Study MBA in Georgia: Low Tuition Fees & Admission


MBA in Georgia: Universities, Fees, Admission

MBA in GeorgiaMasters in Business administration degree at a top university in Georgia will be a very interesting choice for you. MBA courses in Georgia are very effectively available and will be a perfect option for you to select. Completing an MBA course in Georgia will help you to have many career opportunities at a high level. Georgia provides the best MBA courses for international students with the most top-notch facilities. The MBA degrees in Georgia are very effective for all the students, and they get the best of the education from the top faculty in Georgia. They provide the best of the courses by combining theoretical understanding with real-life observations to groom MBA graduates into industry leaders. International students' cultural diversity and warm welcome make Georgia a lively and exciting study area for global learners. These ensure that the program is well-tuned to the complexities of the modern business world. Graduates must be ready to act without hesitation. Once they enter the real world, they must prove their skills and knowledge. An MBA in Georgia goes beyond providing the best education, as it can take you anywhere in a country halfway between East and West.

Why Study MBA in Georgia

Elevate your engineering expertise: MBA programs are crafted for engineering professionals. Georgia offers excellent opportunities for enhancing technical knowledge.

  • Global Perspective: Engineering graduates pursuing an MBA find Georgia's geographical location strategically placed. It lies between Europe and Asia, which is beneficial. This helps them develop a global viewpoint. It is crucial for success in international business operations.

  • Thriving Economy: Engineering professionals are interested in utilizing their technical expertise in fast-growing economies. Hence, the expanding foreign investments would find the environment in the country well-suited.

  • Strategic Business Hub: Georgia has gained a new face as a regional business hub. This allows engineering graduates to merge their technical expertise with management skills. MBA graduates become leaders in diverse industries.

  • Comprehensive MBA Programs: Engineering graduates can take MBA courses from renowned institutions in Georgia. The curriculum here comprises business theory and practical experience.

  • Cultural Integration: The cultural diversity in Georgia ensures a welcoming atmosphere for engineering professionals. These transition into business leadership roles, making them feel part of a community.

  • Industry Connections: There are close ties between the academia and business community in Georgia. This means that engineering students seeking an MBA have an edge. They can leverage industry contacts to ease their transition into the real world.

Intake / Deadline

Various application deadlines depend on entry periods and will navigate the academic calendar. If you need a fall, spring, or summer launch, pre-plan. The Fall intake includes early and mid-year applications, with October and January deadlines. The spring intake provides more chances for individuals. Some need a delayed start in August as the academic year rolls on and other summer and fall term deadlines continue. This makes it possible to plan for those thinking of their future studies.

Medium of Instruction

The language of instruction for your MBA degree in Georgia will be English. You need to have a decent understanding of the English language to take your MBA degree at a top university in Georgia. The English courses make it easy for international students to complete their education in a foreign country. Besides, the students are not required to take any English language proficiency tests and might have to take an interview to prove their English language skills at the university.

Eligibility Criteria

Embarking on an MBA journey involves meeting specific eligibility criteria. Ensuring that candidates possess the necessary academic and professional qualifications is important:

  • A bachelor's degree (in any field). This can be from a home country or an international educational institution.

  • The candidate should have a master's degree, but it has no specifications as per the home country or any other.

Additional Requirements:

  • Writing a one-page business résumé for submission.

  • Two professional letters of recommendation, preferably professional.

  • Self-reporting of the GMAT or GRE scores (Optional).

Documents Required

Ensuring a seamless MBA application process necessitates the compilation of essential documents. Each document plays a crucial role in presenting a comprehensive profile:

  • High School Diploma: The certified copy of a high school diploma, certifying the basics of the student's educational path.

  • Previous Degrees: Provide certified copies of last degrees, such as Bachelor's and Master's. This gives a comprehensive account of academic achievements and qualifications.

  • Additional Qualifications: Submission of all other relevant qualifications in the original language. This shows the academic background of the applicant.

  • Application Form: An official introduction of the applicant to the institution is required. This should be in a fully filled-up application form.

  • Passport Documentation: The applicant's identity verification copy of a valid passport. Emphasis is on personal information and photocopy of the identity page.

  • Passport Size Photos: Recent passport-size photos visually represent the applicant.

