Study Nursing Abroad


Study Nursing Abroad

Study Nursing AbroadStudying Nursing abroad can prove to be very beneficial for Indian students and there are a lot of reasons why. Students get a chance to work with world-renowned healthcare facilities and polish their skills to become proficient in the field. There are several program types that students can avail of while pursuing a degree in Nursing at foreign universities. The coursework includes both theoretical and practical sections that make the students aware of their responsibilities when they get into the job. Additionally, there are a lot of impressive internships that students can avail of when they are pursuing this course in a foreign university. Trying to find a suitable college that fulfills all your criteria when you are looking for a degree in nursing can be difficult. This is why at Anigdha, we understand and prioritize the student’s needs to enroll in the top colleges across the world. These colleges not only rank among the best but offer amazing education and job opportunities to the students. For Indian students, it is quite beneficial as the tuition cost is low, and there is no donation system upon application.

Know more about studying nursing abroad only at Anigdha

Duration Bachelors: 4 years Masters: 2 years.
Cost of Study $35,000 to $88,000 per year
Medium of Instruction English
English Proficiency TOEFL or IELTS
Field of Study Medicine
Intakes Fall and Spring
Type of course Bachelors, masters, diploma

Popular Countries to study Nursing Abroad

There are many countries that offer exemplary courses in Nursing. These countries have some of the most prestigious colleges that rank among the top in the world where Indian students can apply for. Anigdha consultancies help students enroll in these top-ranking colleges so that they can shape their future in the healthcare industry. Here are list of popular countries to study abroad for nursing:


The world's most dominating country in terms of education, business, and other development opportunities for anyone. As an international student in the USA, you have immense opportunities to study in a top-quality environment, learn from diverse cultures, and grab opportunities. The country has top schools with a top-standard education system to help you build your career.

  • Endless opportunities to build your career and life.

  • Global networking options and global exposure.

  • Highly developed countries in almost everything.


The United Kingdom is a highly developed country in terms of politics, culture, economy, education, and all other aspects. They welcome people from diverse communities to learn, study, and work in a hectic, vibrant environment. Every year many students travel to the UK for their quality of education, work life, and quality of life.

  • Home to the top universities and colleges in the world.

  • Developed economy to provide job opportunities in different business niches.

  • Post-study work permit options.


Australia, is a multicultural and developed country home to many communities and people from different countries in the world. The country has many UNESCO world heritage sites that you can explore, their food, and some of the best cities in the world depict typical Australian lifestyles. As a student, you have endless opportunities and options to build your career in Australia.

  • Wide range of options to study.

  • Post-study work options.

  • Developed industries to explore and build your career.


Canada is one of the most popular and attractive study-abroad options for international students due to their easy immigration rules. Being one of the largest countries by area, they invite immigrants to the land of opportunities. They are known for their multicultural cities, people, food, stunning destinations, and of course, Niagara Falls.

  • Vast opportunities in terms of study abroad options.

  • Opportunities to work after study and build a career in Canada.

  • Many facilities for the public are offered by the government.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is one of the best study abroad options with a peaceful environment and progressive leadership. Recently, their leadership and their decisions were in the news for all positive reasons. The country is beautiful and has many options to explore. Students learn and build their careers in many industries including nursing, farming, IT, and more.

  • Global exposure, a positive environment, and welcoming people.

  • Vast options to study and a peaceful country.


Might be a small country, but one of the most beautiful, developed, and progressive countries. With the availability of a wide range of study abroad options in Ireland, students can find many places to explore and study. Ireland is home to people from different cultures, people welcome immigrants with open arms.

  • Affordability in education, students can study at a low cost.

  • Work opportunities in many industries.


France, home to Paris- the city of love, who doesn't know Paris? France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, known for its fashion industry, renowned cuisine, arts, history, and stylish people. The country welcomes tourists from every part of the world, they offer the best education facilities and other options for international students.

  • Global exposure and networking options in many industrial sectors.

  • Top universities and colleges for international students.

  • The sophisticated atmosphere with beautiful places to explore.


