Study MBA in France in Top Universities: Fees, Admission


MBA in France: Universities, Fees, Admission

MBA in FranceMBA in France is the top choice for all international students. After completing their Bachelors program, the students look for an efficient MBA degree. France is the best destination for you to complete your MBA degree. France is known for providing the best MBA courses to students. They have great opportunities for the students, making it very effective for them to complete their higher education in France. Your MBA course is in the English language. This makes it easy for international students to live and complete their higher education in France. It's perfect for global learners. People in France are kind, and its culture is quite admirable. If you're an international student, studying in France could be a fantastic chance. Getting your degree in France will be a solid move for your career. If you want to know more about Studying for your MBA degree in France, continue reading.

Why Study an MBA in France?

France provides the best higher education opportunities for the students. It is one of the best countries to take your MBA degree from. The opportunities for the students are very high.The top reasons why you should select your MBA degree from any university in France are:

  • Top-notch Education for International Students: France's education quality is very effective. It is one of the major reasons for you to take your MBA degree from France. The students get the best guidance from the top teachers, making it efficient for them to complete their MBA degree in France.

  • Low MBA Fees at Top Universities: The tuition fees for an MBA degree are affordable for your pocket. International students find it very reasonable to take the course from any university in France. They get the best opportunities for their course.

  • Affordable Cost of Living at the Best Places: France offers a very high cost of living. This greatly helps international students pursuing MBA degrees to afford their stay.

  • Opportunities of Government Grants: Scholarships by French universities facilitate international students. These are provided to students with impressive bachelor grades who face monetary barriers to studying abroad.

  • International Recognition of the Universities: Most Universities in France have global recognition. They offer top-notch education to the students. The universal recognition helps students in their careers after they complete their MBA degree.

  • Top-Quality Career Opportunities at International Companies: Acquiring an MBA degree in France gives top-notch career prospects. You can connect with top industries and companies for job positions. You will get a job at an international level.

Intake /Deadline

The university you apply to must follow a particular admission intake deadline. Your MBA degree in France is available for two application intake deadlines. These are the Fall Intake and Spring Intake. The students must submit the applications according to the provided deadlines. The details are:

  • Fall Intake: September

  • Spring Intake: January

You must contact your university to know the exact date for your application deadline.

Medium of Instruction

The MBA programs at any university in France are 100% in the English language. International students find it easy to complete an MBA program in English at a foreign university. To take the course in the English language, the students need to have a great understanding of the English language. The students need exclusive English proficiency to take the MBA course in France. Students may need to demonstrate their English skills by taking tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge University test. The University needs the score of these tests. This will make the students eligible to take the MBA program at a foreign university in France.

Eligibility Criteria

You want to join the best MBA course in France? Then there are some essential requirements for you. These are:

  • You must have a proper education up to the 12th standard from a recognized school board. 

  • Finishing your Bachelor's Degree is essential for qualifying for an MBA course in France. You need to have a minimum score of 62% in the degree.

  • The students should have an effective understanding of the English language.

  • The students applying without an undergraduate degree should have at least five years of professional work experience with three years in a managerial position.

  • Undergraduate students might also have to provide work experience for certain universities. 

  • The students have to take an English proficiency test if required. These tests are the IELTS or TOEFL tests or Cambridge University exams. The required score is:

    1. TOEFL: 68 Minimum Score

    2. IELTS: 6.5 Bands Minimum Score

    3. Cambridge University Tests: 45 Minimum Score

  • You also have to take entrance exams like GMAT. However, there are universities providing admission without GMAT. 

  • Students must provide proper medical and financial certificates to be eligible for the course. 

  • The students who have received the scholarship from the university must also submit an official copy of the document to the university.

Documents Required

A few documents will be necessary for you to take a MBA program in France. These are:

  • Application Form

  • Professional Resume in English

  • Recommendations from Previous Institutions 

  • Passport Size Pictures (Recently Taken)

  • Transcript Records: Pass Certificate and Result of 12th and Undergraduate Program

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport and Visa

  • Results of Entrance Tests

  • Results of English Proficiency Tests (If Required)

  • Medical Certificate

  • Financial Certificate

Course Duration

The MBA course in France is for two years. These two years are properly subdivided into four semesters, and students must take exams after each semester.

Language Proficiency Requirements

Your MBA program in France will be in the English language. The university wants the students to have good English knowledge while taking the MBA courses. Most of the universities in France will want the students to have excellent English proficiency, for which they have to take English proficiency tests. Apart from that, your visa interview will happen in English.

