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MS in Project Management in GermanyMS in Project Management in Germany is a 2-year program offered at German universities. Pursuing free study in Germany for MS in project management allows you to immerse yourself in a different culture while also researching advanced academic topics. It also allows you to obtain international experience while making key career connections throughout Europe. Furthermore, studying abroad looks wonderful on job applications since companies are typically delighted when potential workers get experience outside of their nation or continent. Are you seeking an interesting opportunity to study for a MS degree in another country? If this is the case, then you should consider getting admission to MS in project management at one of Germany's finest colleges. In this article, we will look at the advantages of studying project management in Germany and why it is such a popular choice for international students.

Program MS in Project Management
Course duration 2 years
Language of Instruction English
Tuition Fees Free
Living cost in Germany 1000 EUR per month
Sessions 2 - Summer and Winter

Why Study MS in Project Management in Germany?

If you think a career as an international project manager might be for you, then what could be better than honing your skills with a masters degree from one of the great universities in Germany? Here are the six main reasons why you should study in Germany:

  • Quality Education: German universities offer high-quality education with world-class faculty members. You’ll also benefit from their cutting-edge research facilities and modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology.

  • Global Connections: Studying abroad gives you access to global networks and connections that can help open doors for future job opportunities or internships. Plus, it looks great on your resume!

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to other countries, tuition fees at German universities are relatively low which makes them more accessible for international students. Additionally, there are scholarships available if needed.

  • Cultural Immersion: Living and studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture. This kind of cultural exchange helps broaden horizons and develop new perspectives on life as well as build valuable skills.

  • Professional Opportunities: With its strong economy, Germany offers plenty of professional opportunities after graduation. A project management degree opens up many possibilities within various industries like consulting and marketing.

  • Vibrant Student Life: There is plenty of student life accessible across Germany, with several clubs and organizations catering primarily to international students as well as local students.

Eligibility Criteria 

The criteria that need to be followed by students are as follows:

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 in high school.

  • Students should have a science stream at the +2 level to be eligible to pursue a MS program.

  • A 3–4-year duration of graduation is essential for students to get admission to German universities.

  • A minimum of 7 CGPA and a maximum of 8.5 CGPA or more than that are necessary for students to become eligible to pursue a MS in project management.

  • Students must have English or German proficiency certification.

  • It is optional to submit a letter of recommendation; it can be a plus point in the admissions process.

  • A 318 minimum GRE score is essential.

  • Students need to submit a statement of purpose for pursuing a project management program in Germany.

Language of Instructions

Good communication skills in English are essential for students. The majority of universities offer MS degrees in project management in English and German as their languages of instruction.

  • Students must have a 6.5-7 band in IELTS and 90–100 in TOEFL certification to be eligible for the English language.

  • Students are required to have B- and C1-level certification to prove their proficiency in the German language.


Summer and winter are the two seasons in which students apply for admission to German universities. There are a massive number of international students who apply for the winter session.

  • July–August is the session for winter intake.

  • January is the session for the summer intake.

Students must check the website of a desirable university to keep an eye on the admission process and duration of the program.

Documents Required

Documents that need to be submitted by students are as follows:

  • Certificate of class 10+2 and school leaving certificate

  • Certificate of German language proficiency

  • Certificate of English language proficiency like IELTS or TOEFL

  • SOP, or Statement of Purpose

  • LOR, or Letter of recommendation

  • Bachelor's degree copy

  • Enrolment certificate

  • Income Proof

  • Record of financial status

  • Student Visa

  • ID proof

  • Passport of the student

  • Application copy

  • Medical certificate

Fees Structure

The cost of studying for a MS in project management at a German university differs from one university to another. The majority of public universities provide this course at a minimal price. On the other hand, the same course is available at expensive fees at private universities.

The list of popular universities in Germany is as follows:

Top Universities Rank City Fees
Clausthal University of Technology #69 Clausthal No Tuition Fees
Rhine - Waal University of Applied Science #121 Rhine No Tuition Fees
BBW University of Applied Science #148 Berlin 13000
Dortmund University of applied science and Arts #851 Dortmund -
Frankfurt University of Applied Science #103 Frankfurt 11,600
Fulda University of Applied Science #1238 Fulda No Tuition Fees


There are several opportunities to study for free in Germany if you are looking for scholarships. Depending on your academic background and financial position, you may be eligible for a variety of scholarships.

Here are a few well-known programs:

  • Erasmus Scholarship

  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

  • DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship

  • DAAD Scholarship

  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

Popular Universities to Study MS in Project Management

Studying for masters in project management in Germany has several advantages. Researching the numerous institutions accessible is essential, so don't forget to consider all options before making any selections! Here are some of the top colleges to which you may apply:

  • Clausthal University of Technology

  • Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

  • BBW University of Applied Sciences

  • Clausthal University of Technology

  • Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

  • Friedensau Adventist University

  • Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Admission Procedure

You can secure your admission to German universities with the help of counseling. Students must have information about the scholarship program and aid for pursuing their MS program.

  • Contact the Anigdha team: Students must have guidance while proceeding with their admission to a German university. Students can better clear their doubts about the admission procedures and university by connecting with the Anigdha team.

  • University research and decision: You must have an idea about the university. Our team members assist students in making wise choices regarding their university as per the suitability of their course.

  • Requirements of universities: Universities have requirements like a GRE score, proficiency test, documents, LOR, etc. Our experts assist students in fulfilling all these requirements.

  • Planning for staying and studying: The Anigdha team assists students in finding the most suitable place of accommodation, and we also help in planning the cost of travel and food facilities.

  • Application for a VISA: After you get confirmation from a German university, We help students with visa and passport applications.

  • Other services for students: There are various other services for students provided by Anigdha. We help students with letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, and arranging foreign currency, and our experts also help students prepare for proficiency certification tests.

Contact with Anigdha team and increase your chance of admission to German universities.


What are the requirements for studying MS in project management in Germany?


Most masters programs require applicants to have a bachelors in engineering and computer science. However, be sure to check your eligibility for MS in project management in Germany.

What is involved in the MS in project management program in Germany?


A masters program in project management offers students expertise on topics such as strategic planning, risk assessment, decision-making process, and how to run successful projects using agile methods.

What does a project manager do?


Project managers are responsible for planning, directing, monitoring, and completing all aspects related to assigned projects or tasks. They aim to ensure work gets completed on-time and within budget while also striving toward success.

What is the highest-paying job available after finishing this course?


A program manager’s overall remuneration in Germany is EUR 93,312 on average. Deutsche Bank is the highest-paying firm in Germany for a program manager, with an average total remuneration of EUR 158,000.

What different specializations are available for the MS in project management course?


Depending on where you decide to pursue studies, MS programs may offer different types of operations or software specialization tracks within their rigorous curricula.

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