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Study in Sweden

Study in SwedenAre you an aspiring student willing to study abroad and obtain an international degree? If yes, Anigdha can guide you through some of the best destinations and the range of courses available for you. Out of the many countries offering quality education and global recognition, Sweden is one of the best. Higher education in Sweden is among the best worldwide. It has an excellent system that focuses more on independent and group study than lectures. Student development is based on freedom and responsibility. The education system here is enticing for students from different parts of the world.

Why Study in Sweden

The options in Sweden when it comes to education are limitless. It is one of the ideal destinations to study for the following reasons –

  • It Emphasizes Imparting the Spirit of Teamwork: It's impossible to find a similar experience anywhere else in the world like that of studying in Sweden. Education in Sweden is exciting and open, focusing on cooperation. Due to your education, you will demonstrate your ability to be a team player on a global job market that rewards ambitious, innovative, and discerning individuals.

  • Swedish Universities Offer Outstanding Programs and Courses: For students indecisive with their careers, here is the best place for you! Sweden has a range of courses you can choose from for your higher studies. Several programs work closely with the industry, providing students the opportunity to combine theory and practice. You can participate in internships, apprenticeships, and even part-time work in fields that relate to your Advanced degree program.

  • Swedish University is a Hub For Innovations and Creativity: Sweden's universities and companies conduct innovative research. The Swedes celebrate creativity and institution and are very proud of the results of their minds. This process has produced many successful inventions.

  • The Fees is Affordable: Swedish universities may not be as affordable as a few countries; however, the education you receive will make the money you spend worth it. Some universities offer qualitative education at incredibly affordable fees.

  • Global Recognition: Swedish universities are recognized and approved by global councils and bodies. A degree obtained from any Swedish university is valid and approved worldwide.

Top Courses and Programs To Study in Sweden

One of the prime reasons why Sweden is so popular as a country to study is the variety of courses and degree programs it offers. Besides opening up many independent thinking opportunities, close collaborations between industries and academics, and a variety of research opportunities, studying in Sweden offers the chance to study Swedish history and interact with a large international student population.

Among the many courses offered by the country are –

  • Architecture

  • Fine Arts

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Public Health

  • Geoecology

  • Design

  • Computing Science

  • Advanced Biomedicine

  • Molecular Biology

  • Applied Mathematics

  • International Relations

  • Political Science

  • Engineering

  • MBA in Sweden

Programs Offered By Sweden

Swedish institutes offer several types of degree programs that you can study. They are –

  • Bachelor's Program- This comprises three years of undergraduate study of a particular subject.

  • Master's Program- This may be one year or two years, depending on the course and degree type the students opt for.

  • D.- A Ph.D. program involves the specialization of students in one particular subject. It usually includes a minimum of four years of study.

Top Universities in Sweden

You must be wondering about the numerous universities that Sweden includes. Well, we can guide you through some of the best ones based on rankings.

Karolinska Institute 1
Uppsala University 2
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 3
Lund University 4
Stockholm University 5
University of Gothenburg 6
Umea University 7
Linkoping University 8

Scholarships in Sweden

The main concern of students when it comes to studying abroad is the cost. However, Sweden looks after students who wish to obtain an international degree but are restricted due to financial crises. Sweden offers the following scholarship programs for international students –

  • The Swedish Institute

  • Scholarship through university for an international student

  • Scholarship for an exchange student

  • UNESCO Fellowships

  • Open Society Foundation fellowships and scholarships

  • The World Bank Scholarship and Fellows Program

  • The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership scholarships

Admission Procedure

If you wish to apply to a Swedish university successfully, you must follow a procedure –

  • Choose your desired course and program you to wish to study.

  • Select your preferred university

  • Apply online at the university’s portal

  • Wait for the company’s invitation letter.

  • Next, candidates are required to pay the fees.

  • Next, students can apply for the visa procedure.

Visa To Study in Sweden

There are certain visa specifications for different international students. Students coming from any EU/EEA country can study in Sweden without any visa for over 12 months. However, if you are a resident outside of EU countries, you must apply for a student visa.

