Top Universities for MBA in Romania: Tuition Fees & Admission


MBA in Romania: Fees, Admission, Universities

MBA in RomaniaMBA in Romania is a globally recognized course that has the best facilities for you. You will get the best opportunity for yourself after completing your MBA course in Romania. Completing your MBA program from any university in Romania will be very easy. It will be a very effective choice for you to take your MBA course from the Romanian University. After completing their bachelors program, many students take different specializations in the Masters program. The only question that might come into your mind is where to take the course. It will be very effective for you to take your MBA program from Romania. Romanian universities will provide you with top-choice courses. All the MBA programs in Romania are available in English. Moreover, the students are not required to take any English proficiency test. Romania's environment will be perfectly suitable for international students due to its people and culture.

Why Study an MBA in Romania?

Romania is a perfect destination for all your Higher Education courses. The primary reasons to take your MBA course from the University of Romania is:

  • Best Faculty: The teaching staff at all universities in Romania are very famous. They are known for providing the best guidance to the students. The quality of education students receive at these universities is very efficient.

  • Low Fees: Earning an MBA in Romania is easier on the pocket. It's a country where higher education doesn't strain wallets. International students find it less expensive, thanks to the friendly tuition fees at Romanian University

  • Affordable Living: The living expenses for a student in Romania are also very affordable. A low living expense helps international students to complete their education at the top universities in Romania. The students get all the necessities at a very low expense in Romania.

  • Global Recognition: Romanian Universities are known worldwide, offering top-notch education for students. This universal acclaim benefits students in their career pursuits after finishing their MBA degree.

  • Scholarships: Foreign students coming for an MBA in Romania can earn specific scholarships. Those with high marks in their undergraduate studies, but restrained by a tight budget from studying abroad, meet the criteria for this scholarship.

  • Industrial Connection: The Universities of Romania try to maintain a perfect industrial connection, and the university students go on to get job opportunities in these industries. The industrial connection helps the students to have a great career after completing the degree.


All applications for the MBA degree in Romania are taken online. The application intake for the MBA course starts in mid-April and continues till June. The students are expected to submit all their applications within June. The University reviews the applications from the first week of July, and it ends in mid-July. The students can start the registration in mid-September and continue until the end of September. The classes for the MBA course start in October. You should prepare for your application process at least one year ahead to be prepared with all the requirements.

Medium of Instruction

All the MBA programs in Romania will be in English. The students are not required to take any English proficiency tests. Understanding the English language will be enough for them to take the course in Romania. You might also have to take an interview where your ability to speak English will help you be eligible for the course in Romania. Moreover, proper fluency in English is important for you to pass the visa interview.

Eligibility Criteria

Wanting to join the best MBA course in Romania? There are some essential requirements The details are:

  • You must complete your 12th standard education from a recognized school or board.

  • Finishing you are undergraduate degree is vital to qualify for a MBA course in Romania.

  • The student has to be 17 years old when applying for the MBA course in Romania.

  • You should also understand English well to take an MBA course in Romania.

  • You have to provide proper financial certificates.

  • You must not take any English proficiency test. The university might have to organize an interview to understand the English proficiency of the student.

  • International students must submit proper passports and visas to the essential university.

  • The students might have to take an entrance exam to be eligible for the MBA course at certain Universities. These might be the CAT or GMAT exams.

  • If you have received any scholarship from the university, then submit the official copy of the document to the university.

  • You should have a clean medical background to take the course. You have to provide a proper medical certificate to the university for this. Any student with a severe transmissible disease will not be eligible for the program.

Documents Required

To be eligible to take an MBA program from any university in Romania, a few documents are essential for you to submit. The details of the documents that are important are:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Financial Certificates and Bank Details

  • Application Form of the University

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificates and Results of 12th

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificates and Results of Bachelors

  • Passport Size Pictures Recently Clicked (8)

  • Passport and Visa (Compulsory for International Students)

  • Migration Certificate

  • Declaration Certificate from the Guardian (Depends on the University)

Course Duration

The MBA program in Romania is for two years. These are further subdivided into four semesters, and the students have to take exams after every semester.

