Study MBA in Italy in Top Universities: Fees, Admission


MBA in Italy: Universities, Admission, Fees

MBA in ItalyMBA in Italy is the best choice degree for you to was selected in a foreign country. Italy is the best place for an international student to pursue their higher education. Many international students choose the to study their MBA degree in Italy and find it to be a uni platform for developing a global perspective to expand their skills. The MBA program helps in the practical learning experience of the student and understanding lot about the business administration. Italy is the perfect place for the students to have unique experience is with the different diversities. The specialisation available for the MBA degrees are very high which helps the candidates to choose the perfect specialisation for their career. There are great opportunities for students to develop the perfect career after completing the MBA degree in Italy. To apply for your degree now. If you want to know more about studying for your MBA course in Italy, continue reading.

Why Study MBA In Italy?

Studying MBA will shape your thoughts and experience to a new horizon. While studying MBA 8n Italy you'll get access to world-class infrastructure and highly Educated professors along with that access to explore Italy and other countries of Europe. Let's know some key points explaining the benefits of studying MBA in Italy:

  • Experience of Diversity: Highly educated people from various distinct backgrounds apply to study in Italy. This gives candidates opportunities to learn and embrace diverse skills and thought processes.

  • Enhance skills: The MBA program in Italy will shape candidates' holistic personality. Candidates need to maintain their academic score but the most crucial aspect of MBAs is networking, leadership skills and management which they learn through various projects and internships. The students in the MBA course come from diverse countries which helps the candidates exchange ideas and skills to create a holistic profile.

  • Affordable MBA Program: Many universities in Italy provide affordable MBA programs and offer scholarships to meritorious and needy students. MBA programs allow students to grab opportunities to work at many international business firms and earn a decent stipend.

  • Global Job Prospects: Pursuing an MBA from Italy will open great job opportunities for students, companies from Italy and many incredible businesses offer students jobs on campus. Students get exposure to a wider network of businesses and great people to achieve their career goals.

  • Personality Development: Every candidate has to develop their business academic skills along with essential soft skills to earn a good name in any. MBA program offers its students opportunities to develop many skills which develop their confidence and abilities many folds.

  • Good Infrastructure: Universities in Italy offer labs, libraries and well-planned campuses to provide students with the best resources to upskill themself. Students get exposed to evolving technology and new skills to match the skills required to work with big global businesses.

Intake / Deadline For MBA

MBA programs in Italy can be applied twice a year. Many universities offer September as the deadline to apply. Some business schools might also have a winter intake starting in February. However, September intake is more common for international students. It is suggested that you should apply as early as possible to eliminate last-minute complications.

Medium of Instruction

The language of instruction that is used for your MBA course in Italy is English. The students must have excellent proficiency in the English language that will make the eligible to take their course effectively. There might be no requirements for an English proficiency test but you have to take an interview to prove your English skills.

Eligibility Criteria

The students must follow a particular eligibility criteria that will make them eligible to take their courses from a top university in Italy. These include:

  • Candidates must have completed 10+1 and 10+2 education from a recognized high school board.

  • Candidates need to have a bachelor's, diploma, or any other equivalent degree from a recognized

  • Candidates are required to have a minimum score of at least 60% in the qualifying examination.

  • You must provide proof of the English language skills and basic knowledge of Italian is also a good skill to learn in Italy.

  • Some universities conduct Interviews and short tests for admission.

  • GRE and GMAT scores are prerequisite for many universities, however few universities have no entrance test for MBA admissions.

  • Applicants should have a valid passport to study in Italy.

  • Most universities in Italy require at least 21 years of age to apply for the MBA programme.

Documents Required

Documents are considered to be the most important part of your admission process. You mast submit all your required documents efficiently which will help you to get selected for your course. These are:

  • Candidates must have a Valid bachelor's degree.

  • Proof of candidate Identity

  • Bank statements are required for about 6 months

  • At Least 6 to 8 recently clicked passport-size photos

  • Candidates Original passport

  • Acceptance letter from the University of Italy

  • Proof of the course fee paid to the University

  • Proof of language proficiency in English.

  • Medical health insurance of candidates.

  • Proof of work experience (optional)

Candidates should keep their documents ready before the Application process to apply early. Candidates who wish to elevate their career scope and expand their learning by studying abroad are advised to apply to more than one University to improve their chances of acceptance.

Course Duration

The duration of an MBA course in Italy varies depending on the course specifications and the university module. Most Universities offer a 1-year program. When it comes to doing an MBA in Italy, the time commitment depends upon candidates of personal choice. There are options for everyone, Universities understand the value of diversity and each candidate comes from a varied education system. Some of the programmes are completed in a year and offer Comprehensive training in a single year. Now, if you're more into an in-depth experience, many Italian schools offer a two-year MBA course. Candidates can choose a 2-year MBA course which suits their career. Many Business schools in Italy offer a 1.5-year course where the candidates undergo theoretical knowledge along with internships which offer real-time experience if working with business professionals.

