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Role of Overseas Consultants in Shaping Careers

AnigdhaGuidance of overseas consultants can make a lot of difference in your university selection and career path. We at Anigdha understand the vulnerabilities of selecting career paths, so our counselors assess your resume and ensure you get nothing less than the best. We have a strong foundation and name in the study abroad consultation industry. Our team enlists the best university in the city of your dreams, simplifies your process, and arranges mock interviews with top faculty. Our team offers the best consultation and solutions right from scratch to ensure you get all the required support. To make your admission process simplified and applications stronger, our counselors and other team members work on each aspect to bring desired results. Every detail of your application is thoroughly checked before submission. We offer a wide range of services to complete your admission process. Know more about our services and consult with our team.

What Do We Provide?

Anigdha is a top-tier overseas education consultant, we understand your dreams to study abroad, and the technicalities of university admissions. We at Anigdha believe in realistic solutions, we do not promote irrational or over-the-top dreams. Our team understands your requirements, assesses your resume, and then gets back to you with the most suitable solution. Our team ensures we provide our clients hope that they have a high chance to fulfill. The experts and skilled counselors will assess your strengths and weaknesses to help you find the right career options. Our top priority is your admission, and the right career option for you, so we provide you with solutions that will benefit you the most.

Our Services

We offer a complete solution to study, live, and work abroad, here are some of our services:

  • Test Preparation: We offer assistance to students for exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE. At Anigdha we have well-experienced, dedicated, and passionate to assist students in scoring high by providing individual attention in our small batches.

  • Course, Country, and University Selection: We understand how complex and confusing course, country, and university selections are. We have consultants with experience and expertise in foreign universities to help you. Our team will understand your requirements, and weigh all the factors needed for selection to help you find the most suitable place for your further studies.

  • Admission Guidance: At Anigdha you will get guidance from scratch to help you reach your university of dreams. Our admission guidance will ensure your application is thoroughly checked and reviewed to increase your chances of selection. We take all the steps, and efforts needed to ensure your admission application stands out.

  • Forex Assistance: When you travel abroad, you need foreigners to exchange for the first few days and convert your money for survival. Our team ensures you get the best foreign exchange rates and resolve all your queries related to forex. Anigdha has been dealing with the best foreign exchange dealers over the years. So, we can provide the right guidance and prompt services.

  • Travel Assistance: When you plan to study abroad, travel booking becomes a daunting task. Our team provides assistance to help you take advantage of early bookings and the guidance you need to travel safely and securely. We at Anigdha ensure our clients have comfortable travel to other countries for study abroad.

  • Visa Assistance: To study abroad in university if your dreams, the road is not straight. There are many hurdles you have to pass and one of them is a visa. Visa application is complicated, you need complete assistance to ensure there are no mistakes or errors. We offer you complete visa assistance and help you throughout the process to simplify it for you. Our experts will enlighten you with immigration rules and ensure your application is processed successfully.

  • Accommodation: We have a network across different universities and among different accommodations near universities. Our counselors will help you find a place to stay according to your preferences. So, when you land in a new country, you will have a place to call your home for the next few days/weeks.

  • Scholarship Assistance: Many students look for financial aid, and universities in different countries offer scholarships to international students. We help you find scholarships that can help you with financial assistance. Our counselors will find the best scholarship suitable according to your details. We offer scholarship assistance right from selecting the best, filling out forms, and processing.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) Writing and Review: SOP can be a critical and persuasive document in your study abroad application. Our counselors understand how a strong SOP can increase your chances of acceptance. We have a team offering SOP writing services to ensure it’s well-written and thoroughly checked to articulate your career path. In addition, we also review your SOP to provide you with the right guidance.

  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Writing and Review: Many universities ask international students to submit LOR. This document can influence your college admission abroad. We offer students complete assistance in LOR. Anigdha offers LOR writing services to our clients to help with their applications. Don’t know how to write LOR for your college application? Anigdha experts are here to offer you support. We can also review your LOR and help you write effective LOR.

  • Letter of Motivation (LOM) Writing and Review: LOM is another document in the pile of paper for studying abroad. We understand the technicalities and elements needed to create a well-structured and well-written letter of motivation. If you do not know how to write LOM, our experts are here to provide you with writing services and all the guidance required for LOM after reviewing.

  • CV Preparation: When you are planning for a masters or higher degree like an MBA, they need your professional details to evaluate you. We have a team of excellent writers and experts who understand the need for a quality CV in your college admission. Our team will provide you with simplified yet effective CV preparation solutions.

  • Visa Appointments: We also schedule your visa interviews and provide mock interview sessions with A-listed interviewers to ensure you ace your visa appointments. Our team will ensure the best visa appointments to help you process your applications as early as possible.

  • Pre-departure Support: We understand traveling abroad can be overwhelming and nervous at the same time. Our team helps you with all the crucial Pre-departure Support to ensure you travel without hassle and peacefully. From accommodation to insurance and travel booking, we will help you with all the information and assistance you need to travel abroad.

  • Blocked Accounts: International students need to provide proof of funds that ensure that they have enough resources to survive in the new country. We have a network with organizations to help you open blocked accounts. Our team will provide all the support required to open your blocked account while you are in your home country.

This is a glimpse of our services. If you want to study abroad, we would like to hear from you. Consult our counselors to resolve all your queries and get a smooth and simplified procedure. Contact us now to know more!

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