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Study in Russia for Indian Students 

Study in RussiaStudy in Russia to get the best infrastructure and the student-friendly environment for your higher education. Russia is the perfect place for you to take your higher education abroad with excellent and top-rated courses. Students have a beautiful experience while studying in Russia with the best knowledge. Students get a variety of course opportunities in Russia making it a perfect place for you to take your degree. They provide an innovative approach in Russia for students and help them to complete their education with the best experience. The students get great benefits while studying in Russia, and the degree they receive is globally recognized at a very high level. The courses will be in English, making it very simple for the students to complete their higher education in a foreign country. So, if you want to know more details about studying in Russia then continue reading this page.

A Look at the Education System in Russia

Russia is a country that boasts the most amazing education system. This can be attributed to innovative approaches and the development of teaching methodologies. There are many accredited universities that will provide reputable degrees to their students. In addition to theoretical knowledge imparted to students, you will also be able to learn practical skills. These are very valuable, especially when you are entering different industries as working professionals.

The education system in Russia is supervised by the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education. It follows a standardized 11-year format of education. This involves the following:

  • Primary school education for 4 years

  • Secondary education for 5 years

  • Upper secondary level education for 2 years

  • After this comes higher education, which is open to both Russian and international students.

Why Study in Russia?

There are many reasons why Russia is the most preferred location for those willing to study in a foreign country:

  • Study Free in Russia: With many different scholarships and grants available, students will also get the opportunity to get a free education in Russia. This is a great way to get a quality education abroad without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Earn While You Learn: This country also allows you to pursue different part-time jobs so that you can get ample financial support. This way, your minor spending can be covered and you will be able to have fun in Russia without having to worry about empty pockets.

  • A Globally Valid Degree: The degree you will earn at the popular universities in Russia will be valid globally. This implies that you will be eligible to apply for lucrative job roles in any country.

  • High-Quality Education: Russia is one of the most trusted countries when it comes to offering high-quality education to its students. And to make your education experiences richer, they have top-notch technological facilities as well. You will also be able to get hands-on learning in Russia. 

  • Rich Culture: The Russian culture is a very unique and rich one. Hence, you will have amazing experiences during your time here as a student. The locals in this country are also very welcoming, ensuring that you are comfortable in a foreign country.

  • Learn New Languages: Lastly, learning in a foreign country like Russia will allow you to learn many new languages. This will be extremely helpful during your career because you will be able to visit any country and communicate effectively.

Facts & Figures about Studying in Russia

Here are some of the most fascinating facts and figures about education in Russia:

Name of the Country


Number of International Students


Percentage of International Students


Countries With Most International Students in Russia


61,000 students


48,700 students


32,600 students


30,600 students


23,100 students

Most In-Demand Subjects in Russia






International Students Pursuing Ph.D. in Russia (2022)


Famous Ph.D. Specializations in Russia

Biological Sciences

Informatics and Computer Technologies




Best Cities to Study

- Moscow

- Novosibirsk

- St. Petersburg

- Nizhny Novgorod

- Kazan

Best Universities

- Moscow State University

- Novosibirsk State University

- Saint Petersburg State University

- Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

- Tomsk State University

Number of Universities



Cold Weather

National Language


Other Languages

- German

- Ukrainian

- Tatar

- French

- Turkic

Academic Year

From September to June

Top Courses & Programs Available for Students in Russia

In Russia, there are a wide variety of courses available for students at the higher education level. The different stages and kinds of education offered here include:


Generally, the academic year for the students of different courses studying in Russian universities starts on the 1st day of September every year. This changes from one university to another and the degree you are opting for.

For the higher education degrees in Russia, one academic year is divided into 2 semesters.

  • The first semester starts in September and lasts up to January. This is the most prominent intake followed by most universities.

  • The second semester starts in February and lasts up to June. Only a few universities use this application intake.