  • Translated Course Modules: A summary of all course modules is needed in summarized form. This enables easy comprehension of the academic aspects of the course.

  • Grades Overview: Sending a summary sheet of marks scored by the applicant, reflecting on academic competence.

Course Duration

The duration of an MBA program in Georgia differs among the universities. Thus offering candidates diverse choices. Usually, a full-time MBA is undertaken for two years to equip one with all the knowledge required to run a business. In particular, Georgian universities concentrate on flexibility. Candidates can select the duration of their MBA program according to their preferences. This provides more progression for the students who want to finish faster or slower. Such options in duration make MBA Georgia attractive for many students.

Admission Procedure

The MBA path commences with a formal admission process that allows for smooth entry into a suitable MBA class. The steps encompass:

  • Course Selection Consultation: Anigdha consultants will help you choose the right course. Based on your needs and desires, the consultants can help you.

  • University Selection Guidance: We have experts who guide and advise you to settle for the best college for your demands and tastes. It is an approach customized to suit you.

  • Understanding Admission Criteria: Know the requirements of the universities you want to join. This will ascertain that you align with what you want from the schools.

  • Application Form Submission: The specialists ensure you complete the application form correctly. Critical data is required for full-fledged consideration.

  • Document Submission: Complete all administrative steps involved in the application process. This includes submitting the required documents with a nominal administrative fee.

  • Application: You will receive an email from the university. The email should say that your application has been accepted. This is an essential step towards the MBA course.

  • Visa: End the process by applying for a visa and making other arrangements like accommodation, food, and transport logistics to ensure that the academic environment assimilates you quickly.

Top Universities

Here is a list of the most sought-after universities in Georgia that offer MBA programs.

University Name Acceptance Rate
Caucasus University 49%
European University 98%
Ilia State University 29%
Akai Tsereteli State University 50%
Free University of Tbilisi 58%

Fees Structure

Consider how much you will pay to study at the University of Georgia. Know what tuition fees to expect so that you can map your education trip.

University Name Fees
Caucasus University EUR 4580
European University EUR 78,300 to EUR 82,800
Ilia State University EUR 4850
Akai Tsereteli State University EUR 6566
Free University of Tbilisi EUR 2610

MBA Specializations in Georgia

Learn about the various MBA specializations available at the universities of Georgia. There are several options to consider for your business studies. Ensure your specialization suits your preferences and career aspirations.

  • Accounting: MBA students specializing in Accounting have advanced financial skills. They can use such skills in complex financial reporting and analytical decision-making.

  • Business Analytics: This teaches students how to apply statistical methods and technology for strategic decision-making. Thus, there is an improvement in the competitiveness and performance of businesses.

  • Entrepreneurship: Specialized entrepreneurship teaches innovative thinking, strategic planning, and risk management. Thus, MBA graduates become capable of building and leading prosperous ventures.

  • Finance: The Finance specialization provides in-depth discussion on more advanced financial concepts. Risk management and investment strategies equip students. They can take up roles like financial analysts or investment bankers.

  • International Business: The International Business specialization prepares students to handle the intricacies of global markets. It also develops cross-cultural management skills and strategies for expanding internationally.

  • Leadership: Leadership specialization involves equipping MBA graduates with skills in strategic decision-making. Leadership management and organization development teach students about leadership roles in different industries.

  • Management: Management specialization encompasses fundamental concepts of effective leadership. Strategic planning and operational management give a comprehensive basis for management positions.

  • Management of Information Resources: The focus is on strategically applying information systems. This is applied for managerial practice for IT management and digital innovation purposes.

  • Marketing: Students who specialize in marketing gain extensive knowledge. The focus is on market studies, brand manager's strategies, and strategic planning.

  • Supply Chain and Operations Management: Students can specialize in logistics, supply chain optimization, and process management. These ensure more effective business operations.

  • Product and Service Innovation: The focus is on developing creativity and competencies in top businesses. This is done through innovative products.

  • Strategy and Innovation: The MBA specialization in design and innovation aims to develop business strategies. These promote innovation. Management graduates are able to steer organizations through rapidly changing business environments.

  • Sustainability: This involves two things - merging environmental and social responsibility into company approaches. This is done for heading green and socially responsible organizations.

