Study MS in USA


Study MS in USA

Masters in USAIf you wish to consider studying abroad for higher education, the USA is an ideal destination. With over 4,000 universities, the United States boasts some of the best research universities around. Two of the most prestigious are Harvard and Yale, which consistently rank near the top of the global university rankings and have produced some of the most influential leaders and thinkers in business, science, politics, and the arts. There are several post-graduate courses that students have the opportunity to study. Whether you are a business student or a medical aspirant, the USA has a vast scope and opportunities for you in the States.

Universities for Masters 4,360
Oldest University Harvard University
Masters Duration 2 years
Average Tuition Fees $20,000 to $30,000
Intake September, June

Why Study Masters in the USA?

If you are wondering why you should choose the USA as your ideal destination for a master's degree, we will enlist a few top reasons for you –

  • America is home to multiple universities with world ranking and reputation. Twenty-three of the top 50 universities in Times Higher Education's league are American universities.

  • Students prefer STEM courses in the US since they are in demand in the country, and they can extend their work visas post-MS for 24 months.

  • Approximately 2.7% of the US economy is spent on research and development. Therefore, studying in the USA improves your chances of funding and research funding.

  • Students may apply for Teaching Assistantships (TAs) or Research Assistantships (RAs) post-MS to pursue their research interests.

  • MS courses are divided into pre-requisites, core areas, and electives. In this way, more than 30% more students have the opportunity to pursue research-based MS degrees.

  • To pursue an MS at any US university, the average scholarship is 10,000 USD for one year.

  • Several popular courses in American universities are available for students in public and private universities.

  • The tuition fees in most American colleges are less compared to other countries like the UK, Russia, etc.

Masters Courses in the USA

If you are willing to study for a Master's degree in the USA, here are some popular options –

  • MS in Finance MS in Finance or Masters in Finance in the USA is a 10-24 months program focusing on finance-related subjects such as corporate finance, business, economics, and banking. As a result, students graduating from programs such as the MS in Finance program can pursue careers in all financial industry sectors. The MS in Finance program prepares students to succeed in the finance industry by providing an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of finance and the financial system and provides a solid background in financial theory and analysis and mathematical modeling.

  • MS in Data Science Master in Data Science in the US is a 1.5 to 2 years program offered by most universities as an MS degree. This program is designed to give you a broad-based, interdisciplinary education that includes elements of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and analytical thinking. Approximately 69 universities in the USA offer an MS degree in Data Science.

  • MS in Marketing Master (MS) in Marketing is the most common degree offered by US universities to international students. The degree is usually equivalent to a bachelor's degree but is usually offered as a specialization such as marketing, digital marketing, analytics, etc. The degree takes between 10 months to one year to finish. The degree is usually much more expensive to finish than a bachelor's degree, ranging from USD 28,500 to USD 64,000, depending on the school.

  • MS in Business Analytics MS in Business Analytics has become one of the world's most sought-after Master's degrees, with increasing competition from the other well-known MBA programs. The curriculum of MS in Business Analytics covers concepts such as analytics strategy – how to set goals, measure and manage the effectiveness of marketing efforts, build a data-driven marketing machine, design a marketing strategy, and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns. The USA is home to almost 150 colleges that offer MS in Business Analytics.

  • MS in Medicine MS in Medicine is another famous course taken up by students in the USA, with several universities offering comprehensive courses and quality education. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the country's most popular postgraduate degree courses. The MS in Medicine is a two-year post-graduate course in medicine that equips students with the knowledge and skills to master the different aspects of medicine, such as physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, immunology, and pathology. The core courses of this program are Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Hematology.

Some other popular MS courses in the country are –

  • MS in Biomedical Engineering

  • MS in Public health

  • MS in Management

  • MS in Artificial Intelligence

  • MS in Architecture

  • MS in Cyber Security


You can usually apply for a Master's program in the United States during the Fall session. For Fall applications, the deadline is December, and for Spring applications, it is October. Some universities or MS specializations also have different deadlines. However, most universities accept applications between December and January.

Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to successfully apply to universities in the USA for a master's course, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must have a minimum of 3 to 4 years of bachelor's degree in the relevant field or subject.

  • You must clear your GMAT with a minimum qualifying score when applying for an MBA program.

  • For courses like management, engineering, social science, computer, and information technology, students must have a GRE of 330 and more.

  • Candidates must have research internships or published research papers.

  • Candidates must score a minimum of 3.4 GPA.

  • Students must clear their IELTS or TOEFL English proficiency exams before applying.

Documents Required

At the time of admission, students must upload the following documents –

  • A sealed envelope containing the transcripts stamped and signed by the Head of Department or Principal.

  • Mark sheets of all previous exams and universities.

  • An updated CV containing all professional and educational details

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Health insurance

  • Medical certificate

  • A valid passport

  • Identity proof

  • Financial proof

Application Procedure

If you wish to apply to USA universities for a Master's degree successfully, follow the steps given below –

  • Choose your desired course and university.

  • Go to the official website of the university and fill up the form online

  • Upload all the necessary documents and pay the application fees

  • The university takes a few days to review, and if you are selected, the university sends you an invitation or offer letter.

