MBA in Austria


MBA in Austria

MBA in AustriaStudying MBA has been a dream for many students. A majority of the Indian MBA aspirants choose to study MBA abroad. While there are some of the finest MBA institutions in the country, students fly out of the country allured by the global exposure the foreign MBA education has to offer. Additionally, the salary package also increases for those who have a foreign MBA degree. To top it all, students choose foreign MBA courses as these MBA universities abroad offer a global standard of education. If you are thinking of getting a foreign MBA degree, choose the beautiful country of Austria. The country is known for offering top-quality MBA education at the most affordable rates.

Course duration 1-2 years
IELTS or TOEFL Required
Course Fee EUR 7,200/ year
Scholarship Yes
MBA specializations Business administration; management, organization, leadership; finance; marketing; transport management; international business

Top Business Schools In Austria

Austria is a prime destination for MBA as it houses a few of the finest MBA schools. These business schools are both

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

  • Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

  • University of Salzburg

  • FH Kufstein Tirol – University of Applied Sciences

  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

  • Central European University (CEU)

Why Study MBA In Austria?

Famous for its picturesque landscape, Austria is not only a favorite vacation spot in the world. With several top MBA universities spread across the country, Austria is also a famous destination for studying MBA. Here are a few reasons why Austria poses as a good option for studying MBA:

  • Austria is one of those countries that offer globally recognised MBA courses that are at par excellence.

  • Austrian MBA universities teach in English.

  • MBA universities in Austria follow a study pattern similar to that in the European Union.

  • Students get a chance to get first-hand experience of Germanic business etiquette.

  • Austrian MBA universities offer a variety of study courses in various fields like Electronics and Business, Business Informatics, and many more.

  • You can explore various MBA programs like Global MBA, Executive MBA, etc.

  • MBA universities in Austria offer great scope for specialization.

  • MBA students can get a job in Austria after graduating.

  • Students will get a chance to interact with and explore the global culture.

  • Austria is a safe country and offers a friendly environment for international students.

  • The MBA course fees in Austria are affordable.


While the whole world is open for MBA aspirants, Austria is one of the most chosen countries for not one but several reasons. Here are the highlights of MBA in Austria:

  • Austria houses around 70 universities and business schools.

  • The oldest German-speaking university globally, The University of Vienna, is located in Austria.

  • The country is home to the most-respected technical institution in Europe - Vienna University of Technology.

  • WU Vienna, one of the largest business & economics schools in Europe, is located in Austria.

  • Germanic business etiquette is famous for its regulation, planning, and precision.

  • Approximately 15% of the Austrian student population comes from outside the country.

  • Austria is a top location for international students to study MBA without IELTS. However, students need to have the ability to communicate in at least intermediate English.

MBA Specialization in Austria

Students choose to study MBA in Austria as the universities offer a wide scope for study. Their study spectrum includes MBA specialization courses in the following:

  • Finance Marketing

  • Organization & Leadership

  • Business Administration Management

  • International Business

  • Transport Management

  • Human Resource Administration

  • Organizational Management

  • Project Management

  • Energy and Natural Resources

  • Environmental Management

  • Nonprofit Management Sustainability / CSR / Social Entrepreneurship

Furthermore, apart from general curriculums like marketing and finance, these MBA programs incorporate other particularities that you can align with your domain. These include the following:

  • Electronics

  • Tourism

  • International Business Consultancy

  • Education

Eligibility for MBA in Austria

The eligibility criteria to study MBA in Austria state that a Non-EU/EEA MBA aspirant has a degree from a non-EU/EEA country, they will have to study the same discipline. They might, however, be eligible to study a discipline closely related to the course studied before. This means you cannot take admission in MBA if you belong from a different course other than the field of business.

Documents Required

If you are aspiring to study MBA in Austria, then you need to have the below-mentioned documents ready with you:

  • Authenticated Secondary School Leaving Certificate translated German.

  • Copy of the International Passport or Travel ID

  • Authenticated Bachelors' or Masters's certificate for advanced students translated German.

  • Academic Transcripts detailed for master's students detailing the courses and grades for the past 2 years.

  • Application forms

  • Invitation letter from the chosen MBA university

  • Valid passport

  • Student visa

  • Special entrance qualification

  • German language proficiency certificate

  • Language proficiency certificate - IELTS or TOEFL needed for English-taught courses. However, most of the MBA universities in Austria do not require this.

