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Study in Romania

Study in RomaniaStudy in Romania will bring you the best experience in your life. Romania is one of the top International countries providing courses to international students. The educational facilities here are very effective. The students get the opportunity to study under the best teachers. The guidance provided by the teachers of Romania helped the students have a successful career. Thinking about advancing your education in Romania? Great idea! Students worldwide find Romania appealing due to the affordable living expenses and tuition fees. The students can have a very effective lifestyle in Romania. Romania is also a part of the Schengen area now. Student life in Romania has great attraction. The students can enjoy their student life efficiently while living in Romania. The courses offered at the Universities of Romania have great versatility. Many courses are offered here, and the students can choose according to their abilities and requirements.

Education System

The education system in Romania is ideal for international students. Romania is one of the top countries for international students to study. There are a few divisions in the educational system in Romania. International students generally focus on the Bachelors and Masters programs in Romania. The details of the educational system of Romania are:

  • Primary Education: Primary education is the students' schooling for the first few grades. It's starting from the kindergarten. The entire public School Education for the student will be free. The students might have to pay a supplementary charge for uniforms when materials are used. The regular primary educational year in Romania runs from September to June.

  • Middle Education: Middle school education for students occurs after primary education. It is the situation when the students receive exact marks other than grades. The schedule for the school is also extended to 32 hours every week. The students also get to study more subjects than public schools. The number of subjects is similar for each class in public schools.

  • Vocational Education: Vocational education is the training of adults. The National Council of the country. It occurs through a national, local, and different sector structures network. Vocational education is for people who want more knowledge for better job opportunities.

  • Tertiary Education: Romania's educational system mainly shines in tertiary education. It attracts students worldwide, offering Bachelors and Masters degrees at their Universities. They have a high level of educational facilities for the students. Romania is one of the perfect countries for you to complete your higher education. Tertiary education is one of the primary attractions of the course, making it a top choice for students.

Why Study in Romania?

Studying in Romania is a perfect choice for a lot of international students. They have vast opportunities and the best technology to complete their course. The students get guidance from the best teachers in the world. Most of the universities here have global recognition. It leads them to get the best career opportunities. The reasons why you should take your program from a university in Romania are:

  • Global Attraction: Romania has a global attraction from many international students. Most students want to take their higher education from a country like Romania. They get effective global recognition after completing the course from a top-recognized University.

  • Low Tuition Fees: In Romania, the university course costs are typically minimal. Students are required to spend a small amount on tuition when they study abroad. It makes it easy for an international student to take courses from an International University.

  • Great Career Opportunities: The students completing the course from a University in Romania get the best career opportunities. Global recognition of the universities helps the students to get the best jobs after completing their degrees. The students get top career opportunities at famous International companies.

  • Low Cost of Living: Living in Romania doesn't cost much. It's a great setting for global students who are studying and residing here is pretty economical. Students who have a reasonable financial status can consider pursuing their studies at an overseas University.

  • Perfect Environment: The environment of Romania is extremely perfect for international students. They get the best opportunities for themselves and have the top Technologies. Romania is a perfect country to help international students complete their higher education.

  • Scholarships: The University of Romania provides scholarships for students who cannot afford education in a foreign country. For these students, the University organizes special scholarships so that they can comfortably complete their higher education in Romania.

Facts & Figures about Studying in Romania

These are a few interesting details about the educational system of Romania. You should know these details if you want to complete your higher education in a country like Romania. These are:

Name of the Country


Number of International Students


Percentage of International Students


Indian Students in Romania


Most In-Demand Subjects in Romania





Computer Science

Foreign Students Taking Ph.D. Course in Romania (2022)


Famous Ph.D. Specializations in Romania






Best Cities to Study






Number of Universities




National Language


Other Languages




Academic Year

October to September (2 Semesters)

Top Courses and Programs

Universities in Romania provide a variety of opportunities. They welcome global students. They can study for Bachelors or Masters degrees in Romania. The students can opt for the system effectively and complete it. The students get a lot of specialization choices for their program when they select it from the University of Romania. The details of the courses are:


The universities follow a similar application deadline for their courses. The application for the courses is online. The application intake deadline for the courses in Romania is from mid-April till the end of June. Students must submit all applications by the final application date. The registration of the students begins in mid-September. The classes in Romania begin in the first week of October. The students must start preparing all the requirements for the admission procedure a year ahead to be ready with all the documents.

