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Study in Singapore

Study in SingaporeEvery student dreams of obtaining an international degree and studying in a different environment once in their lifetime. Well, today, several countries and universities offer such an opportunity to students. Singapore is one such country that is known for its high-quality education and unparalleled infrastructure and facilities. Singapore’s education system places a high emphasis on providing a balanced education, so all students acquire a solid education in the liberal arts and sciences. They learn academic, social, and personal skills, and develop an awareness of the world around them. Studying in Singapore delivers an experience of one of the best education systems in the world. In Singapore, students have the opportunity to work in companies and industries and gain valuable professional skills. This experience places Singapore at the forefront of global education and opens up the doors to new career opportunities. Singapore is a top-notch destination hub in Asia, delivering the best quality education to students flocking in from around the world. If you are interested in studying in the country, here are a few things you need to know.

Why Study In Singapore?

The most important question that lingers in the minds of students is why they study in a particular country or what makes it a premium education destination. Well, the benefits of studying in Singapore include –

  • Global Reputation for Brilliance: Not only in Asia but around the world, Singapore is known for its academic excellence. Its academic talent is both highly advanced and competitive, making the country's education system one of the best in the world.

  • Connection With Top Industries: As an economic powerhouse, Singapore has flourished and grown since it gained its independence in 1965. A major center for aerospace, precision engineering, information technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, creative industries, and professional services, it is one of the most important industrial centers of the world today.

  • Diversified Cultures: Singapore is a multi-cultural society where people respect other races, cultures, and religions. Singapore has four official languages - English (the language most commonly spoken in schools and the workplace), Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.

  • A Safe Place To Study: According to the 2019 Safe City Index, Singapore has been ranked as the second safest city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Singapore has a low crime rate and is known to be one of the safest countries in the world because of its strict enforcement of laws.

  • Top Universities: Singapore is home to some of the top universities that provide students with a comprehensive learning experience and offer them a valuable degrees.

  • Standard Lifestyle: According to Mercer, a leading human resources consultancy, Singapore is the city with the best quality of life in Asia. Therefore, for Indian students, it is an ideal destination to study.

  • Coveted Destination for Education: Singapore aspires to become a virtual "Global Schoolhouse," offering a diverse and distinctive mix of educational services in a safe and cosmopolitan environment.

Top Courses and Programs in Singapore

Singapore is home to several courses and programs that make it easier for students to choose higher education. Some of the top courses offered by universities are -

  • Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Engineering and Science

  • MBA in Singapore

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Law

  • Design management

  • Medicine and Health

  • Tourism and Hospitality


The universities provide the following programs to students –

  • Bachelors

  • Masters

  • Doctorate

Top Universities in Singapore

Singapore is home to several universities that are worth the recognition and hype. Some top universities for higher studies in the country are –

  • National University of Singapore

  • Nanyang Technological University

  • Singapore Management University

  • Amity Global Business School

  • Anglo Chinese International School

  • Curtin Singapore

  • Dimension International College

  • James Cook University

  • PSB Academy

Scholarships In Singapore

For students wishing to study abroad in Singapore, there are several financial assistance schemes. Students can borrow up to 90 percent of the subsidized tuition fees, and at polytechnic universities and other universities, students can borrow up to 75 percent. International students are eligible for many scholarships. Academic merit, leadership ability, and co-curricular involvement are usually considered when selecting students. For Indian students, studying in Singapore is made easier through scholarships such as the SIA-NOL scholarships and youth scholarships at local universities and polytechnics.

How to Choose a Course to Study In Singapore?

If you are wondering what you should study in Singapore, here are the best steps to choose one –

  • Choose your desired subjects

  • Based on the subject, choose the course and program.

  • Depending on which university is most suitable for your course, choose your university.

Admission Process in Singapore

If you wish to successfully apply at any university in Singapore, you must follow the steps given below –

  • Choose your desired university and fill up the form online at the university’s website.

  • Upload all the necessary documents required by the university and pay the application fees.

  • Once you have uploaded all the documents, wait for approval from the

  • The university will send you an invitation letter if you are selected.

  • Upon receiving the invitation letter, you can apply for the visa procedure.

Visa Process in Singapore

A student visa is required for international students who wish to study in Singapore. Once your application has been accepted by a recognized university, you will receive this with your letter of approval (also known as your in-principle approval or IPA). For your Student Pass application to be accepted, you must provide previously recognized qualifications, evidence of required documentation, and proof of sufficient English language proficiency. To apply online for your Student Pass, sign in to SOLAAR with the registration details provided by your school and fill out and submit eForm 16 via Solaar. Your passport details, your university address, your email address, and a recent photo will be required.

Documents Required in Singapore

At the time of admission, students need to upload the following documents –

  • Classes 10 and 12 mark sheets

  • All academic records

  • Medical certificate

  • Financial proof

  • Entrance exam certificate

  • A valid visa

  • A valid passport

  • Language proficiency certificates

Eligibility Criteria

Students need to fulfill the following criteria to get admission at any Singapore university –

  • Students must be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission

  • Students must complete their classes 10 and 12

  • Candidates must clear all entrance exams conducted by universities

  • Candidates must clear their IELTS or TOEFL examinations

  • You should also have a valid passport and a visa

Indian Students in Singapore

Indian students are very interested in going to Singapore and studying. The number of Indian students has been increasing by the day in the country. Every year, Singapore witnesses almost 3000 Indians flocking in to study. In addition, students can get great jobs in Singapore so it becomes an even bigger reason to study in the country.

Cost of Living in Singapore

Before studying abroad in Singapore, you should find out how much it is going to cost you to live in one of the most expensive countries in the world. among a few expenses with their cost are –

  • Meal at a mid-range restaurant: $12-15

  • Daily groceries: $3-30

  • Utilities: $100

  • Monthly Rent: $2000-2500

  • Transport: $100

Career Prospects

The job opportunities and career prospects after graduating from Singapore are immense. Singapore is a developed country with impeccable career facilities. Students can get a chance to apply for some of the best jobs available catering to the subjects they choose.

Some of the most demanding jobs in the country are –

  • Robotics Engineer

  • Data scientist

  • Backend developer

  • Data Engineer

  • Digital marketer

  • Social media marketer

How We Help to Study in Singapore

If you are confused about the whole process of studying in Singapore, Anigdha is here to assist and guide you through it.

  • We will help you to fill up and form and understand the finances

  • From helping you with mock rounds to applying for the visa process, we have got you covered.

  • We will also allocate the best counselors if you wish expert advice on education and higher studies.

  • If you are worried about accommodation, we will help you through.

About Singapore

About SingaporeSingapore as a country is very diverse and multicultural, and these students go on to work in the international business sector. Singapore is a great place for students who want a global education. Students are also trained to be open-minded and tolerant of different cultures and beliefs. Students become well-rounded people and are fully prepared for the next stage in their lives. This has helped Singaporeans succeed in a globalized world. The education system also aims to develop the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. This has helped Singaporeans develop strong interpersonal skills and a strong sense of identity. Education in Singapore is free and compulsory for all students.


How much is the visa fee to study in Singapore?


Approximately it costs S$30 to study in Singapore.

Is there any entrance exam needed to study in Singapore?


Yes, undergraduates need to clear a few entrance exams. All students need to clear their IELTS or TOEFL.

Can students work part-time in Singapore while studying?


Yes, students can work part-time to sustain a living while studying at any university.

Is Singapore a good place to study?


Yes, Singapore is a developed nation that offers an excellent study and career opportunities for students.

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