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Study in India

Study in IndiaIndia is a country that lies entirely within the boundaries of the Republic of India. It is the seventh-largest country in the world by area and the sixth-most populous, with over 1.2 billion people in its population. It is also the most populous democracy in the world. The education system is one of the pillars of Indian society. It is not just a way of teaching but a means of molding and shaping the minds of our youths. India is home to several universities and colleges. Indian academics are now offering a number of other master's degree programs, such as those in Business Administration, Sciences, Liberal Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, and Photonics. As per QS and The World University Rankings, several of its higher education institutions rank among the top 100 Asian universities. Therefore, if you wish to pursue your higher education in India, here is a comprehensive guide.

Why Study In India?

India is a land of vast valleys, rich heritage and culture, and a diversity of races. However, why should you study in India? If you are looking for reasons to choose India as your education destination, here are some of them –

  • A land of Diversity: of the best highlights of India is its diverse culture. With that, you get to meet different people and study in a different environment. This makes students prepared to handle and meet new individuals in their professional life.

  • Globally Recognized Universities: India is home to several recognized and reputed universities and colleges that offer top-class education.

  • A comprehensive Learning Experience: the curriculum in India spreads to the 360-degree learning experience. This includes classroom learning, extra-curricular activities, competitions and events, and exchange programs. Therefore, students get to witness the all-round development of personality.

  • Global India: since there are several inventions and discoveries in India, international students can learn a lot about the country's progress in science and other fields. Therefore, India also provides international exposure to students.

  • A Myriad Of Courses: Indian universities offer an array of courses and programs for students to choose from. Therefore, you can pick up any course you desire to pursue.

  • Affordable Living: One of the best reasons for students to travel to India for education is that they can afford the tuition fees and living expenses easily. The living cost, including all basic necessities in India, is decent without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Seamless Admission Process: Admission processes in Indian universities are very straightforward. This makes it attractive for students who hate hurdles and the long-drawn process of admission to universities.

  • Affordable Universities: There are several public and private universities in the country. The public university offers incredibly affordable tuition fees.

Top Courses and Programs to Study in India

When in India, there are several courses and programs you can study here. Even though you can choose your desired course, there are a few that are popular in the country amongst students. These courses are –

  • MBA in India

  • Engineering B.Tech, B.Arch, M.Tech

  • Computer Application BCA/MCA

  • Designing and Media

  • Mass Communication and Journalism BJMC

  • Hospitality, Hotel Management, BHMCT

  • Medical- MD and MBBS

  • Finance

  • Arts Psychology and Sociology

  • Law BA LLB and LLB

  • Education Teaching – B.ed and M.Ed

  • Pharmacy

  • Tourism Management

  • Fine Arts

  • Nursing and Medicine


The following are the programs students can choose from –

  • Bachelor’s

  • Master’s

  • Doctorate

Top Universities in India

India is home to some of the top universities that rank among the best in the country and world ranking list. Here are some of the top university names with their QS India University Ranking 2022 –

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 117
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 185
Indian Institute of Science 186
Indian Institute of Technology Madras 255
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 277
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 280
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati 395
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee 400
University of Delhi 501
Jawaharlal Nehru University 561

Scholarship Offered in India

Several students wish to obtain an international degree but cannot find the tuition or living costs. In such a crisis, the universities and government come forward to aid such students through scholarship programs financially. Several scholarship programs in the country provide assistance to students. International students are actively encouraged and recruited by the Indian government. India's government hopes to become as popular as the United States or the United Kingdom as a study-abroad destination. The Study in India Scholarship is the most prestigious out of all scholarship programs. Scholarship recipients can receive a free ride for up to five academic years with this scholarship. Living costs are capped at a high rate, but it's still high. Free Hindi classes are included in the scholarship, giving you a strong foothold in the world's second-largest labor market.

Some top scholarships offered in India are:

  • DBT-JRF Fellowship.

  • Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Senior Fellowships in India.

  • 19 Charles Wallace India Trust Long-Term Award In UK

  • AAA–Inlaks Art Grant for Artists in India, 2020

  • Swarna Jayanti Research Fellowships In Science And Technology.

  • Raman Charpak Fellowship Program.