Top Universities for Studying in Romania

Students can choose from plenty of courses at Romania universities. These educational institutions charge minimal fees. Depending on their preference and needs, students can select the perfect university. The details are:

Universities for Engineering in Romania

The universities in Romania for engineering are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Bucharest University Public Bucharest 3 68%
University of Brasov Transilvania Public Brasov 11 79%
Cluj-Napoca Technical University Public Cluj-Napoca 13 69%

Universities for Law in Romania

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Romania for studying law:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Suceava University Stefan cel Mare Public Suceava 15 84%
Targoviste Valahia University Public Targoviste 31 50%
University of Pitesti Public Pitesti 33 69%

Universities for Economics in Romania

The universities for Economics courses are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Bucharest University Public Bucharest 3 68%
Bucharest University Economic Studies Public Bucharest 7 20%
West University Timisoara Public Timisoara 4 39%

Universities for Business in Romania

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Romania for studying business:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Public Iasi 4 60%
The University of Oradea Public Oradea 11 60%
Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Public Cluj-Napoca 1 79%

Universities for Computer Science in Romania

The universities for computer science are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Bucharest University Public Bucharest 3 68%
Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Public Cluj-Napoca 1 79%
West University Timisoara Public Timisoara 4 39%

Universities for Medicine in Romania

The universities for medicine are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Medicine & Pharmacy Carol Davila University Public Bucharest 1 70%
Craiova University Medicine & Pharmacy Public Craiova 24 31%
Iuliu Hatieganu University Medicine & Pharmacy Public Cluj-Napoca 8 60%

Universities for MBA in Romania

The universities for MBA are:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
The University of Oradea Public Oradea 11 60%
Bucharest University Public Bucharest 3 68%
Transilvania University Brasov Public Brasov 12 79%

Cost of Education in Romania

The cost of education is reasonable. The students can choose their course at a low cost. There are many options for them to select. The details of the fees are:

Field of Study Undergraduate Post Graduate
Language Courses EUR 2000 EUR 2000
Mathematics EUR 2430 EUR 2610
Nursing EUR 3500 NA
Technics EUR 2430 EUR 2610
Social Studies EUR 2000 EUR 2200
Psychology EUR 2500 EUR 2500
Dentistry EUR 5500 EUR 5000
Sports EUR 2430 EUR 2610
Music and Arts EUR 3780 EUR 4000
Pharmacy EUR 5500 EUR 7000
Economics EUR 3000 EUR 3000
Science EUR 2430 EUR 2610
Medicine EUR 5500 EUR 5000 to EUR 7000
Clinical Laboratory EUR 3500 NA

Cost of Living

Living costs for foreign students in Romania are quite manageable. They become even more reasonable when matched up against other European Nations. The monthly expenses for the students will be very low, and it will be easy for them to study and complete their program effectively. The details of the living expenses are:

Basis Amount
Hostel Fees EUR 650 per month
Private Apartment EUR 150 - EUR 400 per month
Clothes EUR 500 per year
Food EUR 150 - EUR 200 per month
Medical Insurance EUR 120 per year
Wifi EUR 15 per month
Transport EUR 40 per month
Taxi EUR 0.32 per km

Eligibility Criteria

To take any program from any Romania university, the students must fulfill specific eligibility criteria. All Universities share the same criteria, and these help the students to fill all the requirements for studying in Romania. The criteria for Bachelors and Masters courses aren't the same. The details are:

  • Bachelors: To take a bachelors program in Romania, you have to meet certain eligibility criteria, and these are:

    1. The students have to complete education for the 12th standard from a recognized school and board.

    2. The student has to be 17 years old before the first date of application.

    3. The students should have top-notch English language skills to follow a program at a foreign university in Romania.

    4. International students need to provide a proper Passport and Visa from their home country to the university to be eligible.

    5. The students don't need English proficiency tests. They might have to give an interview to proof their English skills.

    6. The students must provide their financial certificates to be eligible for the degree. If you get any scholarship from the university, you must provide an official copy.

    7. The students should also prove that they are in good health and have proper medical certificates. Candidates with a harmful transmittable disease will not be selected for the program.

  • Masters: To take your Masters course from a particular University in Romania, you must also meet certain eligibility criteria. These are:

    1. Similarly, for your Bachelors degree, you must complete your 12th-standard education from a recognized school or board.

    2. You also have to complete your Bachelors education or similar education from a recognized institution or board.

    3. The student has to be 17 years old to apply for a Masters program at any university in Romania.

    4. The students should also have a top-quality understanding of English to follow a program at a University in Romania.

    5. International students are supposed to provide a copy of their Passport and Visa to the university to be eligible for the course.