Admission Procedure

Do you want to be admitted to the top university in France for your MBA course? Then following a particular admission procedure will help you get admitted to your favorite university. The details are:

  • Contact Us: Anigdha understands the requirements of a student who wants to study at a foreign university. We provide proper help to these students to get their MBA degree in France. Our team will help you with the admission process and provide effective service.

  • Choose the University: The University from which you want to finish your MBA degree in France will be difficult. You will have various options, and researching will be tough for you. We will do proper research for you and provide you with a list of universities that will be perfect according to your abilities.

  • Submit the Documents: Got your paperwork ready? It's all part of the process. We'll help you hand in everything you need to do University.

  • Test Preparation: You'll also need to prove your English skills with a proficiency test. The university will give you more details. Some of you may have to take tests like the GMAT for an MBA in France. So, depending on university requirements, we will proceed.

  • Apply: After selecting the university, complete the application process. Complete and send your application form. Pay the required fee.

  • Other Requirements: If your University has any other requirement you must fulfill or any additional document you need to submit, then do it properly. We will help you submit these additional university requirements.

  • Visa: International Students must have a valid Visa. Any problems, we are here to help you.

Top Universities

Many famous universities in France have the best MBA degrees. These universities provide the best technology for the students to complete their higher education. The details of these are:

University Rank City
HEC Paris 4 Paris
INSEAD 9 Paris
ESSEC Business School 28 Cergy
EDHEC Business School 45 Lille, Paris, Nice
ESCP Europe 48 Paris
EMLyon Business School 55 Paris
Grenoble Ecole de Management 98 Semard
Audencia Business School 121-130 Rte de la Joneliere
IESEG School of Management 121-130 Paris, Lille
EMLV Business School 201-250 Courbevoie

Fee Structure

The tuition fees for studying at a university in France are affordable and help international students complete the course. The details of the fees according to the universities are:

University Fees Hostel Fees
HEC Paris EUR 87,530 EUR 600 to EUR 1200
INSEAD EUR 89,000 EUR 850 to EUR 1250
ESSEC Business School EUR 50,000 EUR 500 to EUR 1000
EDHEC Business School EUR 51,000 EUR 1100 to EUR 1500
ESCP Europe EUR 26,000 EUR 700 to EUR 1000
EMLyon Business School EUR 13,000 EUR 500 to EUR 700
Grenoble Ecole de Management EUR 11,166 EUR 550 to EUR 950
Audencia Business School EUR 31,694 EUR 400 to EUR 900
IESEG School of Management EUR 39,000 EUR 700 to EUR 1000
EMLV Business School EUR 17,906 EUR 650 to EUR 800

MBA Specialization in France

The students can take many specialization choices for their MBA courses in France. The students can choose according to their Bachelors program, making it easy to complete the entrance test. The list and details of the MBA specialization available for the students are:

  • MBA Business Management

  • MBA Digital Marketing

  • MBA Operations

  • MBA Banking Financial Insurance

  • MBA International Trade Management

  • MBA Digital entrepreneurship

  • MBA HR Management

  • MBA Fintech

  • MBA Healthcare

  • MBA Investment Banking Research

  • MBA HR Analytics

  • MBA Banking and Finance

  • MBA Finance

  • MBA International Marketing

  • MBA Blockchain

  • MBA Data Science

  • MBA Marketing

  • MBA General Management

  • MBA International Finance

  • MBA Waste Management

  • MBA Quality Management

  • MBA International Business

  • MBA Agricultural business

  • MBA Sports Management

  • MBA Power Management

  • MBA Financial Markets

  • MBA Project Management

  • MBA Retail Management

  • MBA Business Analytics

  • MBA Hospitality Management

  • MBA Hospital Administration

  • MBA IT Management

  • MBA Infrastructure Management

MBA in France Without GMAT

You don't need a GMAT result to be eligible to take your MBA course in France. No entrance exam is required for your course, and you can easily get admitted. If you want to take the GMAT test for more experience in this field, then you can do it to benefit your skills.

Work Experience Requirement

You don't require previous work experience to study for an MBA in France. Bachelors Degree holders can apply without work experience. However, if you have completed your Masters instead, a minimum of 5 years of work experience is needed.

