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MS in Marketing in GermanyMS in Marketing in Germany is a 2-year program offered at German universities. Marketing is a field that deals with different prospects and ideas to sell products in the consumer industry. It is the study of attracting customers to buy the product and make them keep buying the product for higher profits on behalf of the company. If this seems to interest you, then you have come to the right place. Germany is one of the most popular countries among international students pursuing higher education. For those looking to specialize in marketing, studying for an MBA or other MS degree in this field can be immensely rewarding and beneficial to their career prospects. A MS degree in marketing offers many benefits both academically and professionally. Students get to experience new developments and experience in marketing with different job and career prospects. Germany is open to different marketing jobs which are unique to the country. Also, Germany is home to one of the biggest multinational companies opening seats for students in their marketing careers. In this article, we will explore the different types of scholarships that are offered and provide an overview of what to expect from the free study in Germany for MS in marketing.

Program MS in Marketing
Course duration 2 years
Language of Instruction English
Tuition Fees Free
Living cost in Germany 1000 EUR per month
Sessions 2 - Summer and Winter

Why Study MS in Marketing in Germany?

There is no doubt that pursuing your masters degree at any university located in Germany would be an incredibly rewarding experience full of exciting learning opportunities, career growth potential, and amazing memories along the way! Here are the six main reasons:

  • Quality Education System: With some of the best educational facilities worldwide, the German school system guarantees quality education at all levels including postgraduate programs such as MBA or specialized MS degrees.

  • Cutting Edge Technology & Knowledge: The curriculum frameworks are regularly updated to keep up with industry trends so that students get hands-on knowledge about current technologies used by leading organizations currently ruling global markets.

  • Employability Opportunities: German cities consistently attract potential employers offering exciting roles for competent graduates allowing them quickly progress within their careers once done with graduation!

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to other countries like the US and UK, tuition fees at German universities are much lower. Additionally, be sure to check your eligibility for MS in marketing in Germany before applying.

  • Diverse Culture & Language Opportunities: Studying a MS program in Germany will give you access to diverse cultures and languages which can be beneficial when building relationships with people from different parts of the world.

  • Vibrant Student Life: Last but certainly not least, studying a MS program in Germany comes with plenty of social activities both inside and outside campus life so that no matter what type of person you are there's something fun waiting around every corner!

Eligibility Criteria

If you're looking for an academic course in masters in marketing that not just delivers you cutting-edge education with world-class facilities but also be lite on your purse, there can not be a better country for you than Germany, which calls for several marketing aspirants every year from varied parts of the world to pursue MS in its high-class institutions.

To ensure your place in one of these universities, you should fulfil all the following criteria:

  • Students should've completed at least 12 or 13 13 years of schooling and must have passed high school or 10+2 level of education with math or any commerce as a discipline, and a percentage not less than 50%.

  • Student must have completed their undergraduate course from an accredited institution in a corresponding subject with at least 50% summon all three or four years of graduation.

  • Students must not have more than 2 years of gap.

Language of Instructions

English is a global language, which makes it all the more a reason for German universities to use it as their medium of instruction for teaching MS in marketing in its universities. Hence, German universities require the following thighs as prerequisites for you to be able to pursue MS in marketing from there:

  • 5 to 7 bands in English writing and speaking tests like IELTS.

  • 90 to 100 marks spectrum in English capability tests like TOEFL.

  • Some universities, though not many, may require you to take up and clear German language ability tests and be a B1 level to increase your chances of applying to all the different universities.


If you want to pursue a masters degree in marketing at a German university, you will usually have two chances every year to apply and get accepted. Take notice of the following application deadlines to ensure admission to your selected university for a MS degree in marketing in Germany:

  • Primary admission: The application procedure for this first round of admissions, often known as the September or summer intake, begins around April and lasts until mid-July for students to begin studies the following year.

  • The second round of application: There are a lot of students who need to participate in the first round of application. Hence, for such students, the second round of application begins around October and lasts till the middle of January. This intake is also called the winter or March intake and lets students begin with their classes from the next academic year.

