MBA in Cyprus


MBA in Cyprus

MBA in CyprusSeveral students from around the world have been attracted to pursuing an MBA degree from an international university. Out of all the famous countries for providing a great MBA career, Cyprus is one of them. Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. From good food to excellent beaches to quality education, it is popular for a myriad of things that are impossible to ignore. Cyprus can be an interesting place to study MBA for international aspirants. MBA in Cyprus ensures a bright future. There are nearly 25,000 students studying in Cyprus, out of which one-third of students are constituted by foreigners. Pursuing an MBA in Cyprus provides boundless employment opportunities for international students, both in this country and internationally.

Duration of MBA  in Cyprus MBA in Cyprus is of two types- full-time and part-time. Therefore, the duration varies.
Intakes MBA in CYPRUS begins in February, June, and September every year. Some universities begin the course in January.
Cost of Studying MBA In Cyprus Varies from college to college. The average tuition fee comes up to Rs. 9,05,835.
Work Experience Required for MBA Most Cyprus universities require 2-3 years of work experience.
GMAT/GRE Varies from college to college. Usually, some require GMAT, while some don’t.
English Language Requirement Students are required to clear the IELTS or TOEFL
Part-time Work During MBA Students can work during their MBA courses in Cyprus. However, they need to follow a few norms specified by the government.
Post-study Work After MBA Students can search for jobs after completing their MBA courses in Cyprus.

Top Business Schools In Cyprus

You can choose a few best business schools when selecting Cyprus for your MBA degree. Some of them may include –

  • Cyprus International Institute of Management

  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

  • University of Cyprus

  • Cyprus International University

  • Girne American University

  • Near East University

  • Eastern Mediterranean University

  • Frederick Institute of Technology

Why Study MBA In Cyprus

There are multiple advantages to studying MBA in Cyprus and obtaining an international degree of global recognition. Some of the advantages are –

  • The studying and living cost in Cyprus is quite affordable. Especially for students from Europe, it becomes cheaper when they travel to Cyprus for education. In fact, in some public universities, a bachelor's degree is free for EU students. For non-EU students, it costs 7,000 euros a year. That's still cheap!

  • Cyprus is a multicultural and multilingual country that promotes a healthier environment to study. Therefore, it becomes a coveted choice among students.

  • Cyprus is a country that has the highest number of English-speaking residents. Therefore, students here needn't learn a new language for communication with people.

  • Cyprus has some of the best business schools that offer a comprehensive MBA degree for the betterment of students.

  • Most universities in Cyprus offer great hospitality, business, and tourism.

  • All MBA degrees provided by universities in Cyprus are recognized and accredited by renowned councils and authorities.


There are some major highlights for studying MBA in Cyprus –

  • The business schools in Cyprus offer comprehensive full-time and part-time courses and programs for the convenience of students.

  • All students must qualify for the English proficiency test to secure admissions at universities.

  • The country has a crime rate of less than 1%; therefore, it becomes a rather safe place for students to study MBA.

  • Cyprus universities provide an approach that focuses on both practical and theoretical knowledge and exposure.

  • Several higher education programs in Cyprus are regulated by the Department of Higher and Tertiary Education, which also sets tuition costs for public institutions.

MBA Programs in Cyprus

Cyprus universities offer the flexibility of studying two types of MBA programs –

  • Full-time MBA

  • Part-time MBA

Some of the specializations include –

  • Digital Currency

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Financial Investment

  • Tourism Management

  • General Management


Students who wish to secure a successful admission at the business schools in Cyprus must fulfill the following eligibility criteria –

  • Students are expected to score well at the GMAT to secure admission at the business schools in Cyprus. Students must score a minimum of 400.

  • Two to three years of professional experience are required for MBA admission in Cyprus.

  • Students need to complete their IELTS or TOEFL examinations while appearing for the MBA course.

  • Students willing to apply for the university in Cyprus are required to submit curriculum vitae.

  • Letters of recommendation

Documents Required

The following documents are to be submitted by the students at the time of admissions –

  • A valid passport

  • GMAT scorecard

  • English proficiency test certificate

  • Greek proficiency score

  • A curriculum vitae with all personal, academic, and professional details of the student.

