Study in Italy


Study in Italy

Study in ItalyItaly is perhaps the most vibrant country in Europe to work and study. Not surprisingly, many Indian students choose Italy to complete their master's and bachelor’s. Italian universities take pride in their culture and heritage. For example, the University town of Bologna is the cradle of education and has been welcoming students since 1088. Italy claimed the 2nd spot beating China, Spain, France, and Germany on a university magazine ranking. Around 35% of international students visit Italy each year. Italy is also home to some of the finest business schools in Europe. So, whether it's science, humanities, law, or management, there are plenty of courses for you in Italy. Plus, most Italians are bilingual and can converse in English. The people are friendly and won't take time to warm up. Italy's public universities are also quite cheap compared to other countries in Europe. Plus, you will enjoy an active student life that includes summer camps, debates, sports, and a host of other activities.

Why Study in Italy?

Italy is home to the world's greatest works of art, architecture, and cuisine. Plus this beautiful country has the best universities in Europe. There are multiple reasons for studying in Italy, and some of them are listed below:

  • There are plenty of top-tier universities with an impressive international environment.

  • Fees are highly competitive and are lower than in the USA, Canada, and other European countries. Plus, the level of training is equivalent to other democratic countries.

  • You can easily jump on a train or bus to escape foggy Milano or a chaotic Bologna and visit a beautiful beach.

  • Italy is known for its prominent nightlife and life begins at 8 pm. So, it is different from many European cities where streets wear a deserted look at 6 pm.

  • Most Italian universities have English programs that are dedicated to international students. Plus the people also speak the language fluently.

  • The unique culture of Italy has been formed over the centuries. The modern cultural life of the country is dynamic and diverse. There are a lot of art exhibitions, music, theater, and film festivals in Italy.

  • Italy has a fantastic climate, and you will find the weather extremely compatible in cities like Bologna, Milan, or even Rome.

  • You can choose flexible courses while completing your majors or masters at an Italian University.

  • Italian people enjoy a high standard of living comparable to the best in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States of America.

Top Courses and Programs in Italy

Politecnico di Milano Engineering
University of Bologna Medicine
University of Padua Medicine
University of Florence MBA in Italy
SDA Bocconi School of Management MBA
MIB Trieste School of Management MBA
Bocconi University MBA
CA Foscari University of Venice Accountancy
University of Rome Arts and Architecture

Best Universities in Italy

  • The Polytechnic University of Milan

  • University of Bologna

  • Sapienza University

  • Università di Padova

  • University of Milan

  • Politecnico di Torino

  • University of Pisa

  • Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

  • University of Naples

  • University of Trento

  • University of Milano-Bicocca

  • University of Florence

  • University of Turin

  • Tor Vergata University of Rome

  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • University of Pavia

  • University of Genoa

  • University of Siena

  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

  • University of Trieste

Scholarships Available in Italy

  • Scholarships in Italy for Indian Students

  • Scuola Normale Superiore Ph.D. Scholarships

  • Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

  • Bocconi Merit and International Awards

  • Politecnico di Milano Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

  • Italian Government Scholarship Program for Foreign Students

  • Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme

  • EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

  • Università Cattolica International Scholarships

  • Politecnico di Torino International Scholarships

How to Choose a Course for Studying in Italy?

What comes to your mind when you think about an international degree? There are exotic locations, awesome food, great people, better job opportunities, right? But do you know what the most important thing that matters is? It's the course and the University you will study for your bachelor's or Masters's. Numerous colleges and universities are presenting a variety of courses related to almost any field. Each course is a unique mix of many different ingredients and presents its challenges. So, you need to figure out a couple of things before pushing the green button.

  • Find Your Strengths Or Weaknesses: Are you good at Mathematics? Or is it literature that excites you? Are you looking to teach or work as a manager? There are so many things that you need to note down before choosing a course. So, it's better to sit down and note down what excites you. Then start eliminating the courses which are knee shakers for you. In this way, it will be easier for you to pinpoint the exact course you wish to study in Italy.

  • Research And Research: It is important to make a well-informed decision to get the most out of your study abroad experience. Go online and search for your favorite University in Italy. Then start research about the University and the course you want to learn. Go through the course materials, the University guidelines, and make your selection.

  • Are The Courses Affordable: Italy has different types of universities that will suit your pocket. To find out the course cost, and how much you will need to pay. Does the University of your choice accept installments? Are you looking for scholarships? You can also talk to an expert counselor to understand the course structure at various universities.

  • What Are The Future Prospects?: Once you have shortlisted your course, the next thing would be to find out about its prospects in Italy. If you plan to return to your home country, find out if the course has any future there. In this way, you can weigh the pros and cons of the course of your choice. Italy has an exciting job market, and you will need to find out about your interests if you are going to stick around. You can stay in the country after completing your course. So, it's good to check the job options and scope, of course, in Italy. For example, MBA professionals are in huge demand, whereas you might have difficulty landing a job if you choose accountancy or any other general subject.

Admission Process in Italy

  • You will find the online application at the official website of the University.