When it comes to education standards, nothing can match the credibility of Germany. The country is home to some of the best universities with top facilities. From top-class education to public facilities, work opportunities, vibrant culture, and a safe atmosphere, Germany is one of the top countries to start higher education. Moreover, students get to explore the beautiful architecture, stunning views, and places.

  • Free study facilities for all programs for international students.

  • Chance of work experience and opportunities with industry leaders.


One of the historical countries of Europe with world-known cuisine, tourist destinations, stunning architecture, all things fashion, and more. Italy has many universities and colleges offering the best universities and colleges in the world. The country helps students to explore world-class architecture, and food, and connect with people from different nations traveling to Italy.

  • Beautiful country, with food, language, history, and fine arts.

  • Work opportunities, global exposure, and networking.


Singapore is known as a financial center for its technology. From top technological advancements to the education system, Singapore invites immigrants to study, live, and work in their country. The country is home to many MNCs and top universities to study. International students can get industrial experience and explore food, cultures, and places.

  • Multicultural and global network.

  • Top universities and programs to study at affordable rates.

  • High-standard infrastructure.


Spain is one of the best and most vibrant countries in Europe to study and work. The country offers beautiful places to explore, food, culture, and most importantly festivals. Spain's Tomatina festival is world known for its vibe and more.

  • Attractive culture and stunning places to explore.

  • Work, global exposure, and work opportunities.


Country is known for its incredibly beautiful nature, chocolates, and art. Students can explore, food, live, and work in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Singapore has a welcoming atmosphere, culture, and a lot more to offer. If you are planning to study abroad, Singapore is one of the best options to choose.

  • Stunning views and places to explore.

  • Top universities, work opportunities.

The Netherlands:

From cozy cafes, coffee, bicycles, and more, the Netherlands is one of the most stunning countries. English speakers can find many courses in some of the top universities in the Netherlands. The country offers beautiful places to explore and has diverse cultures where people are welcoming to immigrants.

  • Top places to explore, connect with people, and more.

  • Affordable education and work opportunities.

  • Beautiful country to live in.

Advantages of Studying Nursing Abroad

Enhancing their global networking skills and earning a new perspective are some of the tiny reasons why students are so inclined on getting degrees from foreign universities. Demanding courses like Nursing are popular among international students and all for the right reasons. Here’s why studying abroad is very advantageous for students:

  • Improved Language Skills: Some universities require students to have English proficiency and be well-versed in the local language. Studying abroad gives you the option to hone your language skills.

  • Culture Exposure on Campus: Students get to know about other cultures when they come to study at foreign institutions, helping them understand various people and their communities.

  • Top-notch Institutes: Students get an opportunity to study in leading colleges around the world once they step out of the comfort zone of their own country.

  • Exemplary Education: These colleges are equipped with state of art facilities, and premium academicians, who exude exemplary education to their students.

  • Market Exposure: Once you start studying abroad you understand the global market and how that functions. This global exposure is possible if you decide to study at foreign universities.

  • Globally Recognized Degrees: Universities abroad have the benefit of providing degrees that are recognized in every country, so students can get a job anywhere in the world after they have completed their degrees.

How to Select the Best Nursing Universities Abroad?

When you are looking for demanding courses like Nursing, you will be spoiled for choices. But this also means that you will need to be extra sure about the college you decide to get a degree from. And that entire process might get a little overwhelming. Here are some of the top tips to find your ideal university abroad:

  • Scope of the destination: Look for universities or countries that open the maximum avenue for students for your particular course. This will help you secure great job positions after degree completion.

  • Education Structure: Every university has a different education structure that may or may not be in sync with your thought process. Go for those programs that interest you.

  • Eligibility: Every university has a particular set of criteria that students need to fulfill to enroll in that college. Some also need English proficiency tests. Make sure you fulfill all requirements to enrol in the university you are looking for.

  • Finances: It is no surprise that studying abroad is very expensive, so you need to be sure of the college you are going to and check for all the scholarship programs you are able to apply for to reduce your student debt.

  • Employment Opportunities: The entire idea of studying abroad is to get access to top-notch opportunities in your job sector. So make sure your college provides ample internships and job prospects after you complete your degree.

