MBA in Greece


MBA in Greece

MBA in GreeceMany students from India are flying abroad to complete their masters in business. European business degrees offer greater mobility and global recognition. Also, you will get to learn about modern technology and learn new ways to approach a management subject. Greece is one of the lesser-known places for an MBA degree, but it offers a quality education at reasonable rates. Greece has a five-thousand-year culture and is known for its Mediterranean climate, hospitable people, and sumptuous food. The universities offer excellent student-teacher ratios, great study-life balance, and top-tier faculties.

Fee Range The fee ranges between INR 4 lakh to INR 15 lakh, depending on the university
Work Experience Requirement You will need a VISA and sponsor letter to work in Greece. Work experience is mandatory while doing an MBA.
GMAT/GRE You don't need a GMAT score to study at most Greek universities.
Apply The timeline to apply for an MBA in Greece is between April to October
Work after study You will find many jobs if you know English.

Top Business Schools in Greece

Some of the best business schools in Greece are listed below –

  • Athens University of Economics and Business

  • ALBA Graduate Business School

  • Athens Graduate School of Management

  • University of Piraeus

  • IHU International Hellenic University

  • ACT American College of Thessaloniki

  • Aegean Omiros College

  • Center of European Management Studies

Why Study MBA In Greece?

Greece is an excellent destination for multinational students for a number of reasons. Plus, there are a few top-ranked universities that offer global knowledge and exposure. You will enjoy the country and learn the skills from the best faculty. Greece has a reputation for academic excellence all across the world.

  • Studying abroad in Greece is quite an affordable choice for students, compared to other famous European destinations.

  • Studying abroad in Greece will give you access to 24 public universities and around 140 Master's programs.

  • There is a student limit for each Greek academic program, the so-called "numerus clausus" decided by the Ministry of Education.

  • Thessaloniki provides everything from a stirring nightlight to extraordinary history and ample architecture to plentiful options for outdoor activities.

  • English is one of the official languages in Greece, and most citizens are fluent in the language.

  • impressive staff to student ratio of 1:5 as well as facilities and resources equivalent to what is found globally.

  • The Greeks love to welcome new people and imbibe foreign culture.


Greece is a fantastic destination for pursuing an MBA degree. Plus you will enjoy an exceptional climate, top-tier hospitality, and a pleasant stay during your MBA course.

  • MBA courses in Greece have the lowest fees in the Balkan states and provide quality education at standard rates.

  • Greece has a warm climate that you can enjoy throughout the year.

  • The MBA syllabus is equivalent to the USA, UK, Germany, China, and other advanced countries.

  • You will experience more than just academic life. The people of Greece are known to be social, and it is easy to make friends in no time.

  • Greece provides a high standard of living for students and families throughout the country.

  • The Greek universities are known for their tradition and culture.

MBA Specialization In Greece

An MBA from Greece is highly-rated all over the globe. Plus, you will have the chance to choose from multiple specializations across a broad spectrum of study patterns. Some of the best specializations offered here include:

  • MBA Automation and Robotics

  • Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication

  • Master in Finance

  • MBA in Hospitality Management

  • MBA in International Management

  • MBA in Property Management

  • Master in Insurance & Risk Management

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Marketing Management

Plus, you can choose from different learning modes like

  • Online MBA

  • Fast-track MBA

  • Executive MBA

  • Part-time MBA

Eligibility For MBA in Greece

For pursuing an MBA in Greece, you will need:

  • A bachelor's degree from a recognized university

  • You must be at least 20 years of age before you apply

  • Minimum two years of work experience

  • TOEFL score only for candidates who haven't studied English at the undergraduate level

  • Submission of original degree

  • Work experience certificate

Documents Required

You would need the following documents:

  • Original certificates of graduation degree

  • Letter of recommendation from professors

  • Statement of purpose

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Proof of bank accounts in Greece branches

  • Details of your stay in Greece

  • Relevant work certificates

  • Police report

  • Essays asked by the university


Universities in Greece admit students once every year in April. Also, the last date for admission is October.

Course Duration

There are multiple course durations in Greek universities. However, most regular MBA programs are two years. Besides, you can also opt for fast-track and executive MBA programs that will take one year to complete.

School/University Course Duration (in months)
ALBA Graduate Business School 12
Athens University of Economics and Business 14
iCon International Training 12
Aegean Omiros College 16
University of Strathclyde 18
Center of European Management Studies 12

Admission Procedure

  • Fill the application form online from the required university.

  • You will submit scanned copies of the passport and all other necessary documents, along with essays.

  • Collect the letter of admission issued by the university after submitting the form.

  • The immigration would start after you get the admission confirmation from the university.

  • Go to the Greece Embassy or consulate after receiving the university's invitation letter.

  • The next step involves the application for a Greece student visa.

  • After receiving the Visa, you are all set to pursue your dream of studying MBA in Greece in your chosen university.

English Proficiency Requirement

You will need at least one of the following exams if you want to study in Greece:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 90.

  • IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) score of 6.5.

  • GPA score of 7.5

MBA In Greece Without GMAT

You don't need GMAT or GRE scores to study MBA in all Greek universities. But it is better to submit a GRE score to complete an MBA in Greece.

Cost Of Studying MBA In Greece

The cost of studying MBA in Greece varies from $2000 to $3000, which can scale up depending on the university's standard.