  • World Nomad Travel Film Scholarship Program 2020 – India

  • KIIT University International Scholarships for International Students in India.

  • Indian School of Business (ISB) International Scholarships.

How To Choose a Course to Study in India

If you are wondering how you can choose a course to study in the country, here are a few steps –

  • Choose the subject that you like most and accordingly, plan a course

  • Choose a program based on the course you like

  • Once you have chosen a program, choose the university based on the ranking and reputation.

Admission Process in India

One of the benefits of studying in India is the seamless admission procedure. If you wish to enroll your name in one of the top universities, follow the steps given below –

  • Choose a desired course and program to study at the university.

  • Fill up the admission form online at the university’s website.

  • Upload the necessary documents required by the university.

  • Pay the application fees.

  • If you are shortlisted and selected by the university, you will be sent an invitation or offer letter.

  • With the letter, you can apply for the visa process.

Visa to Study in India

You'll need a visa if you're not a Bhutanese or Nepalese citizen. As a Person of Indian Origin or Overseas Citizen of India, you are also exempt from a visa, as these statuses offer many of the same rights and benefits as full citizenship. Everyone else, however, has it easy since India makes the whole process as straightforward as possible.

Documents Required to Study in India

At the time of admission, universities ask for the following documents –

  • Academic certificates

  • Entrance exam certificates

  • Work experience certificates, if any

  • A valid passport

  • A valid visa

  • Health certificate

  • Financial proof

Eligibility Criteria in India

For successful admission in Indian universities, students must fulfill the following criteria –

  • For any entrance exam held by the university, students must qualify for the exam held by the university.

  • Students must pass their 10+2 examinations

  • Students must score a minimum percentage in their 12th

  • Candidates must be at least 17 years of age at the time of application.

  • They must have a valid passport.

Foreign Students in India

several international students are traveling to the country to pursue their higher education. The prime reason is the diversified culture, the exposure, and recognized universities. Many studies traveling to India have witnessed a massive dip post the pandemic. However, as per the record, 23,439 students will have traveled to the country for education in 2021.

Cost of Living in India

India is one country that offers the most affordable living cost. Among the top destinations for studies abroad farther east, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, India has a much lower cost of living. Most countries have lower-than-average living costs in their capitals and major cities. The cost of living, including basic necessities, include –

  • 1 bedroom apartment rent: Rs. 15000-18,000

  • Utilities: Rs. 5,000 approx

  • Monthly transport: Rs. 1000

  • Food: Rs. 300-500 approx

Career Prospects

India attracts international students because it provides immense career guidance and exposure. Especially in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Pune, and Bangalore, the scope for jobs is immense. Some highly popular jobs are on the rise in the country. These fields include software engineers, cloud architects, data science, medical, pharmacology, construction management, cybersecurity, human resources, etc. Therefore, you can find the best job for your future after completing higher education and internship in India.

How Do We Help to Study in India?

If you are wondering about the steps to take to study in the country, Anigdha can guide you. We will stay with you from the start of the procedure till the end. Here are the benefits of choosing us –

  • With us, you will get complete guidance on the admission procedure.

  • We will help you with career counseling filling up forms, and applying for visas.

  • Ticket arrangements, accommodation facilities, and airport pick-up are all our responsibilities.

  • We guide you through the finances and matters relating to it.

  • We will consult with you and find the best university for you efficiently.

  • Trust us and witness a seamless higher education in India.

About India

About IndiaIndia is a vast land of culture and history with beautiful sites to explore. It is also the most populous democracy in the world. India is a federal parliamentary republic and a secular state. Its capital and largest city is New Delhi, which is also the capital of the Indian capital territory. Although a republic, India is a federal parliamentary democracy. It is divided into 29 states and 7 union territories (including the capital territory). India is known for its rich culture and diverse civilization. Indians like to explore unknown places and to experience new things, and they are very friendly. India's culture from ancient times has been influenced by the rishis, sages, gurus and gurus among other things.


Is it worth it to study in India?


India is currently the fastest-developing country in the world; therefore, it is ideal to invest in education here.

How many universities and colleges are present in India?


India is home to approximately 42,000 colleges and 1000 universities at present.

What is the medium of instruction in India?


All universities and colleges conduct classes in English language.

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