Top Universities for Studying in Russia

You must be aware of the fact that Russia provides the best educational experience to its students. This has been possible because of the best universities in Russia. They boast seasoned faculty members and top-notch infrastructure. In this section, let us have a look at the top universities in Russia where you can pursue different study programs:

Best Universities for Studying Engineering in Russia

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Russia for studying engineering:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Moscow State University Public Moscow 87 12%
Bauman Moscow State Technical University Public Moscow 319 30%
Kazan Federal University Public Kazan 860 -

Best Universities for Studying Medicine in Russia

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Russia for studying medicine:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Kazan State Medical University Public Kazan 601 68%
Kursk State Medical University Public Kursk 196 74%
Volgograd State Medical University Public Volgograd 241 74%

Best Universities for Studying Chemistry in Russia

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Russia for studying chemistry:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Saint Petersburg State University Public Saint Petersburg 315 14%
Moscow State University Public Moscow 87 12%
ITMO University Public Saint Petersburg 542 10%

Best Universities for Studying Astronomy in Russia

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Russia for studying astronomy:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Public Moscow Oblast 415 46%
Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI) Public Moscow 461 26%
Tomsk Polytechnic University Public Tomsk Oblast 586 30%

Best Universities for Studying Aviation in Russia

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Russia for studying aviation:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Moscow Aviation Institute Public Moscow 351 14%
Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation Public Saint Petersburg 181 38%
Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation Public Moscow 170 56%

Best Universities for Studying MBA in Russia

Listed below are the most important details about the top universities in Russia for studying MBA:

University Category City Ranking Acceptance Rate
Moscow State University Public Moscow 87 12%
Moscow International Higher Business School – MIRBIS Private Moscow 10 69%
Saint Petersburg State University Public Saint Petersburg 315 14%

Cost of Education in Russia

The cost of education is one of the most crucial considerations you must include when you are looking for the best study abroad destinations. This is because you need to ensure that the various expenditures involved, when summed, are under your budget. The approximate range of tuition fees required for pursuing education in Russia is between RUB 1,20,000 and RUB 5,00,000. The masters courses generally charge a much higher fee than bachelors courses.

Admission Procedure for Studying in Russian Universities

The admission procedure for foreign universities like those in Russia might be a little difficult for many students to understand. But you don’t need to worry. In the pointers below, we will have a look at the process in a stepwise manner and also tell you how the experts at Anigdha can help you.

  • Preliminary Discussion: The process will start with a thorough discussion about your goals and likes. This is important so that your consultants understand which courses are best suited for your career goals. The consultants at Anigdha are patient individuals who will listen to you and understand what you deserve to the best of their capabilities.

  • Shortlisting Universities: After you have understood what course you wish to pursue, you need to check which universities in Russia offer that specific course. Our experts have deep knowledge about universities and thorough research skills. Hence, they will help you choose the best university easily.

  • Application Form: The next and utmost crucial step is to fill out the application form. There are many details you will need to add to the application forms of your shortlisted universities. And it is essential to not make any errors when doing so. Hence, we double-check your application forms before they are sent to the universities. This increases your chances of getting selected at the specific universities.

  • Documents Required: You also need someone who possesses details about all the documents necessary for your admission. We are these experts. Anigdha’s specialist team will provide you with a precise list of what you require for a hassle-free admission process.

  • Fee Payment: The next stage of the application process is the payment of the fee. The university usually sends the details via email for the same. After the payment is done, you will get access to the university portal.

  • Visa Application: We will also help you with the visa application process. This involves various steps and a stringent documentation process. Hence, you will need the help of experts who will guide you with their experience.

  • Other Necessary Arrangements: The last step is to make necessary arrangements like meals and accommodation that will be essential when you study abroad. There are many options available for food and shelter in Russian cities with popular colleges. All you need to do is conduct thorough research and choose the best option for yourself.

Cost of Living in Russia for International Students

Apart from the cost of education in Russia, it is also important to consider the cost of living. This involves various expenses from food and rent to groceries and commutes. The approximate cost of living is anywhere between RUB 8,000 and RUB 20,000 (monthly).

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing Education from Russian Universities

Want to know the eligibility criteria for studying at a university in Russia? We have listed the details below:

  • Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing Bachelors Degrees in Russia: Listed below are the requirements you must fulfill in order to apply for a bachelors degree program in Russia:-

    1. You must have pursued school level education up to the 12th standard. You should not have any backlogs in education during this tenure.

    2. You must have scored the minimum required percentage for studying in your chosen university. This is usually 50% to 60% for many universities.

    3. Some universities may add an entrance exam or interview to the list of criteria. This usually depends on the course you are opting for.

  • Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing Masters Degrees in Russia: Here are the eligibility criteria that you must fulfill if you are willing to study for a masters degree in Russian universities:-

    1. Students willing to study masters in Russia should have completed education up to 10+2 level.

    2. Successful completion of a bachelors or equivalent degree from an accredited institution is also necessary.

    3. You should have a minimum score of 50-60% marks during graduation semesters.

    4. You may also have to attend an interview or take an entrance test to get admission to certain universities.

Documents Required for Students to Pursue Education in Russia

It is important to check the documents required thoroughly and have everything handy when seeking admission. In this section, let us have a look at this list for bachelors and masters aspirants studying in Russia. The documents listed below are standard ones, which means some universities might require you to submit some additional documents as well.

Documents Required for Pursuing Bachelors Degrees in Russia

Listed below are the documents you will be expected to submit if you wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in Russia:

  • Completion certificates of 10+2 level education

  • Paid receipt of fee receipt of the university as proof of payment of tuition fees

  • Bank statements for about 6 months

  • Proof of Identity

  • Medical Health Insurance

  • Admission letter from the university

  • Valid bachelor's degree

  • Original passport

  • Entrance examination scores

  • At Least 6 to 8 passport-size photos

Documents Required for Pursuing Masters Degrees in Russia

Given below is an essential checklist of the documents you need to compile if you wish to apply for a masters degree program from a university in Russia:

  • Completion certificates of 10+2 level education

  • Bachelors degree or certificate of completion 

  • Paid receipt of fee receipt of the university as proof of payment of tuition fees

  • Original passport

  • Entrance examination scores

  • Bank statements for about 6 months

  • Proof of Identity

  • Valid bachelor's degree

  • At Least 6 to 8 passport-size photos

  • Medical Health Insurance

  • Admission letter from the university

Language of Instruction

International students will be very comfortable knowing that all your courses will be in the English language. You do not need to understand the Russian language to study in Russia as your courses will be entirely in English. You might have to give an interview to prove your English proficiency if required.

Choosing the Ideal Higher Education Course in Russia

Some of the important things you must analyze before choosing a course are:

  • Difficulty Level of the Course: Some courses, like medical, aviation, dentistry, etc., are more difficult to study than others. And not all students can endure studying such courses. Hence, before you select a course for learning in Russia, you must ensure that you are satisfied with the difficulty level of the course.

  • Popularity of the Course: When choosing a course to study in Russia, you must also check whether it is in demand in current times. If you pursue courses that are popular among employers, your chances of getting hired for lucrative salaries across the world will increase.

  • Future Career Prospects of the Course: The primary purpose of pursuing higher education, whether it is in your home country or in Russia, is to get the finest job options in the end. Hence, when comparing the different courses you can pursue in Russia, you must also consider the opportunities they will offer.

  • Your Interest in the Course: What matters above everything else is your interest. Hence, you must always prefer a course that you have an enthusiastic interest in. If you just go with the fads and choose what your friends are deciding, you may end up getting bored. And this loss of zeal to learn will significantly affect your results.

  • Quality of the Course: You must also assess the quality of education available in Russia for the course you have chosen. There should be ample study material and experienced teachers available who will teach the course in a detailed manner. This is very essential if you want to guarantee yourself a better future full of possibilities.

  • Universities Offering the Course: You must also check how many universities offer your choice of course in Russia. Are these universities popular? Have there been any complaints against any university by former students? In which cities are the universities located? Are there enough hassle-free commute options available to and from the universities? What are the facilities offered by these universities? Consider all these questions when choosing a course and university.

  • Fee Required for the Course: The fee structures of various courses are also variable. While some courses will require you to take an educational loan or apply for scholarships, others are extremely affordable. Hence, one must consider the expenses associated with the different courses before narrowing down their choices.

  • Other Countries Offering the Course: Lastly, you must also consider the different countries offering the course you wish to study. Russia is an excellent study-abroad destination for students. But there are many other options available. Hence, you must research thoroughly and find the ideal country for getting quality education in the course of your liking.

Visa Requirements

To be qualified to study in Russia, you will require a Student Visa. This can be of three kinds:

  • Single Entry

  • Double Entry

  • Multiple Entry

The primary validity period of a student visa in Russia is for 90 days, followed by which, you will receive an extension. The extension period depends upon the duration of the course that you are willing to pursue in Russia. For this, you need to submit an application to the Federal Migration Service of Russia. If you are keen to pursue research, the student visa will not be right for you. In this case, you will be instructed to apply for the Humanitarian Visa.

