Study MBA in Belarus in Top Universities: Fees & Admission


MBA in Belarus: Universities, Fees, Admission

MBA in BelarusThe masters in Business Administration program is a famous course across the world. Many students want to take their MBA course from a foreign country. Yes, it will be very effective if you take your MBA degree in Belarus. You will have the best career opportunities after your MBA course in Belarus because of the great facilities and education that you will have at the universities. Belarus provides a high-quality MBA course to students, which will be a perfect choice for you. The jobs you get after your MBA degree will be at an international level and will have a very good salary. Belarus is an academic paradise with many different MBA programs at many campuses. Choosing to study an MBA is an important step to enhance technical and professional expertise, fostering quantitative, analytical and interpersonal skills. The country's renowned universities, excellent faculties and unique educational environment are widely respected.

Why Study Master’s in Belarus?

Embark on a transformative academic by enrolling in an MBA program in Belarus. This is where technical excellence meets global recognition, a cutting-edge curriculum, and unparalleled opportunities for international exposure and networking. Benefits of pursuing an MBA in Belarus include:

  • Global recognition: Belarusian universities are famous for their Master's programs, and offer MBA degrees which are recognized globally.

  • Modern curriculum: The MBA program is meticulously designed to equip engineering professionals with the latest industry trends and essential management skills.

  • International exposure: You will join a diverse student body and develop a global network, which is critical to navigating the complexities of the international business landscape.

  • Affordable Education: Belarus offers a cost-effective option to pursue an MBA, ensuring accessibility without compromising the quality of education.

  • Connection opportunities Networking: Take advantage of networking events and collaborative projects to connect with industry leaders and thereby improve your career prospects.

  • Research Opportunities: You can join groundbreaking research initiatives and contribute to advances. This provides valuable hands-on experience.


Belarusian universities offer two time periods to enroll: spring (from October to December) and fall (from September to May). During spring, international students can apply and move into dorms with greater ease as the usual academic calendar starts during the fall. Fall admission aligns with the traditional academic calendar, providing an expanded application period.

Medium of Instruction

English is the main language of instruction for MBA programs in Belarus for international students. To demonstrate their skills, international students are often required to give an interview. Prospective students should confirm their specific language skills requirements for their chosen MBA program.

Eligibility Criteria

It is important to understand the specific eligibility criteria set by Belarusian universities to simplify the application process:

  • Education: A completed bachelors degree or equivalent from an accredited institution is a mandatory admission requirement.

  • Admission exam results: Applicants with scores on the GMAT, GRE, (which are optional examinations in most universities) or other designated admissions tests, as per university guidelines.

  • Professional experience: Significant work experience or exposure to international studies is optional, but can be of advantage.

  • Language proficiency: An interview is also conducted by many universities as a part of the selection of candidates to test their English proficiency.

Adherence to these criteria ensures a complete application that meets the expectations of Belarusian universities.

Documents Required

When applying to a Belarusian university, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Completed application form

  • Verified copy and official translation of diploma high school graduation

  • A verified copy and certified translation of the bachelor's degree, accompanied by original academic transcript.

  • Medical certificate issued in the month before application

  • Copy of the applicant's passport or ID card

  • 6 recent passport-sized photos

  • Certificate of proficiency in English, Belarusian, or Russian is for those who choose to study a international language.

  • NOC

Course Duration

The length of a master's degree varies depending on individual circumstances in Belarus. If you have a bachelor's degree from a college, not in Belarus, your master's program will last 1.5 to 2 years (3 to 4 semesters). However, if your bachelor's degree is from Belarus, the master's program is usually a year-long (2 semesters).

Language Proficiency Requirements

To enter an MBA program in Belarus in English, candidates must demonstrate their language skills through an English Test at the University. However, they can provide certificates as an option. Compliance with these requirements ensures that candidates have the necessary English proficiency for successful participation in a Belarusian MBA program. The universities don’t require any IELTS or TOEFL Tests.