Tuition Fees

The fee structure of an MBA in Greece varies according to the school you choose to study. Let us look at the tuition fees of some B-schools and management institutes in Greece.

Athens University of Economics and Business 3000 EUR
ALBA Graduate Business School 2500 EUR
Athens Graduate School of Management 4000 EUR
University of Piraeus 6,900 EUR
IHU International Hellenic University 9,000  EUR

Cost of Living In Greece

  • Meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant - Rs 600

  • Regular grocery - Rs 500

  • One-way ticket (local transport) – Rs 40

  • Monthly-pass - Rs 1500

  • One-bedroom flat rent - Rs 30000


You will require a Greeceian student visa to study as an international student. After your arrival, you will have 60 days to obtain a residency permit. You will need to submit the documents to a residency bureau or exit-entry administration.

  • A passport or a recognized travel document.

  • A  fully completed Visa application, signed by the student and the authorities involved, with 2 passport-sized photos.

  • A certification of registration/letter of acceptance and the payment of the university expenses.

  • If your degree of study requires knowledge of the Greek vocabulary, a test certificate must also be presented.

  • Spotless criminal record

  • A medical certification

  • Travel health insurance

  • Visa fee of 90 Euros


Various scholarships are awarded to international students coming to study in Greece. It includes:

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Undergraduate Merit Scholarships. Scholarship Link.

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Scholarships.

  • Onassis Foundation – Annual Scholarship Program.

  • Fulbright Foundation Scholarships.

  • International Propeller Club Piraeus Scholarship

Part-Time Jobs During MBA In Greece

Part-time jobs are available to international students in Greece. However, you can work for only 20-hours in a week with a student visa in Greece. Also, you will need to learn Russian or Greeceian to find employment in the country.

Learn The Greek Language

Greek universities require all their undergraduate students to know some Greek. If you are admitted to a Bachelor's and do not know Greek, you will have to take a one-year preparatory course.

Full-Time MBA In Greece

There are top B-schools in Greece that offer full-time MBA programs that include:

  • ACT American College of Thessaloniki

  • Aegean Omiros College

  • Center of European Management Studies

  • University of Strathclyde

Part-Time MBA In Greece

Many universities offer part-time MBA programs, including

  • iCon International Training

  • University of Piraeus

  • IHU International Hellenic University

Proficiency Requirements

Greeks are good at their English grammar, but it would help to understand basic Greek to communicate with the locals.

Job After MBA In Greece

Things are picking up after the recent recession in Greece. You can find some decent jobs in the country after completing your MBA. Jobs exist in the tourism, energy, manufacturing, and health sectors for business professionals.

How Do We Help You In Securing An MBA Seat In Greece?

Choosing a Greek university for your master's in management can be a bumpy ride. The internet doesn't give you much information about campus life, hostel facilities, and coping with a foreign culture. That's why you need support and help from someone like Anigdha. Education consultants ease the process and provide benefits like:

  • Consulting : Overseas consultants will ease out any complexities before and after your application. Experienced consultants will help you to understand the entire process.

  • Shortlisting : When it comes to choosing the best university for you, we will cater to your preferences and specifications.

  • Application Documentation : We, at Anigdha, are here to help you with the documents and paperwork required for your admission.

  • Application : When applying to universities, we will do it on your behalf.

  • Rounds of Interview : If any university conducts an interview before your admission, we will help you with mock rounds.

  • Visa : You will get details about the fee structure, requirements, and living in Greece. We will also help you with your visa application process.

MBA In Greece At A Low Cost

Completing an MBA from a B-school is costly. So, here are a few cheap MBA colleges you can consider:

  • Aegean Omiros College

  • Center of European Management Studie

About Greece

About GreeceOfficially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is the southernmost country of Europe known for its culture, history, and excellent climate. The country is known for its olive leaves, fantastic free-run wines, majestic tourist attractions, and high-quality education. The stunning weather, renowned universities, and affordable living costs make this country one of the ideal options for studying abroad. Also, the people are very friendly, and once you know a few lines of Greek, they will be your best pals. An MBA degree from Greece is accepted globally, and you will have no problems finding a job in Europe and Asia. However, you must remember that Greeks have a slow pace, and people from fast cities will need some time to adjust to bureaucratic red-tapism. There are also some excellent places to tour in Greece, and you will be spoilt for selecting your favorite. Greece is an excellent destination with a hospitable environment and great education facility.

Capital Athens
Largest City Athens
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 131,957 square kilometers
Total Population as per 2020 estimate 10,678,632
Currency Euros
Calling Code +30


How Is Life In Greece?


The economy is slowly turning around in Greece, and there are new opportunities. As an MBA student, you will find the people welcoming and forthcoming.

Is An MBA From Greece Worth It?


Greece has a few good universities, and degrees are accepted throughout Europe and USA. Moreover, the courses are also much more affordable than other European biggies.

Can You Bring Your Parents?


You can bring your parents with a 90-day tourist Visa. However, if you have a sponsor in Greece, your parents can stay longer.

Will You Find Hostels?


Most universities have hostel facilities, but the seats are limited, and you need to hurry.

How Do You Apply For An MBA?


You will need to apply directly from the University website and proceed with the mentioned steps.

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