Study in Australia


Study in Australia

Study in AustraliaAustralia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world. The country offers an excellent education system, a high standard of living, and a friendly environment. International students are attracted to Australia because of its high-quality education, excellent facilities, and reputation as a leader in education. Australia has an excellent education system, which is ranked among the best in the world. International students can get a diverse range of study options where there are more than 1200 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from. You can study with world-class universities and gain real-world experience or enroll in high-quality programs that can help you get into a career you're interested in. No matter what your interests or background, you'll find a school that's right for you.

Why Study in Australia

Among the several popular countries for international standard education, Australia is one of them. The country, along with its pleasant climate, picturesque natural beauty, and popularity for kangaroos and Koala bears, holds a significant status for quality education.

Here are some benefits of studying in the country –

  • Australia takes the third spot among international students after the US and UK. Students worldwide choose Australia because of its diversity, friendly natives, and good education.

  • Australian government funds have been invested heavily in scholarships for international students, which explains why Australia ranks third on the list of countries with the highest number of international students.

  • Australia has eight universities in the top 100 universities in the world. Students in Australia are provided with a quality education. The country has more than 1100 universities, which offer more than 22,000 courses.

  • According to Australian law, students from overseas are allowed to work 20 hours a week, which means work while studying is highly encouraged.

  • International students in Australia have access to plenty of job opportunities. In order to ensure the students can find good jobs and stay in Australia if they wish, the Australian government offers students the chance to stay for an additional time period.

Top Courses and Programs in Australia

Students willing to travel to Australia find enough reasons to study here. They have the option to choose from a variety of courses. Some popular ones are –

  • Business Management or MBA: MBA in Australia is one of the most sought-after courses by students worldwide. Whether it's Australia or any other country, students look for quality education and innumerable opportunities. Students can choose to study either a general management course or a master's in business administration. Australia's management programs are excellent examples of theory and practice, and they focus on developing personal, communication, and leadership skills.

  • Medicine: After Business Management, maximum students choose to opt for courses in medicine as their career choice. You will be glad to know that MBBS in Australia is among the best in the world. A few universities like the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and the University of Queensland rank among the top 50 medical schools. The jobs after graduation are also attractive for students.

  • Accounting: Australia offers immense scope and opportunities to students willing to study accounting and finance in the country. CPA Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Institute of Public Accountants are Australia's three professional accounting bodies. A student who completes a degree from a recognized university or institute will be able to qualify for associate membership in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and CPA Australia.

  • Law: There are several law programs for students opting for a law course in the country. Students have the choice of specializing in one field of law. Due to Australia's legal education's high quality and international recognition, Australia has risen to the top of the list for law students.

  • Engineering: Students interested in engineering have great scope in Australian universities. Australian universities also provide several postgraduate courses for engineering. There are almost 37 engineering colleges in the country.

Top Universities in Australia

Along with offering such comprehensive courses for students, Australia is home to some top colleges and universities. These include –

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Queensland

  • University of Wollongong

  • University of Western Australia

  • Griffith University

  • Australian National University

  • University of Adelaide

  • Monash University

  • University of Sydney

  • Flinders University

  • Victoria University

  • University of Southern Queensland

  • La Trobe University


Australia provides many scholarship opportunities to students of all nationalities. For those who fail to procure an education abroad due to financial restrictions, the Australian universities and government come together to aid such students. The majority of these programs provide substantial payments, educational subsidies, or living allowances to make studying in Australia more affordable.

Some of the scholarship programs include –

  • VU International Excellence Scholarship

  • VU College Diploma Merit Scholarship

  • Swinburne University Scholarship

  • Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

  • University of Newcastle Scholarship

Admission Process in Australia

If you wish to apply to any Australian University successfully, you must follow the steps given below –

  • Choose your desired program and university.

  • Fill out the form carefully at the university’s official website

  • Submit all the required documents by the university

  • If the university conducts an entrance exam, you will have to sit for it.

  • Pay the application fee.

  • You have to wait for confirmation from the university. If you are selected, you will receive an invitation or offer letter.

  • With that, you can apply for the visa process.

