MBA in Lithuania


MBA in Lithuania

MBA in LithuaniaLithuania offers a unique blend of multicultural dimension and catholic religiosity. Thankfully, the somber climate doesn't reflect on its quality of education. That's why it is one of the most affordable destinations for a management degree. Living costs are low, and people are mostly bilingual. The weather is relatively mild when you compare it to other Baltic countries. Nature lovers will have a tough time choosing between studies, rolling hills, virgin forest, and urban nightlife. Lithuania sees a steady influx of international students touching its shores and blending easily with the culture. Yes, the language is tough, and it is difficult to bite with your teeth. Ready to study for your MBA in Lithuania? So let us explore some exemplary options for you.

Fee Range The fee ranges between EUR 1500 to EUR 8000
Work Experience Requirement You will need VISA and sponsor letter to work in Lithuania
GMAT/GRE Most universities don't require a GMAT score
Apply The timeline to apply for an MBA in Lithuania is between April to February
Work after study You will find many jobs if you know Lithuanian

Top Business Schools in Lithuania

Public MBA Colleges In Lithuania

  • Vilnius University

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuanian

  • Kaunas University of Technology

  • Vytautas Magnus University

Private MBA Colleges In Lithuania

  • Klaipeda University

  • Siauliai University

  • Mykolas Romeris University

  • Vilniaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences

Why Study MBA in Lithuania?

Lithuania is home to some of the finest universities in Eastern Europe. It has a comprehensive diaspora of internationally recognized programs and qualifications. Plus, Lithuanian universities follow the Bologna process Of European Higher Education that is an excellent indicator of its quality. The country also performs sufficiently well in cross-border engagement and education systems.

  • Education in Lithuania is much more affordable than in other popular European destinations.

  • You can also apply for Lithuanian state scholarships and access many cost-effective benefits.

  • The central European location of Lithuania makes it convenient for students to travel anywhere within three hours.

  • Most Lithuanians are bilingual and understand basic English. Of course, you won't English-munching Liths in rural landscapes.

  • Lithuanians have non-expressive facial features, but they are welcoming to all. Let them gulp in a few sips of beer, and they are ready to be your best pal.

  • Lithuania is ranked 1st in the Green City Index, and the quality of life is very high. It is known for its breathtaking green acres and quietness.

  • The country scores high on the healthcare index and ranks similar to Copenhagen, Barcelona, London, and Rome.

  • Lithuania has a blended culture like aromatic coffee. The old town of Vilnius is on the UNESCO heritage list, and the population celebrates international events with pomp and splendor.


Lithuania works with symbiotic energy, and you will find youthful energy and architectural presence that respects the past. From offbeat cafes to gothic churches, you will find a milieu that blends Italian Baroque, French classist, and Russian orthodox. You can easily make friends in Lithuania with less racial prototyping that makes steady inroads into European societies.

  • You will find every necessity within fifteen minutes because the cities are small and you will have a great experience.

  • Lithuania is the easiest country in the Schengen Area to get a visa. The Embassy accepted over 98% of Visa applications.

  • Lithuanian universities are the oldest in Europe and have followed the Bologna system since 1999.

  • You will experience more than just academic life. Lithuanians are known to be social, and once you grasp Lithuanian, you will make friends in no time.

  • Lithuania provides a high standard of living for students and families throughout the country.

  • Most programs are taught in English, so international students don't need to learn Lithuanian or other regional languages.

  • MBA degrees from Lithuania are recognized across the globe and given high weightage.

MBA Specialization In Lithuania

An MBA from Lithuania is highly-rated all over the globe. Plus, you will have the chance to choose from multiple specializations across a broad spectrum of study patterns. Some of the best specializations offered here include:

  • MBA Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods

  • MBA Automation and Robotics

  • Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication

  • Global Executive MBA

  • MBA in International Management

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

  • Masters in Economics and Finance

  • MBA in International Business

  • Master in Insurance & Risk Management

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Marketing Management

  • Master's in Business Administration (International Program)

  • MBA Automation and Robotics

  • MBA Global Corporate Finance

  • Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication

  • Master in International HR Management

  • Global Executive MBA

  • Master in Management

Plus, you can choose from different learning modes like

  • Online MBA

  • Fast-track MBA

  • Executive MBA

  • Part-time MBA

Eligibility for MBA in Lithuania

For pursuing an MBA in Lithuania, you will need:

  • A graduation degree from a recognized university

  • You must be at least 20 years of age before you apply

  • Most universities will ask for work experience certificates

  • You will need to have a valid GMAT/GRE score

  • Submit English proficiency requirement

  • English language proficiency certificates like TOEFL/EILTS

DocumentS Required

You would need the following documents:

  • All academic photocopies with original transcripts

  • Proof of date of birth

  • Letter of recommendation from a foreign university

  • Statement of purpose

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Proof of bank accounts in Lithuanian branches

  • Details of your stay in Lithuania

  • Police clearance certificates

  • Relevant work certificates

  • Essays asked by universities


There are two types of intake at Lithuanian universities:

Fall Intake:

  • Application period - February 1st - June 30th

  • Application assessments: July 15th

  • Deadline to receive Acceptance/Rejection Letter: July 15th

  • Deadline to sign an agreement: September 15th

Spring Intake

  • Application period - September 1st - November 30th

  • Application assessments: December 15th

  • Deadline to receive Acceptance/Rejection Letter: January 15th

  • Deadline to sign an agreement: February 15th

Course Duration

There are multiple course durations in Lithuanian universities. However, most regular MBA programs are two years. Besides, you can also opt for fast-track and executive MBA programs that will take one year to complete.

School/University Course Duration (in months)
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University 24
Klaipeda University 24
ISM University of Management and Economics 24
Vilnius University 12
Siauliai University 24
Kazimieras Simonavi?ius University 24

Admission Procedure

  • Contact your selected university directly and check eligibility criteria.

  • Complete the application form online and submit a request

  • All your documents have to be recognized in the Republic of Lithuania.

  • Submit a pre-application request to the Lithuanian Embassy with important documents like passports, DV forms, and others.

  • passport size photographs

  • Proof that you have paid your tuition fee

  • The university will evaluate your application and inform your decision.

  • Proof of funds

English Proficiency Requirement

You will need at least one of the following exams if you want to study in Lithuania:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 75.

  • IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) score of 5.5.

MBA in Lithuania Without GMAT

Most Lithuanian universities don't require a GMAT score. You will also not need a GRE to study in Lithuania. So, it is fairly easy to get into an MBA program in Lithuania than in other parts of Europe.

Cost of Studying MBA in Lithuania

The cost to study in Lithuania depends on the course and university you choose. It also depends on the city you are choosing to live in. The tuition fees are between 1300 EUR to 8400 EUR in an academic calendar.

Tuition Fees

The fee structure of an MBA in Lithuania varies according to the school you choose to study. Let us look at the tuition fees of some B-schools and management institutes in Lithuania.

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University- 4787 EUR

  • International Business University Vilnius University - 3990 EUR

  • Mykolas Romeris University – 6960 EUR

  • Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences- 5790 EUR


Student visas are granted to people who wish to come to Lithuania and study at an officially recognized educational institution. Some of the basic requirements are

  • Accept a university place

  • Schedule a visa appointment with a Lithuanian embassy

  • Download, print, and complete the application form

  • Gather supporting documents

  • Attend your appointment online or in person

  • Wait for a decision

  • Register for a temporary residence permit

  • Present your documents

You will need:

  • A valid passport with an expiry date of 6 months

  • A completed application form

  • Proof of financial resources

  • Details of accommodation

  • A health insurance policy

  • Your flight itinerary

The processing time is about two weeks, and for non-EU residents, parents need to apply separately for a tourist visa for up to 90 days if they want to accompany their ward.


Various scholarships are awarded to international students coming to study in Lithuania. It includes:

  • Education Future International Scholarship

  • The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

  • EIT International Excellence Scholarship

  • UICC Technical Fellowships

  • ACI Foundation Graduate Scholarships

Part-Time Jobs During MBA in Lithuania

You can work while studying if you have a work permit. It requires a job offer from an employer in Lithuania. The processing time to get a work permit varies between regions but is generally around two months. If you are allowed to work, it will be 40 hours a week.

Learn The Lithuanian Language Before MBA

Lithuanian skills are required for most jobs in Lithuania. There are many ways to learn Lithuanian. You can participate in Lithuanian language courses offered by adult education centers and Multicultural Centers.

Full-Time MBA in Lithuania

There are top B-schools in Lithuania that offer full-time MBA programs that include:

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuanian

  • Kaunas University of Technology

  • Vytautas Magnus University

  • Klaipeda University

Part-time MBA In Lithuania

Many universities offer part-time MBA programs, including

  • Siauliai University

  • Mykolas Romeris University

  • Vilniaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences

Lithuanian Proficiency Requirements

It is better to brush up on your Lithuanian skills before traveling to Lithuania. Although most programs are conducted in English, it is good to learn Lithuanian to converse fluently with local people and follow their customs.

Job After MBA in Lithuania

There are plenty of jobs after completing an MBA in Lithuania. You will have the option to enter any management-level job after completing your MBA.

