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Study in Finland

Study in FinlandFinland is renowned for its high-tech economy and quality of life. But the country has another impressive record to its name: the world’s best higher education system. Finland boasts more than 500 English-taught bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS). The country’s educational system is mostly funded by the state, and tuition fees are among the lowest in Europe. Finland is a small country with big ambitions. It is a leader in areas such as technology and education and has a growing economy and vibrant culture. The Finnish higher education system is a great choice for international students who want to experience a unique culture and gain a world-class education in a small classroom setting. Finland has over 20,000 international students from over 150 countries studying in its higher education institutions.

Why Study in Finland?

As a student, you must be looking for reasons to study in Finland. We are here to provide you with several reasons for the same.

  • Various Study Programmes: You can choose from a variety of English-speaking degree programs offered by Finnish institutions. From short courses as part of exchange programs to full degrees, there are many study options available in all fields of education.

  • Qualitative Education: Research and innovation are highly valued in Finnish institutions. Known for their strong educational backgrounds and national entrance exams, Finnish students are highly motivated to study. Thanks to their basic education, Finnish students consider higher education degrees a necessity for establishing a solid foundation for their future careers. Student feedback plays a key role in the quality of education, unlike in most countries.

  • Affordable Fee Structure: The prime reason for choosing Finland as a country to study is the affordability of the fees structure. Several universities in the country are public universities that offer affordable education to national and international students.

  • It Promotes Work and Play: Choosing a university in Finland offers many benefits, such as access to well-equipped libraries offering comfortable study spaces. Finland offers free access to libraries to all students with a library card. Additionally, to have well-stocked libraries, every college and university you attend provides free internet access to its students. Similarly, municipal libraries are usually free of charge and have basic services available. Cafes and common areas are popular social gathering spots for friends during breaks from studying.

  • Good Employment Opportunities: Finland is a growing country, offering great career prospects to graduates. If you have obtained a higher education degree from a Finnish university, you have several job prospects open for you.

Top Courses and Programmes in Finland

Finland has an education system that is open to all students from around the world. The country has several courses and programmes available for every student. It offers an array of options, some popular ones being –

  • Architecture Degree

  • Finance and Accounting Degree

  • Law Degree

  • MBA in Finland

  • IT and Engineering Degree

  • Mathematics Degree

  • Nursing Degree

  • Economics Degree

  • Agriculture Degree

  • Geography Degree

  • International Business Degree


Finnish universities have a variety of options for students to consider. It provides Bachelor's, Master's, and research options for higher education.

  • Bachelors: If you wish to apply for a bachelor programme, there are a few things you need to consider. A few eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled by writers, for instance, an upper secondary school certificate from a recognized institution.

  • Masters: For a Master's programme, students must have a relevant Bachelor's degree in the subject they wish to specialize in. Also, for a few courses in Master's, relevant work experience is required.

  • Doctorate/ Ph.D: To be eligible for Ph.D programmes, students must be qualified in Master's with a minimum qualifying percentage. A doctorate usually takes 4 years to complete the course.

Top Universities

Along with providing a wide range of subjects and courses for students, Finland also aims to provide top-tier universities to students. Some of the best universities in the country are –

University of Helsinki 104
Aalto University 112
University of Oulu 377
University of Turku 295
University of Vaasa -
University of Eastern Finland 521
Tampere University 414
LUT University 414
University of Jyvaskyla 358

Scholarships In Finland

Several students are not financially equipped to obtain an international degree. Even though they aspire to study abroad and achieve big in life, they are restricted by a financial crisis. To support such students, the Finnish government and universities come together to offer scholarship opportunities.

The several types of scholarship programs are –

  • University Scholarships. Universities offer a small number of scholarships to students. Some universities that provide such programs are the University of Helinski, Hanken School of Economics, and Aalto University.

  • Global Access Initiative

  • The Council on International Educational Exchange

  • Fund for education abroad

  • Ping Scholarships

Admission Procedure

If you wish to secure a successful admission process, you must follow the steps given below –

  • Choose a programme that you wish to take for your higher education. There are several options available.

  • Next, you must visit the official website of the university and check the admission information.

  • Next, fill up the admission form on the official website.

  • You can also apply for scholarships at this stage.

  • Wait for confirmation from the If you are selected, the university sends an invitation letter.

  • Upon receiving the invitation letter, you can apply for the visa.

  • The visa process usually takes up to three weeks. Once you get your visa, you can prepare for the departure.