  • With this offer letter, you can apply for your visa process.

  • The visa embassy takes approximately 3-4 weeks to issue a visa.


To study in the USA, whether for a Master's or bachelor's, students must obtain a student Visa.

  • Non-immigrants who want to pursue higher education or research in the US are usually granted an F-1 Student Visa.

  • A copy of the I-20 form must also be provided by the university where the applicant has been admitted.

  • During their studies in the USA admitted students cannot hold full-time jobs, but they can hold part-time jobs. The maximum number of hours you can work on campus per week is 20.

Top Universities in the USA for Masters

The USA is home to some of the best universities when it comes to Master's degrees. Here are the top universities along with their QS Ranking 2022 –

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
Stanford University 3
Harvard University 5
California Institute of Technology 6
University of Chicago 10
University of Pennsylvania 13
Yale University 14
Columbia University 19
Princeton University 20
Cornell University 21
Northwestern University 30
New York University 42
University of California, San Diego 48


The USA is a famous destination for higher education not only because of its quality education and reputation but also because it aids students financially. Not every student can easily afford an education at an international university. For such aspiring students, the US government and universities come forward and help such students financially. It offers several scholarship programs for students in need. Scholarships, whether in tuition waivers, study grants, living stipends, or other forms, can save you a great deal of money. Fulbright scholarships are among the most popular scholarships available to students in many fields. Some of the other popular scholarship programs are –

  • New York University Wagner Scholarship

  • Clark University Scholarships

  • Next-Gen Scholarship

  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship

  • East Tennessee State University

  • Iowa State University Scholarships

  • University of Oregon Scholarships

Tuition Fees

Even though every university provides different tuition fees for different MS courses in the US, education is relatively affordable. Especially in public universities, education is affordable for students. The average tuition fee structures in all universities are -

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 38.1 lakhs
Stanford University 18 lakhs
Harvard University 40.3 lakhs
California Institute of Technology 42.1 lakhs
University of Chicago 44 lakhs
University of Pennsylvania 39.5 to 45 lakhs
Yale University 32.1 to 54.1 lakhs
Columbia University 34 lakhs
Princeton University 40.3 lakhs
Cornell University 43.3 lakhs
Northwestern University 31 to 41.3 lakhs
New York University 43.5 lakhs

English Proficiency Test

Every student wishing to apply for a Master's program in the USA must pass the English Proficiency exams with a minimum qualifying score. The two most common language tests are IELTS and TOEFL.

  • For IELTS: the score range is – IBT: 120 and PBT: 310-677

  • For TOEFL: the score range is 0-9 band score

Jobs after Masters in the USA

The USA has many jobs available for students who complete their masters in the country. All you gotta do is apply for a work visa, and you are good to go. Some of the best available jobs after a Master's degree, along with their average salary, are –

Accountant $65,700
Financial Analyst $126,000
Project Manager $124,000
Civil Engineer $88,700
Mechanical Engineer $86,500
HR Manager $148,000
Biomedical Engineer $83,900
HR Officer $60,200
Architect $120,000

Cost of Living in the USA

The living standard of the USA isn't a fact hidden from the world. The everyday living expense of students largely depends on their lifestyle. The cost of living in the USA, including daily necessities and amenities, includes –

  • Food Cost : $1000- $4000 per year

  • Hostel Fees: $500- $1000 per year

  • Living Cost: $10,000- $12,000 per year

About USA

About USAAmerica is the world's third-largest country, the 27th most populous country, and the world's third most extensive landmass. It is bordered by Canada and Mexico to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the south and west. The 50 states are arranged geographically from west to east, and a region near the United States—often called the West Coast—is to the north, usually following the Rocky Mountains, which are part of the Rocky Mountain system – an extensive mountain range that is part of the Interior Highlands geologic province. The Rocky Mountains form a long, northeast-trending chain of rugged mountains that stretch from the northern United States across Canada and into the northern and central parts of the western United States. The United States boosts its appeal to international students with its relatively low cost of living, top-notch education, and high-quality research institutions. Besides academics, many other kinds of cultural and recreational experiences can be gained from studying abroad. From these experiences, students may be able to gain a broader worldview, make friends from different cultural backgrounds, and learn something new about themselves.

Capital Washington
Largest City New York City
Official Language US English
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 3,796,742 square miles
Total Population as of 2021 estimate 331, 893,745
Currency US Dollars


What is the average cost of studying for a Masters in the USA?


A student will spend approximately 14,000 to 120,000 USD on a Master's degree.

Is IELTS or TOEFL mandatory for studying for a Master's in the US?


Yes, students must qualify for the language proficiency test before applying for a master's degree.

Can students work while studying?


Yes, the government allows students part-time work up to 20 hours per week.

Is the USA popular or good for students willing to study abroad?


Yes, a degree from an American university holds immense value mainly due to the following reasons –

  • Excellent infrastructure

  • Quality education

  • Qualified staff

  • World-class training and research opportunities

  • Immense career growth and scope

Is a US degree valuable worldwide?


Yes, a degree from an American university is valuable and recognized worldwide.

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