Visa to Study In Australia

Students wishing to study in the country must have a student visa to proceed with the process. However, there are a few things to consider before applying for a visa.

  • A valid passport

  • Duly filled-in national visa application form

  • Birth certificate

  • Passport size photographs

  • Two copies of your passport

  • Marriage certificates, if any

Documents Required to Study In Australia

At the time of admission, students are required to submit the following documents –

  • Academic certificates

  • Valid passport

  • Medical certificate

  • Migration certificate

  • Work experience certificate, if any

  • Entrance exam clearance certificate

  • Visa

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Australia

Even though there are different eligibility criteria for different universities and courses, there are a few basic ones that almost all universities expect you to fulfill. These are –

  • You must complete your 10+2 examinations from a reputed institution

  • for UG courses.

  • You must complete your graduation with a minimum qualifying percentage from a recognized university for your PG courses.

  • You are expected to pass the IELTS or TOEFL examinations

  • You will be asked for relevant work experience for a few courses like MBA.

Indian Students in Australia

The number of Indians studying in the country is increasing by the day. Australia is among the top choices for several Indian students, given its excellent environment and qualitative education. Besides, the government makes an effort to provide easy scholarship opportunities to students who wish to study in the country. Australia also provides top-tier facilities that attract students from India to visit the country and study here.

Cost of Living in Australia

Another reason why Australia is particularly famous for international education is that it offers an affordable living facility. The costs of living here, including basic necessities, are –

  • Weekly Hostels and guesthouses expense: $90-150

  • Weekly Shared Rental expense: $95-200

  • Campus Stay expense: $110-250

  • Groceries: $100-200

  • Utilities Cost: $10-30

  • Public Transport Cost: $30-60

Career Prospects

Obtaining a job in Australia is very competitive. Your chances depend on a variety of factors, including your skills, qualifications, the field of work, and the city in which you wish to live. The reason many choose to live and work in Australia is not surprising. The Australian economy is booming, and there is a low unemployment rate and laid-back lifestyle that is fast, making it the land of opportunity for many. During a scheduled course break, you can typically work up to 40 hours every two weeks while you're studying. Whether you are a student or immigrant, it is crucial to clarify that your visa permits you to work. Apart from this, the career opportunities in the country are growing with a variety of options after graduation.

How Can We Help Students Study in Australia

Students willing to study abroad may not be fully equipped with the process and procedures. How about hiring someone who can guide you through the whole process? Anigdha can be your go-to place for all the information and guidance.

There are several benefits of hiring us –

  • We have a list of courses and universities that cater to your preferences and requirements.

  • We will help you figure out the finances at the time of fees payment.

  • If a particular university conducts an entrance exam, we will help you with mock rounds to clear the exam.

  • Once you are selected, we will help you with the visa application and approval.

  • We also arrange for accommodation facilities for a comfortable stay.

About Australia

About AustraliaAustralia is a vast and captivating country that offers a multitude of experiences for travelers. With its stunning natural landscapes, iconic landmarks, unique wildlife, and vibrant cities, it has something for everyone. From the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef and the rugged Outback to the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia never fails to impress. The country's diverse culture, rich indigenous heritage, and laid-back lifestyle add to its charm. Visitors can explore ancient Aboriginal rock art, encounter kangaroos and koalas in the wild, surf world-class waves, and indulge in delicious cuisine influenced by multicultural flavors. With a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and a reputation for safety, Australia is an inviting destination. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Australia promises a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Capital Canberra
Official language English
Currency Australian Dollars
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 7,692,024 square kilometers
Largest City Sydney
The population as per 2022 estimate 25,945,400


Is obtaining a student visa to Australia easy?


Yes, compared to other countries, getting a visa for Australia is simple.

What is the admission time or intake in the country?


There are generally two intakes, one in February and the other one on July

How much does studying in Australia cost?


The average fee cost usually ranges from $20,000 to $40,000

For masters, do Australian universities accept the Indian pattern of 10+2+3?


Yes, it is accepted in Australia.

Can students work during their study period in the country?


Yes, students can work and study at the same time.

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