all the questions. The insights achieved from these tests will also make us better equipped to teach you as per your requirements.

  • Flexible Timings: We offer flexible timings for our PTE training sessions so that students can attend these classes as per their convenience without having to compromise on other commitments.

  • Affordable Pricing: Our comprehensive training programs come at affordable prices without any compromise on quality or promise of good results.

  • Individual attention: The institute offers personalized attention to each student which helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses resulting in better learning outcomes.

  • Recorded Video Lectures: If due to any reasons, you fail to attend the live session, you can get access to recorded lectures on our portal. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on learning when you enroll with us.

  • Free Trial: We also offer a free trial of the PTE training which includes 3 sample live classes for FREE, free guided mock test, method lessons, practice sessions, and so much more. This will allow you to get a taste of how we operate. As a result, you will be better equipped to decide whether or not you wish to continue with our prestigious services.

  • First Couseling Session is 100% Free: Your first consultation or couseling session with Anigdha’s experts will be completely free.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an expert-led and thorough preparation program for your upcoming PTE exams, then Anigdha's well-structured courses may be just what you need!


  • I just wanted to thank Anigdha for their excellent PTE preparation courses. My score improved significantly after following the course materials and I am so grateful for their helpful guidance throughout the program. I would highly recommend Anigdha's courses to anyone looking to prepare for their PTE exams. - Kartik Verma

  • I recently enrolled for Anigdha's PTE program and I am extremely satisfied with their courses. The course materials are comprehensive and up-to-date. Moreover, their live sessions are interactive and very helpful. The recorded lectures come in handy whenever I miss out on a class. Highly recommend it! - Simona Thakur

  • I have been associated with Anigdha to prepare for the PTE and it has been great. The tutors are knowledgeable and experienced and they provide personalized guidance which is tailored to my needs. I highly recommend their services. - Jaspreet Singh

PTE Cleared? Here’s How Anigdha Can Help You After That

Are you excited about clearing the PTE exam and now looking forward to pursuing your education abroad? Congratulations! Anigdha Overseas Education Consultants are here to assist you with our extensive knowledge and expertise.

  • With Anigdha, you can be assured of getting the best advice on selecting a suitable course, choosing the right university, visa application process and much more.

  • Our personalized approach ensures that we understand your academic goals and guide you accordingly.

  • We have a vast network of connections and knowledge about universities across the globe and hence we can help you explore the various options available.

  • From preparing your application materials to assisting in scholarship applications, Anigdha will make sure that all aspects of the admission process are taken care of seamlessly.

With Anigdha's support, you can be better prepared to embark on an exciting journey towards achieving your dream education overseas!


What topics are covered in the PTE Training syllabus?


The reading, writing, speaking, and listening components of the PTE Training course are just a few of the many topics covered. In order to assist students to get ready for the PTE exam, the syllabus also offers grammar and vocabulary activities as well as practice exams.

How long does it take to complete the PTE Training syllabus?


Depending on the student's skill level and study habits, the time needed to complete the PTE Training course varies. The duration of the full curriculum might range from 2 to 6 months on average.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in PTE Training?


PTE Training doesn't have any set requirements, although students should be familiar with the fundamentals of English grammar and vocabulary. Before beginning the course, it is advised that students have at least an intermediate level of English ability.

What materials are included in the PTE Training syllabus?


Textbooks, audio and video recordings, practice exams, and internet resources are all part of the PTE Training curriculum. The resources are made to assist students in honing their English language abilities and getting ready for the PTE exam.

How effective is the PTE Training syllabus in preparing students for the PTE exam?


The PTE Training curriculum is very good at getting pupils ready for the PTE test. The practice tests follow the style and level of the real PTE exam and are meant to assist students to hone their English language proficiency. Several students who have finished the PTE Training course report getting considerably better PTE exam scores than they did at first.

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