  • Passport size photograph


Austrian MBA universities generally offer two intake dates - one for the winter semester and one for the summer semester. If you want to take admission in the summer semester, send in your applications before 1st February. Finish submitting your application for the winter semester before 1st September.

Course Duration

The MBA course duration in Austria generally lasts for 2 to 4 years. Limited Information on course duration

Admission Procedure

Here is the admission procedure you need to follow to study MBA in Austria:

  • Choose your MBA university in Austria.

  • Apply for an MBA at your chosen university.

  • Wait for the acceptance letter.

  • Submit the application documents in original to confirm your place,

  • Pay the tuition.

  • Now you will get your student ID.

  • Once you get the ID, apply for a Visa.

  • After Visa procedures, book your tickets to Austria.

English Proficiency Requirement

If you belong to a non-English speaking country, you need to take English language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc., if you wish to study MBA in Austria.

MBA in Austria Without GMAT

MBA in Austria is not possible without GMAT/GRE scores. However, due to COVID-19, several MBA universities in Austria might waiver the need for a GMAT scorecard. Check with your chosen university about the needed GMAT Requirements.

Cost of Studying MBA in Austria

The cost of an MBA in Austria can vary as private universities offer most MBA courses.  Here is a breakdown of the tentative cost of studying MBA in Austria:

  • Cost of studying at private universities: 6,000 – 24,000 EUR per year

  • Cost of studying at public universities: 727 EUR per semester

  • Student union fees: 20-30 EUR per semester

Tuition Fees

Austria is known for offering affordable MBA courses. Even though the tuition fees for MBA in Austria are almost the same as in other European countries, the cost for different MBA programs can range widely. For EU or non-EU students, the public MBA schools do not charge any fees. Indian students need to check with the university if they are eligible for the same. On the other hand, studying MBA in Austria from a private institution will cost around €15,000 – €40,000 per year.


The Visa for Austria allows a stay of 6 months, and the MBA programs last at least 2 years. If you wish to study in Austria, it would be better to go for a student residence permit. This entitles you to stay in Austria for more than 6 months.


Even though studying for an MBA in Austria is affordable, many students opt for scholarships. The best part is that public universities offer free education, and private universities have scholarship programs that partially fund MBA aspirants.

Part-Time Jobs during MBA in Austria

Austria allows international students to get a part-time job while studying MBA in Austria. However, the number of working hours and work permits will depend on the visa status and the nationality of the student. The part-time job pay scale can range anywhere between 800-1000 euros a month.

Learn the German Language Before MBA in Austria

Austria is a German-speaking country and offers education in both English and German. It will be best if the students learn German before flying out to study MBA in Austria. This will help them to interact with residents. Studying in a non-English-speaking country comes with language barriers. Thus, knowing the local language will come in handy for the students.

Full-Time MBA In Austria

Austria is known to offer high-quality education when it comes to MBA. The full-time and part-time options make it easier for students to study in this country. Some of the well-known universities offering full-time MBA programs include:

  • Webster Vienna Private University- 18 months

  • Central European University- 14 months

  • Danube University Krems- 1 year

Part-Time MBA in Austria

Austria offers one of the finest part-time MBA programs to students. Here’s what you will get:

  • Master of Business Administration in Modul University Vienna - 3 semesters

  • Global Executive MBA at WU Executive Academy - Vienna University of Economics and Business - 16 months

  • Management Center Innsbruck - 4 semesters

  • MBA Management at Limak - Austrian Business School - 18 months

  • MBA Automotive Industry at TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education - 4 semesters

  • Professional MBA Health Care Management (in German) at WU Executive Academy - Vienna University of Economics and Business - 24 months

German Proficiency Requirements

German language proficiency certificates like high school certificates that indicate that you have taken German lessons for at least 4 years or a German-language diploma is also needed.

JOB after MBA in Austria

The job scope after completing an MBA in Austria is very bright. Students can secure a good job in Austria itself, even though there is huge competition in this field. Students with extensive education in a focused field of business studies will have the first preference. Not only in Austria, but students can also secure jobs in companies across the globe. Austrian MBA is globally recognized, and thus, students will have no trouble securing a job elsewhere.

