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Study Energy Technology in GermanyEnergy Technology in Germany is one of  the most famous programs. Germany is one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to renewable energy investments, and this sector is growing rapidly. The country also has a strong industry presence in the oil and gas fields, so there is a lot of opportunity for students interested in energy technology to find jobs after they finish their degrees. You can study free in Germany for energy technology courses. In addition, many German companies are leaders in green technologies, so graduates with an energy technology degree will be well-positioned to work in this sector. Germany is quickly becoming a top destination for students looking to study energy technology. With the country's strong economy and growing demand for sustainable energy, there are many reasons to get admission to energy technology in Germany. In the following section, we'll look at some of the advantages of studying energy technology in Germany and provide information on some of the best universities for studying this field. Plus, we'll give you a few insights into what job opportunities are available after you graduate from college. So if you're thinking about studying energy technology in Germany, read on!

Program Energy Technology in Germany
Course Duration 3 to 5 years
Language of Instruction Primarily German for Bachelors, rarely English (for private institutions)
Tuition Fees Free in Public Universities
Living Cost in Germany 700-1000 EUR per month
Other Fees Around 50,000 EUR per annum
Sessions Summer and Winter

Why Study Energy Technology in Germany?

Germany is known for its high-quality education. There are many prestigious universities in Germany, and the quality of education at these universities is considered to be amongst the best in the world. Here are some of the reasons as to why one should pursue their bachelors from Germany:

  • Excellent Research Facilities: Germany has a long history of producing world-class scientists and researchers in energy technology. There are many excellent research facilities available at globally ranked German universities. .

  • Low Cost of Living: Germany is one of the most affordable countries in Europe when it comes to living costs. This is especially true for students who rent rather than purchase their own homes. Additionally, public transportation and food costs are relatively low here.

  • Strong Economy: The German economy is among the strongest in the world, and this leads to higher levels of job security and income stability. In addition, Germany has a wide range of resources and expertise that can be tapped to help businesses achieve success in energy technology.

  • International Exposure: Studying energy technology in Germany will give you access to some of the world's top universities and research facilities. This will allow you to network with like-minded professionals and gain firsthand experience of the latest developments in the field.

  • Strong Cultural Links: Germany is a culturally rich country with a prosperous history. This means that you will be able to enjoy a wide range of experiences and attractions while you are here, including world-class museums and attractions.

  • Excellent Support Services: Germany has a well-developed system of support services for students, including student centers, counseling services, and financial assistance programs.

Eligibility Criteria 

Are a student willing to become a part of the bachelors degree program in energy technology in Germany? Then you must be aware of the eligibility criteria for getting admission to a German University. Here’s a list to help you:

  • Students ought to have completed 10+2 education along with an additional course and scored above 50% in these.

  • Students need to show proof of their proficiency via an IELTS scorecard (6.0+ bands) or TOEFL scorecard (70+).

  • Students with more than 2 years of educational gap are not eligible.

  • Students of certain universities may require to possess German proficiency of B1 level or more.

  • Students need to present proof of funds in the bank account.

Languages of Instruction

For the Energy Technology course from Germany, the University will follow specific language of instructions and these are:

  • German: The course is primarily available in the German language where the students need to have a proficiency of B2 or C1 level. The students need to understand the German language before taking these courses from Germany.

  • English: If the students do not understand the German language, then they can take their course in the English language, which does not require German proficiency but must have the English proficiency results.


For students willing to apply for energy technology courses in Germany, “when” is an important question. If you are also curious to know the important deadlines and intakes applicable in German universities, look no further. We have discussed these in detail in the following section:

There are two kinds of intakes in Germany. The first one, which begins somewhere around September or October and lasts till March, is known as the Winter Intake. The second one begins around March or April and lasts till September. This intake is called the Summer Intake. It is important to note that not all colleges have both the intakes. In fact, the majority of colleges offering bachelors courses in energy technology accept applications in the winter intake.

