MBA in Denmark


MBA in Denmark

MBA in DenmarkDo you want to pursue your MBA degree in the happiest country in the world? Well, then Denmark should be your ideal destination to complete your Master’s in Business.  In addition to being happy, you will have the chance to pursue a quality education in a safe and friendly environment. When you study in Denmark, you will have a fun and enriching experience. Most students complete their MBA in Denmark within 1-2 years. You will also have the chance to do a part-time and online MBA in Denmark. Denmark offers some of the best education facilities, top faculties, and a flexible curriculum. So, pack your bags and fulfill your ambitions about studying MBA in Denmark.

Fee Range The fee ranges between EUR 12000 to EUR 15000
Work Experience Requirement You will need VISA and sponsor letter to work in Denmark
GMAT/GRE Most universities require a GMAT score. However, some colleges accept GRE
Apply The timeline to apply for an MBA in Denmark is between February to August
Work after study You will find many jobs if you know Danish

Top Business Schools in Denmark

List of Govt Universities in Denmark For MBA:

  • Copenhagen Business School

  • Aalborg University

  • University of Southern Denmark

  • Rockslide University

  • Technical University of Denmark

List of Private Universities in Denmark for MBA

  • Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

  • International Business Academy

  • AVT Business School

  • Horsens Business College

Why Study MBA in Denmark?

Danish higher education combines traditional academic excellence with innovative teaching methods that empowers you to think beyond rot learning. Plus it delivers an enriching experience and delivers deep knowledge. Plus, you will get these benefits when you study MBA in Denmark:

  • Danish universities incorporate conventional lectures and tutorials with project-based teaching methods.

  • You will develop a creative and collaborative approach to applying new knowledge and solving complex real-life obstacles.

  • Universities, colleges, and academies in Denmark are state-of-the-art. The education environment is pleasant and comfortable, with students and professors discussing during classes.

  • Denmark offers students full funding and scholarships to complete their MBA program.

  • Although the country is small, it has a large global footprint and offers innovative research facilities.

  • Denmark is cheaper than most countries in Europe and offers part-time jobs to students.

  • The entry requirements for MBA admission is low compared to other countries.


Whatever subjects you opt to study, you can expect outstanding teaching and educational norms that are second to none. Plus, the MBA curriculum in Denmark comes with the following highlights:

  • The MBA curriculum in Denmark is designed to meet the needs of top-tier professionals.

  • You will receive hands-on training from top-tier professionals and faculty

  • You will get to choose from innovative specialties that are characterized by specialized disciplines

  • An MBA from Denmark prepares specialists to manage applications, modern information, and management

MBA Specialization in Denmark

An MBA gives you a solid foundation that helps to propel your career. After completing your MBA in Denmark, you can explore various opportunities, including finance, arts, commerce, and other disciplines. There are many specialization options for MBA in Denmark. Let us go through a few of them.

  • MBA in Human Resource Management

  • MBA in Marketing Management

  • MBA in Digital Marketing

  • MBA in Information Technology

  • MBA in Travel and Tourism Management

  • MBA in Finance Management

  • MBA in Business Analytics

  • MBA in Healthcare Management

  • MBA in Media Management

  • MBA in Aviation Management

  • MBA in Operations Management

  • MBA in Infrastructure Management

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Event Management

Also, the MBA program in Denmark offers different learning modes:

  • Regular Classroom programs

  • Online learning programs

  • Distance education programs

  • Fast-track programs

  • Executive MBA programs

  • Part-time MBA programs

Eligibility for MBA in Denmark

For pursuing an MBA in Denmark, you would need:

  • You must be at least 20 years of age and completed your Graduation

  • You must have secured not less than 50% marks in your graduation and specialized in the particular field of study

  • You should have your graduation marks and certificates

  • A valid GRE score at the time of admission to the University of your choice

Document Required

You will need the following documents:

  • Proof of identity that is your passport

  • Higher secondary certificate

  • Graduation certificate

  • Filled-in application form downloaded from the university's website

  • TOEFL or IELTS score

  • Proof of application fee

  • Motivation letter explaining why you want to study in Denmark

  • Letters of recommendation from your college or university in India


The intake capacity for MBA in Denmark varies according to the program strength. However, most MBA programs in Denmark are reserved for foreign nationals.

Course Duration

Most programs take two to four years to complete, depending on the level. You can also pursue a one-year executive course if you are working in Denmark.

12 months Swiss School of Business and Management MBA in HR, costing, finance, IT, and Hospital management
Verna School of Technical Management MBA in Taxation
2 years Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University MBA in Business Psychology
AVT Business School Executive MBA MBA
Copenhagen Business School Executive MBA  MBA  Executive MBA- Shipping and Logistics
DTU Executive School of Business- Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Executive MBA

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for MBA in Denmark is simple. You would only need to follow the below steps:

  • Download the application form online from the national admissions universal portal

  • Submit the same form online or by email

  • Four passport-size photographs

  • For applying, you will need a signature and verification of your ID for each course

  • For international students you will need to print a signature page from, sign it and send it to the university you are applying for.

  • International students need to purchase travel insurance coverage for the time they will stay in Denmark.

  • A document explaining the grading/credit system in your country

  • Proof of English proficiency

  • References and recommendations

  • University will send an acceptance letter.

  • Pay the required fees.

  • Arrange your travel tickets

  • Book your hostel or accommodation

  • Fly to Denmark for your MBA program

English Proficiency Requirement

Most MBA programs are taught in English, so the students need to be proficient in the subject concerned. You would need:

  • TOEFL score of around 550

  • Computer-based TOEFL score of 80

  • IELTS score of at least 6.5

  • You need to submit proof that you have studied at least one year in English in your graduation

  • English A Certificate of Proficiency (CPE)

  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

MBA in Denmark Without GMAT

Since 2009 many B schools are allowing students without a GMAT score. However, you would need an LSAT score with a minimum of 3.2 cumulative undergraduate percentage. Also, you can apply with work experience of 4-5 years.