MBA in Georgia without GMAT

GMAT, or the Graduate Management Admission Test, is a computer adaptive test to ascertain the analytical and writing skills of a student to get admitted to a management program. GMAT is not required for an MBA degree in Georgia, and you will get direct admission to your University without any entrance test. There are a few universities that might ask for a GMAT entrance exam from the students, but the count is much less.

Work Experience Requirement

You don’t need work experience for your degree, but it will be an advantage for your career. This allows the students to have experience. It is not a primary requirement for the students. It might be an add-on for your course and career.

MBA Without Work Experience

Many full-time MBA degrees are traditionally oriented toward experienced professional leadership. But there are also exceptions. In this regard, some MBA programs are like those that do not demand GRE or GMAT exams or work experience. This indicates acceptance that different upbringings lead to varied viewpoints. This benefits those seeking an MBA without previous employment qualifications.

Jobs after MBA in Georgia

After completing an MBA in Georgia, professionals can work across various industry verticals. Technology, consulting, healthcare, and government organizations are some examples. Here is the list of jobs with their median salary.

Job Focus Details
Accounting After your MBA degree in Georgia you will get top accounting jobs across the world with a great salary.
Consulting Getting consultation jobs will be very easy after you complete your MBA course from Georgia.
Finance Most of the students get opportunities in the financial sector as a career opportunity after completing their MBA course in Georgia.
General Management You can also get career opportunities as a General manager at top International companies after your MBA course in Georgia.
Human Resource Manager You can also look for career opportunities like an HR manager who has a great reputation and a very high salary in the international market.
IT Manager You can also select careers like an IT manager that has a great reputation.
Marketing/Sales Manager Getting career opportunities as a marketing or sales managers is also very evident after your MBA degree in Georgia
Operations/Logistics Manager You can also work as a successful operation or logistics manager after completing your MBA course in Georgia

Cost of Living

Various costs are associated when it comes to living abroad for studies. Here is a list of everyday expenses with estimated costs for your reference.

Living Cost Amount (estimated per month in USD)
Food 80-100
Electricity 20-25
Books 180-200 (Annually)
Accommodation 110-200
Transportation 10-15
Internet Connection 10-15


Georgia offers various scholarships for students who have shown excellent skills in education. Here is a list of the topmost scholarships for students seeking an MBA in Georgia.

Scholarship Program Details
Erasmus Upto EUR 1000 Per Month
Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Md Fellowship Upto EUR 500 Per Month
John Monash Scholarship EUR 68,000 Per Year
Education Future Scholarship Program EUR 2200 to EUR 11,000 Per Year
Roberta Sykes Scholarship EUR 55,000 Per Year
Fullbright Scholarship EUR 8000 Per Year

Visa Requirements

It should be noted that international students intending to study in Georgia usually need a student visa at the point of entry. Without the visa the students won’t get admission at any university. The documents required to get the visa are:

  • Recent color passport-sized photo

  • Valid passport 

  • Educational transcripts

  • Accommodation proof in Italy

  • Proof of finances 

  • Health insurance

Part-time Jobs in Georgia

International students get the opportunity to do part-time jobs while completing their education in Georgia. Yes, they get career opportunities in Georgia that help them to easily manage their living in a foreign country. They get the opportunity to work 20 hours per week. In vacations they can extend their work hours up to 40 per week. The part-time salary for international students has to be a minimum of EUR 10 per week.


What are the motivations for pursuing an MBA in Georgia?


MBA in Georgia consists of high-quality education. A dynamic business environment and a favorable position between Europe and Asia add to it.

Is getting an MBA with a specific specialization in Georgia possible?


Georgia presents specialized MBA courses. Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, etc., are geared toward different career goals.

Does one need work experience to undertake an MBA in Georgia?


In most cases, a traditional full-time MBA program requires some working experience. However, many schools in Georgia welcome applicants without this requisite prior professional experience.

Is pursuing an MBA in Georgia allowed without a GMAT?


All Georgian universities allow admission to students who do not have GMAT scores with them. Other prospects, such as a good undergraduate record and good work experience, are required.

Which are some of the best MBA institutions in Georgia?


Some top universities are Caucasus University, European University, and Ilia State University.

Do MBA students get scholarships in Georgia?


Georgia has various scholarships for International students. The students with an unstable financial background get these to complete education in a foreign country.


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