Study Dentistry in Bulgaria


Study Dentistry in Bulgaria

Study Dentistry in BulgariaDental education in Bulgaria is regarded as one of the best, combining academics and practice-based skills. This is a country that has renowned dental schools. These schools cater for thorough training, thus producing competent dentists. It is a modern program of studies considering the totality of dentistry. Bulgaria offers a unique approach to dental education. The real-world learning opportunities at modern clinics enable students to gain hands-on experience. This kind of program helps them fit into the rapidly changing world of dental practice. Bulgaria’s endeavors in dental education go beyond local efforts. These include international collaborations that aid in the sharing of information on oral health. Additionally, Bulgaria offers low-cost courses. Many foreigners looking for top-quality academic experience at affordable prices choose Bulgaria to study dentistry. As a whole, the training process in dentistry in Bulgaria combines educational qualities. This in turn creates a culturally competent and globally-minded cadet of dentists.

Eligibility Criteria

Before pursuing dentistry, Bulgarian dental students have to pass the entrance examination that guarantees a solid basis for the study process. The full test covers Biology, simple reading, and comprehension of English and Chemistry.

  • Academic Qualification: The primary prerequisite for enrollment into the dentistry program in Bulgaria is that any aspiring student should have completed his or her 12th education from a recognized institution or education board.

  • Recommendation Letter: In some universities, the candidate may be required to present a recommendation letter. This letter should be written by a qualified personality from the same school where the candidates completed their 12th education. This letter describes the candidate’s character and academic abilities.

  • Parental Declaration: Parents should make a mandatory declaration to meet the eligibility requirements for dentistry programs. This formal statement indicates that the parents agree to provide support to the student for dentistry in Bulgaria.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): A carefully written Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an integral part. This piece of document shows the student’s motivation and also tells why the student wants to undertake the particular course.

  • Assessment Exam: The structure of the exam includes different kinds of questions which are both multiple-choice and open-ended. This ensures that the applicant's competence is captured from each side.

  • English Proficiency: Students must score minimum marks in any Standard English tests such as IELTS- 6 to 6.5 bands, PTE 70 scores, and TOEFL70-80 scores.

  • Grade History: Apart from scoring highly in entrance tests, applicants should submit documents that confirm their good performance during biology and chemistry courses in high school. Meeting a prescribed passing mark above 62% in Biology and Chemistry applies to non-European citizens. It is an academy-oriented criterion where potential dentistry students are expected to have mastered basic sciences. This creates a good pool of educated and skilled future dentists. Using these admission requirements, Bulgaria grants admissions to motivated and academically bright aspiring dentists.

Language of Instruction

Students have an opportunity to take courses in English only. In Bulgaria, all dentistry programs in the medical schools are taught only in English because these programs serve mainly students from different countries across the world. This language exclusivity enables students to undertake their studies in dentistry in an inter-global mode independently of linguistics. The Bulgarian medical schools need any international student of dentistry to pass any standardized English proficiency test. These are the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the Pearson Test of English (PTE), and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Intake / Deadline

Applications can be made twice a year for undergraduate programs. This is usually in early October for the winter semester and February for the spring semester. The universities accept applications each year for postgraduate dental studies including the specializations in February. The mentioned deadlines offer prospective students definite timelines. Thus, they can plan how they would apply at the respective Bulgarian Medical Universities for both undergraduate and postgraduate dental programs respectively.

Documents Required

For a comprehensive application to dental programs in Bulgarian universities, prospective students typically need to submit the following documents:

  • Official Transcripts: Academic qualifications are presented as transcripts from secondary and high school education.

  • Statement of Education Continuation: An official letter issued by a school about a student’s constitutional right to continue with their studies.

  • Passport: A valid passport is an obligatory identification document.

  • Passport Photos: Usually, six small portraits are used for official documents.

  • Embassy Approval: The relevant Bulgarian embassy should approve all the submitted papers/documents.

  • Secondary School Certificate: The Secondary School Certificate should be attached with its supplement, if there's any. Ensure you attach a certified translated document if the completed higher-degree education was not in Bulgaria.

  • Brief CV: Send in your short curriculum vitae presenting academic achievements, related experiences, and any outstanding credentials. Highlight critical skills and competencies to showcase that you are a suitable candidate for dental school.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): Prepare an excellent SOP indicating what has motivated you to decide to study dentistry in Bulgaria. Explain why you are passionate about this area, and relate the goals of the program to your aspirations for your future job.

  • Proof of Funds: Provide documented proof of financial capabilities that will cater for tuition fees, living costs, and others associated with dentistry studies. Such documents could consist of bank statements, scholarship letters, or affidavits of financial support.

  • Medical Certificate: Give an appropriate and current medical certificate indicating you are fit and well for work.


Dental courses in Bulgaria differ with regard to the duration depending on where they are undertaken. At Varna Medical University, the program spans 6 years. This consists of three stages. Five years (ten semesters) preceding graduation practice, 135 working days or 1080 hours of practice. Finally, two practicing periods (30 calendar days per practice). 150 hours for each period will be taken after the 6th and the 8th semester. The program lasts for 5 years and is followed by a six-month internship at Sofia Medical University. The Plovdiv Medical University offers a 6-year program. This consists of ten semesters with nine months of pre-diploma clinical clerkship. Thus, these varied periods create holistic practice-based education of dentistry for students.

Fees Structure

A transparent and reasonable fee structure facilitates navigating the pursuit of a dentist degree in Bulgaria. Notably, Bulgaria’s well-known dental universities like Varna Medical University and Sofia Medical University offer affordable tuition. This allows prospective dentists the option of achieving a good education. Here’s more:

University Name Fee
Varna Medical University 9000 EUR per year in the first year and then 8000 EUR each from the second year to the sixth. An extra application fee of 230 EUR is applicable.
Sofia Medical University EUR 9000
Varna Medical University EUR 9000

Top Universities

Here are some of the top universities offering dentistry courses in Bulgaria:

University Name City
Plovdiv Medical University Plovdiv
Sofia Medical University Sofia
Varna Medical University Varna

Admission Procedure

As far as Bulgaria is concerned, the admission process of dental schools includes several stages that aim at delivering good quality education and keeping regulations on admission at a high level. We can help you take admission through the steps as follows:

  • To start with, we offer a list of courses and universities, with our counselors you will select various universities to send your application.

  • Students can provide their bio-data, educational background, and the necessary documents to us for the application process.

  • Our counselors will guide you through all the requirements and ensure you have everything you need for your university application.

  • We also provide you with training for English standard exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

  • Our counselors will help you through the application process and submit it on your behalf. After confirmation from the university, we will fulfill all the required processes.

  • Our team will guide you through the visa application process as well.


How difficult is the entrance exam for dental studies in Bulgaria?


These entrance exams encompass biology, chemistry, and English composed of MCQS and short answer test papers.

May I also decide about the language used for dentistry studies?


Courses in Bulgarian medical schools are taught only in English.

Do you have set dates or deadlines for submitting applications?


Application deadlines differ but they are usually due in mid-October for the winter term and mid-February for the spring term.

What papers should be included in the application procedure?


Necessary papers encompass a filled-up form for admission, secondary school leaving certificate, proof of eligibility to continue being in school, certificates of good state of health as well as photographs.

Do dentistry programs have an internship component?


Certainly, Sofia Medical University provides a 6-month internship within a five-year dental program.

Can I do dentistry in Bulgaria as a non-European person?


Sure, all non-EU nations admitted with particular education standards like grades in Biology and Chemistry.

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