Cost of Living

The living expenses in France are very affordable for the students. The culture and environment of France make it easy for the students to live and complete their education. The daily expenses in France are not very high, which might cause a problem for the students. The details are:

Particulars Cost in EUR
Rent 500 to 750
Transport 35 to 55
Basic Utilities 135 to 160
Recreation 95 to 120
Internet 25 to 35
Food 130 to 200
Other Expenses 600 to 800


International students with good bachelor grades but, due to financial issues, cannot take their MBA course from France are eligible for certain scholarships. The students can take these scholarships and complete their MBA degree in France. There are certain criteria that they have to fulfill to be eligible for the course. The details are:

HEC Paris MBA Scholarship Legrand Scholarship
Charpak Master Scholarship Emile Boutmy Scholarship
Ampere Excellence Scholarship France Excellence Scholarship
Devinci Excellence Scholarship INSEAD MBA Scholarship
Executive Leaders Scholarship Université Paris Saclay Idex Scholarship

Visa Requirements

International students taking courses from any university in France must provide a proper visa to the university they want to study. Without a Visa, the students cannot take a course from France. The details and the requirements for a visa from the universities of France are:

  • You must be 18 years old to apply for a student Visa.

  • The students have to submit the details of their current or savings account to prove their financial status.

  • The students have to take an official travel insurance of 50 US dollars.

  • The cost of your visa is from EUR 50 TO EUR 99.

  • The students must provide proof of accommodation in France to be eligible for the visa.

  • You must provide an acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education in France.

  • Carry all your payment receipts in your visa interview.

  • You should have a very clean criminal record and a proper certificate to define it.

  • Students not 18 years old must submit a declaration certificate from their guardians during the visa interview.

Part-time Jobs in France

The students can also work part-time in France while continuing their MBA program. This will help them appropriately manage their living expenses in France while studying. The students are required to get a proper job permit in France to take a part-time job. The part-time work hours in rance is 20 hours. During vacations, you can extend your permit to full-time 40 hours of work.

Job Prospects After MBA

Many effective career opportunities and jobs are available for you after your MBA program across International Companies. You will get the best opportunities and a high salary. These job opportunities will be available across all areas internationally. The details are:

Job Details
Finance Analyst The top career opportunity that you get after your MBA course in France is of a financial analyst. You need to analyze the finances of top International companies and help them manage their expenses at the highest level. The salary for a financial analyst will be very high.
Bank Manager You can also get a career opportunity as a bank manager after completing your MBA degree. You need to sit for the bank entrance exam, and clearing the exams will help you get a job as a bank manager with a great salary.
Technological Jobs Depending on the specialization in your MBA course, you can get various technology jobs after your MBA degree. If you have Technology specializations, you can get career opportunities at Global technological companies.
IT Department If you complete your MBA in information technology, you can get jobs at top IT firms. The job opportunity will be related to Information Technology and will be very effective for you.
Consulting Services Consultancy Services have recently gained a lot of importance, and working as a consultant for a firm will be very effective for you. You will get a very good salary if you work as a consultant after your MBA in France.
Healthcare Facilities You can also work in the health care department and provide health care facilities. If you have a specialization in the healthcare department, it will be effective for you to get a job in the Healthcare sector after your MBA.
Data Analyst After your MBA, you can also work as a data analyst in France, which is a great job opportunity. Top International forms want individuals to manage their data which is a very effective option for you to choose as a career. You will get a very high salary working as a data analyst at a top International Company.
Marketing Manager Marketing is a very important concept of business that you will learn in your MBA degree in France. You can officially work as a marketing manager at a top international company and get the best salary.


What is the duration of an MBA program in France?


The duration of an MBA course in France is similar to a regular one. It is available for two years. These are further subdivided into a total of 4 semesters.

What are the visa requirements for MBA in France?


International students must provide a proper Passport and Visa for their MBA course in France. They need to take a proper student visa to complete their education effectively.

What is the language of instruction followed for an MBA in France?


The official language of instruction for MBA courses in France is 100% English. The students have to have a proper understanding of the English language for taking the course.

Do I need an English proficiency test for an MBA in France?


Yes, international students must have proper results from English proficiency tests to be eligible. These might be IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University exams.

What types of career opportunities do I get after an MBA in France?


You will get the best career opportunities after your MBA course in France. These are Bank manager, data analyst, teacher, and many more high-paying jobs.

Why is it so beneficial to complete my MBA program in France?


The tuition fees for studying at any university in France are decent, which is one of the primary benefits for you to take your MBA course from here. The culture and environment of France make it very efficient for you to study here.

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