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Study in Latvia

Study in LatviaOne of the most popular study abroad destinations in Europe, Latvia offers a wide variety of study options and a well-developed infrastructure for international studies. Contrary to popular belief, the environment is more favorable to international students in Latvia than it is in many other countries. In Latvia, there are two universities, Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia. Latvia has a reputation for offering world-class education. In addition to being a leading location for higher education, education in Latvia has also become a focal point for the national political discourse surrounding the pandemic. Latvian students have the best possible chance to get into higher education and improve education quality. Latvian institutes of higher education have begun offering courses in different disciplines to keep up with the interests of their students. The country has seen an increase in the number of programs in fields such as coding, data science, and cybersecurity, which have been of particular interest to young people in recent years. The wide variety of programs at Latvian universities also makes it easy for students of all backgrounds to find an educational environment that fits their needs. If you wish to pursue your higher education at a Latvian university, here are a few things you must know.

Why Study in Latvia?

If you are wondering about the reasons to study in Latvia, we can guide you through a few reasons –

  • To begin with, Latvian universities offer the most affordable studying opportunity in the country. The tuition fees here are cheaper than in most European countries, so students are attracted to studying here.

  • Students can work during their study period, making it easier for them to afford a living here. Legally, students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week.

  • Latvia is home to some of the best universities providing students with the best opportunity to study. The universities offer several courses and programs that make it easier for students to choose from.

  • A degree obtained from any Latvian university is globally acknowledged and recognized. Therefore, your degree will hold a similar value to those obtained in top European countries.

  • Latvian government and universities offer several scholarship programs to international students. Therefore, if you yearn for a degree from any Latvian university but are unable to afford them, the country takes the initiative to help students in need.

  • The living environment and culture in Latvia are very desirable. Latvia is among the top choices since you need a good destination to stay in. Located close to other European nations, you always have the chance to visit the most beautiful places.

  • The career prospects in Latvia are excellent. The job market is wide and offers tremendous scope to students to apply for jobs they love most and also get a good job after Graduation.

  • The most important reason is that Latvia is a small country with a small population, but it has a large number of universities, both public and private. Latvia has a higher-education system than any other country globally, with an impressive variety of educational and research institutions. The Latvian education system offers world-class education and research opportunities in all fields, including sciences, social sciences, economics, and law.

Top Courses and Programs in Latvia

Latvian universities offer immense scope and opportunities to students when choosing the most desired course and program. Some of the top courses offered by universities are –

  • Arts, Design, and Media

  • Business Management

  • Humanities

  • Law

  • Social Sciences

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Engineering and Technology

  • Computer Science and IT

  • Environment and Agriculture

  • Medicine and Health

Top Universities in Latvia

Latvia is home to some of the most reputed and globally accredited universities. Among the top ones in the state are –

University of Latvia 3
Riga Stradins University 2
Riga Technical University 1
Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies 5
Daugavpils University 4
Transport and Telecommunication Institute 6
Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy -

Scholarships in Latvia

As for scholarships, there are multiple on offer from the Latvian government to students, including the Latvian State Scholarship. This covers the cost of tuition, books, and other school and educational necessities. This is a great option for those who cannot afford to pay for their studies on their own, and it also opens up many opportunities for those who might not have been able to study abroad otherwise. This is especially true for those who might not have been able to afford to study abroad in the first place, and it can be a great way to build your résumé and experience while you're abroad.

How to Choose A Course in Latvia

Students often choose a course to study in Latvia based on their choice of subjects. Several factors go into choosing a desired course in the country. Some of these include –

  • Your desired subject

  • Your future ambitions

  • And career prospects.

Based on these factors, you must choose the most popular university for offering your chosen course and program.

Admission Process of Latvia Country

If you wish to apply to Latvian universities successfully, you must follow the admission steps given below –

  • Fill up the form at the university’s official website and upload the documents required.

  • Pay up the application fees.

  • If you are applying through any scholarship program, you must include that in your form.

  • Once you have completed filling up the form, click on submit.

  • Wait for approval by the university. This usually takes up to 2 weeks.

  • Once you are selected, you will receive an invitation letter from the university.

