Study in Greece


Study in Greece

Study in GreeceKnown as the birthplace of civilization, Greece is the land of scholars, scientists, and politicians. With sumptuous cuisine, comfortable weather, and affordable tuition fees, Greece is one of the best study destinations in Europe. It is also home to legends like Socrates, Plato, and Pythagoras. Indian students have a prominent presence at Greek Universities that offer quality education at low costs. According to a recent survey by the well-known newspaper The Guardian, around 15% of university students in Greece are international students. You can choose from various study disciplines in Greece from arts, commerce, management, medicine, and engineering. So, if you want educational excellence and wish to enjoy the 16000 km coastline, head to Greece to skyrocket your career.

Why Study In Greece?

Universities in Greece offer a fantastic curriculum with a commendable education system. You can choose from a variety of disciplines to study at top-tier universities.

Here are a few reasons you should head to Greece to pursue higher education.

  • Greece has a diverse economy that comprises tourism, agriculture, research, and academics.

  • When you study in Greece, you will indulge in a multicultural and open environment that will help you study diverse topics.

  • Greece is a multi-national nation, that hosts representatives of various countries and cultural backgrounds.

  • Most Greeceian universities have English programs that are dedicated to international students. Plus the people also speak the language fluently.

  • The distinctive culture of the country has developed over the centuries. The contemporary cultural life of Greece is relatively dynamic and manifold.

  • You can choose flexible courses while completing your majors or masters at a GreekUniversity.

  • Greece has many conglomerate companies, and it won't be difficult to find a job after passing out from a program.

Top Courses and Programs in Greece

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Engineering
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki MBBS
National Technical University of Athens Engineering
University of Patras Accountancy
University of Crete English
University of the Aegean MBA
University of Thessaly Volos MBBS
Athens University of Economics and Business MBA in Greece
Athens Medical School MBBS
The American College of Thessaloniki MBA

Top Universities in Greece

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • National Technical University of Athens

  • University of Patras

  • University of Crete

  • The University of the Aegean.

  • University of Thessaly

  • Athens University of Economics and Business

  • The University of West Attica.

  • University of Ioannina

  • The Democritus University of Thrace.

  • University of Macedonia

  • International Hellenic University

  • Technical University of Crete

  • University of Piraeus

  • Harokopio University

  • The American College of Greece

  • Ionian University

  • Agricultural University of Athens

  • University of Western Macedonia

  • University of Peloponnese

  • Technological Educational Institute of Crete

  • Panteion University

  • Athens School of Fine Arts

  • Nafplion School of Design

  • Kavala School of Business Management

  • Lamia School of Higher Studies


  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • Undergraduate Merit Scholarships. Scholarship Link

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Scholarships

  • Onassis Foundation – Annual Scholarship Program

  • Fulbright Foundation Scholarships

  • International Propeller Club Piraeus Scholarship

  • Athen National Scholarship For Non-EU countries

  • Petronas University Scholarship For Meritorious Students

  • Outstanding Player Scholarship Award

How To Choose A Course For Studying In Greece?

Finding an affordable quality program is the most important for every aspirant who wishes to study in Greece. Some study abroad programs in Greece have a very high limit for their enrollment, while the others are very selective about the number of students they consider for enrollment. The costs for higher education in Greece don't just end with the basic university fees; rather, additional costs can add up for housing, insurance, meals, travel, excursions, medical needs, purchases, and many other things.

  • Choose Your Course Carefully: Choose your course carefully before sending your application. So, it's good to check the job options and scope, of course, in Greece. For example, computer engineers are in-demand in the country right now. So, if you choose civil engineering, you won't have too many options after passing out. Everything else will fall in place once you have sorted out what course you wish to take. There are plenty of disciplines to study at Greece's bachelor's and master's levels. You can pick from finance, medicine, accountancy, management, humanities, social science, pharmacy, vocational, and many other options.

  • Watch The Admission Dates: Always check the deadlines before sending your application to any Greek University. If you miss your application dates, it will set you back by a year. Besides, universities have their own admission time. So, don't just flip through the prospects and admire the lovely pictures. Go through them properly and note down the admission dates for your sake. Besides, you will also need to consider other aspects like research facilities, placement opportunities, and other criteria.

  • Know About The Payment Terms: How are you planning to fund your degree? Although Greece is cheaper than Western Europe, going to a foreign university nevertheless comes with its share of costs. If you have applied for scholarships, it will probably take some time to arrive. So, arrange your money before booking flight tickets. Many universities also ask for a 50% advance, so keep that in mind. Please go through the entry requirements properly before sending your application.

Job Opportunities

Understand the job opportunities after completing your course in Greece. The economy of Greece is going through a transitional phase. So, there might not be too many jobs available for courses that don't have demand in the country. So, weigh in your options carefully. Also, some Greek courses don't have approval in India. So, you can also check the AICTE and UGC websites and know whether the course is approved in our country. Also, take a careful look at the prospectus and understand whether the course is job-oriented or not. So, read thoroughly before sending your application.