Proof of Language Proficiency

Students who wish to undergo an MBA course in English will be required to give proof of language proficiency in english. For that purpose they can take tests such as IELTS or TOEFL in order to pursue an MBA program in Italy. Both the English and Italian MBA programs have their unique benefits. MBA in English offers courses to diverse backgrounds of people to expand their skills and develop their leadership skills. whereas an MBA in Italian gives you an extra advantage of language and to understand the business and markets in Italy.

Admission Procedure

Applying to Universities abroad can be a tedious task for many candidates. candidates can get their study MBA process streamlined and effective with the help of our expert counselors. Candidates should keep their documents ready and their information updated to start the admission process early to receive their admission letter to visa. Let's Understand the process of admission to MBA course in Italy:

  • Contact Our Team: Connecting with Our team will be an effective way for students to apply for MBBS courses in Italy. Our expert counselors will provide candidates with top-notch services to get admitted to the best university in Italy, which will help boost your career to the next level. We have a team of individuals who understand the process of applying to Universities in Italy very well and provide you with appropriate guidance throughout your journey.

  • Select Universities in Italy: Choosing a suitable university from which you want to pursue your MBA program in Italy will be confusing and time-consuming. There are various factors that need to be considered while choosing the best University that matches your career goals and finances. Our team will assist students regarding the best methods and resources to conduct thorough research to choose the best business school for you. We will shortlist a list of universities that would suit you and help in your professional growth.

  • Documents: Submitting the important documents is one of the most essential parts of your admission procedure. Understand all the documents that your university will require and submit them efficiently. We will also help you in submitting all the documents that you require. 

  • Application for the course: Candidates need to complete the application process by providing their information to their selected university. After finishing with your documents and information, Submit your application form and then pay the application fee to the university. 

  • Other Process: Candidates should collect their fee receipt which is further needed in the application. Candidates must submit a list of documents to the selected university to make them eligible for the MBBS. Our team provides assistance in getting the documents approved.

  • Visa requirements: Students must have a proper visa. Our team is there to support you and guide you at every stage of your application till you get your visa for an MBA in Italy.

Top Universities

Italy is known for their high-quality Education. There are many universities offering MBA programs of 1 to 2 years duration. Students can shortlist their desired universities depending on their career goals, medium of instruction and. expenses. Here is the list of Top MBA universities for you can apply for

University Rank City
MIB Trieste School of Management 151 Trieste
SDA Bocconi School of Management 10 Milan
Bologna Business School (BBS) 154 Bologna
Università di Pisa · University of Pisa 349 Pisa
POLIMI Graduate School of Management 9 Milan
St. John's University - Rome Campus 401 Rome
ESCP Europe - Torino Campus 45 Torino

Note: Rankings are from QS world university rankings. These are subjected to change.

Fees Structure

MBA in Italy is very affordable when considering various services and perks offered by business schools to candidates.

University Fees
MIB Trieste School of Management € 25,000
SDA Bocconi School of Management € 75,000
Bologna Business School (BBS) € 35,000
Università di Pisa · University of Pisa € 2400
POLIMI Graduate School of Management € 3.891,59
St. John's University - Rome Campus € 1352.38 + university fee
ESCP Europe - Torino Campus €57,000

MBA Specialization in Italy

MBA programs can be done in various fields such as an MBA in finance and business, MBA in marketing and HR Management etc. Candidates should choose an MBA which complements their bachelor's degree. This helps improve their profile and provides great opportunities. Here is the list of various specializations available in Italian MBA universities

  • MBA Business Management

  • MBA Banking Financial Insurance

  • MBA International Trade Management

  • MBA Digital Marketing

  • MBA Digital entrepreneurship

  • MBA Operations

  • MBA Blockchain

  • MBA HR Management

  • MBA Fintech

  • MBA General Management

  • MBA International Business

  • MBA Healthcare

  • MBA Investment Banking Research

  • MBA HR Analytics

  • MBA Banking and Finance

  • MBA Finance

  • MBA International Marketing

  • MBA Data Science

  • MBA Marketing

  • MBA International Finance

  • MBA Waste Management

  • MBA Quality Management

  • MBA Agricultural business

  • MBA Sports Management

  • MBA Project Management

  • MBA Retail Management

  • MBA Business Analytics

  • MBA Hospitality Management

  • MBA Power Management

  • MBA Financial Markets

  • MBA Hospital Administration

  • MBA IT Management

  • MBA Infrastructure Management

MBA in Italy Without GMAT

Getting admission to top MBA programs in Italy often requires a GMAT score. The GMAT score provides advantages among many applicants to top universities in Italy, whereas those with a history of good professional experience may find that certain programs accept applicants without any entrance exam. For such candidates, opting for an MBA course without the GMAT or any other entrance exam becomes a feasible path. Many universities in Italy provide admission to an MBA without a GMAT or GRE score. They focus on other aspects of the application. So, if you have a good profile but not GMAT, you have many options available in Italy.

