MBA in Australia


MBA in Australia

MBA in AustraliaBesides being a popular tourist destination, Australia has also gained the reputation of being one of the top education centers in the world. It attracts a handsome number of international students to pursue several courses, and one of these courses is MBA. Australia is considered one of the top five study countries for foreign candidates who want to pursue an MBA. Based on the reports of New Delhi’s Australian High Commission,  India saw about 70,000 candidates leaving for Australia to pursue their higher education (in November 2017). This was a steep 14.65% hike as compared to the previous year. MBA has become a crucial course, and it is pursued for upgrading one’s educational degree or to get a promotion in one’s career. Pursuing MBA in Australia would indeed be a great choice to make as it will keep you ahead in your league.

Course Duration 15 months- 2 years
IELTS or TOEFL Required
GMAT/GRE Required
Average tuition fee AUS $50,000
Work Experience Required
Scholarships Yes

Top Business Schools in Australia

This list of colleges and universities in Australia is considered to be the best and you should consider them while applying for an MBA.

  • Melbourne Business School


  • MGSM – Macquarie University

  • UQ Business School

  • UWA Business School

  • UWA Business School

  • Bond University

  • Wollongong – Sydney Business School

  • RMIT University

Why Study MBA in Australia?

Australia offers a great education structure to the students here. The education system is strict, but it also follows strong assessment and evaluation methods to test the students. The same is the case for MBA programs. Besides these, the other reasons to pursue your MBA in Australia are as follows:

  • Quality education is the foremost reason parents easily consent to their children studying in Australia. A strong educational foundation is something to look forward to while you study MBA in Australia.

  • As an aspiring MBA, you will get numerous opportunities to opt for research opportunities here. You will be able to do your fieldwork without any obligation, and your respective university or college will support you.

  • Most MBA aspirants want to complete their MBA and settle down in Australia. So, once you get your MBA degree, there will be nothing to hold you back from bagging an attractive pay package and also a prolific job. Make the most out of your job as there are numerous opportunities.

  • The Australian MBA degree and the B-schools are AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS accredited, which makes you eligible to get jobs in and outside Australia.

  • Favorable VISA policies also draw MBA aspirants to Australia, and if you are coming here, getting your VISA, later work permit or permanent residency, will be easily approved.

  • The MBA courses from all the Australian B-schools believe in imparting quality education and also nurturing leadership skills in their students. Moreover, these same institutions even let you see, face, and experience the realities of the job market and the changing trends from a very close vicinity.

  • A good MBA degree from an Australian B-school will prove beneficial for your career to progress since you will get the chance to be associated with renowned management gurus, leaders, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and the likes.

  • The MBA degree will also teach you how to improve a deteriorating business in an uncertain environment and ways to help it reach the pinnacle of success.


  • The MBA programs in Australia are globally accepted.

  • The Australian Qualification Framework backs the MBA curriculum for an intensive management program.

  • The employability rate is higher in Australia, and the job market has a high demand for MBAs.

  • Grab the opportunity to go for an attractive internship.

  • A favorable climate and a beautiful lifestyle let you pursue your MBA without any discomfort.

  • Great opportunities for part-time employment with up to 40 hours of work every 2 weeks.

  • A safe social life makes it possible for international students to live here.

  • While studying MBA here, you will be a part of a greater world where you will be mingling with students from different linguistic backgrounds, cultures and regions of the world.

MBA Specialization in Australia

Australia provides the following MBA specializations –

  • MBA in Accounting and Finance

  • MBA in Sports Management

  • MBA in Event Management

  • MBA in HR

  • MBA in Hospitality Management

  • MBA in Information Technology

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

Eligibility for MBA in Australia

The basic requirements to meet the eligibility criteria to study MBA in Australia are:

  • As an MBA aspirant, you need to have completed your bachelor's degree with a minimum of 65% in any discipline from a recognized university.

  • Students will also have to show their IELTS score band (6.5 to 7.0) in order to get a VISA and if you are a non-native English speaker, then you need to produce proof of your English language proficiency to secure admission to a university.

  • If you have 2 to 3 years of work experience in your desired field then it works in your favor. However, it is not a mandatory requirement for getting admission.

  • The GMAT score is accepted in most Australian MBA colleges and universities. An average of 590 GMAT scores is needed to help you get through a top institution for studying MBA.

Documents Required

You have to produce your

  • Standard X mark sheet

  • Standard XII mark sheet

  • A detailed CV

  • A valid passport

  • Student VISA

  • Letter(s) of reference from previous employers


The time when the intake for MBA in Australia admissions takes place is in the months of

  • February

  • July

  • November (applicable for selective universities)

Course Duration

The majority of the Australian B-schools offer a 2 year MBA degree, but there are certain MBA courses that are for 15 months to 2 years. Some of the top B-schools also offer a 1 year MBA degree. However, let us now take a look at the top MBA colleges and the course duration that they offer.