Language Proficiency Requirements

All the MBA courses in Romania will be in English. The students require exclusive English language skills to take the MBA programs at the top universities in Romania. There is no requirement to take English proficiency tests, and the student must understand English properly. You might also have to take an interview to understand English proficiency and make you eligible for the course effectively. Understanding and proper proficiency in the English language is also important in situations of taking a visa. Your visa interview will happen in English, and you should have proper proficiency.

Admission Procedure

The students must follow a particular admission procedure that will help them to be admitted to the top universities in Romania for the MBA course. The admission procedure will help the students to get admitted to the top universities with the best facilities. The procedure details are:

  • Contact us: Connecting with Anigdha will be a very effective option for you. We will provide you with top-class facilities to get admitted to the best university, which is perfect for the MBA program in Romania. We have a team of individuals who understand the process very well and provide you with good service.

  • Select the University: Choosing the university from which you want to complete your MBA course in Romania will be difficult for you. There will be various options, and researching will be difficult for the students. We will research for you and provide a list of universities that are perfect for you and your capabilities.

  • Documents: You must submit a list of documents to the university to make you eligible for the course. We will provide proper help to you in getting the documents.

  • Entrance Test: Some universities may hold an entry test to pick students for the MBA course. The University itself will give you the specifics. We will help you to appear for your entrance exam effectively.

  • Apply: Complete the application process after you select your University. Submit the application form and then pay the application fee.

  • Other Requirements: Your University, in certain situations, might have special requirements that you have to fulfill. Understand all these requirements effectively. We will also assist you in fulfilling everything.

  • Visa: Global students need to have a proper visa. Do you have a problem with your visa? We have your back with all the specifics.

Top Universities

Many famous universities in Romania provide students with the best MBA programs and facilities. They will provide you with all the technologies important for your MBA program and will be very helpful. The details of these are:

University Country Rank City
Babes-Bolyai University 1 Cluj-Napoca
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies 2 Bucharest
University of Bucharest 3 Bucharest
West University of Timisoara 4 Timisoara
University Politehhnica of Bucharest 5 Bucharest
University of Oradea 13 Oradea
The University of Alba Iulia 103 Alba Iulia
University of Pitesti 35 Pitesti
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi 68 Lasi

Fees Structure

The fees for the universities in Romania are extremely affordable and will help the students complete their program effectively. The details of the fees that the universities will charge are:

University Fees
Babes-Bolyai University EUR 2590 to EUR 11,000
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies EUR 3000
University of Bucharest EUR 3000
West University of Timisoara EUR 3200
University Politehhnica of Bucharest EUR 2400
University of Oradea EUR 2670
The University of Alba Iulia EUR 4590
University of Pitesti EUR 1980
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi EUR 4950

MBA Specialization in Romania

There are many specialization choices for students to take their MBA programs at any university in Romania. The students can choose according to their bachelor's program, making it easy to pass the course entrance test. The list of MBA specializations that are available for the students are:

  • Finance and Accounting (Dual)

  • Marketing and Finance

  • Real estate management

  • Data Science

  • Blockchain Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • AI and Machine Learning (Dual)

  • Marketing and Sales (Dual)

  • Direct Selling Management

  • Biotechnology Management

  • Hospital Administration

  • Quality Management

  • General Management

  • Public Policy

  • Oil and Gas Management

  • Sports Management

  • Marketing and HR management

  • Data science and analytics management

  • System and Operations

  • Logistics and Supply

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Production and Operation (Dual)

  • Digital Entrepreneurship

  • International Finance

  • Forensics and Accounting

  • Business Management

  • Infrastructure Management

  • IT and Fintech (Dual)

  • Food Technology Management

  • Advertising and Branding (Dual)

  • Digital Marketing E-Commerce (Dual)

  • Family-Managed Business

  • HRM and Finance (Dual)

  • Data Science

  • Pharmaceutical Management

  • HR Analytics

  • Tourism Management

  • Project Management

  • Hospitality Management

  • Operations Management

  • Healthcare Management

  • Entrepreneurship and leadership

  • Banking and insurance

  • Finance and Leadership

  • International Business

  • Business Analytics

  • Financial Markets

  • Agri-Business

  • Business intelligence and AI

  • Finance Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Waste Management

  • Power Management

  • International Marketing

  • Investment Banking Equity

  • HR Management

MBA in Romania Without GMAT

You are not required to take a GMAT entrance exam to study for an MBA in Romania. You can take the exam for personal development. You don't have to take the test.