However, there are a few eligibility criteria to obtain a student visa –

  • The student’s passport must have a minimum validity of at least 6 months

  • The students must prove their admission into universities with their invitation letters.

  • The students must provide health insurance certificates

  • The student must provide the university’s fees payment receipt.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a few criteria that students have to fulfill to get admitted to Swedish universities. They are –

  • Students should have completed their secondary and higher secondary education from a renowned university.

  • Students must be fluent in English and have passed the English proficiency test.

Documents Required

At the time of admission, students must submit the following documents –

  • A valid passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Application form

  • Visa

  • Entrance exam certificates

  • Educational qualification certificates

  • Financial statement

  • Migration certificate

  • Health certificate

  • Invitation letter from the respective university

  • Scholarship proof, if availed any

Indian Students in Sweden

For the 2015-2016 academic year, more than 300 Indian students were studying in Sweden, according to a research report. According to a report on 'Higher Education - International mobility in higher education from a Swedish perspective (2016-17)', these numbers have only been increasing over the past six years, from just 274 Indians studying in Sweden in 2011-2012 to 841 Indians choosing Sweden in 2016-2017. This proves that Sweden is quite an attractive educational destination for Indians. The reason for the popularity is the great facilities, quality education, job opportunities, global recognition, and more.

Cost of Living in Sweden

On a monthly average, it is estimated that students will need approximately SEK 8,000 for a monthly living. This figure includes groceries, rent, travel, and study material. Nonetheless, living costs depend on a person's living standards and lifestyle. Bigger cities in the country cost more than the average smaller towns or cities.

Career Prospect

As the world already knows, Sweden is home to various international companies and corporations. This means more job opportunities and exposure for graduates. Whether it's Volvo, H&M, IKEA, or others, the job opportunities in Sweden are one of the reasons why students flock in to study here. Graduates have a wide scope and options to apply to any job opportunities they like.

Among the few popular jobs after graduation are –

  • IT Specialist

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Healthcare Specialist

Some big companies hiring graduates are –

  • IKEA

  • H&M

  • Volvo

  • Spotify

  • Skype

  • Ericsson

  • Electrolux

How Can We Help Students Study in Sweden

Are you an aspiring student willing to achieve an international education? Are you well equipped with the knowledge of how to go about the procedure? Anigdha can help you achieve your dreams in a better way.

Below are some of the services we provide:

  • We advise you on the appropriate university for your higher education and recommend one to you.

  • With the application, we make sure that your application is done smoothly with zero errors.

  • If any university conducts an entrance test, we help you with mock rounds to make admissions easier for you.

  • Once you have received the invitation letter, we will help you with financial matters.

  • From form fill-up to visa application, we handle it all too well.

  • We also conduct counseling for all students with big dreams and career plans.

About Sweden

About SwedenSweden is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Norway in the west, and in the northeast, it is bounded by Finland. Stockholm is said to be the capital of Sweden. Sweden, as a country, has successfully captivated several tourists and visitors to come to the country and embrace its vibrant culture and picturesque beauty. The diversified culture and a thriving economy make it a major attraction for international students. If you ever wish to come here, you will witness the tranquil life it offers to its residents and visitors from around the world. In addition, the people here are amiable and exceptionally courteous. A few quick facts about the country are -

Capital Stockholm
Population Based on the 2021 estimation, it was recorded at 10,402, 070.
Total Area 450, 298 square kilometers
Currency Swedish Krona
Calling Code +46
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Official Language Swedish
Dominant Religion Christianity


Is education free in Sweden?


There is no such free policy in the country. However, students from EU/EEA countries can avail the waiver in tuition fees benefit. Students from other countries are expected to pay the fees. However, the government has several scholarship programs for students.

Is the English proficiency test compulsory for admissions?


Yes, Swedish universities do require students to pass their English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Can students work while studying in Sweden?


Yes, the Swedish government allows students to work while they study. In fact, students can also apply for a migration board and stay for 12 months after graduating in search of jobs.

Are internships in the country paid?


Yes, internship programs in Sweden are paid.

Does Sweden accept recent funds for a visa?


Yes, recent funds are accepted in Sweden. However, you may be questioned by the Consulate about the source of the funds.

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