B-Schools Duration of the course
Macquarie University 1 Year
University of Canberra 2 years
Melbourne Business School 16 months
Australian National University 1.5 years
University of Tasmania 1.7 years
Bond University 1 year
University of Technology, Sydney 2 years
Monash University 2 years
Central Queensland University 1 to 2 years
University of Western Australia 16 months

Admission Procedure

Step 1: Choose the MBA institution that you want to study in.

Step 2: Fill in the application form, check all the details and submit it along with the documents that you have been asked to submit.

Step 3: On receiving your application, the university or the college will view it thoroughly. After this, they will send you the letter of acceptance or invitation.

Step 4: Get your letter of acceptance or invitation and apply for your student VISA.

Step 5: Once you have your VISA in hand, book your air tickets and fly to Australia.

English Proficiency Requirement

English language proficiency is needed to pursue your MBA in Australia. This will help you to understand the lectures better, communicate flawlessly and write your exams well.

MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Here are a handful of colleges that offer an MBA without a GMAT score.

  • Monash Business School

  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

  • Deakin Business School

  • La Trobe Business School (LBS)

Cost of Studying MBA in Australia

The cost of studying MBA in Australia will be around 40,000 USD to 63,000 USD. Basically, this cost will depend on the course you are pursuing and also the university or college you have got admission to.

Tuition Fees

Before applying to any of the Australian B-schools for an MBA, compare and contrast all their tuition fees. It is always wise to go to a college or a university whose tuition fees you can afford. In this regard, we have a list of the top B-schools and their tentative tuition fees.

University / School / Provider Estimated Total Course Fee
University of Sydney Business School $106,500
University of Melbourne (MBS) $126,000
University of Sydney Business School $87,820
University of New South Wales (AGSM) $100,750
Macquarie University (MGSM) $80,000
University of Western Australia $125,000
University of New South Wales (AGSM) $86,925
Monash University $88,000
Curtin University $89,700
University of New South Wales (AGSM) $56,520
University of Adelaide $72,750
Bond University $68,380
University of Technology Sydney $85,536
QUT Business School $57,600


International students have to apply for an Australian student VISA to get their admission to the B-school. Proper and valid documents are to be submitted to get a valid VISA. After the submission of the important documents, the VISA application procedure will commence and once the VISA is issued, you will be able to go to Australia.


If finance is becoming a challenge for you to pursue your dream course, then you need not worry. You will have several scholarships to avail of. Some of the top and famous scholarships are:

  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC, etc., candidates

  • Macquarie University Tuition Fee Grants for Indian Students

  • Deakin India 10 percent Bursary- MBA, Sports Management, International Finance & Commerce

  • Dr. Abdul Kalam International Undergraduate Scholarship - Engineering Honors & Information Technology

  • Kraft Heinz Scholarship

  • AGSM Global Reach Scholarship and AGSM Excellence Scholarship

  • Monash MBA International Women in Leadership Scholarship

  • MBS Scholarships

  • ANU College of Business and Economics India Excellence Scholarship

  • MBA (Intensive) International Prestige Scholarships

  • Adelaide MBA Scholarship

  • International Excellence Scholarship (India); South Asia Business and Law Scholarships

Part Time Jobs during MBA in Australia

Indian students can find part-time jobs while studying MBA.

  • Retail sales jobs

  • Jobs in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bars

  • Telemarketing professional

  • Farming and other related services

  • Administrative and clerical jobs

  • Private tutors

Learn English Language Before MBA in Australia

You can certainly apply for a course where you can gain the upper hand in written and spoken English. This has to be done before you apply for the MBA course because you have to submit proof of your English language proficiency. Both online and offline English language courses are available, and you can start with them if you have already made up your mind to study MBA in Australia.

Full-Time MBA in Australia

You can pursue a full-time MBA course from

  • University of New South Wales (AGSM)

  • University of Sydney Business School

  • University of Western Australia

  • Melbourne Business School

  • MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management

  • Deakin University - Deakin Business School

Part-Time MBA in Australia

Choose any one of these B-schools to pursue a part-time MBA course

  • University of Sydney

  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT) - Brisbane Graduate School of Business (BGSB)

  • University of Tasmania

  • La Trobe University - La Trobe Business School

  • The University of Queensland - UQ Business School

English Proficiency Requirements

Students need to have cleared either IELTS or TOEFL or PTE with the required band or score. However, if you do not meet this requirement, then you can go for ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students). This is an Australian equivalent English proficiency course.