  • Personal statement/statement of purpose

  • Recommendation letters

  • Passport size photographs

  • Mark sheets and certificates of classes 10,12 and the bachelor's degree.


The MBA course in Cyprus usually begins in February. It is the estimated start date of the MBA program in Cyprus' universities. However, students are expected to keep checking the website for admission dates and deadlines. Some universities accept admission all around the year.


The MBA programs in Cyprus vary from university to university. Some common duration are as follows –

The Philips University 18 months
Final International University in Cyprus 2 years
Open University of Cyprus 2 years
Vatel Cyprus 2 years
Alexander College- Cyprus 18 months
European University Cyprus 18 months
Neapolis University Pafos 18 months

Admission Procedure

If you wish to secure a successful admission at any business school in Cyprus, follow the steps given below –

  • First, students must submit a complete CV and a duly filled application form to the respective university.

  • An application fee is to be paid.

  • The students must carefully submit the required documents at a given mail.

  • After receiving the documents, the universities review the application and send an invitation letter.

  • Students can submit their fees and apply for their visas upon receiving the invitation letter.

English Proficiency Requirement

Students who wish to secure admission at any business school in Cyprus must secure a passing percentage on the English Proficiency test. Average knowledge of the English language is a must for admission at Cyprus' business schools.

  • Students must secure IELTS of 5.5 to 6.0 for MBA admissions.

  • Students must secure a TOEFL of 6.5 to 7.0 for MBA admissions.

MBA In Cyprus Without GMAT

Even though GMAT is a compulsory examination that students need to clear, some universities in Cyprus accept admission without necessarily wanting to see a GMAT score. Some of these business schools include –

  • American College

  • European University Cyprus

  • University of Nicosia

Cost of Studying MBA in Cyprus

One reason why Cyprus is famous for offering MBA programs is that it provides an affordable fee structure. International students, especially EU students, find it exceptionally affordable and inexpensive to study in Cyprus. The average tuition fees in Cyprus can cost up to Rs. 9,05,835 (approx) per year.

Tuition Fees

Below is a table with the top business schools in Cyprus and their fee structure –

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing 14 months €7,500
University of Cyprus 12 months €10,250
Cyprus International Institute of Management 18 months €16,080
University of Nicosia 18 months €9,240
European University Cyprus 18 months €8,478
Neapolis University Pafos 18 months €4,000
Cyprus International University 1-2 years €10,684


Students wishing to study MBA in Cyprus need to apply for a student visa. The Civil Archive and Migration Department should issue a permit to each student. Students are given a visa for a specific educational institute. International students may need to obtain a new residence permit if they decide to change educational institutions. International students are only entitled to student visas if they are full-time students. Full-time students take at least 12 credits each semester.


Cyprus offers several scholarships to international students each year if you are interested in applying. These are either government-funded or university-funded scholarships. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral scholarships are available for students. Scholarships are awarded annually to only a limited number of students. There are several universities providing scholarships to students.

  • CYTA CIIM scholarship

  • The University of Cyprus offers scholarships for MBA programs

  • AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Part-time Jobs In Cyprus

Students who pursue MBA from Cyprus are allowed to work part-time. The Government makes a special exception to this rule of the Republic of Cyprus for certain courses for which a work permit may be granted to allow for practical training during the summer vacation. In general, students can work during their studies in Cyprus.

  • Students can look for job opportunities on their college premises.

  • Students can work in malls, cafes, shopping centers, grocery stores, parks, or even work from home.

  • Part-time employment offers experience and financial support to students.

Learning The Greek Language before MBA in Cyprus

Even though it isn’t compulsory to learn the Greek language before taking admission to Cyprus, it is recommended. For better connection with locals and people and for better understanding of the language in the country, it is advised to learn the language.

