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Study in Belarus for Indian Students

Study in BelarusStudy in Belarus is a great opportunity to learn in an enriched environment that combines rich history, quality education, and the warm atmosphere of an eastern European land-locked state. The country has an excellent education system with diverse areas of study of international standards. Many topmost universities in the area can be found there and they usually appear on the list of leading national institutions each year. Research, innovation, and critical thinking characterize Belarusian universities. Belarus provides more than just academic activities that enhance the learning experience. Belarus is situated between Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. It has a great mixture of historic appeal and modern culture. Vibrant traditions, warmth of welcome, and beautiful countryside encourage personal and academic development. Belarus is a perfect place for students to experience a new culture with its value of education, variety, and desire to learn new things. However, this introductory note just touches the tip of an iceberg as far as Belarus is concerned. These could be the reasons why one is attracted by the historical background of Belarus, the modern research facilities, as well as the opportunity to interact with the multicultural and friendly Belarussian people while studying varied specializations.

Education System

There is a renowned education system in Belarus which is based on quality and affordability. Belarus follows various levels of education starting from pre-school. Their education system consists of:

  • Pre-school: In Belarus, preschool education is not compulsory. Yet, about 70 percent of children participate in nursery or kindergarten before formal schooling.

  • School/ High School: In most cases, school education starts at the age of six and students have to follow the basic education curriculum until the age of fifteen. Most pupils study up to 18 years, and by that time, they have completed high school. At 15, those who have completed basic education can take diploma exams for college and professional technical institutions where they can also study at school and get a certificate.

  • Higher Education: A large number of foreign students have come to Belarus owing to its quality education system. The students opting for higher education can take private or state-owned- -profile universities, classical universities, or institutes that offer a wide range of courses running for 4-6 years. Belarusian universities receive many international students, with fees varying based on the chosen program, type of learning, and educational establishment of choice.

Why Study in Belarus?

International students looking for quality education in a different cultural environment should consider Belarus as an attractive offer. Some of the main reasons for studying in Belarus are:

  • Affordability: In comparison, education in Belarus is inexpensively priced, especially tuition and accommodation.

  • Global Recognition: Belarusian university standards are recognized all over the world.

  • Security and Ambiance: The environment is safe and warm for students in Belarus where an appropriate atmosphere can stimulate personal and educational growth.

  • Cultural Richness: The city is also diversified culturally, with traditions that offer a different experience for overseas students wanting to have diversity.

  • Strategic Location: Belarus is located in the middle part of Europe and forms a gate that is open to the European periphery regions. From here, the student gets a chance to explore and interact with the students from the marginal regions.

  • World-Class Education: Belarus’s education system is very modern, forward-looking, research-focused, and interdisciplinary; providing an all-inclusive learning experience.

Facts & Figures about Studying in Belarus

Here are some interesting facts and figures about Belarus:

Name of the Country


Number of International Students


Percentage of International Students


Countries With Most International Students in Belarus









Sri Lanka


Most In-Demand Subjects and % of Students for These Subjects

Communications. Law. Economics. Public administration. Management in the manufacturing industry.


Engineering and technology. Architecture and construction.


Healthcare. Social security. Physical education. Tourism and hospitality.


Art and design. Humanities. Natural sciences.


Pedagogy. Vocational training


Best Cities to Study





Best Universities

Belarusian State University

Gomel State University

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

Belarusian National Technical University

Number of Universities

50- 42 state, 8 private


Moderate continental climate

National Language


Other Languages





Eastern Yiddish

Academic Year

From September to June

Top Courses & Program

Belarus offers world-class programs that are recognized by recruiters across the globe. Below is a list of the most sought-after programs offered in Belarus' universities:


Belarus offers two main intakes per year: in September and February. Students who come in September are mostly incoming international students. This is why the February intake makes it possible for students to enter during the mid-academic year of the running program. The prospective students are encouraged to prepare well in advance for the submission of admission requirements, language proficiency tests, as well as visa applications. Belarus offers an exciting academic base for learners seeking good education in an exceptional cultural environment whether they start in September or February.

Top Universities

Here is a list of the best universities in Belarus that are accredited by many nations and employers.