Jobs after MBA in Australia

  • Financial Services

  • IT / Computer Services

  • Consulting / Professional Services

  • Education

  • Manufacturing / Engineering

These are the top industries that hire you after you get your MBA degree. The job prospects are quite handsome and the salaries offered are also very attractive. The leading jobs that you can apply for are

  • Business Development Manager

  • General Manager

  • Assistant BD Manager

  • Manager

  • Accounting Manager

  • Financial Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Employee Relations Manager

Indian Students in Australia

Indians find Australia a great hub for higher education and also tourism. The country is a storehouse of jobs, and Indian students are guaranteed to find a great job profile after their completion of an MBA. The strict law and order set by the Australian government save the students from facing any racial discrimination or inequality. The opportunities are equal for all the national as well as the international students.

Cost of Living in Australia

When you are pursuing your MBA from here, you do need to consider the expenses for hostel, food, entertainment and transport. Besides these, you might have to get insurance for yourself and the entire amount of these personal expenses would be around AUD 20,700.

VISA Requirements in Australia

You need to get a valid VISA before you leave for pursuing MBA in Australia and the following documents are required to be submitted to get your VISA well in time.

  • Valid passport

  • Proof of ID

  • Letter of invitation as issued by the college or the university

  • OSHC health insurance

  • Bank statement to prove that you have sufficient funds to pull your educational expenses

  • Proficiency scores for IELTS and TOEFL

  • Statement of purpose

  • 4 recent passport size photographs

  • A medical certificate to prove physical fitness (if asked for)

How Do We Help You In Securing An MBA Seat In Australia?

We will be with you all through. To begin with, we will guide you about all the top MBA institutions in Australia. After that, we will give you an overview of their faculty, internship programs, fee structure, course structure, etc. Moreover, we will even tell you about the application dates and deadlines, form submission, English proficiency tests, and all other relevant details. When your invitation letter arrives, we will also assist you with your VISA application and air ticket bookings.

  • Consulting: We are here to consult students who wish to make a career abroad, studying their dream subject.

  • Shortlisting: Based on your preferences and specifications, we will shortlist the best universities for you!

  • Application Documentation: If you are unsure or confused about what documents to upload during the initial process, we will guide you through it.

  • Application: We have also helped students apply to universities seamlessly.

  • Interview: if any university conducts interviews for your selection process, we will help you with mock rounds, so it becomes easier to clear the interview.

  • Financial Guidance: International education involves a lot of finances. Taking care of those and guiding you through them is our job.

  • Visa: from visa to accommodation and airport pickup, we are here to handle everything!

Quick Notes

  • Hostels and students' accommodations are easily available outside the campus. If you want to put up in an on-campus hostel, then you have to directly contact the institution.

  • Different types of cuisines and platters are available for you to treat yourself daily.

  • Transportation charges are not too much, which means you do not have to spend a lot of money while going to and fro your college or university.

  • Up to 80% of the students in any course are international students.

  • More than 20,000 students are pursuing and are about to complete their MBA in Australia.

  • Besides studying, you can venture into the different places of tourism that this beautiful country offers.

MBA in Australia At Low Cost

The most affordable MBA courses are available at

  • Sydney Business School

  • Charles Darwin University

  • Kaplan Business School

  • Holmes Institute

  • Edith Cowan University

  • Victoria University

  • Central Queensland University

  • Federation University

  • University of Southern Queensland

  • Southern Cross University

  • University of Sunshine Coast

  • James Cook University

About Australia

About AustraliaAustralia is a sovereign country whose official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. The Australian Alps get more snow-capped than the Swiss Alps, and the view is simply breathtaking! Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world, and 90% of Australians live on the beautiful sea coasts. On visiting Australia, you must visit the Great Barrier Reef which is an expansive eco-system in itself and is a natural wonder. The wide and open spaces, beaches, deserts, and greenery are what sum up Australia. Besides its unique flora and fauna, you must look out for the different places of visit like:

  • The Great Ocean Road

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Byron Bay

  • Port Douglas

  • Jervis Bay

  • Ningaloo Reef

Study, travel, and live your life to the fullest while pursuing your MBA in Australia.

Capital Canberra
Largest City Sydney
Official Language English
Total Area 7,692,024 km2
Total Population as per 2022 estimate  25,928,100
Currency Australian Dollar
Calling Code +61


Is it worth pursuing an MBA in Australia?


Yes. The opportunities offered are not found elsewhere in the world.

What is the salary of an MBA graduate in Australia?


The salary of an MBA graduate in Australia is around 98,400 USD per annum.

What is the capital of Australia?


The capital of Australia is Canberra.

Is life difficult in Australia?


Not at all. You will get to enjoy your life besides pursuing your studies.

Is traveling allowed with a student VISA?


You have to meet specific criteria before you can travel with a student VISA.

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