  • Read the form carefully, fill in the necessary details and submit online.

  • Also, ensure to scan your original documents and upload them along with your application.

  • Upload your language proficiency scorecard

  • You will receive a confirmation process

  • It will take 5 weeks for the confirmation letter to arrive.

  • The University will send you an invitation letter once the documents are verified.

  • After that, you should pay your first-year fees, apply for your student visa, and submit your passport.

  • Your Visa will be dispatched after the admission fees are cleared.

  • You have to submit your fees only after document verification from the University.

Visa Requirement in Italy

You will need to apply for a short-term category C visa for studying in Italy. But remember that you will need all the important documents that are listed below:

  • Original Passport along with Photographs

  • The passport must be valid for the next six months

  • 10th mark sheet and Certificates

  • 12th mark sheet and certificate

  • Diploma/ Degree mark sheet and certificate

  • Experience Certificate (if any)

  • Pay the required $57 registration fees

  • You will receive a conditional offer letter

  • Issuance of final acceptance letter

  • Prepare your documents

  • Submit the documents

  • Health Insurance Card

Documents You Need to Study in Italy

  • Scanned copy of passport with 1-year validity

  • Scanned copy of Class 10 and 12 mark sheet

  • 4 passport size photos

  • LOC from the Ministry of External Affairs

  • Copy of your results

  • English proficiency certificate

  • Medical certificates that show the absence of HIV infection.

Eligibility For Studying In Italy

  • You will need a High School Certificate or Bachelor's Degree Certificate, depending on the program of your choice.

  • You will need to be at least 18 years of age to study in Italy

  • You should show proof that you have sufficient funds to study in Italy.

  • You should be in good health and should not carry any contagious diseases.

  • It would help if you proofed of migration to the passport office

  • Submit copies of the transcript of all records

Indian Students In Italy

There are hundreds of Indian students who fly to Italy every year. Most of these students usually stay in Italy and work in the country. According to a recent survey at least 15% of the students in Italy are Indians.

Cost of Living in Italy

Role Cost
Dining at a mid-size restaurant Rs 1200
Daily groceries Rs 800
Monthly Pass for local transport Rs 3000
One way ticket Rs 125
Rent for a 1bhk in city center Rs 85000
Rent for a 1bhk outside city center Rs 60000

Career Prospects in Italy

Italy's economy took a big hit in 2008 and is still in the recovery stage. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the restructuring process. So, the job market is lean at the moment in Italy. But it's not at all bad. Areas like tourism, automobile, engineering, and management still offer you a cool salary. So, if you have the skills in these sectors and know Italian, finding a job won't be tough.

How We Help You to Study in Italy?

Italy is a great destination for international students to work and study. However, it requires experience and skill to process applications, apply for a Visa, and fly to your favorite University. That's why you need the help of skilled consultants like Anigdha. Consultants deal with these matters regularly and will simplify the process. Anigdha provides top-tier to students from all walks of education, including engineering, medicine, hospitality, and a host of other programs. Plus, you will also enjoy a slew of other benefits like:

  • You will have skilled consultants guiding you through each course

  • Consultants like Anigdha have extensive experience dealing with Italian universities and will help you out.

  • You will receive advice and guidance even after arriving in Italy

  • You will receive prudent advice and sound judgment

  • Top-tier consultants like Anigdha simplify your admission process and help with the Visa application

  • They will also find loan facilities and arrange scholarships

  • Anigdha provides an around-the-clock admission helpline.

  • Consultants like Anigdha come with extensive experience and help you select the best University.

About Italy

About ItalyItaly is a boot-shaped country in Southern Europe and is the cradle of Western Civilization. Not surprisingly, Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites globally. It is also known for its distinct cuisine, culture, and family bonding. Italy is also home to beautiful coastlines, alpine lakes, and majestic mountain ranges. That's why it is also known as the Bel Paese or the Beautiful Country. Italy also boasts of a high-ranking healthcare system that is mostly free for citizens. Education is highly sophisticated, and it is home to some of the finest universities in the world. So, whether you are traveling for work, study, or tour Italy will never fail to disappoint you with its charm.


What Are Entrance Exams In Italy?


You will need to clear GRE and TOEFL for non-business programs at the Master's level. You will also have to submit the proficiency level scores to the respective authorities.

Are There Any Special Procedures After Arrival?


Yes, the authorities will guide you through the procedure. Students wishing to stay for more than 90 days must report to the local police. You will need to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno within eight working days.

How Much Bank Balance Do You Need For Stay Permit?


If you receive a grant equivalent to 6000 Euros, you must show the certificate. But if you don't have those, you will have to show bank account details that show you have sufficient funds to study in Italy.

Can You Get An Education Loan?


You will need to arrange for an educational loan before arriving in Italy. However, you can also connect with your overseas consultant for a faster loan dispersal.

How Are The Salary Structure?


It depends on your degree. But the pay is less compared to other Western European nations, the United Kingdom and the USA. However, you can live a stress-free life in Italy and employers give you the option to progress.

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