University Name Ranking (in Europe)
Belarusian State University 487
Belarusian National Technical University 943
Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics 1007
Belarusian State Medical University 1061
Gomel State University 1116
Belarusian State Technological University 1119
Vitebsk State University 1442
Grodno State Medical University 2043
Minsk State Linguistic University 2104

Cost of Education in Belarus

Depending on the academic level or selected course, tuition charges in Belarusian universities vary. It should be noted that specific courses like medicine and engineering may result in high tuition fees. To give you an idea about the cost of education in detail, here's a list of average fees for various programs in Belarus:

Course Type Fees (in USD) Per Semester/Year
Undergraduate Courses 2,000 to 6,000
Masters Courses 2,500 to 7,000
Medicine/Medical Courses 4700 to 5100

Cost of Living

The cheapest study destination in Europe is Belarus with monthly expenses varying from $500 to $900. This also comes in handy in cost-effectiveness when considering several renting options.

Expenses Monthly Cost Range
Dormitory (shared room) $15 - $50
Rent (apartment) $300 - $600
Food $100 - $150
Transport $30 - $50
Shopping $40 - $50
Miscellaneous $30 - $50

Note: These costs are approximate and subject to change depending on personal choices and some places in Belarus.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are important criteria for international students when applying for bachelors and masters in Belarus:

  • Bachelors - In Belarus, university admission requires the following criteria:

    1. Education: Students must complete their studies up to the level of 10+2 with no backlogs for them to be admitted. These should be certified copies of schooling certificates showing each grade separately as proof. Students must have a pre-university preparatory course certificate to study for a bachelors if required by the university.

    2. Language Proficiency: Demonstration of proficiency in English or Russian can be through interview.

    3. Additional Requirements: Certain universities and courses will require entrance examinations or certifications. It is important to do research well to avert complications.

  • Master’s - To have a chance to secure admission into Belarusian universities for masters programs, there are certain eligibility requirements as follows:

    1. Schooling: Education should be completed up to the 10+2. Schools with valid certificates should be recognized.

    2. Completed Bachelor’s: In Belarus, you must have completed a bachelor’s study or a three-year equivalent degree without any backlogs. One needs an officially authenticated degree certificate.

    3. Language Proficiency: Students must demonstrate their English or Russian proficiency in an interview. In addition, international students applying for masters have to appear in an additional interview for the major subject.

    4. Additional Requirements: One may be required to undertake an entrance exam or demonstrate adequate proficiency, depending on the area of specialization.

Documents Required

The necessary documents are required for a smooth program application in Belarus. From ID and educational certificates to health and visa-related papers, here are bachelors and masters documents making your process simpler.

  • Bachelors - Eligibility requirements and documents for university and visa process for Bachelor’s degree applicants in Belarus:

    1. School Certificates ( 10th and 12thMarksheet Apostille)

    2. 6 Passport-size Photographs 3x4

    3. Admission letter

    4. Invitation Letter 

    5. Valid Passport

    6. Visa Application Form

    7. Health Report

    8. Work Experience Letter (Optional)

    9. Proof of Funds

    10. Additional Certificates

    11. Passport copy 

    12. Accreditation 

    13. Ministry orders 

    14. List 

    15. Rector order 

    16. Neet Score Card (If applicable)

    17. Accommodation Letter

    18. Sponsorship Letter 

    19. Bank statement

    20. Insurance

    21. NOC

  • Masters - Below are key documents necessary for studying a master’s program in Belarus. Use this checklist to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork:

    1. School Certificates ( 10th and 12thMarksheet Apostille)

    2. Bachelors Degree Certificate

    3. 6 Passport-size Photographs 3x4

    4. Admission letter

    5. Invitation Letter 

    6. Valid Passport

    7. Visa Application Form

    8. Health Report

    9. Work Experience Letter (Optional)

    10. Proof of Funds

    11. Additional Certificates

    12. Passport copy 

    13. Accreditation 

    14. Ministry orders 

    15. List 

    16. Rector order 

    17. Neet Score Card (If applicable)

    18. Accommodation Letter

    19. Sponsorship Letter 

    20. Bank statement

    21. Insurance

    22. NOC

Admission Procedure

Confused with the admission procedure for studying in Belarus? Anigdha Overseas Education Consultancy is the solution. You can count on our well-trained team of professional experts to help you decide which country, course, and university will meet your needs and preferences as well as to assist you with the process of writing an application and getting a student visa.

  • Shortlisting and Eligibility Check: Work with Anighda’s specialists to find a list of colleges that suit the course you would like to undertake. We will explore the programs offered by each of the universities paying attention to various factors like tuition fees, location, faculty expertise, etc.

