Study Cyber Security Management in Germany


Study Cyber Security Management in Germany 

Study Cyber Security Management in GermanyCyber Security Management in Germany is a new field of undergraduate which helps to build a strategic level of organization that protects information from cyber attackers. The program teaches students an advanced and complex landscape of cyber security in an organization. Bachelors in Cyber Security Management emphasizes on technology, information, organization, systems, and processes that will help organizations to protect their data. The program is a branch of computing and information technology. The IT sector is one of the most critical factors in the German economy. Many leading IT companies are established in the country which offers a chance for international students to gain exposure and grab work opportunities. If you are planning to make a career in cyber security, taking admission in bachelors in cyber security management in Germany is a good option. Let’s find out more in detail.

Program Study Cyber Security Management in Germany
Course Duration 3 to 5 years
Language of Instruction Primarily German for Bachelors, rarely English (for private institutions)
Tuition Fees Free in Public Universities
Living Cost in Germany 700-1000 EUR per month
Other Fees Around 50,000 EUR per annum
Sessions Summer and Winter

Why Study Cyber Security Management in Germany?

There are some key reasons that make Germany a good option for higher studies. Let's find out these reasons:

  • High-quality education: Germany is known for its high-quality education in programs like cyber security management. The curriculum is designed with up-to-date features that ensure students are ready to work in industries after completion of the program.

  • Leader in Technology: Germany is known as one of the leading countries with industry in technology. Many leading technology companies are working worldwide. International students have a chance to gain exposure and work in these industries.

  • Choice of universities: Germany has 400+ universities offering a wide range of courses including bachelors in cyber security management. In addition, public universities offer international students to study free in Germany.

  • Secure and safe space: Germany is ranked among the safest countries in the world. International students are provided with a welcoming and safe environment to study, live, and work.

  • Part-time and full-time work opportunities: International students pursuing bachelors in Cyber Security Management can work 20 hours a week( part-time). After completion of the program, they are allowed to stay and work full-time on a work permit.

  • Public facilities: Germany offers many public facilities such as affordable transportation, and public libraries to international students that help with their study and work. Moreover, international students can free study at public universities.

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for admission to bachelor’s programs in Germany are as follows -

  • Students should have finished their 10+2 in any stream.

  • The CGPA required to be eligible is 8.5 minimum. If you are aiming for top universities, you need to have a higher CGPA.

  • A total of 13 years of educational experience is required. This includes 12 years of schooling and one year of preparatory course that helps you get ready for your bachelor’s.

  • Since public universities in Germany teach in German, you need a B1 or C1 level of proficiency certification.

  • Majorities of universities offer this course in both English and German language, for which IELTS or TOEFL certification and B2 or C1 level certification are required to prove your proficiency in these languages.

  • A letter of recommendation is essential to get admission to a university in Germany.

  • You need to present a Statement of Purpose outlining your academic pursuits and aspirations.

Language of Instruction 

As mentioned above, the majority of universities in Germany provide this course in the German language. International students are expected to be fluent in German, and they need to obtain a B1 or C1 level certificate to prove it as well. BA in cyber security management is available in the English language at major universities, for which you need to get a TOEFL (90-100 score) or IELTS (6.5.-7 band score) certification. We recommend that you cross-check with the university you are applying to see which one they prefer.

Deadlines / Intake

The application deadlines are as follows -

Session Last Date
Winter session July
Summer session January

Whichever session you are applying to, make sure you have your application ready in time. The winter intake is a more popular choice among students. However, both have the same value in front of the education board.

Documents Required 

The documents needed for your admission are as follows -

  • Marksheet of 10+2

  • Enrollment proof

  • CV, if applicable

  • Experience Certificate, if required

  • Letter of Recommendation from your school professors

  • Statement of Purpose written by you

  • Certificate of proficiency in German - B2 or C1 level to prove your German proficiency

  • English language Proficiency certificate as mentioned

  • Application Copy is required at the time of admission

  • Receipt of fee payment is required as proof in private universities

  • Passport

  • Financial Records statement

  • Medical Certificate

Fees Structure 

Education in public universities in Germany is free, apart from administrative charges and some amount of semester fees for maintenance. Here is a list of top universities for Bachelor’s in Cyber Security Management and their tentative fee structure.

Best university in Germany Tuition Fee
Hamburg University of Technology EUR 342 per semester and no tuition fee
Saarland University EUR 289 per semester
Ruhr-Universität Bochum EUR 350 per semester
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg EUR 165 per semester
Clausthal University of Technology EUR 112 per semester


Here is a list of scholarships that international students can avail to make their bachelor’s study easier -

Scholarships offered in Germany Covered Fees and Allowance
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 850 EUR Per Month
Erasmus Scholarship Cover Tuition Fees and Travel Allowance
Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship 1450 EUR Per Month
DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Cover Tuition Fees
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship Cover Tuition Fees
DAAD Scholarship Cover Tuition Fees and Travel Allowance

Top Universities 

There are some popular universities where international students can study bachelors in Cyber Security Management. Here is the list of universities you can check:

  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences

  • Saarland University

  • Hamburg University of Technology

  • Clausthal University of Technology

  • Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg

Admission Procedure 

The admission procedure for a bachelor’s in Germany can be broken down into the following steps -

  • Contact our team at Anigdha. Our panel of experts will have a discussion with you regarding what course you are interested in and what universities you should apply to.

  • Once you have shortlisted the universities you want to apply to, you need to start gathering your documents.

  • Anighdha will help you with your SOP and other documents as well.

  • When you are done filling out your application form, we will proofread it and make sure it has no errors. You can then submit it and pay the application fee.

  • You will receive an invitation letter from your desired university after completing your application process.

  • You can now start applying for a student visa, getting flight tickets, arranging accommodation, etc.

  • Anigdha will be there with you at every step to guide you and make the process easier for you.


Is bachelors in Cyber Security Management worth it?


Yes! The field is one of the emerging and flourishing fields but is not competitive. The program teaches you to become specialized in a field of IT that has huge growth prospects in the future.

What are the prerequisites for bachelors in Cyber Security Management?


To pursue an undergraduate program in cyber security, students must pass high school (10+2) with math and computers as key subjects. In addition, a 2.5+ GPA is a must to get admission to the program.

What are the skills needed to be successful with bachelors in cyber security management?


Coding, AI, IoT with problem-solving, analytical, technical aptitude, etc are skills you need to develop for cyber security management.

What are the branches of Cyber Security Management?


Network Security, Cloud Security, IoT Security, Application Security, Mobile Security, Endpoint security, and more are branches of Cyber Security Management that you will learn in the bachelors program.

Is it mandatory to learn coding languages in Cyber Security Management?


Yes! It's highly critical to have in-depth knowledge of cyber security management. Students who will have a good command over coding languages can have an edge in the industry.

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