Work Experience Requirement for MBA

MBA programs in Italy offer the opportunity to develop comprehensive skills and transform students into well-rounded business professionals. Admission to Business Schools in Italy students may or may not have to provide work experience depending on university requirements. Some universities require a minimum experience of 3 years to build more advanced knowledge and skills in working professionals. The requirement for Work experience can vary among universities in Italy. Students can also earn an MBA degree without any work experience in Italy. Many universities in Italy do not have mandatory work experience requirements for MBA programs. However, having a few years of experience adds to the profile of a candidate and increases the chance of getting shortlisted.

Jobs After MBA in Italy

MBA in Italy is a lifetime opportunity for students to learn and upgrade their skills at a reputed university. Students are given a curriculum which includes theory, projects, discussions, events, internships and much more. All of these things help students improve their skills and get access to the international market of jobs. Here are the variety of jobs students can get after pursuing an MBA

Job Roles
Marketing Manager Strategic marketing plans, market research, marketing analysis
Management consulting Data research, collection, and analysis
Market Research Analyst Collect information and promote
Financial Analyst Evaluating investments
Marketing Coordinating and creating marketing plan
Data Analyst Collecting and analyzing data.
Project Manager Planning, monitoring, and managing projects
Business Operations Manager Managing and maintaining business operations

Cost of Living

Cost of living includes various parameters such as travel expenses, house rent, Food, and miscellaneous expenses which make up the expense of living in Italy. Here is The cost of living in Italy given below:

Particulars Cost in EUR
Rent €200
Transport €50
Basic Utilities €100
Recreation €30
Internet €30
Food €60
Miscellaneous Expenses €100
Total €700


Students need not worry about the cost of the program to fulfill their dream of Studying MBA in Italy. Many universities and institutions offer exciting opportunities for international students to grab full tuition fee waivers to complete sponsorship of studies in living. Scholarships are provided to meritorious students to encourage students with high potential to study in Italy and make a contribution to the industry.

Name of Scholarships Category
Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students Merit selection
Bocconi Merit and International Awards Merit selection
Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students Merit selection

Visa Requirements

Students will receive their visa after they apply to university and get their letter of admission. There is an elaborative process which needs to be followed by candidates in order to obtain a visa. Candidates need to submit essential documents to apply for a visa to Italy. Those who wish to study in Italy can connect with our counselors who guide you during the process of obtaining your visa to Italy.

Let's simplify the steps to be followed to get your visa to Italy.

  • Students need to shortlist their University, submit their application form and pay the fee to the university.

  • The next step is to Visit the consulate or embassy to know about further requirements of obtaining a visa.

  • Candidates are required to submit the necessary documents.

  • Candidates will be asked to go for the visa interview.

  • Candidates should maintain their calm while waiting for the results of their visa application.

Let's simply list the documents required by the candidates to get their visas for studying in Italy.

  • A recent color passport-sized photo of the candidate

  • Valid and original passport

  • Educational transcripts of bachelor's degrees or diplomas

  • Identity proof of candidates

  • Accommodation proof

  • Proof of finances and funds

  • Health insurance of candidates for studying in Italy

Part-Time Jobs In Italy

It's not very difficult for international students to find part-time jobs in Italy. Students can apply for various part-time job posts depending on their time availability. Not all students are allowed to work part-time, however, students studying in certain Italian universities can work part-time. Students studying in universities that are recognized by the government can work for 20 hours per week i.e. 1040 hours per year. You can work on a minimum wage rate of 7 Euros or more depending on skills or other requirements. However, before you begin your part-time, non-EU students must have legal residency for work.


Can I do an MBA without Italian?


Yes, candidates don't require Italian to pursue an MBA. Many business schools in Italy offer English MBA courses to attract diverse talent to their institutions.

Do I need to prepare for the entrance exam to get into a good university?


No, There are many universities which do not consider GMAT or any other entrance test as the only deciding criteria, giving admission on the basis of a holistic profile. Some universities might have their own entrance test, always check before applying.

Where can I get a job after doing an MBA from Italy?


Students who will pursue an MBA from Italy will get exposure to global networks. They can apply anywhere in the world to get a job.

What is the duration of an MBA in Italy?


Italy offers MBA courses mostly for 1 year whereas many universities have course duration of 1.5 years to 2 years. Choose a course duration that aligns with your career goals.

Is it very expensive to study MBA in Italy?


Many universities offer discounts and full-time scholarships to students for Studying MBA in Italy. Universities offering MBA are relatively affordable in Italy.

Do Italian universities provide any Scholarship to study MBA in Italy?


yes!! Many universities in Italy offer great advantages to needy students. Students can apply for scholarships. Look for scholarship Requirements in various universities and apply to get a sponsored education in Italy.

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