  • After receiving the invitation letter, you can apply for your visa procedure.

Visa To Study In Latvia

Every international student willing to study in Latvia requires a visa. The visa requirement in Latvia is very similar to those of France and Germany. The visa category and requirements differ based on one's citizenship and nationality. However, a student will probably need a Latvian Schengen Visa to study. You can apply for the visa at the Latvian embassy or consulate of your country. EU, EEA, or Swiss passport holders can study in Latvia without a visa. They only need to register.

Documents Required in Latvia

The documents required by universities in the country are totally dependent on the kind, of course, you choose for yourself. However, the most important documents you need are –

  • Academic records (class 10, 12, Graduation, or post-graduation)

  • IELTS or TOEFL certificates

  • CV

  • Police clearance certificate

  • Health certificate

  • Financial proof

  • Application form

  • Invitation letter

  • Work experience, if any

  • Admission letter

  • Guarantee letter

Eligibility Criteria

Students must fulfill a set of eligibility criteria to study in Latvian universities. These eligibility criteria are –

  • Students must clear their entrance exams conducted by universities

  • It would help if you cleared your English proficiency examinations

  • Students must be at least 17 years of age.

  • Students must have a valid passport and visa.

  • You must pass your 10+2 examination with a minimum qualifying score

Indian Students in Latvia

The number of Indian students studying in Latvia has grown significantly over the last few years. This is especially true at the tertiary level, where the number of Indian students is greater than the number of Latvian students. This is a remarkable achievement for Latvia, which has traditionally been a country of emigration. Today, more Indian students study in Latvia than in any other European country except Ireland. Students choose the destination for higher studies given its affordable tuition fees, living costs, and its qualitative education standard.

Cost of Living in Latvia

Living in Latvia is relatively cheaper than in most European countries, which is why it is popular among Indian students. The costs of living, including basic amenities, are –

  • Rent (monthly) : €430-500

  • Utilities (monthly) : €150-160

  • Transportation (monthly) : €50-60

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: €8-10

  • Daily groceries: €15-20

Career Prospects in Latvia

Latvia has a growing economy, making it easier for students to find job opportunities. It offers excellent potential for graduates looking for jobs. In fact, the country has a large workforce consisting of foreign nationals. The most popular jobs profiles in the country are that of –

  • Planning and Reporting management

  • Finance and Business

  • Accounting and Finance Analyst

  • Market and Research

How We Help You Study in Latvia

If you are looking for opportunities to study abroad, contact Anigdha. We are here guiding students and helping them through the tiresome process of applications. With us, you can witness the following benefits –

  • Our expert counselors will guide you through the best universities and courses for you!

  • We will help you with the application procedure.

  • If you have any issues or trouble understanding the finances, you can come to us for assistance.

  • If universities conduct entrance exams, we can help you prepare with suitable mock rounds.

  • We have experience dealing with the visa process, accommodation facilities, and more.

  • Therefore, you can witness a seamless application to international universities with us.

About Latvia

About LatviaLatvia is a country with a rich history, modern culture, and beautiful landscapes, making it a desirable destination for visitors and those looking to study abroad or start a new career. The country is also a short flight away from many European cities, making it easy for visitors to get to and enjoy the country's many attractions. All in all, Latvia is a great place to visit and study, and it is becoming an even better place to work and live. The education system in Latvia is also world-class, focusing on international education. Many of the best universities in Europe are located in the country, which has helped make it a top choice for students looking to study abroad. Latvia is a European country with a strong military tradition and a modern economy. The country has a population of just under two million people, making it one of the smallest countries in the European Union. Despite being such a small country, Latvia has several internationally famous cities, including Riga, the country's capital, and the Baltic Sea port of Klaipeda. The country is also a popular tourist destination with many exciting attractions, including the Curonian Spit, Europe's largest dune, and the Daugava River, which flows through the country's capital.


Are English proficiency exams mandatory to study in Latvia?


No, students can also study without clearing their IELTS scores.

Can students work while studying in Latvia?


Yes, students can work while studying in Latvia and afford their living easily.

How many intakes are there in Latvia?


There are usually two intakes in Latvia every year.

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