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Study in Russia

Study in RussiaDon't you wish to travel to another land exploring the city whilst obtaining an international degree? Well, for aspiring students, there are tons of opportunities available for you, catering to all your professional needs. Students from around the world are able to pursue their dream courses in a variety of countries. One of the great choices when it comes to destinations in Russia. In Russia, there is a diverse cultural environment. This allows international students to witness a great education in such a diverse environment and meet different people. If you wish to know more about the country and its existing education system, Anigdha can guide you through it efficiently. We help you make informed decisions about choosing the right course in the right place. Let us dive a bit deeper into studying in Russia.

Why Study in Russia

Before choosing a destination, students often question why they wish to pursue their higher education in the country. With Russia, you have several advantages, such as –

  • All subjects are taught in-depth and on a fundamental level in the country. Russian universities are known for their physics, math, and natural science departments.

  • Most Russian universities offer courses taught in the English language for the easy comprehension of international students.

  • Since Russia is the largest country globally, there are almost 896 universities. The university offers 205 fields of study and 657 subjects to students enrolled in Bachelors, Masters, and other programs.

  • The Russian government efficiently offers scholarships to students who cannot pursue their dream careers due to a lack of finances.

  • The tuition fees in universities are quite affordable, making it easy for international students to come and study here.

  • The degrees obtained by Russian universities are recognized and accredited globally by renowned councils and bodies.

  • Foreigners living in Russia have the opportunity to get an education for free. Each year, the Russian government funds hundreds of thousands of universities.

Top Courses and Programs in Russia

In Russia, you have the opportunity to select from a variety of courses. The following are some of the options for aspiring candidates –

Medical Education/ MBBS: MBBS courses in Russia are exceptionally popular, with students worldwide choosing the destination as their desired place to study. The reason why it is so popular is that –

  • The tuition fees are as low as 2.5 to 5 lacs per year

  • The education is of high quality

  • There is no entrance exam to study MBBS in the country

  • All courses are conducted in the English language

  • Renowned bodies recognize the medical schools

Engineering: As a student, if you wish to go for a diverse professional field, engineering can be one of your top choices. The main highlights of studying engineering are -

  • There are several top universities in Russia for engineering, from Moscow State University to St Petersburg State University.

  • The fee structure is quite low.

  • There are several scholarship programs for students

  • After graduating from an engineering college, the career prospect is huge for students

Aviation: Aviation is one of the study fields that have gained speedy popularity in Russia. The reasons why aviation is a popular choice here are because -

  • Students can study commercially and study for free if they get support from the Russian government.

  • There are a lot of opportunities in this field in aircraft design or testing as well as in other fields. However, to do so, one must study this field first.

  • Aviation covers the study of design, production, and operation of aircraft.

Business and Administration/ MBA: Taking an MBA in Russia is a good option for those seeking a career change. Studying a Master of Business Administration in Russia or anywhere else can be a significant advantage for those wanting to start their own business in Russia since they will gain a deeper understanding of the country's business culture and complexities. A few advantages of MBA in Russia are -

  • Russian business schools are comparatively cheaper than most European countries.

  • The medium of instruction in Russia is English; therefore, it’s easier for students to understand the lectures.

  • Due to the Bologna declaration signed by Russia in 2003, students can earn a Russian diploma and a diploma from a European university if they study in Russia.

IT Education: Among the several popular specializations in Russia, IT education is one of the highly desired ones. There are leading international organizations to offer internships at Russian universities that train IT, specialists. Among the major highlights are -

  • Many Russian university graduates hold high-paid positions worldwide, including those in IT, web design, cryptography, and information security.

  • Students can successfully pursue a Ph.D. degree after completing their masters and bachelors in Russia.

  • National University of Science and Technology MISIS, one of Russia's top technical universities, has introduced a new degree program in Intelligent Systems for Data Processing.

  • Students have various options to select from when it comes to IT Education in Russia.

Top Universities in Russia

There are several universities in Russia that you can choose for your higher education. Whether it's an MBA degree or an MBBS, here are the options for universities with the best ratings and recognition –

  • Tver State Medical University

  • Bashkir State Medical University

  • Orenburg State Medical University

  • People’s Friendship University of Russia

  • National University of Science and Technology

  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  • Saint Petersburg State University

  • Novosibirsk State University

  • Aerospace Engineering University of Moscow

  • Don State Technical University

  • Moscow State Aviation Technological University

Scholarships Available in Russia

International students living in Russia can apply for state scholarships after passing the entrance exam. Every Russian government offers students with ‘state-funded spots.’ In 2020, such scholarships were given to almost 15,000 students. The government scholarship includes –

  • Free tuition fees for the entire duration of the program

  • It also includes a maintenance allowance that covers the entire duration of the study

  • Dormitory accommodation

Admission Procedure

If you are willing to apply for a specific program in Russia, here are a few steps to follow –

  • Students in Russia have access to diverse options in choosing a subject and their desired program. So the first step is selecting your desired university.