Admission Process in Greece

  • You will find the online application at the official website of the University.

  • Read the form carefully, fill in the necessary details and submit online.

  • Also, ensure to scan your original documents and upload them along with your application.

  • You will receive a confirmation process.

  • It will take 3 weeks for the confirmation letter to arrive.

  • The University will send you an invitation letter once the documents are verified.

  • After that, you should pay your first-year fees, apply for your student visa, and submit your passport.

  • Your Visa will be dispatched after the admission fees are cleared.

  • You have to submit your fees only after document verification from the University.

Visa Requirement in Greece

You will need to apply for a short-term National D-category visa for studying in Greece. But remember that you will need all the important documents that are listed below:

  • Original Passport along with Photographs

  • The passport must be valid for the next six months

  • Completed Visa application form

  • There should be two blank visa pages

  • Diploma/ Degree mark sheet and Certificate

  • Experience Certificate (if any)

  • A clean medical record

  • You should have at least 400 Euros per month to support your stay

  • Pay the required $90 registration fees

  • You will receive a conditional offer letter

  • Issuance of final acceptance letter

  • Prepare your documents

  • Submit the documents

For obtaining a residence permit, you will need these additional documents:

  • A completed and signed Residence Permit Application Form

  • Residence permit fees of 150 EUR

Documents You Need To Study in Greece

  • Scanned copy of passport with 1-year validity

  • Scanned copy of Class 10 and 12 mark sheet

  • 4 passport size photos

  • LOC from the Ministry of External Affairs

  • Copy of your results

  • English proficiency certificate

  • Medical certificates

Eligibility For Studying in Greece

  • You will need a High School Certificate or Bachelor's Degree Certificate, depending on the program of your choice.

  • You will need to be at least 17 years of age to study in Greece

  • You should show proof that you have sufficient funds to study in Greece.

  • You should be in good health and should not carry any contagious diseases.

  • It would help if you proofed of migration to the passport office

  • Submit copies of the transcript of all records

Indian Students In Greece

Many Indian students in Greece are mostly studying at engineering and medical universities. Around 1200-3000 Indian students are currently majoring at Greek universities and institutes.

Cost of Living in Greece

Role Cost
Dining at a mid-size restaurant Rs 1000
Daily groceries Rs 800
Monthly Pass for local transport Rs 2500
One way ticket Rs 100
Rent for a 1bhk in city center Rs 35000
Rent for a 1bhk outside city center Rs 30000

Career Prospects In Greece

The majority of the Greek population lives in urban areas, and finding a job can be tough. Overspending by the government means that Greece has a huge repayment which it owes to IMF and other monetary organizations. Finding a job in this situation can be difficult, but the situation is improving gradually. Unemployment was 23.9% in 2016, which has dropped to 14.2% in 2021. Although Greece is considered a developed economy, the recession, and government borrowing has reduced it to a pitiable condition. One of the most promising sectors for employment in the tourism, and medical industry, which is growing at a good rate. So, international students completing their tourism or hospitality degrees will find good employment in Greece.

How We Help You To Study In Greece?

Greece is an amazing country and is known for its fantastic tourist spots. Besides, it is also one of the major destinations for international students to complete their education. That's because Greece is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. But choosing a Greek University can be challenging if you don't know the current rules and regulations. That's why it's crucial to connect with exemplary overseas consultants like Anigdha to simplify the process. Anigdha provides top-tier to students from all walks of education, including engineering, medicine, hospitality, and a host of other programs. Besides, you will receive a range of other benefits like:

  • Consultants have rich experience and will help you to select the best course

  • You will receive prudent advice and sound judgment

  • Top-tier consultants like Anigdha simplify your admission process and help with the Visa application

  • They will also find loan facilities and arrange scholarships

  • Anigdha provides an around-the-clock admission helpline.

  • Consultants like Anigdha come with extensive experience and help you select the best University.

About Greece

About GreeceThe Greek Peninsula, located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, covers an area of 130,800 square kilometers. It has the largest coastline in Europe and is known for its breathtaking beauty. The hot sun, the relaxing beaches, the marvelous nature, the rich culture, and the warm hospitality will charm you from the first step in the country. There are so many islands and mainland resorts in Greece that it will take you many years to explore the entire country. The country is mostly known for its amazing beaches like Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada, and Super Paradise Beach Mykonos.


What Is The Average Cost Of Studying In Greece?


The average cost of studying in Greece is $2000 per year for general discipline and $5000 for medical and engineering students.

Is Greece Safe For International Students?


Greece is a safe country except in some pockets where petty crimes are common due to low employment. However, top cities like Petronas and Athens are safe for students.

Is Degree From Greece Valid In India?


Most Greek medical, engineering and other programs are recognized in India. However, it would help if you always did your research before applying to any University.

Do You Need To Learn Greek?


You don't need to learn Greek for studying as there are many English-taught programs. However, you need to know basic Greek to find employment in the country.

Can International Students Work In Greece?


You can work for a maximum of 20 hours in Greece. Many jobs are available in Greece for international students, especially in the tourism sector.

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