Full-Time MBA in Cyprus

There are some universities in Cyprus that offer a full-time MBA program. Some of these universities are –

  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

  • University of Cyprus

  • Cyprus International University

  • Frederick Institute of Technology

  • Eastern Mediterranean University

Part-Time MBA In Cyprus

In Cyprus, students who wish to pursue a part-time MBA can do so. Some of the universities providing part-time courses are –

  • Eastern Mediterranean University

  • Near East University

  • Girne American University

  • University of Cyprus

  • Cyprus International Institute of Management

  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

Jobs After MBA In Cyprus

One of the many reasons Cyprus is a popular country for MBA is that it offers incredible job opportunities. Among the few career prospects for students graduating from a business school in Cyprus are –

  • Marketing Director

  • Commercial Financial Manager

  • Public Relations Director

  • Financial Controller

You can take any of these above mentioned positions for a successful business career.

Indian Students in Cyprus

Indian students find it easy and affordable to study MBA in Cyprus. Besides, the culture is multicultural; therefore, living becomes reasonable too. Out of the students from Asia and Africa, the major chunk comprises Indians. The Indian students are prepared for a global prospect in a dynamic economic scenario.

Cost Of Living In Cyprus

The cost of living isn’t very expensive in Cyprus. Including some major necessities and amenities, the cost comes up to –

  • Monthly rent: €339 (approx)

  • Local transportation: €40 (approx)

  • Utilities: €46 (approx)

Visa Requirements

Students applying for an MBA degree in Cyprus need a student visa at all costs. The students need to apply in person at the Embassy/High Commission/ Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus.

  • Students are required to fill in the visa form.

  • The visa application fee cost around 15-30 Cyprus pounds

  • Four passport-size photographs are required.

  • The academic qualifications and certificates of students must be duly attested.

  • English proficiency certificates must be granted

  • A photocopy of your passport is mandatory.

At the time of the interview, the following must be presented –

  • Valid passport

  • Financial guarantee by the student’s sponsor

  • Good conduct character certificate

How Do We Help Students Secure MBA Seats In UK

MBA admission in Cyprus may be of interest to many students, but they may not know how to go about the process. Anigdha is here to assist you throughout the MBA admission process in Cyprus. We can assist in the following ways:

  • Consulting: As part of the consultation process, we review your profile and recommend the best university for you based on it. Our team also explains the process in greater detail.

  • Shortlisting: Our shortlisting process takes into account your plans, desires, career goals, and more and guides you in choosing the right university and plan.

  • Application Documentation: We guide you through the documentation process, advising you of what documents universities require.

  • Application: The application process becomes smooth with our services.

  • Interviews: visa interviews can be tough. We can handle them for you. Even the admission interviews are challenging. We help you with mock rounds to pass the interview rounds.

  • Financial Guidance: We make the system of finance and understanding of fees structure easier.

  • Visa: We have got you covered from form fill up to visa application and departure.

MBA In Cyprus In Low Cost

The fee structure of an MBA in Cyprus is relatively affordable. It doesn't cost a lot to study MBA in Cyprus. Among the colleges that offer low fee structure are –

  • Neapolis University Pafos

  • The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

  • Cyprus University of Technology

  • European University Cyprus

About Cyprus

About CyprusCyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, also called the Republic of Cyprus. It is also considered the third largest famous island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus lies south of Turkey, west of Syria, northwest of Gaza, and northern part of Egypt. The official languages in the country are Greek and Turkish. Cyprus has a great tourism industry and a developing economy. The real estate economy in Cyprus has been increasing the job opportunities in the market. Cyprus has become a thriving place to study.

Capital Nicosia
Largest City Nicosia
Official Languages Greek and Turkish
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 9,251 km2 
Total Population as per 2021 estimate 1,244,188
Currency Euro


Is Cyprus a good place to study for Indian students?


Yes, Cyprus is the desired location for all MBA aspirants. The country provides an MBA course at an affordable fee structure, making it desirable for all international students.

Can students stay and look for jobs or do a job in Cyprus after graduating?


Yes, students can stay and work in Cyprus if they desire; however, they need to get a residence permit from the government.

What are the common languages spoken in Cyprus?


The most common languages people in Cyprus speak are Greek and Turkish.

Do students need to complete IELTS or TOEFL for MBA admissions in Cyprus?


No, students needn’t complete the IELTS or TOEFL examination for MBA admission in the country.

Is an MBA degree from Cyprus recognized?


Yes, an MBA degree from Cyprus is recognized and approved globally by top councils and authorities.

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