Indian Students in Lithuania

India's number of students heading to its universities has increased massively in the past few years. The latest data shows that 37 Indian students were studying full-time in Lithuania in 2011 and 357 in 2014. There are more than 350 English-taught study programs available in Lithuania for international students, including excellent academic institutions and innovative facilities. These are a few of the top reasons why Indian students are attracted to study in Lithuania. The country values education, as 100% of young Lithuanians above 15 are literate. There are full-time and part-time English language programs in Lithuania.

Cost of Living in Lithuania

  • Meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant - Rs 600

  • Regular grocery - Rs 300

  • One-way ticket (local transport) - Rs 75

  • Monthly-pass - Rs 2500

  • One-bedroom flat rent - Rs 48,000

How Do We Help You in Securing an MBA Seat in Lithuania?

Traveling to beautiful Lithuania is an experience of a lifetime. If you are planning to study MBA in this panoramic Eastern beauty, you need a lot of preparation. It involves inquiring at the university of your choice, booking your slot, uploading important documents, applying for a Visa, making necessary travel arrangements, and flying to an unknown country. That's why you need a reliable education partner like Anigdha to make things simpler for you. When you consider an overseas consultant, you will receive these startling benefits:

  • Consulting: Overseas consultants have immense experience in dealing with foreign universities. Consultants have a thorough idea about the admission process, and student visa and provide you with detailed inputs.

  • Shortlisting: We will also get a list of the best universities for you.

  • Application Documentation: Which documents are required for the admission procedure are discussed in our consultancy.

  • Application: If you find applying to universities difficult, we will do it on your behalf.

  • Interview: Expert counselors will also help you to prepare for the English proficiency tests. Along with this, if the university conducts an interview, we will help you through.

  • Financial guidance: They will also inform you about the available scholarship opportunities and loan facilities.

  • Visa: They will help you to book travel tickets and help in seamless onboarding. We will also help you with the visa application.

MBA in Lithuania at a Low Cost

Completing an MBA from a B-school is costly. So, here are a few cheap MBA colleges you can consider:

  • Lithuanian Sports University

  • Klaipeda University

About Lithuania

About LithuaniaLithuania is a small country tucked between Russia, Poland, Latvia, and Belarus. Despite its size, the country has an amazing landscape divided between the capital Vilnius, the countryside, and the coastal areas. The country is easy to explore and has one of the best road conditions in Eastern Europe. You will discover fantastic greenery, national parks like Auskaistia, and dreamy Baltic coastlines like the Curonian Spit. Adventurous tourists can explore outdoor thrills in resort towns like Palanga. Vilnius, the capital, is steeped in history and juxtaposed with modernity. From the cobblestoned streets to modern cafes, you will discover constant synchronization of the old and the new in celestial harmony. Weather in Lithuania can be unpredictable, but it remains virgin and warm during spring. So, visit this beautiful country between April and August and feel the balmy air blowing your freckles away from the seas. Apart from the picturesque capital Vilnius, there are plenty of places to explore in Lithuania. You can take the scenic Panemune route littered with castles and history. Plus, you will find many national parks, schools, and museums. Bus services in Lithuania are cheap and fast. You can also take the train services and explore the cities in Lithuania. The weather is harsh, which probably makes the folks a little stern on the outside. But once you get through some cold beers, conversations will fall like peanuts and chocolates. Besides that, Lithuania is a fine place to study and call your home when you make the Lithuanian language your best mate.

Capital Vilnius
Largest City Vilnius
Official Language Lithuanian
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 65,300km2
Total Population 2,830,097
Currency Euro
Calling code +370


What Is The Lithuanian System Of Education?


The Lithuanian education system offers a first-class experience to the students. In Lithuania, the duration of an undergraduate course is 3-4 years and a master's 1-2 years; that can change depending on the requirement.

What Is The Lithuanian Grading System?


The Lithuanian grading system follows this pattern on a 10-point scale:

  1. 10 (Puikiai): Excellent
  2. 9 (Labai gerai): Very good
  3. 8 (Gerai): Good
  4. 7 (Vidutiniškai): Highly satisfactory
  5. 6 (Patenkinimas): satisfactory

What Are The Different Types Of Lithuanian Food?


Lithuanian food is flavorful and complements the moist northern climate of the country. The staple diet includes rye bread, pork, potatoes, beets, berries, and mushrooms.

Is It Worth Studying In Lithuania?


Lithuania is a friendly, business-friendly, and ideal country to pursue your MBA. Plus, living costs in the country are comparatively lesser compared to other EU nations.

Can You Stay In Lithuania After Graduation?


Yes, you can stay in Lithuania if you have a job. You will need to obtain a residence permit for one year and search for a job. Once you find it, you will need to work for a Lithuanian registered firm for five years to apply for citizenship.

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