MBA Without Work Experience

Prior work experience is not a mandatory requirement for all your MBA programs. The students are also eligible to take the course without having any prior work experience at certain Universities. Choosing the university and your chosen course specialization will help you decide whether it requires prior work experience. Students who have completed their masters program and then again apply for an MBA degree will be required to have prior work experience for certain Universities in Romania.

Jobs After MBA in Romania

The students will get effective job opportunities with the best salaries after completing the MBA course in Romania. The opportunities for the students are very effective and help them get the best jobs at top international companies. The details are:

Jobs Description
Senior Manager After your MBA in Romania you will get the best career opportunities of a senior manager in an international firm.
Professor You can get the job of a teacher or professor at a top international school with the best salary.
Financial Analyst MBA in Romania will cater for you a job opportunity of a financial analyst in an international company.
Sales Manager Sales is an essential sector where you can get career opportunities after your MBA degree.
Associate Administrator Getting an associate administrator job is difficult, but your MBA in Romania might be helpful.

Cost of Living

The living expenses in Romania are extremely affordable for the students. It becomes very easy for students to live and complete their education at the top universities. The details of the living expenses in Romania for a student are:

Cost of Fees EUR 4000 per year approx
Hostel and Food EUR 3200
Insurance EUR 100
Transportation EUR 200
Miscellaneous Expenses EUR 500


Students with good bachelors degree grades but cannot take a course from a foreign university are eligible for these scholarships due to financial stability. These are particularly available for all. International students taking their higher education from any university in Romania for any course. The details are:

Name of Scholarships Category
Romanian Government Scholarship Government
University of Iasi Alexandru Ioan Cuza Romanian University Scholarships
Babes-Bolyai Romanian University Scholarships
Economic Studies Bucharest University Romanian University Scholarships

Visa Requirements

International students must provide a proper Passport and Visa to the university, making them eligible to take the program from a foreign country. One of the primary requirements is there to get a proper visa. The details of the visa requirements are:

  • The students must submit savings or current account details that prove financial resources.

  • They have to take travel insurance of 50 US dollars.

  • Students have to have proper proof of accommodation availability.

  • The visa interview round will be in English, so the students must prepare properly.

  • You have to provide an acceptance letter from the Romanian Ministry of Education.

  • You need to carry your tuition fee payment receipt at the visa interview.

  • Take a certificate of criminal record.

  • Students under 18 might have to take a declaration certificate from their parents or guardian.

Part-time Jobs in Romania

As a student, there are effective job opportunities in Romania if you want to earn while studying there. The students are required to have a proper job permit for doing a job in Romania. The details of the part-time job opportunities that you will get are:

  • Data Entry Agent

  • Event Manager

  • Content Writer

  • Translator

  • Library Associate

  • Tutor

  • Campus Ambassador

The international students are only permitted to work 20 hours per week for a part-time job while studying in Romania. Their primary goal is to study rather than work. They will get around EUR 600 per month for their job. They can also work on holidays on which they do not have classes. The student might also get help from the university to get part-time career opportunities while studying.


What is the Course Duration of an MBA in Romania?


The duration for the MBA program at any university in Romania will be two years. These are subdivided into four semesters, and the students have to take exams after every semester.

What is the Language of Instruction for an MBA in Romania?


The language of instruction for all the MBA programs in Romania is English. The students must have an exclusive understanding of the English language for the program.

Do I Get Scholarships for an MBA in Romania?


Yes, they can get scholarships for their MBA course in Romania. They are eligible for the scholarships if they have very good bachelors degrees and unstable financial income.

What are the Living Expenses for a Student in Romania?


Living expenses in Romania are extremely affordable, and the per-month expenses for a student in Romania will range from EUR 450 to EUR 600.

Do I Need to Take an English Proficiency Test for an MBA in Romania?


No, the students do not have to take English proficiency tests to be eligible for a course in Romania. They might have to take an interview with the university for their English proficiency.

Do I Need to Take an Entrance Exam for MBA in Romania?


The choice of University and course will help you decide whether you need an entrance test. Few universities require an entrance test like GMAT or CAT, while few don't require one.

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