Study in Portugal


Study in Portugal

Study in PortugalPortugal is an ideal destination for students who enjoy sunny weather and a splendid coastline. You will always have a beach nearby wherever you visit Portugal. More than 50,000 students visit Portugal each year for studies, and the numbers don't lie. According to Porto News, the number of international students has risen exponentially by 110%, which is phenomenal. You can choose from various study disciplines in Greece from arts, commerce, management, medicine, and engineering. You will also have the option to learn Portuguese, the sixth most spoken language. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab a University spot, book your tickets, and visit Portugal for the best international exposure.

Why Study In Portugal?

In Portugal, you'll experience the charming atmosphere of a constant holiday. Plus, the Portuguese Universities provide theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. Many universities are affiliated with several research centers and regularly contribute to top-tier research publications.

Here are a few reasons you should head to Portugal to pursue higher education.

  • The universities in Portugal have simplified eligibility requirements for enrolment.

  • You can complete your internship at a local company and attend workshops under the guidance of experts

  • You will fall in love with the local Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

  • You can explore over 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites when you study in Portugal that will sparkle your curiosity.

  • You will experience several welcoming rituals like Praxe that invite you to socialize with your peers.

  • Whatever you choose to study, you will benefit from quality academic training.

  • The people of Portugal are known to be social, and once you grasp Portuguese, you will make friends in no time.

  • Portugal provides a high standard of living for students and families throughout the country.

Top Courses And Programs In Portugal

Instituto Superior de Contabilidade Administração do Porto MBA in Portugal
Nova School of Business and Economics MBA
Polytechnic Institute Of Bragança Engineering
ISAG - European Business School MBA
Lisbon School of Economics & Management MBA
Atlântica - Instituto Universitário MBBS
ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon MBBS
Catholic University of Portugal Religion
Polytechnic Institute of Porto Engineering
University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro MBBS

Best Universities in Portugal

  • ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

  • University of the Azores

  • University of Algarve

  • University of Aveiro

  • University of Beira Interior

  • University of Coimbra

  • University of Évora

  • University of Lisbon

  • University of Madeira

  • University of Minho

  • NOVA University of Lisbon

  • University of Porto

  • University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro

  • Universidade Aberta

  • Catholic University of Portugal

  • Universidade Europeia de Lisboa

  • Fernando Pessoa University (Porto and Ponte de Lima) Lusíada University (Lisbon, Porto and Vila Nova de Famalicão)

  • Lusíada University of Porto

  • Lusófona University (Lisbon and Porto)

  • Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (Porto)


  • University of Porto Merit Scholarships

  • SASUP Scholarships

  • Instituto Portugues de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento scholarships

  • Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia scholarship

How To Choose A Course For Studying In Portugal?

There are many institutions of excellence in Portugal, and choosing the best one will further your career prospects. Portugal is a signatory to the Bologna Process. Thus it upholds the standard of Europe in Higher education. Plus, Portugal is relatively cheaper than other Western European counterparts. But, you will need to account for other expenses like boarding, meals, tours, and medical if you are planning to study in Portugal. However, the most important thing is to choose the perfect course at your favorite University. So, here's a few pointers to help you choose the right course.

  • Question Yourself: Self-reflection is perhaps the best way to find the perfect course in Portugal. So, even before completing your course in India, make a mental note that you wish to travel abroad. After that, browse through the courses offered by Portuguese Universities. Once you find the right University, decide on the type, of course, you would want to study. Ask yourself some basic questions like the medium of instruction, qualifications of faculties, housing options, cost, and financial support. In this way, you can eliminate the options that don't fit your bill. Plus, note the credit system, admission deadlines, dates, and other important aspects before sending the application.

  • Mind The Dates: Admission dates are crucial for any program abroad. So, make it a habit to check the admission dates frequently. Sometimes universities change admission dates without any prior notice. That's why I check the dates once every week and note any changes. Besides, you will also need to consider other aspects like research facilities, placement opportunities, and other criteria.

  • Career Prospects: Are you looking to come back to India, or do you want to stay after the course? It is a very important question you would need to ask yourself. But sometimes, the answer is quite complex and changes according to requirements. So, it is better to assume that you will stay in Portugal after completing your course. Before choosing any course, research the job prospects in the country. For example, you might wish to study engineering in Portugal, but it needs more doctors. If you love to become an engineer, complete your course and choose another country to find work opportunities.

  • Understand The Payment Criteria: How are you planning to fund your degree? Although Portugal is cheaper than Western Europe, going to a foreign university nevertheless comes with its share of costs. If you have applied for scholarships, it will probably take some time to arrive. So, arrange your money before booking flight tickets. Many universities also ask for a 50% advance, so keep that in mind. Please go through the entry requirements properly before sending your application.

Admission Process In Portugal

  • The first step is filling in the application form that needs to be done online.

  • You will need to submit scanned copies of the passport and all other necessary documents in the next step.

  • Now, you need to wait to collect the letter of admission issued by the University after submitting the form.

  • The immigration would start after you get the admission confirmation from the University.

