Study Bachelors in Bulgaria


Study Bachelors in Bulgaria

Study Bachelors in BulgariaBachelors in Bulgaria will be the best quality education for the students. There has been recent increasing mobility and a link between the Bulgarian higher education system and the universities around Europe. The universities in Bulgaria provide great diversity and help create a strong foundation for the further careers of the students studying at Bulgarian University. In the past few years, the number of University graduates from Bulgaria has increased, and there has also been a recognized growth in international students studying in Bulgaria as the quality of education provided here is recognized across the globe. Suppose you want to take up a Bachelors program, selecting a Bulgarian University to complete your Bachelors program will be an excellent option because there will be many exclusive opportunities in your career after completing the course. The cost to study at a Bulgarian University is quite reasonable, and it might be costly for international students to study at other International Universities, so deciding to complete an international course at a Bulgarian University will be an effective idea. All disciplines are available at Bulgarian University, and it is primarily an excellent opportunity for the students to select the course.

Why Study Bachelors Course from Bulgaria?

You should choose a Bachelors course from Bulgaria for a few effective reasons. These include:

  • Low Tuition Fees: The major benefit of studying at Bulgarian University is it is a very affordable option for you to choose, and the tuition fees to study at most universities are cheap.

  • Less Living Cost: Another benefit of studying for your Bachelors course in Bulgaria is that staying in Bulgaria is very affordable as well. If you stay in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or the United States, the living costs are very high and expensive. The overall cost of living in Bulgaria is very affordable.

  • Rewarding Professional Career: If you complete your Bachelors program in Bulgaria, then there are many career opportunities that you will receive, which will be effective enough for you to choose as these careers will have a high salary.

  • Most of the Courses are in the English Language: The language of instruction for the Bachelors program in universities of Bulgaria is mixed amongst Bulgarian and English languages. Many courses are available in the Bulgarian language, but most are in English, allowing international students to study from Bulgaria.

  • Bulgarian Universities have Worldwide Recognition: They have worldwide recognition and are known to provide the best facilities for students, so studying at a recognized university in Bulgaria will be a perfect option for you.

  • Global Standard Education: Bulgarian education is of global standards and specializes in job-oriented courses worldwide. Taking these courses will be a great career development for the students.

Eligibility Criteria for the Bachelors Program in Bulgaria

Suppose you want to take up your Bachelors program in Bulgaria. In that case, there are specific eligibility criteria that you have to follow which will help you get admitted to Bulgarian universities. These are:

  • The students must complete their 10th and 12th standard education to be eligible for a Bachelors course from Bulgaria.

  • A recommendation letter or eligibility certificate from the secondary education school that you have passed from.

  • Specific universities might also want you to provide a declaration certificate from your parents allowing you to study the course from the university.

  • General students must have a minimum of 62% marks in their secondary education to be eligible for the course. Medical students must have a range of 62% to 65% marks in chemistry and biology for their eligibility.

  • International students must provide proper passports and visas, making them eligible for the Bachelors program from any Bulgarian university.

Language of Instruction at the Bulgarian Universities for the Bachelors Program

A lot of universities in Bulgaria use the Bulgarian language. You must understand the language allowing you to study the course. Many universities in Bulgaria teach courses in German or French. You are required to have a decent level of proficiency in these languages. The majority of the courses of the Bachelors program in Bulgaria are in the English language. You need to clear the English proficiency tests such as:

  • ESOL International (CAE score of 190, CPE Score of 180-199, FCE Score of 180-190 or Higher)

  • IELTS (6.5 or Higher)

  • TOEFL (iBT score of 80 or PBT score of 550)

  • PTE Academic (Overall 60 or Higher)

Deadline or Intake Details at the Bulgarian Universities 

The application intake deadline for all the Bachelors programs in Bulgarian universities is before the 15th of September every year. It is recommended that non-European students apply before the date, enhancing their chances of getting the selection. The application deadline is much more flexible for European students who have specially completed their 12th education from the schools of Bulgaria. A few universities might also have different application deadlines, and you need to check the official website of the university you are applying to know the exact details.

Duration for the Bachelors Program in Bulgaria

The basic duration for a Bachelors course in Bulgaria is four years, and most universities follow the particular duration to complete the graduation course at the universities of Bulgaria. If you take up an online Bachelors program from Bulgaria, the duration might differ, it will be a 3 to 4-year program for your Bachelors course.

