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AnigdhaAnigdha is the front-runner when it comes to services related to education in foreign countries and studying abroad. Our expertise is not limited to a couple of weeks or years; we come with decades of experience. We can guarantee that we will provide you with the best tips and tricks to facilitate your success on the academic front. We have built a robust team comprising highly trained specialists who are always eager to cater to your needs. Our worldwide credentials and expertise have proved to be a very helpful asset for students who are looking to study abroad and prosper in it. Anigdha specializes in providing the most reliable advice and counseling services when it comes to academics because we understand the importance of education in a person's life. In addition, we help connect high school students who are interested in studying abroad with the most prominent educational institutions of higher learning throughout the world.

Our Team

Anigdha has emerged as one of the most successful consultancies in the country, and all of this can be attributed to our talented team of student counselors. Each of our team members is dedicated to the job and understands the responsibilities. They bring the most suitable approach to the table for handling students and providing comprehensive guidance. This is something we pride ourselves on, and that makes us the most effective overseas consultant in the country.

Poornima Chauhan

Poornima Chauhan

Marketing Head -  


Poornima Chauhan

Poornima Chauhan is an MBA serving as the marketing head at Anigdha. She is someone who is robust and comes with years of experience related to marketing. Poornima has been a part of many well-known brands in India, and she comes with a guarantee of delivering the best possible results. She specializes in digital marketing, event management, and brand building.

Elizabet Karkkeselyan

Bulgaria Head -  

LLB European Law (with honors)

Elizabet Karkkeselyan

Elizabet Karkkeselyan is a Bulgarian national born in the beautiful coastal city of Varna. After completing her secondary education there, she shifted to the UK and graduated with LLB European Law (with honors). During her professional career she has been passionately working in the private business sector, focusing on international sales and customer relations. Shortly after permanently shifting to India, since 2020 she has become the only official translator for the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in India, recognized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Elizabet Karkkeselyan
Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar

Operation Head -  


Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar is among the many talented people contributing to team Anigdha. He is an MBA with extensive experience and knowledge of the education sector. He is one of the most optimistic and motivated individuals on our team. Mukesh has been behind the launch and management of many successful education-related programs in the past. He boasts the best innovative thinking and leadership skills.

Amitabh Sharma

IT Head -  


Amitabh Sharma

Amitabh is the leader of the IT team at Anigdha. He has worked with some very popular companies in the IT industry and gained invaluable experience in this field. Sharma pursued his MBA, and he adds value to the team with his comprehensive knowledge and experience in the information technology sector.

Amitabh Sharma
Aliona Isebia

Aliona Isebia

Regional Head Europe -  

(PG Marketing)

Aliona Isebia

Aliona has completed her post-graduation in marketing add serves as the regional head of Europe at Anigdha. He supervises and manages all the marketing and communication drives for Anigdha Overseas Consultant in Europe. He is also an essential part of many initiatives taken towards the development of business, and his job involves collaborating with partners as well as clients in order to create new, better, and more immense opportunities for the company.

Iryna Kavalionak -

Russia Head -  

(Masters in Science)

Iryna Kavalionak

Iryna Kavalionak is the regional head of our Russian Federation who has pursued her masters in science. She organizes and oversees the development and implementation of the company's marketing campaigns and plans in Russia. In addition, she has deep knowledge of the culture and traditions of both the Indian and Russian people. Hence, Iryna Kavalionak is the best representative that we could ever ask for in Russia.

Iryna Kavalionak


Anigdha aims to become the best overseas consultancy that has people coming back for more. We want to achieve this by providing a one-stop solution for all study abroad aspirants. We aim to offer expert advice to students regarding universities, courses, scholarships, and so much more. We will also help you with visa applications and paperwork and provide the best possible guidance and support once you reach abroad. The ultimate vision of Anigdha is to make education in foreign countries smooth, accessible, and convenient for all our clients. And we will do this by making the process of studying abroad easier for you.


Our primary mission is to help students around the world have the luxury of getting a high-quality education at the most affordable prices, along with the best cultural experiences available in foreign countries. We want to achieve this through our guidance and consultancy services. We collaborate with various universities, colleges, and language centers across the world to ensure that our students get nothing short of the best by presenting them with a spectrum of options.

Someone from our experienced team will work with you to help you find the best program as per your requirements and dreams. We understand the importance of experiencing education in foreign countries and how it benefits you academically and professionally. Hence, our mission is:

  • To formulate personalized solutions as per the student's needs, ensuring that they get the best possible chance to reach their goals.

  • To guide students when choosing a program and country for them.

  • To observe the abilities, performance, and dreams of the students and present them with the most suitable yet the best career options.

  • To develop strong and reliable partnerships with students and our foreign partners.

  • To take Anigdha to newer heights of success with honesty, integrity, and a promise of excellence.

Core Values

At Anigdha, we believe that success comes only when we abide by the core values that are the essence of our business and every action taken by it, be it for parents, students, referrers, or our partners. Our primary goal is to help students make the correct choice for pursuing their education in the best educational institutes abroad. In addition, our goal is to create a positive, memorable, and transformative experience for our team as well as our clients.

We help students gain access to studies in countries like the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, France, Switzerland, and many others. To achieve this goal, we promise to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information and support to individuals who wish to pursue their education overseas.

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We have a comprehensive plan in place to help you to the best of our capabilities when it comes to studying abroad. We provide you with all the resources necessary to bring your vision to life. We do this by constantly improving our association with various countries and providing our students with the best and the most reliable counseling, support, and assistance, irrespective of which is their favorite country to study in. We come with decades of experience, which has equipped us with the knowledge necessary to provide you with the most successful study abroad experience. Our primary strategy revolves around offering consultancy services in a customized pattern to ensure that each student gets the help they need related to studying in a foreign country. We are your best companion whether you need to find the right program, university, or scholarship for studying abroad.


The following are the essential goals that provide direction to Anigdha for being the best in the business:

  • To provide reliable knowledge to our clients and to constantly strive to develop skills in the field of career counseling.

  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of various study abroad destinations, research the best colleges in these countries, and find the best programs in order to become the best career consultation firm in the country.

  • To ensure that the quality of the services provided to students is excellent.

  • To promote teamwork and collaborate with experts in order to ensure the best experience possible.

  • To work with students to choose ideal courses and institutions for them and facilitate them with all the resources required to fulfill their dreams.

  • To assist them with documentation, application, visa, interviews, reparations, settlement, and much more.


As a study abroad consultancy, the objective of Anigdha is to provide students the opportunity to experience cultural diversity, various languages, and customs across the world while they earn a degree that will be reputable and effective for their career goals. We firmly believe that experiences are what build us and get us ready to face the globalized world and whatever future has on hold for us. Hence, our team is dedicated to providing students access to the best and the most reliable educational experiences that will transform their lives for the better. Moreover, we aim to deliver all this at the most affordable prices possible.

Action Plans

We have the best and most effective action plans that are the formula of our success as a study abroad company. We understand the importance of planning and strategizing, especially in the industry we are working in. We design our action plans as per the needs of our clients and to suit the evolving landscape of the industry. Our primary motive is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We want all of our study abroad students to have an enriching, nurturing, and fun-filled experience.

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