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MS in Sports in GermanyMS in Sports in Germany could be a great opportunity for students looking to pursue a career in the sports industry. With its strong cultural roots related to sports, Germany serves as an excellent destination for those willing to study this program. This course will help students to build the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the sports sector. In addition, programs provide opportunities for students to gain insight into topics such as nutrition, exercise, psychology, and management. Depending on their chosen specialization, postgraduates may have an opportunity to work with professional athletes or teams in various capacities after completion of the course. So are you interested in knowing more about this course and how you can get admission to MS in sports in Germany? If yes, read on for the most valuable details.

Program MS in Sports
Course duration 2 years
Language of Instruction English
Tuition Fees Free
Living cost in Germany 1000 EUR per month
Sessions 2 - Summer and Winter

Why Study MS in Sports in Germany?

Germany is an excellent country for education, and this cannot be attributed only to the fact that you get free study in Germany for masters in sports. Here are some of the best reasons why you should study MS in sports in Germany:

  • Access to World-Class Education: Germany has some of the best universities in Europe, offering courses with a focus on sports-related topics taught by experienced faculty who are experts in their chosen fields.

  • Job Prospects: Completing a MS in sports can open up many job possibilities both inside and outside of Germany's flourishing sports industry. Many employers actively seek graduates from German universities due to their commitment to excellence and innovation.

  • Language Skills: Studying abroad in Germany is an excellent opportunity to perfect your German language skills, which is a valuable asset when looking for jobs.

  • International Exposure: International students pursuing MS in sports in Germany will gain invaluable experience living, studying, and working overseas. This international exposure can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to job applications.

  • Low Cost of Living: The cost of living in Germany is relatively low compared to other developed countries, allowing you to make the most out of your studies without having to worry about high living expenses burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Scholarships: There are many scholarships available in Germany for both domestic and international students, which will allow you to study free in Germany for MS in sports.

Eligibility Criteria 

To figure out the qualification criteria for a MS in Sport In Germany, refer below:

  • To get into the Masters in Sport program in Germany, you must have a Bachelor's degree or degree equivalent to bachelors from a well-known university or college.

  • Passing scores on the GMAT or TM WISO test are considered by the Admissions Committee. This gives the candidates an extra benefit.

  • Applicants must show they can speak, read, write, and understand English by taking tests like the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

  • You need to have a C1 level of knowledge in German and get GRE certification with a minimum score of 318 or above.

Language of Instructions 

This table shows a clear overview of the accepted English language tests and the minimum number needed to pass each one. It's a good resource for potential students wanting to enter the program.

English Test Minimum Scores for the English Language Test
IELTS 6.5 and above
TOEFL 90-100

Students also need German certification at the C1 level.


In Germany, the Masters program in Sport has a structured method with different admission requirements for different programs. Students can take a look at the most famous universities:

University Deadline
Kuhne University Summer intake- 15 January, Winter intake- 15 July
International School of Management Summer intake- 15 January, Winter intake- 15 July
Arden Study Centre, Berlin Summer intake- 15 January, Winter intake- 15 July
Haus der Technik Summer intake- 15 January, Winter intake- 15 July

Documents Required 

Check out the mandatory documents required for a MS in Sport In Germany:

  • High school Graduation (10+2 Certifications)

  • Certified Copies of the Bachelors Degree and Transcripts

  • A certificate of enrollment, if necessary

  • A thorough CV

  • A certificate of recent, relevant experience

  • A letter of recommendation

  • A purpose statement

  • IELTS/TOEFL certificate of English proficiency

  • A certificate of German proficiency, if necessary

  • Admission Letter

  • A GRE score certificate, if necessary

  • Passport

  • Statement of Financial Records

  • Certification of Good Health

Fees Structure 

Students attending a public or private university must know about the fees. German universities have different rules for EU and non-EU students regarding fees. Here are a few specifics about the program's finances:

University Eligibility Tentative Tuition Fees Language Proficiency Required Documents
Humboldt University of Berlin Above-average law degree, 1-year work experience EUR 4,000 German- TestDaF (4 points) DSH-2, Goethe C2 SOP, CV, 2 LOR, Proof of work experience
University of Freiburg Bachelor’s degree EUR 6,000 German-DSH 1, TestDaF (3 points) SOP, CV 2 LOR, Letter of acceptance from supervisor, Transcripts(s)
University of Hamburg Foreign undergraduate law degree (240 ECTS) EUR 2,000 German-TestDaF (TDN 15), DSH2 Tabular CV, indication of preferred specialization, SOP
Freie University Berlin Undergraduate law degree, 1-year post-grad work experience EUR 10,000 English-IELTS 7.0 or above SOP, CV, LOR
University of Cologne Bachelor’s degree (240 ECTS) Free English- IELTS: 7.0 or above 1 LOR, Tabular CV, Transcript(s)


International students who want to study in different programs can choose from various grants. The following state and private groups offer scholarships for international students:

  • DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programme: The DAAD offers the Helmut-Schmidt Programme for Masters in Sport, which helps international students with financial aid, language training, and networking chances. It focuses on making people better leaders and helping them understand other cultures.

  • Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship: This foundation gives scholarships to international students who are doing well and want to get a MS degree in Sport in Germany. It emphasizes academic success, involvement in social and political issues, and making connections within the KAS community.

  • Deutschlandstipendium: The Deutschlandstipendium is a scholarship based on merit that gives students money and chances to grow personally and professionally through mentorship programs and networking events.

Top Universities in Germany to Pursue MS in Sports

There are several German universities that offer master's programs in sports. These include the following:

  • German Sport University Cologne

  • The University of Münster

  • University of Erlangen–Nuremberg

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences

  • The University of Konstanz

  • The University of Alberta

  • Paderborn University

  • The Ruhr University Bochum

  • The University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Each of these universities has a strong reputation in sports and offers a rich curriculum that covers the different aspects of the sports industry. The programs at these schools will provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the competitive world of sports. Students are advised to check their eligibility for MS in sports in Germany before enrolling in any of these universities.

Admission Procedure

Students who want to take classes at German universities must go through a set of steps. At Anigdha we help students by following these steps for getting into German universities:

  • Choosing universities based on students’ preferences and courses.

  • Guiding students for English and German tests simultaneously for MS in Sport In Germany.

  • Application filling on behalf of students with papers to get acceptance letters from the universities.

  • Opening a savings account and going through all the other steps for a visa and other living formalities.

  • If students need help preparing for interviews, Anigdha provides the best facilities for students to ensure positive results,

  • After applying for the particular course, students can wait for the responses from the universities.

No matter the situation, Anigdha helps students in every way possible, which can include academics, housing and other complications while living abroad.


Which is the most-loved sport in Germany?


The best sport in Germany is Football. It has a large fandom and is also played widely across the country.

Are sports managers in demand in Germany?


Yes, the demand for qualified sports managers is huge in Germany and is expected to continue to grow in the future.

How many years do I need to pursue a masters degree in sports from Germany?


The standard tenure for any MS degree from a German university is two years. But, of course, there are exceptions to this, depending on the institution you choose.

Do sports managers earn high salaries?


Yes. Sports managers enjoy lucrative pay in Germany and across the world.

Can I pursue a MS degree in sports in English in Germany?


Definitely. In fact, the standard language of instruction for MS programs in Germany is English. This also means that you will need to prove your English language proficiency in order to be eligible.

What skills will I learn during my MS in sports in Germany?


During your MS in sports in Germany, you will learn many skills such as communication, planning, leadership, management, and marketing, among many others.

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