  • Degree Value: Though some of the universities offer a globally recognized degree, it is smart to understand the value of that degree for your country if you are thinking of coming back to your own country and starting a job there.

Top Universities for Studying Nursing Abroad

Below are the top universities for studying Nursing courses abroad that offer world-class programs that help students with the knowledge and practical skills required to gain in-depth knowledge of their subject. Here is the list of some of top universities to study nursing abroad:


University Name Global Ranking
University of Pennsylvania 1
Johns Hopkins University 3
University of Washington 4
Yale University 7
University of California 11
Columbia University 13


University Name Global Ranking
University of Southampton 5
King’s College London 2
University of Manchester 6
University of Nottingham 25


University Name Global Ranking
University of Adelaide 109
University of Sydney 41
University of Melbourne 33


University Name Global Ranking
University of Alberta 9
University of Toronto 10

New Zealand

University Name Global Ranking
University of Auckland 87
Victoria University of Wellington 275
University of Otago 217


University Name Global Ranking
Trinity College 98
University College Dublin 181
University of Galway 270


University Name Global Ranking
Paris-Sorbonne University 60
Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg 410
Université Côte d'Azur 751-800


University Name Global Ranking
City University of Applied Sciences 601-650
University of Freiburg 189
University of Bremen 601-650


University Name Global Ranking
Sapienza University of Rome 171
University of Parma 801-1000
University of Verona 801-1000


University Name Global Ranking
National University of Singapore 11
CSM Academy International 101-120
Singapore Institute of Technology 251-300


University Name Global Ranking
University of Barcelona 184
University of Valencia 571-580
CEU San Pablo University 1001-2000


University Name Global Ranking
University of Basel 136
Zurich University of Applied Sciences 301-330
Bern University of Applied Sciences 120

The Netherland

University Name Global Ranking
Leiden University 131
Radboud University 232
University of Groningen. 145

Studying Nursing in India V/S Studying Nursing Abroad

Studying Nursing from a good university is important because the degree is going to help one get into top health facilities around the world. Thus it is important for students to ensure that they choose the proper colleges to get a degree in something as important and demanding as Nursing. Let’s see how studying in India is different from studying in other countries.

Study Nursing Abroad Study Nursing India
Students studying Nursing abroad have a relatively more enhanced clinical and practical knowledge as these colleges offer great practical courses to students. Studying nursing in India can give you enough knowledge, practice, but with certain limitations.
Even though for every country, the healthcare sector is booming, foreign universities offer a boost in career and research opportunities, opening doors to some of the best healthcare places around the world. These places offer excellent benefits and salary packages also. Due to high competition, looking for jobs in nursing sector is not an easy task in India.
Stepping out of the comfort of their own country helps students explore their opportunities and study in some of the leading colleges that rank at the top of the world. You can study nursing in your comfort zone and people similar to your community.
While studying abroad is not cheap, universities offer attractive scholarships and financial aid to students who have come to study there from other countries. Studying nursing in top universities can be expensive.
Many universities abroad allow students to often opt for a double bachelor's in fields that may not be similar to each other. Indian study structure is constructed to be focused and rigid.
Studying abroad exposes you to many people, their cultures, and their communities. This unique perspective helps students in getting good jobs in other countries and gelling well in those places. Your networking and exposure is limited to India.


If you are looking to get your degree from a foreign university, it is important to note the fees structure of the particular university. Studying abroad can be expensive, so students need to be well aware of the scholarship programs, financial grants, and other monetary benefits they can avail of. Here’s an overview of the fee structure of different countries when you are looking to pursue Nursing:

Country Average Fees for Nursing (USD)
United States $13,000 - $61,000
United Kingdom $17,000 - $50,000
Canada $15,000 - $30,000
Australia $23,000 - $85,000
Switzerland $900 - $4,000
Germany $300 - $3,000
France $4,000 - $10,000
Netherlands $2,000 - $15,000
Italy $1,000 - $3,000
Spain $800 - $6,000
Sweden $7,000 - $11,000
Denmark $8,000 - $18,000
Japan $2500 - $15,000
South Africa $3,000 - $6,000
United Arab Emirates $1,000 - $3,000


Affordable hostels with proper facilities are important to Indian students when they transfer to foreign countries for education. Here are some of the top accommodation options that students can opt for:

  • In-Campus Accommodation: First of all, most universities have in-campus accommodation facilities for students. From meals to accommodation and more, universities offer facilities for accommodation. This accommodation option is safe and secure, but expensive.