  • Next, students can learn about the finances and scholarships that will help them pursue their dream careers.

  • Once students have chosen the program and university, they must apply on the university’s official website and upload the required documents.

  • Several universities have an admission procedure that involves admission tests and entrance exams. Students must learn about those and clear the exam for selection.

  • The last step is the invitation letter. Upon receiving the invitation letter, students can apply for a student visa.

Visa to Study in Russia

The majority of the international students who want to study in Russia will require a visa. However, a few countries needn't require a visa to study in Russia. There are two types of visas that students can apply for –

  • Russian Student Visa

  • Russian Humanitarian Visa

Students can apply for their visas at the Russian Embassy or consulate in their home country. There are also authorized visa centers that are eligible for visa applications. Upon receiving the invitation letter from universities, students can apply for a visa.

Documents Required to Study in Russia

At the time of application in any university, students are expected to show the following documents –

  • Visa

  • Birth certificate

  • A valid passport

  • Academic records

  • Medical certificate

  • Invitation letter

  • Recommendation letter

  • Passport size photographs

Eligibility Criteria

To study in Russia, students must fulfill the following eligibility criteria –

  • Candidates should pass 10+2 examinations from a renowned university or institute.

  • Students must pass the entrance tests directed by several universities

  • Several universities require the language proficiency tests

  • Candidates must be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission

Indian Students in Russia

Indian students are today choosing Russia as their ideal destination to pursue higher education. Approximately 14,000 Indian students are studying in Russia. Most of them are pursuing a medical degree in the country. Russia is presently welcoming more students from around the world. Russia doesn't seem very expensive for Indian students compared to several European countries. Therefore, considering the affordability of living and studying, Indian students choose Russia against several other countries.

Cost of Living in Russia

Living in Russia isn't as expensive as it seems. However, the living cost will depend on the student's lifestyle and choices. The basic cost of living, including all amenities, is –

  • Rent in a shared flat: $277-300

  • Transportation cost: $29-35

  • Utilities cost: $35-40

  • Food cost: $100-150

Career Prospects

Are you skeptical about choosing Russia as your desired country, thinking of the career prospects? Well, Russia is home to several job opportunities for international students. Several multinational companies have a tremendous amount of exposure for students.

Among the several sectors that witness flourished career prospects are –

  • Retail

  • Health

  • Tourism

  • Education

  • Mining

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

The average salary in Russia ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 rubles a month.

How We Help Students To Study in Russia

If you dream of a successful educational and professional career in Russia, you must be equipped with adequate knowledge to go about the whole process. If you need help choosing your dream career or applying to universities, Anigdha is here to help you. We can guide you through the process and provide the following services –

  • We help you with counseling and suggest the appropriate university for higher education.

  • Next, we guide you through the application and documentation procedure, making the application process easy for you.

  • When it comes to entrance exams in universities, we help you with mock rounds so that clearing the test becomes facile.

  • We also help with the visa application procedure once you receive the invitation letter from the respective university.

  • From form fill-up to departure and more, we have relevant experience in handling every aspect with ease.

About Russia

About RussiaRussia as a country is extremely popular, thanks to being one of the largest in the country. It has a culturally diverse environment that offers excellent studying opportunities. The land of Russia covers approximately 17,125,191 square kilometers. Russia is famous for a variety of things. Some interesting facts about the country are –

  • Moscow has the maximum billionaires in the world

  • Moscow has the busiest metro in the world

  • The residents of Russia believe in several superstitions

  • Russia is the most popular country known for the highest vodka consumption

  • St Petersburg has as many bridges as Venice


When does the academic year begin in Russia?


Usually, basic programs start in September and June.

What is the currency used In Russia?


The currency used in Russia in rubles.

Are degrees obtained in Russia accepted around the world?


Yes, the degrees obtained in Russian universities are accepted and accredited globally.

What is the medium of instruction in Russia?


The medium of instruction in Russia are English and Russian

What kind of visa do I need to study in Russia?


Except for a few countries, the rest of the international students need a student visa to study in Russia.

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