Let us walk you through these requirements for applying for a student visa in Russia:

  • You will need to express why you are willing to enter the Russian nation. How? You can do this by

    1. Submitting the invitation letter granted by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of the Interior. (Requested and provided by the university)

    2. Presenting a Telex invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. (Requested and provided by the university)

    3. A duplicate copy of the letter of invitation by the university you have chosen to study in Russia.

  • HIV Test Certificate

    1. Should be conducted not more than three months before the date of application)

    2. Validity - 15 to 30 days (as of application date)

  • Passport size photographs

  • Valid passport

  • A consent form is necessary for students below 18 years of age.

  • Visa application (filled with utmost care and precision)

  • Bank statements (of the past 3 months)

Your Russian student visa application will take about 10 to 30 days to be processed depending on working days and a variety of other factors.

Scholarships Available for Students in Russia

Studying in a foreign country is sometimes an overwhelming experience. This is specifically because of the financial burden that it is believed to bring along. But studying in Russia is different. There are so many scholarships that you will be confused about which one to choose for that needed relief from the stress of expenses.

In this section, we will walk you through the scholarship options available and try to understand them:

Name of Scholarships


Features of the Scholarship

Uniform State Examination(EGE) Route for Scholarships by the Russian Government

Government Funded Scholarships

- 15,000 spots

- Free tuition for complete program

- Dormitory accommodation included

The Russian Scholarships Project – Open Doors Russian Scholarships

Non-Government Funded Scholarships

- 100% waiver on tuition fee

- Based on competitive exam

- Available for masters courses in economics, physics, computer science, or mathematics

BP in Russia Research Scholarships

Non-Government Funded Scholarships

- RUB 15,000 to RUB 35,000 per month

- For students studying economics or energy

- Merit-based scholarships

Benjamin A Gilman Scholarships

Non-Government Funded Scholarships

- 2,900+ scholarships granted

- Applicable for students learning foreign languages

- Critical Need Language Award of $ 8,000

National Research Nuclear University (Mephl)

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- Focuses on research

- approved by the Council for the Science of the Russian President and the Government of the Russian Federation

- Get to work with renowned scientists

Educational Grants by Medical Colleges in Russia

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- Exam-based

- Criteria must be fulfilled

Russian International Olympic University

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- By the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

- 20 spots

- Has a monthly stipend, and covers tuition fees and accommodation costs

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- Regular monthly stipend

- Merit-based

- Competitive basis

Lomonosov Moscow State University

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- Available for various degree levels

- 10 spots available

- Grants and stipend

HSE Gold Funding for International Students

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- For UG and PG levels

- Based on scores

- RUB 1,500 per month and free tuition fees

HSE University Global Scholarship Competition, Russia (full scholarship for Master’s Degree)

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- 5 winners

- 50% discount on tuition fees

- Should be below 40 years

Tomsk State University

University-Specific Russian Scholarships

- Applicable for research students

- Covers air tickets and dormitory charges

- Merit-based

Work While Studying in Russia

The Russian government helps the students by allowing them to work during their free time. Of course, you will need a work permit for this. Your permit will specify the area where you can be employed part-time, as well as the name of your college. This permit will take about 10 working days to arrive. Working in Russia without a permit will entitle you to a fine of about 2,000 to 5,000 RUB. The part-time work hours permitted to foreign students is up to 4 hours each day or a total of 20 hours every week. If you have a vacation then you can extend your work hours to full-time by working 8 hours a day or a total of 40 hours per week.

Popular Cities for International Students in Russia

Here are some popular cities for international students in Russia:

  • Moscow: This is the largest city in Russia and also the capital. Thus, it comes packed with the best facilities. This is one of the top reasons why students are willing to live in Moscow. The QS best student cities ranking in Russia for Moscow is 82.6. The cost of living in this city for one month ranges between $434 and $967, and there are many amazing universities here, including:

    1. Moscow State University

    2. Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI)

    3. Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

    4. Moscow State Institute of International Relations

    5. HSE University

  • St. Petersburg: Another popular city in Russia, St. Petersburg is known for its lush greenery and the best display of the history and culture of Russia. The QS best student cities ranking of St. Petersburg is 59.8. You will have to spend somewhere between $357 to $759 per month for your general living expenses in this city. There are many popular institutions available here as well. The best 5 include:

    1. Saint Petersburg State University

    2. ITMO University

    3. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU)

