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Anigdha Online Consultancy Services

Providing students with the right guidance and support in all educational matters is what we do. Whether you need our expert counseling on international education or you need us to help you through the process of application, we are here to serve you. With the ongoing pandemic, we faced immense distress in delivering our services to our clients. Therefore, we aim to bring the availability of our services to the comfort of your home. For this, our team has worked relentlessly to aid you with seamless online consultancies. Now, you can seek our online services to pave the way for a brighter future. We have a team of international education experts who are experienced and proficient in guiding you through the right path. Anigdha Advantages.

Anigdha Advantages

If you are wondering why you should choose Anigdha when you are planning an education abroad, we will guide you through a few reasons:

  • We are one of the most reputed education consultants in India.

  • We will guide you through some of the best and top universities globally (NMC and WHO approved).

  • If any university demands an entrance exam, we will help you with the study material so that you can pass easily.

  • We will guide you through visa and admission procedures for the best of your interest.

  • Anigdha also helps you with accommodation facilities to not worry about living where you are studying.

  • We have 11+ top career counselors.

Rules Of Our Counseling Session

Before signing up for our online counseling session, here are some rules you must follow :-

  • Sessions last approximately 30-40 minutes.

  • Your laptop, tablet, or cell phone can be used to join the session using Zoom. Zoom must be downloaded beforehand.

  • If any university demands an entrance exam, we will help you with the study material so that you can pass easily.

  • You will receive a Zoom meeting link, and once you click on it, you will be taken to our Virtual Office.

  • A counselor will be assigned to you who can answer all your questions.

  • It is recommended that candidates attend the counseling session with a parent or guardian.

  • The candidate's responsibility is to open the link and enter the meeting at the allotted time.

  • Any question lingering in your mind can be put forward and answered by us. Candidate questions are limited to their chosen country and course.

What Does Our Online Consultation Offer?

In addition to professional guidance, Anigdha online counseling service provides friendly counselors via Zoom video calls. The study abroad advisor can answer all of your questions, including admission procedures and visa requirements. With our services, you can witness the following -

  • You can witness a comprehensive process with our service, answering all your queries and questions.

  • Our website provides detailed information about each study program, deadlines, fees, and prerequisites.

  • We can guide you through a seamless admission process.

  • Regarding finances, we will guide you through the best means and affordable education.

  • We have close connections with the universities to guide you best when it comes to the best university.

  • Before completing the admission process, we will verify all documents for you.

  • From booking your flight tickets to visa and accommodation, we will guide you through.

Start Studying Abroad With Anigdha

We will also assist you with studying abroad if you decide to do so after our counseling session is over. With our team, you can start your study abroad journey to any country and university. From course selection to admissions, visa arrangements, and travel and accommodation arrangements, we will help you with all aspects of the study abroad process.

P.S - For training and information purposes, our virtual counseling sessions are recorded. Therefore, we would ask participants to demonstrate decency and appropriate mannerisms and only ask questions about their chosen study abroad program. Zoom meetings with our counselors are recorded if you join us. We encourage you to contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.

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