Study Nursing in Bulgaria


Study Nursing in Bulgaria

Study Nursing in BulgariaThe nursing in Bulgaria shows that the health care providers need to be extremely qualified and ready to face the challenges. The country also has a strong nursing education system that combines theory and practice to ensure that they are well-equipped graduates who are ready to face the dynamic modernization in the current healthcare setting. The nursing programs in Bulgaria follow international standards that involve developing critical thinking, moral values, and caring attitudes toward patients. Aspiring nurses undergo comprehensive training that covers different medical sciences to enable them to have a full understanding of health service provision. Additionally, the curriculum usually incorporates cutting-edge medical technology and up-to-date evidence-based approaches. Bulgarian nursing education emphasizes achieving proficiency in the classroom and through practical experience to generate highly qualified and compassionate individuals to transform the country’s health profile.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission to nursing programs is based on required standardized education qualifications that make it possible to offer high-quality education for future healthcare personnel. However, the entry requirements would depend on the level of study.

  • Applicants for the Bachelor’s program should have completed secondary education with good grades in biology among other subjects. In this way, it provides basic knowledge of the life sciences, which is essential to study an extensive nursing course.

  • A Bachelor's Degree is a necessity for a Master's Program. This indicates that the student gains an in-depth understanding of concepts related to healthcare, which builds on his or her education during the undergraduate class.

  • One must also possess a Master’s degree that will equip them for specializations or Ph.D. programs in nursing. Achievement of this senior qualification in nursing indicates dedication to a high degree of expertise that will be very significant for the profession.

  • These criteria ensure that any student aspiring to be a nurse has undertaken studies at an appropriate level for a better nursing career in Bulgaria.

  • In addition to these, you must have passed the entrance exam in English to take admission to Nursing.

  • International students must showcase their English Proficiency with standard exams.

  • Students must have a statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, and/or letter of experience.

Language of Instruction

Bulgarian universities are very much in the global education stream with many courses available in the English language. Students from different parts of the world find it easy to study and understand in these universities as they use English as their primary language of instruction. Therefore, these universities are globally recognizable. International students must demonstrate their English ability with minimum marks in any standard English test such as

  • IELTS-6 to 6.5 bands

  • TOEFL- 70-80 Scores

  • PTE-70 scores

Intake / Deadline

Deadlines for admissions to universities in Bulgaria vary, depending on the specific university, field of study, and whether the applicant is a native or foreigner. For instance, the applicants for preparatory programs in English or Bulgarian are expected to file their documents by the 30th of September annually. Depending on the University, the program, and the country of origin direct enrolment into English, Bulgarian, or other language programs without the preparatory year is determined by various deadlines for each program and university. This approach brings subtlety to universities and enables them to set deadlines according to students' academic backgrounds and preferences.

Documents Required

To embark on the nursing journey in Bulgaria, ensure the submission of the following crucial documents during the application process:

  • Biographical Data and Educational History in a Complete University Application Form.

  • An authenticated copy of the Diploma confirming completion of secondary education with the Academic Transcript.

  • Achieving a minimum of 62 marks in biology in 12th Standard

  • Letter of reference from the previous Institute.

  • Health certificate, valid for one month and authorized by the candidate’s home country.

  • The financial statement of proof for an education venture.

  • Parents’ or guardians’ Official Declaration Certificate.

  • A cover letter is a self-written one discussing the desire, ambition, and motivation of the student for pursuing the degree.

  • International students are required to summon a copy of their Visa and passport.

  • Six recent colored passport-size pictures. Together, these documents pave the way for a smooth admission into the highly regarded nursing programs in Bulgaria.


The Bachelor’s Program in Nursing takes four years for those who have just come from high school. The curriculum integrates the needed information and skills to help students prepare for a nursing career. In contrast, the Nursing Management program caters to professionals who hold a professional bachelor’s degree, and it takes approximately two and a half years to complete. It has been designed for nurses to acquire leadership and management skills for their accelerated development. Various duration options meet different academic levels and career preferences in a changeful practice of nursing.

Fees Structure

It is important to navigate through the financial side of education especially when it comes to understanding fee structure. Quality education is affordable for nursing students in Bulgaria since it has reasonable tuition fees. Here’s the list of fee details:

University Name Annual Tuition Fee (EUR)
Medical University of Varna 3,350
Medical University of Sofia 4,000
Medical University of Plovdiv 4,000
Medical University of Pleven 3,200

Top Universities

The country boasts of reputable universities that offer great nursing education. Such institutions have intensive courses combining modern theoretical knowledge and practical experience forming competent future nurses able to join society:

University Name City
Medical University of Varna Varna
Medical University of Sofia Sofia
Medical University of Plovdiv Plovdiv
Medical University of Pleven Pleven

Admission Procedure

Leave the admission processing task to Anigdha as you start your nursing studies in Bulgaria. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth entry into your chosen nursing program:

  • Connect with Anigdha: Our professional team can help you get admission into top-ranked nursing universities in Bulgaria. Get help with every phase of your application, including guidance throughout the admission process.

  • Test Preparation: It is advisable to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE English proficiency exams if needs be. Anigdha’s experts prepare everything in advance to make sure that she will speak fluent English and be ready to study well in a nursing school.

  • Choose the University: Pick the best university to learn nursing in Bulgaria and make an imperative choice. Our team helps you to integrate your vision with that of the preferred university, enabling a well-coordinated education.

  • Application Submission: Choose a given university and begin the admission process. Let our experts help you fill in application forms and submit all necessary documents in time for your nursing program.

  • Visa Process: Get passports and visas as required by the admitting office for international students. Anigdha helps you go through the process smoothly so that you can concentrate on the skills of being a great nurse and not administrative hassles.


Are all of the nursing programs in Bulgaria conducted in the Bulgarian language?


No, many Bulgarian universities offer nursing courses in English and thus make them available for international students.

How long is the Nurse Management Program in Bulgaria?


It is a nursing management program that usually lasts for two and a half years targeting those with previous bachelor’s degrees.

When is the admission deadline accepted for the program?


By September 30th of every year, candidates are requested to register and fill in their forms.

What are the necessary documents for application to a nursing program in Bulgaria?


The required documents include a completed University Application Form, a diploma, academic transcripts, a health certificate, proof of funds, and others.

Would I be allowed to select a nursing program in Bulgaria without a preparatory year?


Yes, it depends on the university that you will be enrolling in the program and your home nation.

Will Anigdha help in the whole nursing admission process in Bulgaria?


Indeed, Anigdha’s professional team will walk you all through the application process including choosing your university and submission of your documents.

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