Study Engineering in France in Top Universities: Fees, Admission


Engineering in France: Universities, Fees, Admission

Study Engineering in FranceStudy Engineering in France as it will be the best option for you as an international student. Both the Bachelors and Masters programs of Engineering in France are very effective. The educational facilities that the student will get in France are of great quality, which is one of the primary reasons for you to take your engineering course in France. All the courses you select from France will be available in English, making it perfectly suitable for international students to complete their degree in the amazing country. The living environment of France is also very great, and the tuition fees for the courses are also affordable. The students living in France also get the opportunity to receive specific scholarships for their educational programs, making it easy for international students to study in France without any financial burden. The technology courses in France are very effective because of the advanced infrastructure and effective quality in France. Taking your BTech or MTech program from any in France will be a perfect choice for you. So, check more details about studying engineering in France.

Why Study Engineering in France?

France is one of the top countries for you to take your higher education because of the advanced facilities and technologies that most of the universities have. The engineering courses of France are a very effective choice for international students. The top reasons for you to take your engineering course from French universities are:

  • Affordable Amount of Fees: The tuition fees for the engineering program in France won't be very hard for your pocket. The courses are affordable for the students. It is easy for international students to live and complete their higher education in France.

  • Top-Quality Infrastructure: The modern infrastructure that you will get at most of the Universities in France are one of the primary reasons for you to take your engineering course in France. The modern facilities will help you to have a better understanding of your course and complete it effectively.

  • Low Expenses of Living in France: The living expenses in France are also very affordable for all international students. Regular requirements are very easily available in France making it easy for you to live and complete your engineering program in France.

  • Government Grants on Studying: International students who have an unstable financial background may find it difficult to complete higher education in a foreign country. Your university in France will provide you with a scholarship that will help you to complete your program very efficiently.

  • High-level Standards and Quality of Education: The standard education in France that you select for your course will be very effective because of the exceptional amenities. The quality of education will be very high which is one of the primary reasons that you should select the University of France for your course.

  • Variety of Courses and Options: You will have various opportunities for your engineering program if you select it from France. There are great specializations for your course, and you might select engineering courses that suit your requirements.

Top Engineering Courses in France

You will get a bunch of opportunities as your engineering course for your Bachelors and Masters degrees in France. The program that you select for your Bachelors degree is automatically the one that you have to select for your Masters degree and you cannot make any changes. There are a range of courses available for you as an engineering course and these are:

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Energy Engineering

  • Industrial and Logistics Engineering

  • Business Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Robotics

  • Data science

  • Mechanical Engineering 

  • Marine Engineering

Fees Structure

The tuition fees for you to take your engineering course at any university in France are very affordable. As an international student, you can easily live and complete your education in France. The details are:

University Fees per year Living Expenses per year
Sorbonne University, Paris EUR 10500 EUR 5919
Sciences Po, Valence EUR 18,128 EUR 5170
EMLYON Business School, Lyon EUR 23,030 EUR 6475
Ecole Polytechnique, Valence EUR 13,040 EUR 6010
Audencia Business School, Valence EUR 24,140 EUR 6010
IDRAC Business School, Paris EUR 8648 EUR 4160

Top Technical Universities

Many famous universities in France provide the best technical programs for all the students and is a perfect choice for you to select the course. The details are:

University Acceptance Rate City
Sorbonne University, Paris 28% Paris
Sciences Po, Valence 10% Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes
EMLYON Business School, Lyon 52% Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes
Ecole Polytechnique, Valence 12% Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes
Audencia Business School, Valence 10% Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
IDRAC Business School, Paris 85% Paris


The application intake deadline in France is same for both Bachelors and Masters in engineering programs. The students must follow the particular application deadline for their course and follow all the specific requirements. There are generally two application intake deadlines. These are:

  • Fall Intake

  • Spring Intake

The fall intake deadline is in September, while spring intake is in January. You must prepare the application and the documents a year in advance.

Course Duration

Bachelors: The overall duration for a bachelors course in engineering in France is generally three years. Your course will be for six semesters, where the student has to study two semesters every year, making it an overall 3-year course. Exams will be taken after every semester.

Masters: Masters degree in engineering in France for two years, similar to all engineering courses worldwide. These two years are for a total of four semesters. The students must complete the course in the required duration.

Language of Instruction

The Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering in France will only be in the English language. The students need effective English language knowledge to take the program in France. The students need a decent English proficiency to be eligible for the course at as it is 100% in English. The students also have to prove their proficiency in English by taking language proficiency tests according to the requirements. The students need to have effective language proficiency for their course. To prove language proficiency, the student must take IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge University Test.

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelors: For The Bachelor of Engineering in France, the student has to follow certain eligibility criteria. These are:

  • The student must complete the 12th education from a recognized institution to be eligible for a Bachelors degree in France.

  • The student has to submit the results and pass the certificate of the 12th degree. The minimum percentage required is 75%.

  • The students need to provide an effective understanding of the English language. The student must take IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University tests for English proficiency. The required cut-off is:

    1. IELTS: 6.5.

    2. TOEFL: 68.

    3. Cambridge University Test: 45.

  • According to the university that you select your entrance exam requirements will be determined.

  • Students must submit proper financial and medical certificates to the university.

Masters: To take your Masters in engineering course in France, you have to follow specific eligibility criteria. These are:

  • The student has to complete the 12th education and provide proper results and past certificates.

  • The student must also complete the Bachelors Degree and provide proper pass Certificates and results. The minimum required mark is 62%.

