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Study in Belgium

Study in BelgiumBelgium is known for its chocolates, the best beers, and history and culture. However, what you probably didn't know about the country is that it offers exceptional study experience. The country has a long tradition of studying the sciences and engineering and consistently ranks among the top regions where it is possible to study. The Belgian education system is known for its rigor. The combination of knowledge, skills, and dispositions of students in Belgium makes graduates highly employable and successful. In the long term, it means that Belgium has the best-trained and most employable graduates globally. Currently, 60% of all bachelor's degrees are awarded to students from Asian countries, making Belgium one of the most competitive destinations for science talent worldwide. Studying in Belgium helps you build a network, learn about the culture, and build your résumé. Therefore, if you wish to pave the way for your career successfully, Belgium can be your next study destination. We have everything sorted for you if you wish to know more about the universities, programs, visas, etc.!

Why Study in Belgium?

Students from around the world come to study in Belgium for various reasons. We will enlist the best advantages of studying in the country –

  • Beyond the well-known academic excellence, which means additional support for students, Belgium is one of the best countries for Western students looking to expand their experience.

  • Belgium is one of the best destinations to study for international students. Its reputation for education and knowledge has been inspiring many to study in Belgium. Likewise, the country offers an extremely competitive job market for career opportunities, and companies are eager to hire highly qualified candidates.

  • To begin with, Belgium's excellent quality of education is a great reason to study there. In the past, Belgian cities like Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges played a crucial role in academic advancement, and this tradition continues today at many of the country's renowned universities.

  • There are several linguistic groups in the country, the most common of which are French, Dutch, and German. In addition to these, several other languages and dialects are spoken. Studying in Belgium is a goldmine from both a historical and linguistic perspective!

  • Another reason to study in Belgium is the low cost of living. As a first step, students from Europe can enroll in public universities in the country for around €900 a year. Apart from this, housing and food don't cost much in Belgium.

  • Having good connections with the rest of Europe is another reason Belgian students love their time there. There are direct trains from Brussels to other capital cities like London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

  • The student culture in Belgium is another great reason to study there. There is never a shortage of things to do in Belgium as a student. There are plenty of cultural attractions like museums, art galleries, open-air markets, and movie theaters in the area. Students can also meet new people through universities and student societies, typically offering clubs and societies.

  • The country is also home to some of the best universities in the world, with global recognition and accreditations. Therefore, students get to choose from several universities.

Top Courses and Programs to Study in Belgium

Belgium is known to offer students the best study experience possible. This begins with providing an array of choices when it comes to courses and programs –

  • Archaeology

  • Architecture

  • MBA in Belgium

  • Medicine

  • Criminology

  • Dentistry

  • Economics

  • Environmental science

  • Engineering

  • Geography

  • History

  • International business

  • International relations

  • Marketing

  • Law

  • Philosophy

  • Political science

The following are the programs offered by Belgium universities –

  • Certificates

  • Courses (Masters, Bachelors, Doctorate)

  • Preparatory programs

  • Diplomas

  • Associate Degree

Top Universities in Belgium

Belgium is also home to some of the best universities in the country that attracts students worldwide. Some of the top-notch universities with their rankings are as follows –

KU Leuven 70
Ghent University 141
University of Antwerp 233
UCLouvain 188
Institute for European Studies 207
Vrije Universiteit Brussel 221
Hasselt University 471
University of Liege 480

Scholarships Provided in Belgium

International students interested in pursuing academic studies in Belgium can apply for various scholarships in Belgium. The government offers scholarships at all academic levels and the private sector to students who meet specific criteria.

Some of the popular scholarship programs include –

  • The Belgian Technical Cooperation Scholarships

  • The VLIR-UOS Training and Master Scholarship

  • The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master scholarship

  • The Science Leuven Scholarships for International Students

  • The University of Ghent Doctoral Special Research Fund

  • The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) Scholarship

  • The FRS-FNRS Scholarship

  • The Innoviris Scholarship

  • The Master Mind Scholarship

How to Choose a Course to Study in Belgium

If you are wondering how to choose your course to study in the country, you must consider a few things –

  • It would help if you considered your desired subject you wish to choose for higher studies.

  • Your career, ambition, and the requirements of universities are other factors you must consider.

  • You can choose a university that offers the best course for your chosen subject based on these factors.

Admission Process

Every country and every university has its own admission process. In Belgium, if you wish to apply successfully, you must follow the steps given below –

  • Choose your desired program and visit the official website of the university.