  • Shared apartments: Many people who study abroad share their apartments on rent to reduce expenses. Students in a group can rent an apartment and share their groceries and other expenses. The shared apartments help students to reduce their overall expenses and help build friends in different countries.

  • Rent a room or share with family: Many families abroad provide home stays or rooms on rent to international students. Usually, these stays include utilities, some include meals and some don't. Students can find a room for rent near their university.

  • Student accommodation: There are student accommodations available that are specifically built to cater to international students. You can find these accommodations, they include utilities and offer many other facilities.

It's important for students to research their accommodation options thoroughly before committing, taking into account factors such as location, cost, safety, and accessibility to transportation and amenities.

Indian food

An important aspect of living anywhere is food. As an important daily essential, not everyone can adjust to the cuisines of a new country.  India is famous for its diverse cultures, and that means that most students from India are very comfortable with the rich Indian food varieties. For them, adjusting to a new cuisine is challenging. Therefore, it is advised that students look into local places and Indian restaurants around them to have a taste of home when they are homesick.

Many hostels and apartments (if students take those) include kitchens and the majority of these countries have supermarkets where you can get Indian food ingredients. If you can cook and would love a home-cooked meal that would remind you of home, then you can opt to get those ingredients and cook something up for yourself.

Study Nursing with Less Fees Abroad

A primary reason why Indian students prefer studying Nursing abroad is because of the low tuition cost. This is why our experts at Anigdha can shortlist those colleges that offer amazing education at the lowest to zero tuition fees, without compromising on the quality of education. Let us explore different countries that offer great tuition fees and affordable education to students looking to pursue Nursing:

Country Low Cost Fee or Free Study Opportunities
Germany Public universities in Germany offer free education to international students for nursing courses.
Finland - Aalto University Free to EU/EEA citizens and students taking course in Finnish or Swedish, affordable.
Norway - Oslo National Academy of the Arts free study for all students
Switzerland Scholarship options and affordable courses
Netherlands Scholarship options and affordable courses


For students pursuing Nursing, studying in a foreign city is usually a safe option. However, there are certain tips like not staying out late, ensuring that you have your passport and wallet in a safe place, carrying pepper spray if traveling alone at night, etc are some of the ways you can ensure safety while studying abroad.

Here are some of the reasons why studying Nursing abroad can be safer for students:

  • Safe countries: European countries like Germany boast about being one of the safest countries for the student population. Perhaps this is why the city attracts so many international students every year.

  • Safer Housing: Since these countries host a lot of international students, there are ample security options for students who opt to live alone in rented spaces.

  • Campus Experience: Campuses have a lot of diversity due to the cultural confluence on the campus and give students a global outlook. This also means that there are various bodies that students can go to if they feel unsafe on campus.

  • College bodies on student safety: Since these colleges host a lot of foreign students, they have strict policies that ensure that international students do not face things like ragging, racism, etc, and can function in harmony with others.

  • Overseas Student protection: There are various colleges that have international offices that provide students with a safe place if they are distressed. These approachable bodies are present on campus and can be reached out to at any time.

  • Health facilities: The most attractive reason for shifting to a foreign university is the excellent health facilities that students can avail of while studying in these countries, especially in European countries.