    6. The students should also provide proper proof of their financial certificate to prove their capability to pay their educational costs.

    7. The students don’t need an English test to prove English proficiency. They might have to give an interview to the university.

    8. If the students get certain scholarships from the university, they have to submit official documents to the university.

    9. A clean medical background is also required. The students must submit a proper medical certificate with disease details for this. If any student has a harmful transmittable disease, they will not be taken for the course in Romania.

Documents Required

The Students willing to take their higher education from any university in Romania must understand that they have to submit certain documents to the university. Few documents are required during the application. And the other few documents are taken when the admission process happens. The students must submit valid copies of all these documents to the university.

This will make them officially eligible to take the course from a top university in Romania. If you do not have certain documents to submit, you should give a proper note with the reason. The details are:

  • Bachelors: If you take a Bachelors program from any university in Romania, then the documents that you need to submit for your degree are:

    1. Bank Statements or Financial Certificates

    2. Certificate of Birth

    3. Medical Certificate

    4. Application Form of the University

    5. Passport Size Coloured Pictures Recently Taken (8)

    6. Transcript Records: Marksheets and Pass Certificate of 12th Exams

    7. Migration Certificate from Previous Institution

    8. Visa and Passport (Compulsory for all the International Students)

    9. A few universities in Romania will also require you to submit a declaration certificate from your guardian.

  • Masters: For the masters course in Romania, the documents are mostly similar. The documents which you are to submit for your Masters degree in Romania are:

    1. Application Form of the University

    2. Certificate of Birth

    3. Financial Certificates and Bank Details

    4. Medical Certificates from Doctors

    5. Transcript Records: Results and Pass Certificates of 12th Standard

    6. Transcript Records: Results and Pass Certificates of Bachelors Degree

    7. Colored Passport Size Pictures 8 (Recently Taken)

    8. Passport and Visa (Compulsory for International Students)

    9. Migration Certificate from a previous University or Institution

    10. The students might also have to submit a declaration certificate from their Guardian to the university.

Admission Procedure

You must follow an admission procedure to get your higher education from Romanian universities. Following the process will help you get admission to the top university. You will have the best career opportunity for yourself. It will help you to select the best course from the best university. The process includes:

  • Contact Us: You can connect with us at Anigdha. We provide top services to students looking to study at a foreign university. We will help you with the entire admission procedure to study your higher education in Romania. Our team will contact you and understand your requirements and abilities. We will then help you with your entire admission procedure.

  • Selecting the University: Choosing the university is difficult. There are many options for you, and it will confuse you. We will help you in selecting the best university. The one that is perfectly suitable for you. We will analyze your requirements and abilities. Then, we will recommend some Universities suitable for your capabilities.

  • Documents: The submission of documents is an essential part of the admission procedure. You must submit all the documents carefully to be eligible for your program in Romania. We will help you collect all your documents and submit them properly.

  • Apply: As you select your University to take your program, complete the application process. Submit the application form and pay the required application fees. Applying will complete your application procedure.

  • Other Requirements: The university might also have some additional requirements. Understand all the requirements properly and connect with us. We will provide you with proper help in submitting these requirements.

  • Visa: A visa is a primary requirement for admission to a foreign University. If you have any issues regarding your visa, contact us for the best help.

Language of Instruction

Both the Bachelors and Masters degrees in Romania are available in the English language. You must show a professional understanding of the language there to take it for your course. Most of the courses are available in the English language, making it comfortable for international students to take and complete their higher education. The English language courses make it easy for international students to study at a foreign university. The exceptional facilities of the Romanian University make it a top choice for these foreign students. However, to take English language courses, the students have to have exceptional English proficiency. The students don’t need to take English proficiency tests to prove proficiency and skills in the English language. They might have to give an interview at the university.

How To Choose the Best Course in Romania?

There are many options for you to study at the Romanian universities. To make a perfect choice for your course can be difficult. You should follow certain steps to help you take the best course from the University of Romania. These are:

  • Select the Stream in 12th: The subject stream you had in your 12th standard should be the one you selected for your Bachelors degree. For example, if you had science, commerce, or arts subjects, you should take your stream respectively in that subject. It will make it easy for you to be eligible for the course at a foreign university with your experience.

  • Determine Your Area of Interest: After you select your stream, you should decide the subject specialization you want. That choice should be directly on you to decide your requirements. Plan your career effectively and then select the subject specialization that will be helpful for your career. The specialization you select for your Bachelors degree will continue to your Masters, and you cannot swap it.