  • The student needs to properly understand the English language before taking the course from the university. For the English proficiency test, they might have to take the IELTS with a 6.5 band minimum score, TOEFL with a minimum score of 68, or the Cambridge University test with a minimum score of 45.

  • Your University may also want you to take an entrance exam for your course.

  • Students must provide a proper financial and medical certificate to the university.

Documents Required

Bachelors: Taking your Bachelors degree in France will require you to submit specific documents that will make you eligible for your course. These are:

  • Application Form

  • Birth Certificate

  • 12th Results and Transcript Records

  • Migration Certificate

  • Passport and Visa

  • Application Fee Payment Details

  • Professional Resume

  • Recommendation Letter

  • Results of Entrance Test (If Required)

  • English Proficiency Test Result

  • Medical Certificate

  • Financial Certificate

Masters: The Masters course in Engineering in France requires you to submit a similar set of documents as your Bachelors Degree. These are:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Application Form

  • Migration Certificate

  • Results of 12th Standard

  • Pass Certificate of 12th Standard

  • Results of Bachelors Degree

  • Pass Certificate of Bachelors Degree

  • Application Fee Receipt

  • Passport and Visa

  • Professional Resume

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Results of Entrance Tests

  • English Proficiency Test Result

  • Financial Certificate

  • Medical Certificate

Admission Procedure

The students must follow a particular admission procedure that will help them be admitted to the top universities in France for engineering programs. The details are:

  • Contact Anigdha: We will provide you with the best facilities to help you get admission at your favourite university for your engineering program in France. Our team will research effectively and provide you with proper details of engineering courses in France.

  • Select the University: You must select the particular University that will be ideal for you to take your engineering program in France. Determining the university will be a difficult choice for you. We will research the universities properly and recommend the one that is perfectly suitable for you according to your ability.

  • Documents: You must submit effective documents with your admission that will be essential for your selection. We will help you with these documents so that you don't have any issues in this scenario.

  • English Proficiency Test: The students must provide a proper result of the English proficiency test to prove their English proficiency, which is essential for their course in France. The students might take the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge University tests.

  • Apply: After you select the university for your engineering course complete the application procedure. Submit the application form by filling in all the important details and paying the required fees.

  • Other Process: This process includes submitting any extra documents and paying the admission fees. The university can also mention any additional requirements that fall under this category. We will adequately help you in this process.

  • Visa: International students must provide a proper Visa to be eligible for the course in a foreign country. Face any issues regarding your Visa? We will help you in this process effectively.

Jobs After Engineering in France

The students will get effective career opportunities after completing the engineering program in France. These career opportunities will be not only in France but also at international levels in international companies. The recognition of your University will be the primary reason you will get the best career opportunities. These are:

Jobs Details
Electrical Engineer One of the top engineering jobs you will get after completing your course in France is an electrical engineer. This is a high-category job opportunity requiring you to complete your masters course to get the job. The salary you get as an electrical engineer will be very good.
Civil Engineer Civil engineering is also an ultimate career opportunity after completing your engineering degree. If you complete your masters in civil engineering in France, you will get the best job opportunities in civil engineering not only in France but worldwide at International firms. The opportunity will bring you a great salary as well.
Industrial Engineer There has been a huge industrial development in the past few years. If you want to work as an industrial engineer, it will be a great opportunity for you, and you will get the jobs after completing your bachelors in France. This is a basic career opportunity, and you have to gain much experience while working.
EDF Engineer The demand for EDF engineers has grown in the past few years. EDF Engineering has been recognised at the top level. You can get the best career opportunity as an EDF engineer after completing your engineering degree in France. You will get an attractive salary as an EDF engineer.
Engineer You can get the job of a basic Engineer at local firms in France after completing your Bachelors degree. These simple career opportunities will require you to work properly to gain more experience and get promotions.
Axens Engineer Axens Engineering has been developing in a great way, and the job provides you with very good opportunities in the engineering world. You must complete your masters degree to get the job of an Axens engineer.
Airbus Engineer Airbus is another International area that will provide you with the job opportunity of an engineer after your course in France. You again have to complete your masters in engineering degree in France to get a job opportunity that has a very good salary.


International Students taking the engineering program in France will be eligible to get a specific scholarship for their course. The students need to have good grades to be eligible for these scholarships at a foreign university. The details are:

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence ETS TOEFL Scholarship
John Monash Scholarship Achievement Scholarship
Postdoctoral Grants from The Fyssen Foundation Excellence Scholarship
Roberta Sykes Scholarships LivinFrance Scholarship


What is the duration of an Engineering Course in France?


The duration for an engineering course in France is three years for a Bachelors degree that consists of six semesters. The duration for the engineering course in France for a Masters course is two years with four semesters.

What is the Language of Instruction for Studying Engineering in France?


English is the primary language of instruction used for all engineering programs at any university in France.

Do I Need An English Proficiency Test to Study Engineering in France?


Yes, the students need to have effective proficiency in the English language, for which they need to take the English proficiency test. These Tests might be IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge University Test.

Do I Need to Take an Entrance Test for an Engineering Course in France?


It is not mandatory to take an entrance exam for all engineering courses in France but it depends upon the university whether they have the requirement of entrance exam.

Do I Get All the Basic Amenities While Living in France as a Student?


Yes, an international student gets all the basic amenities like food and essentials at a very low expense in France, making it easy for the student to live and study.

Do I Have Effective Career Opportunities after Engineering in France?


Yes, after completing your engineering degree in France, you will get great career opportunities with a high salary, making it successful for you to take your course in France.

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