  • Application: Having selected the top institutions get specific instructions on how to apply for each one of them. You can count on Anigdha advisors who will help you fill in and submit the applications to your desired universities or colleges.

  • Documentation: Ensure that all required documents are handed over to a university before its deadlines. This is a key step and Anigdha’s experts will create a convenient checklist to make sure your application is not affected by incomplete documentation. The team will also help you to legalize, translate, and apostille your documents according to the requirements of Belarusian state universities.

  • Visa Application: Once you receive an acceptance letter, then move on to applying for your visa. Get well-acquainted with the rules and the necessary paperwork associated with the Belarusian visa process, which Anigdha can help you tremendously with.

Language of Instruction

The introduction of English as a language of instruction has increased the accessibility of Belarusian universities to international students. Several programs have been developed in English, thus, expanding educational prospects and creating a multi-cultural learning platform. Belarus is an alluring choice for individuals seeking high-quality English-mediated learning in this contemporary world that has become globalized.

How to choose the Best Course in Belarus?

Pick the right university course in Belarus for a well-informed decision by discovering your interests, researching the universities, examining the curricula, exploring the career prospects, and studying the financial aspects:

  • Identify Your Interests and Goals: Take time to evaluate what you are interested in and passionate about as this will also point you towards a successful career path. Select a course for the journey by considering aspirations so you will experience contentment and be driven to study.

  • Research Universities and Programs: Check out the academic repute of Belarusian educational institutions. It is advisable to focus on program accreditation, faculty qualifications, and available resources. Check out popular institutions that specialize in a given course.

  • Review Curriculum and Course Structure: Evaluate the curricula and course structures of potential programs. Select them based on their style and make sure they offer a practical experience that will be helpful to you in the future.

  • Explore Career Opportunities: Consider the possible job opportunities for a specific training session. Consider if such skills can be applied in the industry, for instance, whether the profession will still be needed in the future.

  • Financial Considerations: Find out how much the course will cost – tuition, accommodation, and personal expenses. Look for scholarships if there is any or any other source of funding concerning your studies.

Visa Requirements

Applicants seeking visas for Belarus have to comply with certain procedures. The following documents are essential for submission:

  • Passport: Applicants must have a valid passport.

  • Visa Support Documents: Depending on the type of Visa, the applicant may have to show other relevant support documents including apostille, notarized certificates, and a notarized copy of the Russian translation of the valid passport.

  • Application Form: To process the application, there is a need to fill out a visa application form fully.

  • Photograph: This includes the submission of a recent passport-sized photograph.

  • Payment: Payment of the required amount of visa fees forms an integral part of the whole application procedure.

  • Medical Insurance: Applicants need to opt for medical insurance during their stay.

  • Other Documents: This depends on the particular type of visa being pursued, hence additional documents could be necessary.


Use scholarships to your advantage to unlock educational opportunities in Belarus. Get financial support to have a great learning experience:

Scholarship Name Amount Received
VSBfonds Grant Up to EUR 10,000
Yaqoob Scholarship by Shirinie Up to EUR 10,000
Individual Travel Scholarship Inside Europe: EUR 200 Outside Europe: EUR 300
Annual IELTSing Scholarship EUR 1380
VRL Scholarship Program EUR 450
World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship EUR 82,800
AAPG Foundation Grants-in-Aid EUR 2760
Novus Biological Scholarship EUR 1380
Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program EUR 9200
R&D System Scholarship NA
Pearl Lemon Scholarship EUR 920
High School Essay Contest EUR 920

Students Visa

A Study Visa for Belarus is a permit that allows foreigners to enter the country for educational purposes. No matter the nationality, every international student must get a student visa before starting his or her education in Belarus. This visa is usually issued by an embassy of the relevant country and depends on the admission or invitation by a university or institution in Belarus. Procedure of issuing a student visa to Belarus is usually simple. Upon getting an invitation from the chosen university by their international students, they apply for a study visa at the Embassy/Consular Department of the Republic of Belarus. The stamp visa is a sort of approval for studying in Belarus; it is the first step in getting an education. The straightforward process underscores the efforts taken by the country to ease the arrival of international students so that they settle comfortably in their preferred study fields.

Work While Studying in Belarus

Foreign students who received higher education in the Republic of Belarus can also be employed under labour contracts with a work time of not more than 20 hours per week. The students studying in Belarus can also get part-time career opportunities without having a special permit for the right to engage in a labour activity. If a student wants to take a proper job opportunity in Belarus after their education, they need a proper job permit from the Republic of Belarus.