  • It would help if you approached the Portugal Embassy or consulate after receiving the University's invitation letter.

  • The next step involves the application for a Portugal student visa.

  • Final acceptance letter from your chosen college

  • Sufficient Euro of 300-500 for funding your studies

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 93.

  • IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) score of 6.5.

  • CPE score of Grade C

Visa Requirement in Portugal

You will require a Portuguese Type D visa to study as an international student. However, EU students don't require a Visa in Portugal. After your arrival, you will have 60 days to obtain a residency permit. You will need to submit the documents to a residency bureau or exit-entry administration.

  • Apply at your local Portuguese Embassy

  • Submit the application in person or with a travel agent

  • Official enrollment offered by the University

  • Support of financial means of 800 EUR

  • Valid passport for 2 year

  • One passport size photograph following Schengen picture guidelines

  • Proof of legal status in your country

  • Letters of recommendations from two recognized persons in Portugal

  • Valid physical examination record

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of Schengen travel health insurance

  • Adequate health coverage

Documents You Need To Study In Portugal

  • Original certificates of graduation degree

  • Letter of recommendation from professors

  • Statement of purpose

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Proof of bank accounts in Portuguese branches

  • Details of your stay in Portugal

  • Relevant work certificates (optional)

  • Transcript of records of mark sheets and other

Eligibility For Studying In Portugal

  • You will need a High School Certificate or Bachelor's Degree Certificate, depending on the program of your choice.

  • You will need to be at least 17 years of age to study in Greece

  • You should show proof that you have sufficient funds to study in Greece.

  • You should be in good health and should not carry any contagious diseases.

  • It would help if you proofed of migration to the passport office

  • Submit copies of the transcript of all records

Indian Students In Portugal

Indian students rate Portugal as a very good study destination in Europe. The Indian community in Portugal is, in fact, one of the largest chunks of the non-English speaking diaspora in Europe. Plus, there are huge varieties of Indian foods available in Portugal.

Cost of Living in Portugal

Dining at a mid-size restaurant Rs 1000
Daily groceries Rs 800
Monthly Pass for local transport Rs 2500
One way ticket Rs 100
Rent for a 1bhk in city center Rs 35000
Rent for a 1bhk outside city center Rs 30000

Career Prospects In Portugal

Casual work is common as the Portuguese economy relies heavily on tourism, resulting in an abundance of teaching English as foreign language posts. The services sector dominates the Portuguese economy, with tourism particularly important. Jobs can also be found in the telecommunications industry, property, aerospace, and biotechnology. The most in-demand jobs in Portugal are in the sectors of tourism (hotels, caterers, restaurants, etc.), communication (call centers), IT jobs, and healthcare (doctors and especially nurses).

How We Help You To Study In Portugal?

If you want to study in Portugal, you will need thorough knowledge about the application process. Some top-line universities in Portugal offer stunning programs, excellent faculties, and an endless choice of electives. But getting into a foreign university requires you to apply through proper channels. That's why you need to consult an overseas education partner like Anigdha to simplify the admission process. When you contact a top-tier education consultant, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Experienced counselors will guide you through the recruitment process.

  • Overseas consultants have networks with top-tier universities in Portugal.

  • You will have the option to ask for any help even after you have settled in Portugal

  • Consultants will simplify the VISA application process and properly fill out your job form.

  • Consultants will help you to onboard, apply on time, and help you to settle.

  • The consultants will arrange for education loans and EMI's that will help you pay the course fees.

  • You will receive prudent advice and sound judgment.

About Portugal

About PortugalPortugal has a fascinating culture and is a special country full of lively people and beautiful beaches. You will instantly fall in love with the charming city life, rustic rural beauty, and the presence of seas everywhere. You will also learn Portuguese, the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau, and other nations. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, leaves an indelible charm on the tourists. You will find everything to spend the best moments of your life in Lisbon. Apart from tourism, Lisbon is also an education hub and has some of the best universities in Europe. Also, students from India find the Portuguese climate quite temperate because of mild winters and sunny summers. The Portuguese economy is robust, kicking, and full of opportunities. Apart from tourism, the mainstays are manufacturing and services that account for the most revenue. So, visit Portugal and fall in love with its panoramic charm.


Do You Need To Show Your Income?


Yes, you must prove your income for at least one year. According to European standards, subsistence is based on the monthly value of 665 Euros per person.

What Is The Scholarship Program In Portugal?


Erasmus+ is an academic exchange program that supports Masters and Ph.D. students to complete their education from other partner countries.

What Is Education Pattern In Portugal?


Portuguese MBA primarily focuses on innovation and research. Besides, a Portuguese education lays more practical education rather than theory.

Is Portugal Cheaper Than the Rest Of Europe?


Portugal is much cheaper than other European nations as the minimum wage is less than 500 EUR. Of course, prices vary by location, but the prices are much lower than you find in London or Paris.

What Is The Safety Level In Portugal?


Portugal is a very safe country with a low crime index. But recently, the rising unemployment has triggered incidents of pickpockets at large cities like Porto and Lisbon, especially in the tourist areas.

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