    4. First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg

    5. Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

  • Tomsk: Tomsk is a popular city known for its wooden architecture and host of opportunities for young minds to grow and thrive. The QS best student cities ranking of Tomsk (Russia) is 55.8, and the average monthly cost of living in Tomsk is $491. The most renowned universities in this city are:

    1. The National Research Tomsk State University

    2. Tomsk State Pedagogical University

    3. National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

    4. Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics

    5. The Siberian State Medical University

  • Novosibirsk: Considered one of the best student cities in Russia, with a QS ranking of 49.7, Novosibirsk has an amazing engineering and energy industry. Hence, not only will you get a great studying atmosphere here, but will also find attractive job prospects after the completion of your higher education degree. The approximate cost of living here is $250 to $534 per month. This student-friendly city has the following popular universities:

    1. Novosibirsk State University

    2. Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management

    3. Novosibirsk State Agricultural University Russian

    4. Novosibirsk State Technical University

    5. Siberian State Transport University

About Russia

About RussiaWith 18 states and the longest border, Russia is not only the largest country by land but also one of the most powerful countries in the world. With its stronghold in many industries, Russia is home to many businesses and MNCs. These industries employ local and international students who study in the country. Russia is one of the most interesting countries where you can study abroad for an excellent higher education degree. There are hundreds of universities in Russia offering a range of courses in varied specializations. Students aspiring to build careers in medical, technology, and non-technical fields can choose Russia as their destination. It is perfectly suitable for international students to take their higher Education courses in Russia because of the extreme facilities that they will get. Russian universities always welcome international students for their courses and provide the best programs for them. You must be interested in knowing more about this country, right? Here are some details for you to know about Russia!

Name of Country


Capital City


Largest City


Population (approximate)


Official Language


Other Popular Languages

- Tatar

- Bashkir

- Chechen

- Ukrainian

- Buryat


17,098,246 km2


Russian Ruble (?) (RUB)


- Christianity (61%)

- No religion (24%)

- Islam (9%)

- Others including Buddhism (2%)


Humid Continental Climate

How Anigdha Overseas Education Consultants help you?

Anigdha Overseas Education Consultancy is a leading name when it comes to guiding students to finding their ideal study-abroad destination. No matter what your career goals are, our experts specialize in helping you find the best country, university, and course. But what are some ways in which our seasoned specialists can help you? Let us find out!

  • Consultation: Pursuing higher education abroad is a challenging experience for many students, given there are so many options available when it comes to countries, courses, specializations, etc. This is where the experts at Anigdha come in. We sit with you to understand your career goals and help you with reliable guidance.

  • Documentation: The list of documents required for admission can be long and confusing. But with the help of our expert checklist, you will know what you need handy. This is our way of ensuring that you secure your admission to your dream university seamlessly.

  • Application Process: The application process of universities is variable. However, this must not scare you because you will have the support of Anigdha’s consultants who will help you fill out the application form correctly and stay by your side every step of the way.

  • Scholarship Hunt: Scholarships are an essential element of pursuing higher education abroad. This is because of the financial relief they bring along. But finding the right scholarship for yourself can be a tedious journey. But with the help of the experienced team members at Anigdha, you will be able to find the best one!

  • Visa Application: We are also experts in helping you apply for a visa in your chosen country, and help you check whether you meet the prerequisites for the same.

  • CVs, Resumes, LORs, SOPs: Our specialists will also help you build attractive CVs and resumes so that you are better equipped to enter the market. Moreover, our reviewers will check your letters of recommendation and statements of purpose to ensure that they meet professional standards.

If you are ready to take your academic journey to the verge of enrichment, get in touch with the expert consultants at Anigdha today!


Can international students study in Russia?


Yes! Russia allows international students to study in their reputed universities for higher education, irrespective of the specialization they wish to pursue.

Is Russia an ideal country for higher studies?


Yes! The world-class universities and the welcoming environment make Russia a good place to pursue higher education.

Can I find affordable higher education in Russia?


Yes. There are many affordable study options in Russia for international students. With proper research, you can also opt for scholarships and loans to study in Russia.

Can I get access to hostel facilities in the colleges of Russia?


Yes. It is easy to avail of the hostel facilities at many colleges in Russia. These boast the most excellent amenities and many accommodation options as well.

What are the most popular courses to pursue in Russia?


Some of the best courses in Russia are engineering, medicine, and MBA.

What are the eligibility conditions for students to study in Russia?


Students can study in Russia if they possess a valid passport and a student visa administered by Russian officers.

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