Cost of Studying MBA in Denmark

Average tuition fees could be anywhere between 6000 EUR to 16000 EUR but these are comparatively cheaper than most other European nations.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for MBA in Denmark vary according to the University of your choice. However, most programs are quite affordable when compared to other European nations.

  • Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics - 45000 EUR

  • Aarhus Business Management School - 16000 EUR


For your residence permit in Denmark, you need to:

  • Visit the official New to Denmark website

  • Accept the university offer

  • Contact your nearest Danish embassy and submit documents

  • Wait for their decision

  • Register on arrival in Denmark

Visa requirements

  • Completed and signed VISA application form

  • Your passport, valid for at least 12-months

  • Proof of sufficient funds

  • Medical certificate

  • Proof of registration

  • Two passport size photographs

  • You will also need to apply for a temporary residency permit

  • You can also use a Visa to visit Romania, Croatia, and Cyprus.

  • Travel insurance


Denmark offers a host of scholarships for international students. It ranges from funding your studies to covering your expenses while staying in Denmark.

  • Erasmus Scholarship

  • Fulbright Commission

  • Danish government scholarships

  • IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships

  • Denmark-India Innovation Challenge

Part-Time Jobs during MBA in Denmark

Students need to register if they are planning to do part-time jobs to support their studies in Denmark. However, getting a job in Denmark isn’t easy, and many full-time MBA programs don’t allow you to pursue a career. However, you can do part-time jobs in Denmark if everything falls into place.

Learn the Danish Language Before MBA in Denmark

Denmark is not tough to learn but, like other Scandinavian languages, requires regular practice. People in Denmark are less friendly to foreigners, and learning the language will help you a lot:

  • Copenhagen Language Center

  • Speak school of Danish

  • Clavius

Full-Time MBA in Denmark

A full-time MBA in Denmark is quite affordable and presents multiple career choices. Most universities in Denmark offer a lot of flexibility in their study programs, so it won’t be difficult to master your MBA program.

Part-Time MBA in Denmark

You can also participate in a part-time MBA program at a university in Denmark. Plus, most universities in Denmark give you the option to enroll in online programs in the first semester. You can seek admission for a part-time MBA at the following institutes and programs:

  • Copenhagen Business School

  • Rockslide University

Danish Proficiency Requirements

There is no requirement for Danish proficiency in Denmark. Most people are conversant in English, and you will have no trouble reaching out to your peers, professors, and registration office staff. However, since these are the official languages in the country, it would be better to learn the basics of the language to communicate with the local population.

Job after MBA in Denmark

Getting a job after MBA in Denmark depends on your skills. Of course, you have to be better than a Dane. On a lighter note, you must also bring Riberhus Danbo medium-sharp sliced cheese for Friday breakfast sharing. If you don’t, it’s hard luck for you.

Indian Students in Denmark

India has a good number of international students in Denmark. Around 700 students travel to Denmark to pursue their MBBS in Denmark each year, and numbers are increasing each day.

Cost of Living in Denmark

  • The cost of living in Denmark varies according to city. Here we are considering Copenhagen.

  • Meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant - Rs 1400

  • Regular Groceries - Rs 1000

  • One way ticket - Rs 300

  • Monthly travel pass - Rs 6000

  • 1- bedroom apartment rent - Rs 124000

How do we help you in Securing an MBA seat in Denmark

Our education consultancy plays a noteworthy role right from choosing about the country, and university, arranging the admission, financial requirements for the studies, directing the student in receiving a student visa, and organizing appropriate accommodation based on the student’s funding.

  • Consulting: Our goal is to help students who want to study abroad in their dream field make a career abroad.

  • Shortlisting: We will shortlist the best universities according to your preferences and specifications!

  • Application Documentation: We will guide you through the process of uploading documents during the initial step.

  • Application: We have also helped students seamlessly apply to universities.

  • Interview: If your university conducts interviews for your selection process, we will help you with mock interviews so that you can better prepare.

  • Financial Guidance: A lot of money goes into international education. They are our responsibility, and we will guide you through them.

  • Visa: We handle everything from visas to accommodations and airport pickups!

MBA in Denmark at Low Cost

You can study MBA at a low cost from these universities:

  • Copenhagen Business School - Starting from EUR 5000

  • Aalborg University - Starting from EUR 2000

About Denmark

About DenmarkPlanning to visit or study in Denmark? Great idea because Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is located in Northern Europe and borders Germany, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. Besides, the country has 406 islands, 70 of which are inhabited. Denmark is divided into five regions:

  • Hovedstaden

  • Midtjylland

  • Nordjylland

  • Sjaelland

  • Syddanmark

Denmark has excellent connections and is easy to navigate. Plus, the road systems are excellent, and there are many long-distance coach routes.

Capital Copenhagen
Largest City Copenhagen
Official Language Danish, German
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 42,933 km2
Total Population as per 2022 estimate 5,910,577
Currency Danish Krone


Is Denmark A Good Country To Study MBA?


Denmark is one of the best locations in the Scandinavian region as it provides a higher quality of education to all students.

Is Denmark Safe?


Denmark is one of the safest European countries, and women are treated on par with men.

What Should You Avoid In Denmark?


You must avoid a couple of things in Denmark, like jaywalking and flaunting your Danish skills everywhere.

Do You Need To Learn Danish?


Most MBA programs are conducted in English and Danish, so there is no need to learn Danish. But it is good if you want to communicate with the locals.

Is MBA Free In Denmark?


Denmark offers free higher education to students from EU/EEA areas and Switzerland.

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