The cognitive, interpersonal, and social skills among students and climate play a significant underlying role in the student’s education. Students ought to learn how to gel well with the climate of the country they have chosen for their degree completion and the sooner they do, the sooner they can become more productive and function in that climate. Here is the global perspective on climate:


  • Winter: -1 to -12°C

  • Summer: 21 to 27°C

  • Autumn: 15-18°C


  • Winter: 1 to -6°C

  • Summer: 18 to 21°C

  • Autumn: 10 to 13°C


  • Winter: 8.8°C to - 17°C

  • Summer: 18°C to 25°C

  • Autumn: 14°C to 22°C


  • Winter: - 5°C to - 30°C

  • Summer: 20°C to 40°C

  • Autumn: 5°C to 20°C

New Zealand

  • Winter: 10°C to 16°C

  • Summer: 20°C to 25°C

  • Autumn: 7°C to 21°C


  • Winter: 5°C to 8°C

  • Summer: 15°C to 20°C

  • Autumn: 8°C to 14°C


  • Winter: 1°C to 7°C

  • Summer: 13°C to 25°C

  • Autumn: 7°C to 18°C


  • Winter: -5°C to 5°C

  • Summer: 9°C to 17°C

  • Autumn: 10°C to 18°C


  • Winter: 5°C to 8°C

  • Summer: 15°C to 20°C

  • Autumn: 22°C to 30°C


  • Winter: 24°C to 30°C

  • Summer: 25°C to 32°C

  • Autumn: 25°C to 31°C


  • Winter: 6°C to 16°C

  • Summer: 25°C to 35°C

  • Autumn: 21°C to 31°C


  • Winter: -14°C to 5°C

  • Summer:18°C to 28°C

  • Autumn: 8°C to 15°C

The Netherlands

  • Winter: 3°C to 17°C

  • Summer:17°C to 23°C

  • Autumn: 6°C to 10°C

Quality of Education

The primary reason for choosing a foreign university is the opportunity to study in some of the leading and prestigious colleges in the world. These premium institutions have state-of-the-art facilities, superior infrastructure, and excellent teaching faculty who ensure that you only receive the best education from the best teachers. The established programs and comprehensive courses aid greatly when looking for a job. Additionally, most of these colleges have regulatory bodies that ensure that only quality education is imparted to their students. This is greatly beneficial for international students as they get an opportunity to do internships and apprenticeships in leading places.

Eligibility for Studying Nursing Abroad

It might be difficult for students to understand what the eligibility criteria is for enrolling in these top-notch colleges. Here is where Anigdha comes in with our years of experience in guiding students through the entire application procedure and helping them secure a seat in a prestigious college to study Nursing abroad.


The eligibility criteria varies from university to university for a bachelors in Nursing in foreign universities. However, Indian students need to fulfill some basic criteria that are common within every university, post which they can pursue their Bachelors degree in Nursing at that university. Here are some of the eligibility requirements that Indian students need to follow:

  • 10+2 education in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and English as main subjects

  • English language proficiency scores, usually demonstrated through tests such as TOEFL or IELTS

  • Minimum 70% aggregate or 3.0 GPA in their 10+2 or equivalent

  • Letter of recommendation and Essay on why they are choosing that university and which courses interest them the most and why

  • Entrance exam or interview (if the student has qualified for any national entrance that is required for admission, then they are exempted from sitting for the written entrance test of the university.)


To study Masters in Nursing in foreign universities, students need to fulfill certain criteria depending on the eligibility criteria as per the university and the country. Here are some of the basic eligibility requirements that students need to fulfill in order to get admission in a Masters course:

  • Bachelors degree from an accredited university under the same course

  • A GPA or Grade Point Average of 3.5 or above in the 4.0 scale

  • English language proficiency scores, usually demonstrated through tests such as TOEFL or IELTS

  • Student’s portfolio showcasing their works, internships, and minimum one year of work experience in the healthcare sector

  • Internship certificates, work experience certificates, letters of recommendation, and other similar documents from the previous place of work.