  • Choose the University: As you select your stream and specialization, understand the university that provides you with the best of these courses. You can make slight changes in your specialization if you get the opportunity to study at the top universities. Stick to the stream and not make any fluctuations, but you can change your specialization according to the university.

  • Apply for Public Universities: You should look to take admission to the country's public universities to have the best opportunities for yourself. They will provide the programs very cheaply and be the best choice for you as a student. These universities will allow international students to effectively complete their education in Romania.

The top courses in Romania for all the subject streams are:

  • Business Administration

  • Accounting

  • Computer Science

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Medicine

  • Nursing

  • Mathematics

  • Science

You can choose according to your abilities and availability at the University.

Visa Requirements

The international students must submit a copy of their Visa at the University. It is a compulsory requirement by the university that the student has to fulfill. It will make the student eligible to take their higher education from a University in Romania. The requirements for a student visa to study in Romania are:

  • You will have to present the current or savings account details as proof of financial resources. This is a primary requirement for your visa Security Check.

  • You must also possess travel insurance worth 50.000 US dollars / 30.000 EURO or more. The travel insurance is also essential for your visa.

  • The visa interview will be in English, irrespective of the course language. Hence, having English proficiency is also important. Clearing the visa interview is the most essential part of getting the visa. So, prepare yourself properly in the English language.

  • You will also have to present proof of your accommodation availability. The accommodation might be at the hostel of your university or a private apartment, which you need to convey while getting the visa.

  • The Romanian Ministry of Education should issue an acceptance letter to the student. The official document of the Government of Romania proves you will study there under their guidance.

  • A tuition fee payment receipt is also necessary. You should provide all these receipts you have made the payment for and submit the visa.

  • A criminal record certificate is also required. Students who have any sort of criminal records or suspicious bank records will not get a visa to Romania.

  • Sometimes, you must submit an approval or declaration letter written by your parents or guardians. It is for students who are just under 18 years old but are eligible for the course.


Romanian universities provide a lot of scholarships to students. Many students have good grades in their previous education, but they cannot study at a foreign university due to financial instability. For these students, scholarships are available. They can easily take the program from a foreign university if they have a financial backup from a foreign university. The scholarships help international students to take their program efficiently from Romania.

The details of these scholarships are:

Name of Scholarships Category Features of the Scholarship
Romanian Government Scholarship Government Fully-funded, Monthly stipend up to 80 EURO, Covers accommodation and tuition costs
University of Iasi Alexandru Ioan Cuza Romanian University Scholarships Quality Scholarship, Foreign Students, Bachelors and Masters courses
Babes-Bolyai Romanian University Scholarships UBB Scholarship for Excellence, Foreign Students, Bachelors and Masters courses
Economic Studies Bucharest University Romanian University Scholarships ASE Quality Scholarship, Foreign Students, For business and economics students, Bachelors and Masters courses

Work While Studying in Romania

If you do not have scholarships, then to manage your expenses, you can take work employment in Romania. It is one of the best ways to earn a good part-time job in Romania. There are many work opportunities where you can do part-time in Romania and get the best returns. International students can easily work while they are studying in Romania. They can only work up to 20 hours per week as a part-time.

However, if you are from an International country, you will require a work permit to combine your education with working in Romania. A work permit is not required if you take part-time employment in Romania. You will get a valid residence permit for two years in Romania, for which your work permit will also be for two years. With the provided work permit, you will get a maximum of 20 hours permit every week. The only requirement that you need to have is to provide a proper enrollment certificate from the University in Romania and your valid residence permit.

Part-Time Job Opportunities Available for Students in Romania

There are many part-time career opportunities that are available for students in Romania. The details of these are:

  • Event Manager

  • Library Associate

  • Campus Ambassador

  • Data Entry Agent

  • Translator

  • Content Writer

  • Tutor

Finding Good Part-Time Jobs in Romania? Here are Some Tips!

Finding a decent part-time job in Romania isn't tough at all. Having a proper work permit makes it much simpler to grab these occasional work chances. The following advice will guide you to the best opportunities:

  • Search for part-time career opportunities on job portals and company websites for the best work platforms.

  • Visit a professional networking platform and look for part-time jobs there.

  • Reach out to different recruitment agencies and contact with the companies directly for job positions as a student.

  • Ask your University whether they can provide any easy part-time career opportunities that will help you earn a living.