Documents Required

If you wish to study energy technology from a German university, you will need to compile the following documents:

  • Filled Application Form

  • Valid Passport

  • English proficiency certificate

  • German proficiency certificate

  • SOPs and LORs

  • University Acceptance Letter

  • Passport Sized Photographs

  • Marksheets of Education

Fee Structure 

If you are willing to understand which are the best colleges in Germany for pursuing a degree in energy technology courses, refer to the table below:

University City Ranking Fees
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus 1037 Upto EUR 1,500 per semester
Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences Bingen am Rhein 9227 Upto EUR 3,000 per semester
Stralsund University of Applied Sciences Stralsund 282 Zero Tuition Fee
Technical University of Ingolstadt Ingolstadt 6414 Zero Tuition Fee
Leibniz University Hannover Hanover 481 Zero Tuition Fee


Once you've checked out the courses and met the qualifications, it's time to start applying for scholarships. And most importantly, check your eligibility for energy technology in Germany before applying for scholarships.

The best Scholarships to Study Energy Technology in Germany include:

  • DAAD Scholarship Germany

  • Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany

  • Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International Students

  • Mawista Scholarship

  • The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Top Universities for Energy Technology in Germany

Germany is renowned for its excellent universities and its engineering programs. This extends to its energy technology courses also. Students who want to pursue studies in energy technology can choose from the below listed popular universities. Public universities offer free study in Germany for energy technology courses.

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

  • Technical University of Berlin.

  • RWTH Aachen University.

  • University of Erlangen Nuremberg.

  • Technical University of Munich.

  • Technische Universitat Dresden.

  • Technical University of Darmstadt.

Admission Procedure 

The admission procedure for studying energy technology courses from university in Germany may feel overwhelming to many. And while it is an easy process, the assistance of Anigdha, the best overseas education consultants, makes it all the more hassle-free. Here’s a look at the process:

  • Contact Our Experts: If you want to study in Germany, reach out to our consultancy for help with the application process. Our experts will offer you the best help possible, be it with LORs or application forms.

  • Shortlisting: In the next step, we will help you gather information about the various programs available as well as the best universities to pursue your education with energy technology as the specialization. You can shortlist the best ones as per your preferences.

  • Application Forms: Once the shortlisting is done, it is time to send your applications to these universities. At Anigdha, we understand that this is one of the most crucial steps in your admission process, and hence we ensure that there are no mistakes in your admission forms. This way, we are able to reduce the chances of them getting rejected.

  • Tests and Preparations: We all are aware of the various tests you need to give if you want to prove your proficiency in a language to your university. Our experts help you with this as well.

  • Visa Application: We also help you apply for your visa and ensure that your documents are correctly compiled.

Not just that, we also help you after your admission is done. No matter what hurdles you come across, we’ll assist you!


Are there english-taught bachelors degree courses in Germany?


No, there are only German-taught bachelors degree courses in Germany. Few private universities offer English-taught courses but it’s extremely rare. Make sure to research the specific program you are interested in and compare the different options available.

Is it difficult to study Energy technology?


Not at all, the energy technology at German universities are highly competitive and very easy. However, if you are determined and have the necessary skills, studying here can be extremely rewarding

What skills do I require to study energy technology in Germany? 


To study for a bachelors degree in energy technology in Germany, you will need strong academic and technical skills. This includes an understanding of mathematics, physics, and engineering principles, as well as some knowledge of energy-related topics such as renewable energy systems and energy efficiency. You should also be able to communicate effectively in German.

Why should engineering students choose Germany as their studying destination?


Yes, you will need health insurance in Germany to study energy technology. It is for your peace of mind. Make sure to research the different options available and contact your insurance company to get started.

Is it worth studying Energy technology in Germany?


Yes, if you are interested in renewable energy or energy policy, studying energy technology in Germany is worth it. Germany is a world leader in this field and the quality of education here is exceptional.

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