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AnigdhaWe appreciate your interest in Anigdha Educational Consultants and invite you to read our Privacy Policy. We value your belief and respect your privilege of privacy. Our team ensures all aspects of your privacy are followed under legal compliance. If you are visiting our website, we recommend you check our privacy policy before using our services or website. So, there will be transparency between Anigdha and the user. In addition, if you are using our services or website for longer, we will assume you agree with our privacy policy. This privacy notice will tell you how we handle your personal information. Our privacy policy is written in detail to ensure there is transparency to help you understand what we collect from you and how we use it. We understand the vulnerability of privacy requirements and legal compliance. Our team ensures our clients get the best and privacy is not hampered. We understand the importance of privacy, and ensure that every information that is communicated between our team at Anighda and our clients is completely confidential. Privacy policies are important because they tell you about your rights, and understanding that can help you greatly while you are conveying what you are looking for from our team. This way we can assist you more efficiently.

Aim of This Notice

Through this privacy policy, Anigdha Education Consultants would like to convey to you how we collect and arrange your personal information when you visit our website and navigate through it. We also aim to convey to you how we work around your data when you use Anigdha's posted data, subscribe to newsletters, or pay for our products or services.

It is important that you read this privacy policy to get a thorough understanding of your rights. We also suggest going through the terms and conditions mentioned on our website. Finally, this privacy policy is a segment of various other notices published by Anigdha, and the intent of this policy is not to override or intersect those.

What We Control

As soon as you enter any information on this website, Anigdha Education Consultants gets control over that data. In order to understand our offerings, when you enter your details on our platform, we take responsibility for those details. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, we have an eminent data protection officer (DPO) who will cater to all your queries. Furthermore, if you want to exercise any of your legal rights or have questions related to the same, feel free to contact our DPO.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

As we grow and evolve, so does our privacy policy from time to time. Hence, it is our humble request to all our users to check our privacy policy and understand any changes that we have implemented to it. New data protection laws keep emerging in our country, and we try our best to upgrade and update our privacy policy. However, it is also important that Anigdha has the latest and most precise information about all our users. So, as long as you are associated with us, we urge you to keep us updated about any changes in your personal information.

Other Party Links

While you navigate through the wealth of information available on the Anigdha website, you will come across many external website links, cookies, and suggested applications. The moment you click on any of these links, we drop the accountability towards any misleading information or confusion that might be caused or shared between you and the third-party websites. We do not host these websites or applications and hence suggest you check their individual and different rules before you interact with their portals.

About Our Cookies

Cookies are fragments of data in the form of text files that help your machine remember Anigdha. Anigdha Education Consultants collects cookies from your interaction with us and our website in order to gather information. These cookies are a great asset to us as they help us to understand user patterns, visitors, and their numbers in order to deliver better outputs. Our cookie popup serves you with two options, "preference" and "use all." This will allow you to comprehend the kinds of cookies we use and choose to select the ones that you prefer for us to access. Furthermore, we also use your IP address in order to verify your physical location.

Unfortunately, the Anigdha website does not control the behavior of any third-party cookies. And hence we suggest you to ensure your own safety when using them.

What We Collect About You?

Anigdha Overseas Consultants collects your personal information, which helps us identify you.

  • Identity data comprises your official name, titles of occupation, birthdate, gender, and your marital status.
  • The address information we collect from you includes parchment address, residential address, e-mail ID, and your contact information.
  • Financial data, including bank statements and credit card and debit card details.
  • IT data that we collect includes log-in details, IP addresses, the version of your browser, the time zone in which you operate, OS, drivers, headphones, plugins, etc., that you might be using in order to access our website.
  • The data of your Anigdha profile involves details of your interaction with our website, products, and services.
  • Marketing data, consisting of your preferred modes of communication, preferences, your most loved products, etc.

At Anigdha, we, as your educational consultants, sometimes have to collect demographics or aggregated data to serve you best. That being said, we have the most robust security measures in place to ensure the protection of your data and strictly adhere to these protocols. But you can rest assured that we are not collecting any personal data of yours. We have a strict rule against storing any information about your sexual orientation, political opinions, criminal offenses or allegations, or details about your health and safety.

How Do We Use This Data?

We strictly comply with the law put in place by the government of India when using your personal data. We put your personal data to use for usually the following purposes:

  • Execute or make a contract

  • Make sure your fundamental rights and our genuine interests do not intersect

  • When we are surrounded by any kind of legal connotation

Purposes Of Using Personal Data

  • Registration of a new user/client/consumer/customer

  • Delivery of services/products/orders

  • Collection of payments

  • Relationship management

  • Allowing you to be part of a survey or attend any competitions hosted by Anigdha

  • Protection of our official website

  • Delivery of relevant content to consumers

Data Security

We have employed the best security measures and experts to prevent the alteration, loss, or revelation of any data that Anigdha holds. Of course, the various role players in our company will be able to access your data, including workers and agents. But, except for the people who are directly involved with our consultancy services, no one else has access to this data. Moreover, whoever from Anigdha or its associates uses your data, will only do so if and when required under the oath of confidentiality.

Your Consent

When you interact with or use our website, you automatically grant consent to Anigdha Overseas Consultant for the utility of your personal information. We keep making changes to this privacy policy, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of these changes every time you use the website.

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