Popular Cities

Many popular cities in Romania have the best universities for international students. It becomes effective for the students to take the courses from these cities. The details are:

  • Bucharest - 27 Universities

  • Cluj-Napoca - 10 Universities

  • lasi - 8 Universities

  • Timisoara - 5 Universities

  • Sibiu - 4 Universities

  • Targu-Mures - 4 Universities

  • Oradea - 4 Universities

  • Constanta - 4 Universities

  • Arad - 2 Universities

  • Galati - 2 Universities

  • Craiova - 2 Universities

  • Pitesti - 2 Universities

  • Bacau - 2 Universities

About Romania

About Romania

There are many interesting things that every student willing to study in Romania should know about the country. It is the perfect place for you to take your higher education. International students will get a bunch of opportunities to take their programs from Romania. The universities in Romania provide you with great career opportunities helping you to complete your higher education efficiently. Romania is also a part of the Schengen area now. If you wish to take your higher education course in Romania, then it will be a great choice. You will get great opportunities to take your course at any university in Romania. The career after your course will become very effective. You can get the best facilities from the top university in Romania. The Features that you need to know about Romania include:

Name of Country


Capital City


Largest City


Population (approximate)


Official Language


Other Popular Languages







238,400 km2


RON: Romanian leu


Orthodox (73.86%)

Roman Catholic (3.89%)

Reformed (2.60%)

Pentecostal (2.12%)

Greek Catholic (0.61%)

Baptist (0.54%)

Adventism (0.35%)

Muslims (0.31%)

Others (1.13%)



How Anigdha Overseas Education Consultants Help You?

We at Anigdha provide the best facilities for students to get admitted to their favorite courses in foreign universities. We will also help you gain admission to the top universities in Romania for your program. The students connecting with us get the best opportunities and facilities that help them gain admission to the top universities in Romania. We provide a range of facilities to our students, making us a top educational consultant service provider worldwide. The top services we provide are:

  • Application Dates: The students who are enrolled with us receive regular notifications and calls from our company regarding the application dates of the universities they want to study. We notify the students regarding the application starting date and deadline of a particular University they searched for. This will positively help the students not to miss any application deadlines.

  • University Selection: The most difficult part of studying in a foreign country is selecting the university. The student gets a range of choices that can be confusing enough. It won't be possible for the students to do proper research about the university. We will research on behalf of the student. We will understand the requirements and abilities of the students and then provide a list of universities that will be perfect for them. This will reduce the pressure on the students and help them easily study in an international country.

  • Application Procedure: We help the students properly during their application procedure. We provide suggestions on how they should fill out the form and the details they should mention that will make them eligible for a program in their respective Universities. The application procedure might be a challenging area where we provide the proper help to the students to succeed.

  • Documents: Submitting the required documents can be difficult for the students. You have to submit all the required documents to the university, or you cannot take your program. We effectively help the students by providing all the documents and checking them before allowing them to upload them to the university. We help the students with all the required documents before the registration begins.

  • Passport and Visa: The most essential part for international students studying at a foreign university is getting their passport and visa. Without these, the students won't be able to take their programs from a foreign country. We will help you properly get your passports and visas to be effectively eligible to take your program from a foreign country.

Anigdha is there for all your solutions regarding your admission procedure at a foreign university. If you are applying for a foreign university course, visit the official Anigdha website now!


Do I Get A Scholarship to Study in Romania?


Yes, international students get scholarships from Romanian universities. These­ scholarships are for students. They­ do well in exams but can't afford to study abroad at high-le­vel universities be­cause of money problems.

What are the Advantages of Studying in Romania?


The students get effective benefits from taking their courses from Romanian universities. The tuition fees in Romania are extremely affordable. The students get the best living environment in Romania.

Do I Need To Know the Romanian Language to Study in Romania?


You're good to go. Romanian language­ knowledge is not required for courses in Romania. Be proficient though, if you opt for a Romanian language­ class. English course students? No need to know Romanian.

What are the Visa Requirements to Study in Romania?


International students must provide a proper Visa and Passport. The candidates are to provide a proper student Visa at the University to be eligible to take a course from a particular foreign university.

Do I Need English Language Proficiency To Study in Romania?


No, the English courses demand good English skills. But you don’t need to take an English test. You might have to give an interview at the university.

Do I Get Good Jobs After Course in Romania?


Yes, you get effective career opportunities in Romania that are perfect for you. The jobs have very high salaries and provide the best opportunities for students.

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