  • Fill up the application form on the official website of the university

  • Upload all necessary documents and pay the application fees

  • Once you have fulfilled the criteria and submitted the application form, you can wait for approval from the university.

  • Once the university approves your admission, they will send an invitation letter.

  • After receiving the letter, you can apply for the visa process.

Visa Required to Study in Belgium

For EU/EEA nationals, you do not require any student visa to study or stay in Belgium. You only need to register at the city hall. However, for non-EU/EEA residents, you will need a student visa (Type D long-stay visa). If you wish to stay for less than three months, you will need a Type C short-stay visa. Students can apply to the Belgium embassy or consulate of their home country in both cases of visa. The whole procedure of application and issuing of a visa takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Documents Required To Study in Belgium

At the time of application to universities, students are supposed to submit the following documents –

  • Academic records (Higher Secondary, Graduation, and Master's degrees and certificates)

  • Valid passport

  • Passport size photographs

  • Entrance exam score cards, if required

  • Some universities require English proficiency clearance, so you need to provide an IELTS or TOEFL scorecard.

  • Invitation letter

  • Work experience, if any

  • Letter of recommendation SOP

Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to study in Belgium, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria –

  • Candidates must be at least 27 years of age at the time of application

  • You must clear all entrance exams conducted by the university

  • Students must have a valid passport

  • The candidates must show financial proof

  • It would help if you cleared your IELTS or TOEFL examinations with a minimum qualifying percentage.

  • Candidates must clear their 10+2 examinations

Indian Students in Belgium

International students in Belgium appreciate the quality of city life more than in many other European destinations. As a result of the three national languages of France, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as English, there is an overall high level of student satisfaction. Therefore, Indian students find it pleasing and comfortable to study here. It is one of the most desirable places to study as it also provides immense career prospects.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belgium isn't very affordable; however, it isn't very expensive either. Even though the cost of living in a place totally depends on the student's lifestyle, Belgium offers the following expenses –

  • Private accommodation: EUR 300-500

  • Monthly transport with student discount: EUR 20

  • Meal: EUR 15-20

  • Utilities: EUR 200-400

Career Prospects

The work you do does not have to be restricted, and you can work even full time without a work permit; your employer must keep a copy of your residence permit. Belgium has immense career scope for international students. The career prospects in Belgium for international students are profound. They can study and work anywhere in Belgium with the right paperwork, and many Belgian companies are actively recruiting international talent. The Belgian government has also made it easier for international students to get jobs once they finish their education, which has helped many young professionals settle in Belgium. This has opened up a range of job prospects for international students, who can now pursue careers in fields like finance, consulting, technology, and more.

How We Help you Study in Belgium

If you are confused about how to kick-start your higher education abroad, come to Anigdha. We are the easy route to success as we help students study in one of the best international universities. With us, you can get the following services –

  • You can rely on us for form filling up, visa applications, and more.

  • As finances can be confusing or difficult to understand, we will guide you through them.

  • We are here to make the application procedure easy by guiding you in every aspect carefully.

  • If any university conducts an entrance exam, we will help you with mock rounds that can help you get through the entrance exam.

  • We have experience in making the study experience easy in 50+ countries. Therefore, you can come to us for assistance.

About Belgium

About BelgiumThe Netherlands and Luxembourg border Belgium to the northwest, Germany to the northeast, France to the east, and the North Sea to the south. Belgium occupies an area of about 35,525 km2 (15,000 sq mi) and has a total population of about 11 million, 70% of which live in urban areas. Dutch is the official language, but French or German is widely spoken as well. Belgium is a small, densely populated country in Western Europe, including the cities of Brussels, Antwerp, Charleroi, and Kortrijk. The country has many world-class attractions, such as the Groeninge Museum, the Memling Museum, the King Baudouin International Airport, the Bibliotheek Voor de Volkenomen, and the Ancient Art and Archaeology museums, the Flemish Art and Architecture Museum, and the Royal Flemish Institute for Biography. The countryside of this country is so beautiful that it is sometimes difficult to believe that it is located in a country squashed between France and Germany. Belgium is also a beautiful place to travel and explore the educational and career opportunities here.


How is student life in Belgium?


Student life in Belgium is one of the reasons why students choose the destination to study. The student culture, the museums, the affordable gyms, and the cafes are the top reasons to make any student's life better.

Are Belgium's application and admission tough to get through?


No, Belgium's application process is very simple, making it easy for students to apply here.

Can students work while studying?


Yes, students can work in the country while studying, making it easier for them to afford a living.

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