Documents Required 

Certain documents are very necessary to fully ensure one's seat in the desired university for pursuing MS in marketing from a German university, be it privately owned or public. It's good to plan and collect the following listed documents to avoid any last-minute panics or mishaps and any risk to your admission:

  • Reasonable identification copies such as a credible passport, VISA, a current passport-sized picture, and so on.

  • Evidence of qualifying examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, German B1 level capability (if mandated), and so on.

  • Educational capabilities such as high school marks, a graduation grade transcript, and so forth.

  • Personality proof such as letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, and so on.

Fees Structure

Germany is the lone nation in Europe that furnishes the most inexpensive higher studies. Germany provides worldwide recognised degrees and world-class education through highly educated faculty members, allowing you to obtain the best education in the world at extremely reasonable costs. While most German universities provide free education to overseas students, the minimum tuition charge for each university may vary at times.

Look at the table below to learn about the tuition costs at German universities that offer MS degrees in marketing.

University Fees
University of Wuppertal No tuition fees
Otto Von Guericke University No tuition fees
University of Bayreuth 4,900 per semester
Free University of Berlin Free of Cost
RWTH Aachen University 30,000 EUR


Scholarships might allow you to study free in Germany for the masters program. The list of several MS scholarships available in Germany for international economic studies is provided below:

  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

  • DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship

  • Erasmus Scholarship

  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship

  • DAAD Scholarship

Popular Universities to Study MS in Marketing in Germany

Germany is a great destination for students who are interested in pursuing their MS degree in marketing. Here are a few universities you can research on:

  • Berlin School of Economics and Law

  • University of Cologne

  • Munich Business School

  • IUBH Berlin

  • SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

  • International School of Management

  • Berlin School of Economics

  • Aalen University

Admission Procedure

To complete the admission process for a course in Marketing in Germany, candidates must go through the following specified processes one by one:

  • The first step is to look into all of the universities that offer the course. Anigdha's staff of seasoned specialists and career advisers will make this process easier for you by conducting in-depth research on your behalf and going over all of their prerequisites such as eligibility criteria, required documents, exams to be taken, and so on.

  • We can assist you in registering on the university's application portal and filling out the application form.

  • Under our supervision, you will have the proper individuals on your side who will assist you in gathering and submitting all necessary papers such as high school diplomas, undergraduate course mark sheets, proof of qualifying examinations, equivalence certificates, and so on.

  • Finally, you must make the required money to finish the application.

  • Following that, you may be required to take an entrance exam administered by the university to which you are applying to show documentation of qualifying for a national-level entrance exam. After that, there will be an interview. Anigdha's professionals will assist you in preparing for both the examinations and the interview.

  • We also prepare you for English language competency tests, which are required by most colleges as prerequisites. Some universities even administer language exams.

  • When you have completed all of this, and if the institution approves your application after reviewing your application form, eligibility, documents, transcripts, and so on, you will receive an acknowledgement email from them. To secure a spot at your selected university, you must pay the tuition fee and other expenditures as a last step.

  • We don't just leave you here; we're here to help you with visas, housing, and other issues after you've been admitted.


Why should students get admission to MS in marketing in Germany?


Getting admission into German universities will provide students with theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience through internships and research projects.

What is the average salary of someone who graduates from this course?


The average salary of someone who completes this course and finds employment is around EUR 50,000.

What can I expect from the MS in marketing program?


A MS in marketing in Germany covers various aspects of marketing, including consumer behavior, market research, digital and social media strategies, advertising campaigns, product development, and more.

Is the MS in marketing course challenging?


The Masters in Marketing course is a challenging and rewarding program that can open up many opportunities for students. It requires hard work, dedication, and an understanding of marketing principles to be successful.

Are there any specializations available in MS in marketing?


There are many different areas of specialization within the field of marketing, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Each area has its own unique set of skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of industries.

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