How To Choose A Course to Study in Finland

If you wish to study in Finland, finding a course to study shouldn't be tough for you. The country has so many options to offer that you can find the best course and programme that you wish to study. The university/UAS offering the programme you are interested in can provide you with detailed information regarding the eligibility requirements and admission process. If you plan to study in Finnish or Swedish, you are expected to be already fluent in those languages. For other programmes or courses, you can choose your desired subject, and university provided you fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

Visa to Study in Finland

It may be necessary for you to apply for a study permit in Finland, depending on your nationality. Students from the EU/EEA are not required to have a visa or residence permit to study. When you plan on studying for longer than 90 days, you need to register your residence with Migri. For studies that last more than one year, you must also register in the Finnish population registry. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, you will need to obtain a student residence permit to study in Finland. You will need several documents to obtain the residence permit. A letter of acceptance from the university, proof of health coverage, and evidence of financial support are all required. Students can apply for their visas in the local embassy or consulate in their home country.

Eligibility Criteria

If students wish to study at Finnish universities successfully, they will need to fulfill a few eligibility criteria. They include:

  • For Bachelor’s programmes, students are required to finish their secondary and higher secondary from a recognized institution.

  • For the Master's programme, students must complete their graduation from a reputed university with a minimum qualifying percentage.

  • Some Master’s programmes require work experience too.

  • Students must clear their Master's degree from a reputed university for doctorate programs.

  • Students must qualify for the entrance examinations set by several universities.

  • Students must have a valid passport

Documents Required

At the time of admission, students must submit the following documents –

  • Academic certificates

  • Work experience certification, if any

  • A valid passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Migration certificate

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Health certificates

  • Entrance examination scorecard

Indian Students in Finland

Indian students look for opportunities to go abroad and study since education abroad is quite affordable. Especially when it comes to Finland, the reason for the country's popularity is the affordability of education. The number of Indians studying in Finnish universities is gradually increasing because of the country's quality of education and facilities. With this, there are also wider career prospects in Europe after graduating from any Finnish university.

Cost of Living in Finland

Finland is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. Whether it’s living or studying, it provides cost-effective means of staying. Even though the living costs depend on a student's lifestyle, Finland is a relatively cheap country to stay in.

The average living costs in Finland, including basic necessities, are –

  • Monthly Rent: 418 Euros

  • Local Transportation: 58-60 Euros

  • Monthly Utilities: 36 Euros

  • Food expense: 20-200 Euros

Career Prospects

The job market in Finland is quite welcoming for international graduates. Even though communicating in the Finnish language can be a bit tough; however, there are immense opportunities for a career in the country. No matter what subject you study for your graduation, there is always scope for finding a good job in the country. The job market in the country is mainly dominated by the manufacturing industry.

How We Help You to Study in Finland

Several students have the desire to study abroad; however, they may lack knowledge about the process. We at Anigdha are here to give you the guidance you need. For this reason, we will help you in every step so that you can make a successful career in Finland with the impressive career prospect that Finland has to offer. Some of our services include –

  • We will guide you through the best universities and courses that are available for you.

  • We will help you with the finances during the fees payment time.

  • Several universities conduct entrance exams at the time of admission. We help you with the mock rounds so that it is easier for you to pass the entrance exams.

  • Once you are selected, we will also help you with the visa application and departure.

About Finland

About FinlandFinland is an Arctic country with a temperate climate. It shares borders with Russia to the East, Sweden to the South, and Norway to the West. The main language is Finnish; Swedish is also an official language thanks to a Swedish minority due to the country's history. The landscape is dominated by the country's islands, which provide a wide range of landscapes. The capital of Finland is Helinski, which is also the largest city in the country. The climate of Finland witnesses short summers and harsh winters. The country is also called the happiest country in the world with the cleanest air and one of the best education systems. Some of the best things it is known for are Nokia, reindeers, saunas, and the village of Santa Claus.

Capital Helinski
Currency Euro
Population 5,536,146 (based on 2020 estimate)
Total Area 338,455 square kilometers
Government The unitary Parliamentary Republic
Official Language Finnish, Swedish
Calling Code +358


Are English proficiency tests compulsory in the country?


Yes, but for some programs. There are specific tests that require you to prove your English proficiency test certificate.

Is Finland a safe country to live and study?


Yes, Finland is an absolutely safe country to live and study. In fact, it is also considered one of the happiest countries to live in.

Can students work while studying?


Yes, students can work part-time while they are studying in the country to finance their own living expenses.

How much does a student require to study in Finland?


On average, the tuition fees to study in Finland are 4,000- 8,000 Euros per year.

Is Finland a good scope for international scope?


Yes, Finland is a good scope for international students since it offers great career prospects and educational opportunities.

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