Fees Structure

When considering the tuition structure of major universities in Belarus, it is essential to take into account additional costs that may vary depending on each student's circumstances. Explore the education finance landscape at these leading institutions:

University Name Tuition Fees
Belarusian State University USD 3500
Brest State Technical University USD 1600
Polotsk State University USD 4000
Mogilev State University USD 1525
Belarusian State Economic University USD 3500
National Technical University Minsk USD 2000
Vitebsk State University USD 4800

Top Universities

Pursuing a higher education in Belarus will open up opportunities in renowned institutions known for their academic excellence. Experience the pinnacle of educational activities at the following leading universities:

Rank University Name Location Academic Excellence Notable Programs
1 Belarusian State University Minsk Highly Regarded Information System, Finance
2 Brest State Technical University Brest Strong Technical Focus Information System, Finance
3 Belarusian State Economic University Minsk Leading Management School Strategic Management, Operations Management
4 National Technical University Minsk Minsk Innovation Hub Business Management, Finance
5 Vitebsk State University Vitebsk Marketing Excellence General Management, International Marketing
6 Polotsk State University Polotsk Business Management Excellence Business Management, International Marketing
7 Mogilev State University Mogilev Economic Excellence Economic Management, Business Management

Admission Procedure

You can start your MBA journey in Belarus effortlessly with Anigdha Consultancy Services, offering step-by-step comprehensive support. Here are the steps you must follow for a smooth transition :

  • In-Depth Consultation: Receive personalized guidance with a detailed consultation to address your individual needs and provide tailored solutions.

  • University Profiling: Collaboratively choose universities aligned with your interests, and get detailed information on admission criteria.

  • Application Processing: Our team meticulously handles application forms, simplifies document submissions, and assists.

  • Confirmation and Offer: Successful applicants receive confirmation and offer letters from their chosen universities.

  • Visa Application Assistance: Get support throughout the visa application process, including interview preparation if needed.

  • Interview Preparation: We will help students to prepare for an interview to demonstrate English proficiency.

  • Financial Arrangements: Receive comprehensive support in aligning financial arrangements, covering scholarships, loan applications, and other accounts. Get a detailed cost estimate for your entire study duration.

  • Essential Arrangements: Benefit from extensive assistance in essential aspects like accommodation, travel arrangements, and additional requirements, ensuring a hassle-free journey throughout your MBA program in Belarus.

MBA Specialization

Explore a variety of MBA specializations in Belarus, including finance, business management, information systems and project management. Each program offers unique knowledge and skills tailored to dynamic career paths, providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

  • MBA in Finance: Improve financial acumen with a focus on strategic financial management and analysis. Ideal for positions in the top banking sector investment, corporate finance, and financial consulting.

  • MBA in Business Management: Emphasis on strategic thinking and leadership skills. Equips graduates for leadership roles in a variety of industries.

  • MBA in Information Systems: The synergy of business and technology, with a focus on the strategic use of information systems. Graduates are made proficient in Managing IT solutions and adjusting technology to suit the company's goals.

  • MBA in Project Management: Focuses on effective project execution, honing planning and monitoring skills. Learn how to lead successful projects, emphasizing on efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery.

MBA in Belarus without GMAT

GMAT (graduate management admission test) is a type of digital test required when students must be admitted to a management program. You are not required to take the GMAT test for admission to your MBA degree in Belarus. You can easily take direct admission to the university without any entrance exam requirements with your Bachelors Degree result. However, there are a few universities that provide the program with a GMAT test, but the number of these universities is very low. Mostly, you are not required to take the entrance exam.

Work Experience Requirement

You do not need to have any prior work experience to be admitted to your MBA course in Belarus. You can gain admission to the University without having any previous work experience. If you have any such experience, then it will be an add-on for your degree as you will have more experience in the field and get better career opportunities.

Cost of Living

Belarus, recognized as a technology hub, offers an extremely affordable living experience, supported by well-developed public services and streamlined registration procedures for businesses and tourists.

Expenses Estimated Cost (Belarusian Ruble/month)
Accommodation 989 - 1649
Food 494  - 659
Transportation 164 - 328
Miscellaneous 132 - 197


For many students, scholarships are the only opportunity to pursue a college education, covering all aspects of student life. These coveted scholarships are awarded exclusively to individuals with outstanding academic backgrounds or those with weaker financial backgrounds.