Documents Required for Studying Bachelors Course from Bulgaria

Suppose you want to study a Bachelors program at the University of Bulgaria. In that case, you must submit specific documents to make you eligible to take the course from these Bulgarian Universities. These include:

  • Application Form of the University

  • 10th Pass Certificate and Marksheet

  • 12th Degree and Marksheet

  • Eligibility Certificate (By Secondary School)

  • Equivalence Certificate (From Regional Department of Education Bulgaria)

  • Migration Certificate (By Secondary School)

  • Declaration (From the Guardian of the Student)

  • ID- Proofs (Passport for International Students)

  • Six Latest Coloured Pictures (Passport Size)

  • Results of Language Proficiency Tests

  • Admission Fee Receipt

  • Medical Reports

  • Financial Certificates

Top Universities Providing the Bachelors Program in Bulgaria

Many recognized universities in Bulgaria provide a Bachelors program and have the best education facilities for the students. The universities providing the Bachelors course from Bulgaria are:

General Universities

Varna University of Management Angel Kanchev University of Ruse
American University in Bulgaria Technical University of Varna
New Bulgarian University Sofia Sofia University St.Kilment Ohridski
University of Economics Varna Technical University of Sofia
University of National and World Economy Sofia

Medical Universities

Medical University of Varna Medical University Plovdiv
Medical University Sofia Medical University Pleven

Fees Structure to Study Bachelors in Bulgaria

The tuition fees to study at Bulgarian University are very reasonable, and the fees vary according to the choice of specialization that the students have. The fees, according to the universities of Bulgaria, are:

General Universities

University Fees per Year
The Angel Kanchev University of Ruse EUR 3010
Varna University of Management EUR 4800
The University of Economics Varna EUR 2700
The Technical University of Varna EUR 2440
The University of National and World Economy Sofia EUR 3800
The Technical University of Sofia EUR 3000
Sofia University St.Kilment Ohridski EUR 1900 to EUR 3850
New Bulgarian University Sofia EUR 4205
American University in Bulgaria EUR 12,900

Medical Universities

University Fees per Year
The Medical University of Varna EUR 3350
Medical University Plovdiv EUR 4000
Medical University Sofia EUR 1700 to EUR 3200

Admission Process for the Bachelors Course from Bulgarian University

The students are recommended to follow a particular admission procedure to help them be admitted to the best universities in Bulgaria. The procedure includes:

  • Connect with Anigdha: The students can directly contact Anigdha regarding any problems they face while being admitted to the University of Bulgaria. Our team is always there to help you get admission to the best Bulgarian university for your course.

  • Select the University: After you decide to study your Bachelors program in Bulgaria, your primary job is to select the university from which you want to complete your Bachelors program in Bulgaria.

  • Apply: Complete the application process properly and pay the required fee to be eligible for the course.

  • Passport and Visa: International students must present a proper passport and a visa to the university, which will be very important for them to be eligible for a Bachelors program from Bulgaria.

  • Entry Tests: Many universities in Bulgaria will want you to take an entry test, and some medical students have compulsory entry tests in biology and Chemistry. In contrast, the technical universities will take it in English or math.

  • Proficiency Test: You should also provide the result of your language proficiency test, which will be essential for a few of the Universities in Bulgaria.

Scholarships Available at the Bulgarian Universities for the Bachelors Program

The students taking up the Bachelors program from the Bulgarian university will be eligible for many scholarships provided by the government and non-government organizations. These include:

  • VSBfonds Grant

  • PC Moving Forward Scholarship

  • Individual Travel Grant

  • Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship

  • Clean and Recovery Scholarship

  • VRL Scholarship Program

  • Novus Biological Scholarship

  • ACFI Foundation

  • Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship

  • NLB Scholarship


What is the Duration for a Bachelors in Bulgaria?


The duration to complete a regular Bachelors program in Bulgaria is four years, while taking an online course might take two to three years.

Why to Take a Bachelors Course from Bulgaria?


The Bachelors program from Bulgarian University is affordable in terms of tuition fees and living costs, and the professional career opportunities after the course are also very high.

What is the Language of Instruction for the Bachelors in Bulgaria?


Most of the Bachelors programs in Bulgaria happen in English, while there are also courses available in the Bulgarian language. Many Bulgarian universities offer courses in French or German.

What is the Deadline for the Bachelors in Bulgaria?


The regular application deadline for most of the Bachelors courses in Bulgaria is on the 15th of September. Various universities can also have different application deadlines for themselves, which you can check by visiting the university's official website.

Is the Bachelors in Bulgaria for International Students?


The Bachelors program from Bulgaria is specially framed for international students to apply, and it is the best course for international students as most of the program happens in the English language.

Is a Language Test Mandatory for Bachelors in Bulgaria?


Most Bulgarian universities will want you to clear a language proficiency test before admission to the particular university for the Bachelors program.

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