Documents Required for Studying Nursing Abroad


The documents required for admission in the bachelors course may vary within universities and countries, however, there are some common documents that students need to produce during the admission procedure:

  • High School transcripts and certificates

  • Letters of recommendation (minimum 2)

  • IELTS or TOEFL Score with the minimum score requirement

  • Updated resume, and SOP, or essay on why the student is choosing this university

  • Financial proofs of the student

  • Valid ID Proofs, Passport and passport size photographs of the student

  • Valid proof that he student is foreign students


The documents required for admission in the masters course may vary within universities and countries, however, there are some common documents that students need to produce during the admission procedure:

  • Bachelors transcripts

  • Internship certificates, work experience certificate (minimum 1 year), and letters of recommendation (minimum 2)

  • IELTS or TOEFL Score with the minimum score requirement

  • Updated resume, and SOP, or essay on why the student is choosing this university

  • Financial proofs of the student

  • Valid ID Proofs, Passport and passport size photographs of the student

  • Valid proof that he student is foreign student

  • Updated portfolio

  • Visa application documents and other requirements

Our team guides you through the eligibility, documents required, and all other aspects to study abroad


When looking to study Nursing abroad, it is important to note when the academic year starts for that college. Since the Indian system is a lot different than these universities, you can consult Anigdha to help you understand the intake timeline. The intake for Nursing programs in different countries and universities can vary, but most commonly there are two intakes for international students:

Fall Intake

Starts in September and is the main intake for most universities. The following countries usually allow fall intake:

  • The United States

  • Canada

  • The United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • France

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Switzerland

  • New Zealand

Spring Intake

While the September/October intake is the most common for arts programs, there are some countries that offer a spring (January/February) intake as well. Here is a list of some countries that have a spring intake for international students:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Germany

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

Duration of Studying Nursing Abroad

The table below shows typical Nursing program durations, but they may vary due to university differences. Indian students should review requirements to align with their goals and timeline when looking for such demanding courses

Country Bachelors Duration Masters Duration
United States 4 years 2 years
United Kingdom 3-4 years 1-3 years
Canada 4 years 2 years
Australia 3-4 years 1-2 years
Switzerland 2 years 1-2 years
Germany 3-4 years 2 years
France 3-4 years 2 years
Netherlands 3-4 years 2 years
Italy 3 years 2 years
Spain 4 years 2 years
Sweden 3 years 2 years
Denmark 3-4.5 years 2 years
Japan 4 years 2 years
South Africa 3-4 years 2 years
United Arab Emirates 3-4 years 2 years

Admission Procedure

Studying Nursing abroad is not very difficult, however, there are certain sections in the admission procedure that students need to go through to get an admission in a bachelors or masters program in foreign universities. Anighda Overseas Consultancy can help you during this procedure to find the ideal college that can get you your favorite course:

  • Finding your ideal university: Our experts are proficient in taking into account your preferences and shortlisting the most ideal colleges for you. Additionally, we also help out with the eligibility process, admission and application for visas.

  • Application Eligibility Process: We offer support throughout the application process, regarding the application timeline, requirements, and deadlines so that you can register within the due date. We also help in preparing the necessary documents, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays.

  • Language Proficiency Tests: We can advise students on the language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL required for admission to Nursing programs in foreign universities. Students can avail of this support if they are appearing for these examinations.

  • Visa: Our experts provide proper guidance on the visa application process, including visa requirements, documents, last dates, etc

  • Interviews: For some universities, before the candidate starts with the program, they need to sit for an entrance interview where questions like why the candidate has chosen the course and university are asked. We can help prepare students for such interview rounds.

Medium of Teaching Abroad

Stepping foot in the healthcare industry is not only financially beneficial but also a wholesome experience. Perhaps this is what it takes for students to enroll themselves in this profession. The language of instruction differs between universities and countries and most of the places offer courses in English. Here is the method of teaching in different countries:

Country Medium of Teaching or Language of Instruction
USA English
UK English
Australia English
Canada English or French
New Zealand English
Ireland English
France English or French
Germany English or German
Italy English
Singapore English
Spain English or Spanish
Switzerland English or German or French or Italian or Romash
The Netherlands English and Dutch
Finland English, Finish, Swedish

Cost of Living

The cost of living is one of the important elements that students have to consider to decide on study abroad options. So, if you are planning to study nursing abroad, these are the cost of living in different countries that you need to know:

Countries Cost of Living (USD)
USA $1784 to $2,061
Canada $1,764 to $2,000
United Kingdom $1,892 to $2,500
Australia $1,963 to $2,500
Germany $1,346 to $2,000
Ireland $1100 to $ 2,000
New Zealand $1,700 to $ 2100
France $970 to $1,500
Italy $881 to $1900
Singapore $1,100 to $1,400
Switzerland $200 to $1,600
Spain $720 to $2,000
Netherlands $900 to $1,500

Career Scope

Studying Nursing programs abroad offers Indian students ample career opportunities in India and other countries, by equipping them with diverse knowledge and skills that they can utilize in leading healthcare companies, hospitals, and other places. With their global degrees, they can choose career options such as:

  • Clinical Instructor: Clinical instructors provide training, skills, and knowledge about nursing to students to prepare them for the profession.

  • Associate professor: An associate professor is a teacher who teaches students certain nursing subjects in universities or colleges.

  • Health visitor: Health visitors are registered nurses who are trained for community or public health.

  • High-intensity Therapist: Help people to overcome their anxiety and depression with techniques.

  • Assistant nursing superintendent: The assistant nursing superintendent helps perform duties like evaluating patient care, and implementing and planning patient care.

  • ICU registered nurse: ICU registered nurses are specialized in handling patients in the intensive care unit.

  • Medical Surgical Nurse: medical surgical nurse help in diagnostic investigations in critical care units, and medical and surgical care.

  • Registered Nurse: Registered nurses assist doctors and help in different aspects of managing a hospital. From diagnosis to patient care, they handle different things.

Challenges Faced by Indian Students

India is a fertile ground for learning and diversity, and its rich cultural heritage backs it up beautifully. Students take every measure to ensure that they get only the best education so as to progress in their respective career paths. This is why a lot of them opt for foreign universities due to the multiple benefits that these universities bring to the students. However, the road is not smooth and some of the challenges faced by them include:

  • Linguistic Constraint: With a country of over 200 languages, unfortunately, English is not a leading language, which is the most popular language of instruction for many universities. This is why most Indian students struggle with the language once they step out of India.

  • Financial Barrier: Studying abroad is expensive and thus, Indian students need to look out for financial aid, grants, and scholarship programs to be able to afford to live and study in these countries.

  • Visa Processes: Obtaining a student visa can be a time-taking process with its multiple application criteria. This poses a challenge for students studying abroad.

  • Cultural Boundaries: Experiencing a culture shock in foreign universities is not uncommon for students who have come from a country that boasts of a confluence of so many different cultures and rich heritage.

At Anigdha Overseas Consultancy, we know the challenges faced by Indian students who want to study at foreign universities. Our team has professionals who have years of experience helping Indian students navigate through the complex process of studying in foreign universities.


Which countries offer the most affordable Nursing programs to International students?


Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, and Finland offer the most affordable courses to students for Arts programs.

Are there universities that offer courses for Nursing in English?


Yes, there are multiple universities that offer programs in English for both Bachelors and Masters degrees to international students.

Are students eligible for scholarship programs while studying Nursing abroad?


Yes, most universities offer excellent scholarship programs and financial aid to international students that significantly help in reducing tuition fees and financial burdens.

Can I work while pursuing a Nursing course at a foreign university?


Yes, you can! Multiple universities allow students to work for almost 90 full hours while they are pursuing a course at their university.

Can I look for a job in my own country with these foreign university degrees?


Yes, most of these universities offer a globally recognized degree so the student can look for a job in their own country as well.

How will you know more about studying nursing abroad?


Consulting Anigdha overseas consultants is the best way to resolve all your queries related to study abroad options.

Planning to study abroad?

Get free 1-on-1 counselling with our experts

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Germany is a popular destination for students seeking a quality education at an ...

April, 26 2023
How to choose Best Education Consultant for Germany

How to choose Best Education ...

In recent years, more and more students have chosen to study in Germany. This be...

April, 22 2023
Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Scholarships in Germany for I...

There are a variety of scholarships available in Germany, from government-sponso...

April, 17 2023
How to get Part-time Jobs in Germany

How to get Part-time Jobs in ...

If you're looking for a way to make some extra cash while you're studying, Germa...

April, 07 2023


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