During your education in Belarus, you do not need a job permit if you want to do a part-time job. The part-time job opportunity can only be 20 hours a week. This is because foreign students have entered the Republic of Belarus for higher education and not for work. You must complete a proper education degree after which you will be eligible to take a full-time career opportunity in the Republic of Belarus with proper documents such as an educational completion certificate and passport.

Popular Cities

The cities of Belarus are unique and have their special charm. The beauty in the urban landscapes of Belarus such as Minsk, Vitebsk, and Grodno amongst others is noteworthy:

  • Minsk (Capital): The main city and capital Minsk is a very dynamic place, combining modernity with ancient flavor. The city’s vibrant cultural life including theaters, museums, and pulsating nightlife adds to its dynamic nature.

  • Vitebsk: The popular annual Slavic Bazaar is located in the picturesque city of Vitebsk. Visitors looking for a mix of history and art flock to this city with its unique historical architecture and artistic atmosphere.

  • Grodno: The town of Grodno is highly distinguished by its original medieval architecture and a fusion of diverse cultures. Historic towns, cobblestoned streets, and squares present an opportunity to travel in time.

  • Gomel: The city of Gomel on the banks of the Sozh River is a green oasis with charming buildings. The Palace and Park Ensemble, and the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence demonstrate the city’s old splendor.

  • Brest: Brest is a historical city known for its Brest Fortress. History buffs will surely be drawn by the fortress, the embodiment of resilience, along with the city’s living art and culture.

  • Mogilev: The city of Mogilev has its cultural events and festivals, with old landmarks and modern facilities mixed. The park and museums are cool places for both residents and tourists to cool off.

How Anigdha Overseas Education Consultants help you?

Find out how Anigdha Overseas Education Consultancy can turn your international education dreams into reality. We assist in every step, from expert consultations to smooth-sailing visa applications.

  • Consultation Excellence: We help you select an appropriate country and university in line with your academic level, affordability, and career objective.

  • Document Compilation: Get a well-outlined checklist from our professionals to ease the burden of locating significant documents.

  • Application Support: You will be assisted in correctly filling out application forms, to make the process simpler.

  • Scholarship Guidance: We will navigate through various scholarship offers which will enable us to effectively fund your education.

  • Visa Application Assistance: We simplify visa filing and make sure that there are no visa acceptance failures.

About Belarus

About BelarusBelarus is a republic in eastern Europe which has no coastline. Belarus lies between Russia to the east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. It is a country of 207,600 square kilometers in size and has a population of 92 people. The country has a hemiboreal climate and the sixth administrative unit has ranked 13th largest and 20th most populated country in the continent of Europe. Minsk has a special status of capital separately administered city. Belarus holds a strategic position and has many different landscapes that are fascinating as well as a colorful cultural background. The universities of Belarus are recognized across the entire world and provide the best quality of education to international students. The students across the world look forward to take their courses from the institute's situated in Belarus. If you are looking forward to take your higher education from a foreign country than universities in Belarus will be a great choice for you.

Name of Country




Capital City


Largest City


Population (approximate)

9.48 million

Official Language

Belarusian, Russian

Other Popular Languages

Polish, Ukrainian, Eastern Yiddish


207,600 km²


Belarusian ruble (BYN)


Christianity (83%)

No religion (14.8%)

Other (3.5%)


Moderate continental climate with cool humid winters and warm summers


How easy is it for a student to get a Belarusian visa?


Getting a Belarusian visa is not complicated if properly advised and usually takes 45 – 60 days.

How much does it cost to study in Belarus?


Tuition cost depends on an institution and course. The cost of a bachelor’s degree is generally $2,000-$6,000 per annum, with a master’s degree costing approximately $3,000 – $9,000 per annum.

Do I have to apply for a visa before studying in Belarus?


Indeed, it is necessary that international students obtain a student visa prior to entering Belarus. This is accompanied by evidence of admission to a Belarusian educational institution and funds for subsistence.

Do international students qualify for any scholarship in Belarus?


Yes, Belarus has several scholarships which can be either partially or fully funded by a government or private organization for an international student to study in Belarus.

Is the climate in Belarus suitable?


Climate in Belarus is suitable to live in as it is a moderate continental climate. There are humid winters and warm summers. Seasons are distinct hence providing students with a varied climate.

Is Belarus good for international students?


Yes! Belarus is one of the affordable options for higher education abroad. Students can apply for various specializations at low cost.

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