Name of the Scholarship Amount
VRL Scholarship Program Up to EUR 450
Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program EUR 9200
Pearl Lemon Scholarship Up to EUR 920
VSBfonds Grant EUR 10,000
Venture Scholarship EUR 3000
Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development EUR 27,600 to EUR 3,60,000

Visa Requirements

Starting an academic business in Belarus involves a visa application process. You must have a proper visa that will make you eligible to take your course from any foreign University. The documents that you must have for visa application are:

  1. You must have savings or current account details, which will act as proof of your financial details. This is an important document for your visa Security Check. 

  2. Your visa interview will happen only in English. So, your English proficiency is also important, as clearing the interview is the most essential part of your visa application.

  3. To get a visa, you must have a proper travel insurance at a particular amount of 4% to 10% of travel cost, which your visa office will tell you exactly. 

  4. Before you apply for a student visa, you should provide proper proof of your stay or accommodation in Belarus, whether the university's hostel or its a private house. 

  5. You must provide an acceptance letter provided by the Ministry of Education in Belarus as an official eligibility document for your visa.

  6. You must submit other essential documents of a few receipts and your selection at the University to prove your motive for visiting Belarus. 

  7. Providing a criminal record certificate is also very important. If you have any kind of criminal background or suspicious Bank records, then you won't be granted a visa to Belarus.

Part-time Jobs in Belarus

International students looking to take their MBA degree in Belarus will also get the opportunity to work part-time while continuing their course. This is a great way for international students to manage their living expenses in a foreign country. They will be allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week. On vacations, when they do not have classes at the university, they will also get the opportunity to work 40 hours a week, which is full-time employment. The minimum average salary for a part-time worker in Belarus has to be 2 BYN to 4 BYN per hour.

Job Prospects After an MBA in Belarus

Graduates with an MBA from Belarus find themselves well-equipped for a range of career paths. The combination of management skills and operational expertise opens doors to diverse opportunities in various industries. Here are some promising career prospects:

  • Project Manager:

    1. Role: Oversee and lead projects from initiation to completion.

    2. Benefits: Bonuses, healthcare, and career advancement opportunities.

  • Business Analyst:

    1. Role: Analyze business processes, gather and interpret data to provide insights.

    2. Benefits: Bonuses, healthcare, and opportunities for professional development.

  • Operations Manager:

    1. Role: Manage day-to-day operations for efficiency and productivity.

    2. Benefits: Bonuses, health insurance, and retirement plans.

  • Financial Analyst:

    1. Role: Assess financial data, provide recommendations for business planning.

    2. Benefits: Bonuses, competitive benefits packages.

  • Marketing Manager:

    1. Role: Develop and execute marketing strategies for products/services.

    2. Benefits: Performance bonuses, health benefits.

  • Human Resources Manager:

    1. Role: Oversee HR functions, manage employee relations.

    2. Benefits: Bonuses, health insurance, retirement benefits.

  • Supply Chain Manager:

    1. Role: Coordinate and optimize the supply chain processes.

    2. Benefits: Performance bonuses, benefits.

  • Entrepreneur/Start-up Founder:

    1. Role: Build and lead a new business venture.

    2. Earnings: Variable, potential for significant profits.

  • Consultant:

    1. Role: Provide expertise to solve business challenges.

    2. Compensation: Project-based fees, potential bonuses.

  • IT Manager:

    1. Role: Manage IT systems, ensure technology aligns with business goals.

    2. Benefits: Bonuses, health insurance, and other benefits.


Is work experience mandatory for MBA admission?


Work experience is preferred but not mandatory. Candidates with a strong academic background and motivation are also considered.

Can international students work part-time jobs during their degree?


Yes, international students can work in part-time jobs during the degree

Are scholarships available to international students in Belarus?


Yes, various scholarships are offered based on academic qualifications, past work experience, and rank secured in competitive examinations.

How long does an MBA program last on average?


The MBA program generally spans 2 years.

Is a GMAT necessary in modern-day admissions to colleges for an MBA in Belarus?


No, there is no GMAT requirement, making the institution available to a broader range of students.

What language is used while teaching in Belarus?


The language of instruction for MBA programs in Belarus is English as it hosts a wide range of faculty and students.


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