Indian Students In Austria

Austria welcomes thousands of Indian students into its MBA schools every year. Here are a few reasons why Austria is a good option for Indian students:

  • Indian students will find fellow Indians and abundant Indian food joints.

  • The Austrian universities are safe for Indian students as they have special rules to protect the interest of international students.

  • You will get part-time job options.

  • Austria is a safe country with low crime rates.

Cost of Living in Austria

The cost of living in Austria isn’t very expensive compared to most international countries. Some of the expenses are mentioned below –

  • Accommodation: 200 – 500 EUR per month

  • Groceries: 200 – 250 EUR per month

  • Three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant: 20 to 30 EUR per person

  • Inexpensive local pubs or restaurants: 7 – 10 EUR

  • Monthly transport passes: 30 – 50 EUR

  • Single fare metro, or bus ticket: 2 EUR

Visa Requirement in Austria

The visa requirements to study MBA in Austria depend on both the student’s length of stay and nationality. Please apply for the visa at the closest Austrian embassy before you fly to Austria to study MBA.

How Do We Help You In Securing MBA Seat In Austria

We at Anigdha are dedicated to helping MBA aspirants secure a seat in the best MBA universities across the globe. Being a trusted education consultancy, we help students with secure guidance throughout the admission procedure. We are affiliated with the best global MBA universities and offer constant assistance to MBA aspirants. Here are the benefits of choosing us.

  • Consulting: Our mission is to assist students who are interested in studying abroad in pursuing their dream careers.

  • Shortlisting: You will be shortlisted for the best universities based on your preferences and specifications!

  • Application documentation: We will walk you through the application documentation process if you are unsure or confused about what documents to upload.

  • Application: Our team has also facilitated seamless applications to universities for students.

  • Interview: Our mock rounds will help you clear the interview if any university conducts interviews for your selection process.

  • Financial Guidance: Education abroad involves a lot of financial responsibility. We are responsible for taking care of them and guiding you through them.

  • Visa: Whether you need assistance with a visa, accommodations, or airport pickups, we're here to help!

Quick Notes

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Austria is a cold country, so pack warm clothes.

  • Behave well in the country.

  • Carry COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

  • Beware of fraud education consultants.

  • If you are interested in doing part-time jobs, make sure you do not skip your classes.

MBA In Austria In Low-Cost

Austria is known for offering the most pocket-friendly courses among other European countries. Here are some low-cost universities for studying MBA in Austria:

  • University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management

  • FH Kufstein Tirol - University of Applied Sciences

  • WU Vienna University of Economics and Business - WU Executive Academy Global Executive

About Austria

About AustriaFamous for palaces,  castles, cathedrals, and other ancient architecture, Austria is located in the southern part of Central Europe. Perched on the Eastern Alps, Austria is officially known as the Republic of Austria. In pre-Roman times, the area was inhabited by various Celtic tribes. The birthplace of Mozart, Austria, has its roots set deep in history, with its rulers being the Romans and later the Bavarians, Slavs, and Avars. Austria was a part of World War 1 under Emperor Franz Joseph. Today, it is Europe’s one of the most popular holiday destinations that offer the finest skiing adventures and attractions like The Vienna Hofburg: Austria's Imperial Palace, Schönbrunn Palace, Innsbruck's Hofburg, and Hofkirche, Melk Benedictine Abbey, and many more.

Capital Vienna
Largest City Vienna
Official language Austrian German
Dominant Religion Christianity
Total Area 83,879 km2
Total Population as per 2022 estimate  9,027,999
Currency Euro
Calling Code +43


Are Austrian MBA schools good?


The MBA schools and universities in Austria offer one of the finest MBA curriculums in the world. Globally recognized, these business schools in Austria sure are one of the best options for MBA aspirants.

Can you do a part-time MBA in Austria?


Yes, you can go for a part-time MBA in Austria. The Austrian MBA schools and universities offer fabulous part-time MBA programs.

Do Indians go to study MBA in Austria?


Austrian MBA is a very popular course among Indians. Each year several students fly out from India to study MBA in Austria.

Is MBA in Austria globally recognized?


Yes, an MBA degree from Austria is recognized globally.

Is Austria a safe country?


Austria is a very safe country for international students. The country has very low crime rates, and according to a few sources, Austria is ranked 3rd on the list of safest countries in the world.

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